I'm Matt Colwell aka Aussie hip hop artist 360.

Started out as a battle rapper then decided to chase the dream of living that rap life. Also knows as Vanilla Denze, and once wrestled a unicorn to the ground and took its horn, now that unicorn is just a horse, what a fuckhead ay.

I have a new album UTOPIA coming out tomorrow http://shop.360music.com.au/store/music/. Here is the music video for my latest single Price Of Fame http://youtu.be/6law9jM11sA.

I also am doing an Australian tour in September http://www.360music.com.au/tour/.

Proof: https://twitter.com/3ree6ixty/status/477040948904357888

Photographic proof: http://i.imgur.com/zXhnEbR.jpg

** UPDATE ** Thanks for hanging out with me tonight Reddit – it's been a lot of fun. I've go to go to bed before doing promo tomorrow for the new album. Let's do this again.

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chickenprolapse43 karma

What are your thoughts on Allday and Remi? Two big young Australian acts

thisis36049 karma

i think theyre both really talented. allday is going to be massive, mark my words. dude can write amazing melodies.

remi has a lot of swag. dude sounds cool as fuck on the mic and i think hes great

TheReturnOfRegal38 karma

Hey Sixty, how are you going to celebrate the release of your album?

thisis360382 karma

im gonna celebrate by cranking my album to full volume on in my living room, and have a furious wank whilst staring at myself in a mirror and not breaking eye contact for the whole album

rogan2226 karma

Dear 360, my name is Rogan and I'm a 17 year old boy from Central Queensland. I have always been a massive fan of your music and your personality. I was on the e-mail list before falling and flying even came out and I'm staying up till Utopia comes out and I can't fucking wait. I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for a few songs in particular, "Hope you don't mind" got one of my family members through an attempted suicide. That song was one of the best things to have ever happened to our family, I believe she wouldn't be here today with out your words in that song along with Child.

But on the other hand I want to say Thankyou for some of the greatest party songs ever, Died this way will always be awesome and just when ever you do anything over dubstep like invincible, pass out, hammer head, Naomi Campbell ect.

The price of fame film clip was top notch and Utopia is sounding like a sick album just from that and sixavila (also live it up obviously).

Just Thankyou for everything 6, the replies on Facebook and twitter make my day when ever I see you interacting with me and other fans. Thankyou for just being yourself and don't ever change. I love you 360 <3

So my question is, what's it like to be such an amazing inspiration to hundreds of thousands of young Australians?

thisis36025 karma

thanks so much. i really appreciate the love

honestly, and im not just saying this. but i am so blessed to be living the life i am, its amazing to me that im literally living the dream. im grateful as fuck and cherish every moment

ItsScubaSteve25 karma

I have a really big crush on Gossling. What was it like working with her on Boys Like You?

thisis36027 karma

it was great shes a beautiful person and an amazing artist.

Utopia182322 karma

Do you think that australian hip hop will ever make its way to the USA?

Is there enough money to be made in Australia for big rappers.

thisis36043 karma

i think its definitely possible for aussie rappers to make it in the usa, i think its a matter of time.

and there's definitely money to be made in australia for big rappers, i just bought a dream house, i get paid a ridiculous amount to play festivals and shows.. if you make it big in aus you can make a fuckload of money.

360isthebest38 karma

save your money.

thisis36044 karma


Bongs4Jesus17 karma

Thoughts on Kerser? Actual dickhead or good bloke?

thisis36035 karma

hes a really nice dude, and quite intelligent too

ithinkimtim13 karma

Was there a point when you felt like you were accepted as more than just the funny guy? And did you ever feel like it was a risk moving away from that?

Falling & Flying really only has Hammer Head in that kind of tip, whereas WYSIWYG (and especially the mixtapes and forthwrite) are packed with them. Sixavelli is a fucking killer return to that too.

I would love to hear your thoughts in detail on your whole catalogue. I always feel like interviewers are either really superficial or just skip over the music in favour of your life. Hopefully one day you’ll get to do a mini doco on the history of your music.

Looking forward to adding Utopia to the collection! Songs off it so far are making it look like you’ve done it again!

