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What is your secret?

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The night my son-in-law committed suicide the whole family was here except him. He called and asked to speak to his wife and I did not agree to pass over the phone. He said "then it will be too late". He hung up. Long story short, I knew that we needed to call back but I did not have his number and the only one who knew was his 7 year old son. I felt Iit was wrong to Iinvolve the son so I did not. The man killed himself that night and I have never told my grandson.

literallycat22 karma

I'm sorry to hear that. I actually meant secret like the secret to a long life and successful marriage.

Colorblocked28 karma

Genetics and a healthy lifestyle. I think marry someone who is a good quality person.

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when was the last time you dusted off the ol' cobwebs and knocked boots?

Colorblocked47 karma

3 months but I am not comfortable going into muchmore detail because my daughter is typing.

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Yea, my husband and I actually had and have a pretty good sex life.

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Really cause she's typing like an 85 year old

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Yea, I suck at typing on my tablet. Sorry!

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For Mom: what was the most important technological advance in your lifetime? And, did you know where your dinner eating husband was during WWII and how did you stay in contact?

For Daughter: What is one trait you've taken from Mom, and one trait you've taken from Dad, that is part of your personality?

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Automatic transmission in the car. I remember so vividly being shocked that there was no need to shift gears.

My husband is the youngest of the vets. I met him when he was 21, just after the war.

daughter: work a lot, think a lot and, per my husband, fart a lot.

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Speaking of cars, while you were a housewife, did you have your own car and drive? (I ask because I don't think my mother-in-law did for most of her married life - she had her husband drive her around most of the time. I remember that when he died, we had to show her how to put gas in the car, etc.).

I wasn't sure if that was a "typical thing" during those times, or just the way she was raised.

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I drove. I remember being a hesitant driver, for example my husband did all the freeway driving. I can't say if this was typical. At the time, having two cars in the family was a bit of a status symbol and not so common.

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What stuff you wish was still happened as it did in the old days? What stuff do you enjoy about the present?

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Old days: for children to freely play outside from morning to dinnertime without parents worrying.

Now a days: comfort of stress free older age with no worries about work and family.

chrisfurniss5 karma

For both of you:

What's your one major regret in life?

Colorblocked15 karma

For me, that my husband and I never learned to communicate and share.

For the husband: I was a doctor in a small town and went into the pharmaceutical industry to support my family and when I did that I had to abandon some of my patients.

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What are you eating?

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Cheese, crackers, wine and a veggie medley.

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What is something you think is wrong in today's society?

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The women of today do not understand the work of the women who fought for equal rights. They just flaunt their sexuality when they should flaunt the core of who they are. In the 70's we had to work so hard to find equal footing.

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Does what has happened to this once great country depress you or make you bitter that all of your struggles seem to be wasting away?

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National morals have gone down the tubes.

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Did you work outside the home, and if so, doing what?

Also, what did your husband do after the war?

Colorblocked9 karma

Me: I was a housewife for 10,000 years and got a masters degree in the 70's and worked in social work for ten years. My husband went to medical school right after the war.

bigbozz4 karma

What sort of social work did you do - what sort of people did you work with (kids, adults, etc.)?

Did he stay in the military?

Colorblocked11 karma

I worked with senior citizens. My husband was inspired by the war to become a doctor and he was in medicine all his career. He is only recently connecting with the WWII experiences he had partly because this gemeration is dying off and he realizes he had stories.

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What are your and your husbands hobbies nowadays? What were they growing up?


And also, do you have a favorite joke?

Colorblocked22 karma

Joke: two old men in rocking chairs on the porch. Their wives get the idea to prank them and so take off their clothes and streak across the lawn. "What was that?" Asked the first. "I don't know but it sure needed ironing!"

Hobbies then and now: boy scouts and paper dolls; soap making and golf.

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Proof image is down, any chance of a fix?

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Just did, I think.

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What is the biggest disappointment you have about how your daughter turned out?

Colorblocked9 karma

I'd say that she moved as far awayas possible from us as soon as she was old enough because she was an angry teenager. It worked out OK.

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What does daughter look like?

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Natural and accomplished.

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85 year old? LIES

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Well, it is true that I colorblockedam not 85. I am the daughter. Maybe I should have made that clearer. Anyway, they went to bed so sshow is over.