I am "Showtime" Eric Young. You probably know me best from hosting an awesome show on Animal Planet, or as a world champion wrestler. My newest show is called No Limits (http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/no-limits), and is premiering tomorrow night at 8 pm /7 central. I'm here at reddit NYC to take your questions. Ask me anything.


Well thanks everyone for coming and thanks for the questions. You wrestling fans are crazy, thanks for your loyalty. Hope everyone enjoy's Impact, and tomorrow's No Limits.

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SuperkickParty17 karma

Hey EY, thanks for doing this. Two questions for ya: Who are your top 3 promo guys of all time? And why is number 1 Scott Steiner?

ShowtimeEricYoung23 karma

Ric Flair, Steve Austin, The Rock. Steiner is in another league of his own.

McCrayfish314 karma

What happened to the TV championship?!

ShowtimeEricYoung22 karma

I don't know.

ragesayer13 karma

Does the man make the beard or does the beard make the man?

ShowtimeEricYoung20 karma

That's an excellent question. I think it's the man makes the beard. There are a lot of guys out there that have beards that probably shouldn't. It's a privilege, not a right.

TrollNonstopAction6 karma

Yeah but whoever told Gunner to shave was wrong :/ He looked like the perfect good guy with the beard.

ShowtimeEricYoung11 karma

It wasn't me. Beards for everyone. It took me 5-6 months to grow my beard. I trim it, because it gets really bushy and crazy. I want it to be crazy looking but not gross looking.

Coolkidd90311 karma

What happened to the Super Eric gimmick?

ShowtimeEricYoung31 karma

I don't know, he's saving the world somewhere probably. I don't know him personally.

klamon10 karma

If you could start your wrestling career all over again, would you do anything differently?

ShowtimeEricYoung11 karma

Absolutely not. I wouldn't change anything. I've experienced almost everything there is to experience in pro wrestling, and I wouldn't change anything about it.

gioit10 karma

Eric, loved your "Off the Hook" series. Which do you prefer? Fresh or Salt? What is your favorite type of fish to catch? What is your favorite spot to fish it. Thanks for being awesome!

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

Saltwater is my favorite. Favorite fish to catch: sharks of any kind. Favorite to eat is bluefin tuna, fresh, it's an experience.

bepzingy6810 karma

Have you ever wanted to work for WWE?

ShowtimeEricYoung16 karma

Oh sure, I watched it my whole life, TNA didn't exist when I was 16. So until TNA was around, that's where I wanted to work. That was the standard in pro wrestling, but my life led me to TNA, and that's where I am and happy to be there.

willysandglitter9 karma

EY! You were the highlight of the night in glasgow this year. I have 2 questions,

Firstly who is your favourite person to work with.

Secondly where is your favourite place to perform? (And why is it scotland)

I may have shouted a very loud WE LOVE YOU EY on the night which embarrassed the rest of my group

ShowtimeEricYoung11 karma

The person I like to work with most is Bobby Roode, we have the best chemistry. And anywhere in the UK, the crowd is always intense and full of energy.

willysandglitter9 karma

Team Canada! As far as I've seen you guys always put on a brilliant performance in the uk so of course the crowd are going to go wild.

Are there any particular up and comers in the indies you'd like to see as a part of tna?

ShowtimeEricYoung11 karma

There's a lot of really good young talent out there. I don't have time to do a lot of indies, haven't done them in years, but I believe that independents is the best place to find new talent.

RobertYoloMugabe2k128 karma

Hey Eric. You're great, the best thing going on TNA currently.

What are your 3 favourite albums of all time? and Are there any rasslin moves you tried to master and just couldn't? (Inspiration from seeing Buff Bagwell do a Canadian destroyer haha!)

P.S feel free to pop over to /r/SquaredCircle anytime!

Thanks EY!

ShowtimeEricYoung13 karma

I don't know if I have a favorite album. Love the Black Keys right now, they just played a Sirius special in Nashville and of course I wasn't there. I like ACDC, they are timeless to me. And Everlast.

Shooting Star. I ended up just getting too heavy to do it, I can't do it anymore, I used to be able to it years ago but not anymore. I saw the clip of Buff.

Tell everyone at /r/SquaredCircle I say hi.

RobertYoloMugabe2k127 karma

Thanks for replying man, all the best in the future.

No surprise regarding the Shooting Star to be fair. When you watch Adrian Neville/PAC do it, it just seems super natural. Makes me proud to be English.

Feel free to do an AMA at /r/SquaredCircle some time. Would be awesome to hear from you there. Have a nice day!

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma


RobertYoloMugabe2k124 karma

Sorry to bother, one more question

If you could wrestle any 3 current WWE talents who would it be and why is it Ziggler, Cesaro and Rollins?

ShowtimeEricYoung9 karma

I would wrestle any of those guys. Super talented. I wrestled Rollins at Independents and had an amazing match.

kjhgfd348 karma

what were your thoughts on six sides?