Edit: Shout out to /r/AussieHipHop. It's small but relatively active for good discussion and fresh music.

thisis36020 karma

i never felt like it was a risk moving away from doing stupid funny songs, each album i make is a strong reflection of me and what my life is currently like. so when i did WYSIWYG i was a clown who didnt really give a fuck about anything and was a pretty immature dude.. the gap between that and falling and flying was much needed for me to grow as an artist and especially as a person. i am a completely different person now compared to my first album, shit im way different than i am when i did falling and flying.. i still like to have fun and take the piss a bit, but im not such a clown who doesnt give a fuck about anything any more.

honestly i cant really listen to wysiwyg, it makes me cringe - though i recognize there are moments of quality on there just the way i rapped really makes me cringe.

its sorta that way with falling and flying too, im constantly evolving. and growing so theres a few songs on falling and flying i cant listen to either.

most artists are like that with their back catalogue. ATM im over the moon with utopia but im sure in the future there'll be songs i dislike

i think a mini doco would be great one day! cheers for the support

depuTy139 karma

your flow on songs like So Fake seems so much nicer compared to the newer stuff IMO... i don't know what it is but I think you need to work more on your flow because it seems like you're just talking on the new shit.. no hate man I still like your new songs just my personal opinion. we'll see what the albums like tomorrow anyway :P

thisis36015 karma

haha u have a right to ur opinion. mate it might sound like im talking compared to my first album because i wasnt rapping i was shouting.

halpmeplzsir3 karma

I can see where you're coming from with the funny stuff on your first album. But my favourite songs by you include songs like Subtle Way of Suicide, So Fake, What I Need and Tormented Kid. It would be cool if you got back into the DnM shit. Oh and I thought I'd let you know that my best friend and I made "Pooooseeeyyy (skit)" our song because your music is what brought us together and we spent WAY too long giggling our asses off in class listening to What You Hear Is What You Buy <3

thisis3609 karma

listen to my song "closer" ft seth sentry "hope you dont mind" and a bunch of songs off the new album.. i still do that hectic shit

BigSizDawg11 karma

What are your thoughts on lads?

thisis36049 karma

it seems like they wear a lot of clean hats

Spicy_cinnamon11 karma

Do you still keep up with the battle scene around Australia? Do you think it's changed much?

thisis36015 karma

nah i dont watch any current australian battlers. only dudes i would check for are purpose, jaylegend, anecdote, and myself.

Mutatiion9 karma

Do you still have any bad blood with Kerser? I know quite a few months ago you both released diss tracks about eachother yet uploaded a photo with him around the time of the Goodlife tour

thisis36025 karma

ive never had any bad blood with kerser, its all been a rap thing and nothing more. ive never had any issues with him personally. its just entertainment

Lachlaan9 karma

Does your elbow bend left or right?

thisis36025 karma

depends which arm your talking about there mate

Lachlaan11 karma

Don't leave me hanging.

That one.

thisis36040 karma

oh my cock bends downwards, so when i hit a chick from behind it hits the spot perfectly.

zsyylpmh7 karma

How do you feel your music has changed since you started out?

thisis3607 karma

i think my music has evolved as i has evolved as a person.

critterbrah7 karma


thisis36022 karma

i didnt shut it down, the police did lol

riot police were called and everything.

and i would never charge for a selfie

TheCattary6 karma

Hey mate, good work with all the music and what not but what I am interested in is what is the absolute weirdest and craziest thing you have ever seen while on stage? Heck make it a top 5!

thisis36018 karma

you dont really notice much weird shit when ur performing, but the best thing ive seen is a cunt in a wheelchair full crowdd surfing for an entire show. it was so good

bongscope6 karma

loved seeing you perform at rapture, any plans on coming back to new zealand?

thisis3609 karma

definitely. i had a ball while i was there.. i cannot wait to come back and we are working on it!!

adamjacobs845 karma

I'd like to know about your work ethic? what was the catalyst that motivated you to the success you have today?

thisis36012 karma

from the day i started rapping, i literally lived and breathed the shit. any time i had to myself all i would do is either listen to as much hip hop as possible, or write raps..

