Hi guys. I'm back again. My new show Undateable premieres tonight on NBC at 9 pm (8 central). I play Danny on it. I'm looking forward to taking your questions, so ask me anything.


Thanks so much everyone. Gotta go watch the show! Undateable is on very soon. Turn on NBC. Tweet me... @chrisdelia

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Chris_Delia28 karma

Just happened. Can't explain. I'm sorry but I just... can't... explain.

hooladan26 karma

How big is Bryan Callen's dick?

Chris_Delia35 karma

Average. Wait... you tricked me.

brandonsyo21 karma

Do you think you will ever reappear in workaholics?

Chris_Delia20 karma

You gotta ask those guys!

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Hawty_Toddy16 karma

What's the worst heckle you've ever received while on stage performing?

Chris_Delia25 karma

One time a guy threw a donut at me and I just opened my mouth and ate and swallowed the whole thing within one second.

Echo-Seven7 karma

I've seen some drunk booze hag heckle Chris in Charlotte couple weeks ago. She got destroyed. Hard.

Chris_Delia13 karma

Can't stand hecklers.

TheHumanFart15 karma

Hey Chris, where is that super-tiny stair railing that you've Vine'd a couple times?

Chris_Delia17 karma

Charlotte, North Carolina!

AkronsFinest15 karma

How impressive are Will Sasso's calves in real life?

Chris_Delia34 karma

Dude you CANNOT believe it. As big as Bryan's bald spot.

LittlestMermaid14 karma

How often do people catch you making fun of them on Vine?

Edit: And what do you think of Vine being a good platform for new comedians? I feel like most people write it off as a stupid app but I've seen some legitimately funny people on there.

Chris_Delia20 karma

I don't like most people's vines. Too "Planned". I've never ever been caught.

IMAMEX12 karma

Hey Chris,

True D'Eliever here. I love the podcast and I was wondering if you had any plans on having Bryan Callen make an appearance on Undateable even though he knows s'little 'bout comedy?

Chris_Delia19 karma

He could play my COMPLETELY UGLY neighbor.


How excited are you to be Justin Biebers favourite comedian, have the beliebers assaulted you yet?

Chris_Delia22 karma

I love Bieber. Bielebe and also D'Elieve.

Capn219 karma

How much cocaine do you do?

Chris_Delia37 karma

I always do zero cocaines.

anon_jedi8 karma

I ate dinner next to you once, it was weird because I was breaking a Workaholics spec. I think you were eating with your dad. He looks like Barry from Storage Wars. Or was that Barry from Storage Wars?

Chris_Delia29 karma

No. I always eat every night with Barry from Storage Wars.

grebm7 karma

how does one become s'cute?

Chris_Delia16 karma

Giggle a lot and also do things like where you pout a lot.

miguel_domingo6 karma

Has Brent Morin ever actually had sex with a woman?

Chris_Delia5 karma

Yes 3 times.

chrisevslee6 karma

Hey Chris. Big fan I've seen your standups and they're hilarious! How do you deal with hecklers during these standups?

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chochobeware5 karma

When will the TenMinPod tour happen?

Chris_Delia10 karma

We are starting to do select cities. Working on it!

mxr155 karma

How much of TMP is scripted? Do you guys ever just go completely off-script?

Chris_Delia16 karma

It is 100 percent unscripted.

strippedsocks4 karma

What was the most fun part of making undateable?

Chris_Delia4 karma

Working with all of my comedian friends. Love them.

SettleDownMyBabies3 karma

What's your reaction to the recent controversy concerning your show?

Chris_Delia17 karma

Did my dick pics leak or something?

Brother_Thelonious3 karma

My girlfriend and I saw you at the comedy store about a year ago and we thought you were the funniest person we had ever seen. I just want to know if you're still going to tour regularly now that you have this new show? I think you're hilarious and I hope we get to see you the next time you come to Denver

Chris_Delia4 karma

I still do stand up always. I'll make it to Denver soon!

postpartydepression2 karma

If you could open for any comedian (living or dead) who would it be?

Chris_Delia2 karma

Eddie Murphy!!!

goobsmcgee2 karma

Hey, y'think I c'get bae's number?

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sentisaurus2 karma

Whats the weirdest experience you've had on stage?

Chris_Delia6 karma

Had a BIG girl attack me once.

DaleSauce2 karma

If you could combine two animals to make one which would they be?


Chris_Delia9 karma

A tiger and hawk. That would be a tiger with tiny ass wings. Ehe.

ShinglersLisp2 karma

If you had the opportunity to be an A-list TV actor, movie actor, or stand-up comic, what would you choose to be?

Chris_Delia7 karma

Stand up all the way.

Captainkanuckles2 karma

One, thank you for all of the laughs. Two, what the fuck happened to Vine?

Chris_Delia7 karma

Thank you for supporting! And yes i know... ughhhh.

hey-brother2 karma

Weirdest/scariest encounter you've had with a fan? Also, I told my neighbors to name their dog Topher after the character you played on Workaholics because he's friends with us guys now. They did.

Chris_Delia6 karma

Had a guy come up to me after a show in Chicago and ask me to sleep with his wife. So creepy and so weird and I didn't do it.


Brent Morin and you have very similar styles it seems.. did you two immediately click as a comedy duo or did it take a few drinks to settle into a comedic feed-off-each-other type of a groove?

Chris_Delia4 karma

He is a robot that I created in Sacramento.

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Chris_Delia6 karma

I hated school. Couldn't wait to get out. I made the best of it though. I started stand up at age 25.

Hawty_Toddy1 karma

Where's the weirdest place you've ever gotten a boner?

Chris_Delia7 karma

In Brooklyn.

YungSriracha1 karma

Will there be an American Animal 2?

Chris_Delia3 karma

Ask Matt!!!

Kari541 karma

Cant wait for the show! Will you be my Bae tonight?

Chris_Delia7 karma

Tonight? I'm everybody's Bae.

ericlolomg1 karma

Hey Chris serious question...are you bae? Or are you just another side bae?


Seriously though, how did working on set for Whitney differ with the people you work with on Undateable?

Chris_Delia27 karma

I'm the actual Bae.

Almost called the show "Unbaetable".

rgearon1 karma

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chris_Delia7 karma

Coffee ehehehehehehehe.

inareallyniceway1 karma

Why do you allow the comment trolls to bother you?

EDIT: I'm specifically talking about the bullshit Vine and Twitter comments you get. They are so ridiculous, but you usually retaliate.

Chris_Delia4 karma

I love responding it's fun for me. Ehehehehehehe.

TerryAndYourWife1 karma

You manage to have so much fun on stage without even trying, did you get into much trouble at school for being a class clown?

Chris_Delia3 karma

YES! Of course I did. I laughed all the time and made fun of everything. Fuck it ya know? Trouble finds you everywhere.