but i never took rap seriously as a career i always thought it was just a hobbie, and i was working as an apprentice chippy. at the time i was back n forth living with pez and my parents house, but him and i were always hanging out and making music, and he said to me 'fuck working a job, lets be the biggest rappers in this country we can easily do it' i literally quit that week and the rst is history

Closet-Hipster3 karma

Hey matt, loving price of fame. I was just wondering how you feel when you get massive media attention which is negatively skewed much like recently, do you take it to heart or just try and brush it off?

thisis36014 karma

honestly, the day it happened it broke me. i was extremely emotional.. and it fucked me up. but then i had a good sleep and in the morning i realised that we just had major MAJOR media outlets talking about mytour, so it was great promotion. and the media just do what they always do.

Braidswinter3 karma

What was It like to meet Eminem and talk to Him ? Good personality or is he blunt ? Cheers

thisis36010 karma

i didnt get to meet him, he was very reclusive. which is totally understandable. buyt i dint mind though.. as he picked me to be the australian support that meant the world to me

Finny953 karma

Yo Six! Huge fan.. Watched you EVOLVE and damn it's been a journey. Hope your damn proud man!!

Q. How did your parents feel about your choices back at the start of your Hip Hop career... Like when you were not known?(if that's not too personal)

Cheers btw buying utopia to help a fellow lurch ;P

thisis3605 karma

cheers mate appreciate the love. my parents were skeptical at the start, but i begged them to let me live at home rent free for a few years and i promised them i would be the biggest rapper in the country, a few years later here i am! now they are more than supportive, i have amazing parents i would do anything for.

alexhado3 karma

Thoughts on Kerser? ;)

thisis3606 karma

i have the up most respect for him for his hustle and how hard he works. its a shame that "come together" festival didnt sell and had to get cancelled, that would've hurt him a fair bit.

loutherknigh3 karma

Best country to perform in?

thisis36017 karma

australia easily

SuperCoolBanana2 karma

What inspired you to mix rap and dubstep on your album falling and flying ??

thisis3603 karma

there was 1 dubstep song on falling and flying, 1. hammerhead. what other dubstep was there?

f0xxy072 karma

Do you think the fact that you’re now clean and sober has dramatically changed the direction of your music. Being someone who sang about their not so clean lifestyle. How do you think this will effect your music in the future? Do you feel as though you may have to take a more main stream approach?

thisis36011 karma

nah not at all, "sixavelli" sounds like i wrote that while i was high, when i wrote that while i was completely sober. i think if anything ive gotten better with my writing

i wont change the way i approach music to be more mainstream ill always just do what i want to do, if its mainstream thats cool, if not thats cool too

ambidee2 karma

I'm a big fan and am devastated not to be seeing you on this tour.

You've publicly faced addiction, you've also talked and rapped about being at rock bottom and now watching you come out on top is inspiring. I saw on fb recently that you purchased your first home. What did that feel like?

thisis3603 karma

im blessed to have the life i do, i literally cannot believe i am living in that house, its a dream come true, my whole life is a dream come true. its amazing! and i wouldnt change anything in the past as its made me who i am today

Alecdanger2 karma

What do you think sets you apart from other homegrown aussie rappers?

thisis36010 karma

i dont make typical 'aussie hip hop' when you think about 'aussie hip hop' a certain sound comes to mind. boom bappy beats with a lot of rapping.

i dont think i fit in the aussie hip hop mould at all.

One1Third34 karma

I agree man, I still think you have an Aussie hip hop vibe to it though.

thisis36014 karma

oh definitely, i think thats the accent

bagsofsuck1 karma

Hey on one of your tracks you talk about a mate and your girlfriend getting together. Did this experience change who you are?

thisis3603 karma

it did change the way i am in the sense i made a song about it that was the most successful song of my career and made me a fair bit of coin. hahaha

SouthCoastJack1 karma

Do you remember any specific crowd members from events? Or is it difficult to remember things like that after playing so many events?

thisis3603 karma

yes theres a few actually.. theere was a very sweet and lovely girl called gnattus who used to be at every show, i have lost all contact with her. id love to see what shes up to