ShowtimeEricYoung18 karma

Liked it. Made our product look completely different. Especially to a casual fan that's flipping through the channels, you knew that it wasn't WWE, it was something else. We did it for a couple years.

wook1007 karma

How much control do you have in writing your promos/your character? If you wanted to start playing a zany milk man character with the catch phrase "Always drink your milk" could you do that?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

No. I have some control on what I say and how I say it, but it's the same for all wrestlers, in all companies. Promos aren't written line for line. Especially when you earn the trust of the company. But a shell is written of what to say. My favorite part of doing it is how to say it and figuring out how I would say it.

Tweakedenigma7 karma


Big fan, I have been watching TNA from day one. My question is what are the possibilities of a Team Canada reunion?

ShowtimeEricYoung13 karma

Slim to none, but it is pro-wrestling, never say never.

kjhgfd347 karma

What do you make of people comparing your story to an exact copy of Daniel Bryan's?

Huge respect btw

ShowtimeEricYoung32 karma

Anytime anyone wants to compare me to Daniel Bryan, feel free. Ultra-talented guy. I don't feel like we are identical. We have two different stories, but we both have two excellent beards.

vladcetes7 karma

Eric if you could wrestle a title match against any wrestler in the business who would it be and why?

ShowtimeEricYoung10 karma

I guess, again, Bobby Roode, I think he's the best in the business right now. And I think we could have really good matches.

AlternativeMusic7 karma

Hey Eric, is there anyway you can get one of the TNA wrestlers to come with you on an episode of No Limits?

How awesome are the NYC tapings gonna be this summer? Are you planning on pulling out all the stops?

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

It hasn't been discussed. It would be fun. But nothing in the works right now.

Yes the NYC tapings are going to be amazing, HUGE shows. Big crowds. Good energy. Can't wait.

AmericanFriend6 karma

Has anything changed for you in TNA since becoming the champ? Is it weird to see Wayne Arnold running around backstage? Has he ever called anyone a Scrote?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

Everything changed being the champion. You're the main guy. You're the number one, the guy with the target on his back. Huge responsibility. But I'm ready for it. I do see Wayne on occasion. I remember that time I kicked him in the face and beat 'im. Nope, he's too short.

Xoshi6 karma

Who were your favourite wrestlers growing up?

ShowtimeEricYoung8 karma

Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat, Sting, Terry Funk, Ric Flair.

badgimmick6 karma

Hi Eric, thank you for participating in this AMA.

I'd like to know your honest opinion of the releases of established TNA talent such as Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Chris Sabin and especially AJ Styles.

Considering how well AJ Styles has been wrestling in ROH and NJPW do you find it odd that TNA haven't kept him in the "marquee" position that Sting was occupying for example? I fully understand the need to bring in and nurture younger talent but the aforementioned people were widely associated with TNA and could have helped to give credibility to people like Bram, Gunner and EC3.

And what is your opinion of Samoa Joe's career. I feel he is someone who could have achieved more than he has, even in TNA. Do you feel he has struggled to meet his full potential?

ShowtimeEricYoung14 karma

Obviously them being released isn't my decision. I'm really good friends with all 4 guys that you mentioned, and I was sad to see them go. And that's just the way wrestling goes sometimes. It's not fair and it's not right, but it's a business and that's just the way things go sometimes. All 4 guys are super talented and I am sure I'll see them again sometime soon.

badgimmick6 karma

Thanks for your honesty!

Good luck for the rest of your World Title run, you deserve it!

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

Thanks a lot for the support.

hellohobbit6 karma


ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

I grew up in a town called Florence, Ontario, population of 80 people. Tiny little farm town in the middle of nowhere. But I was driving a car at 5 years old, the ultimate childhood. My mom and dad don't live there anymore so I haven't been there in years. The pizza place where I worked in high school is owned by someone else, so they are having a viewing party for No Limits.

202030405 karma

Who would you say is the toughest wrestler you've worked with?

ShowtimeEricYoung17 karma

Kurt Angle. He won an olympic gold medal with a broken neck.

CaptinKnightMayor5 karma

What's Earl Hebner really like?

ShowtimeEricYoung13 karma

He's really old. And probably the best referee in the business. He's 63 and has been reffing for years, every major wrestling match you've ever seen, he was the referee. He's an institution.

PunkRockSockOfClock5 karma

whats your opinion of alex shelley?

ShowtimeEricYoung8 karma

Super talented guy, good friend.

itsjavigold5 karma

What has been your favorite moment as a pro wrestler?

ShowtimeEricYoung8 karma

Winning the World Title.

Ducky3Moons5 karma

Out of all of the recent people leaving TNA, who do you miss the most?

ShowtimeEricYoung9 karma

All of them. I was friends with all of them. There's not one that I miss more than the other. They're all good guys.

BenDoverQuickly5 karma

Hey Eric Young, big fan!

What's the inspiration behind your finisher? Also, why should I be watching No Limits?

ShowtimeEricYoung11 karma

Pile driver is the coolest move in pro wrestling, and that's why it's my finisher.

No Limits is an amazing tv show that can be watched by everybody from a 5 year old boy to a 70 year old woman. It's fun, it's easy to watch, and I'm super proud of it.

MegaSuperUltraThingy5 karma

You touched on this in another question, but do you prefer the 6-sided ring to the traditional 4-sided ring?

ShowtimeEricYoung14 karma

No preference. If I ran the company, it would probably be six sides because it differentiates us.

joshwatson15 karma

I only watched TNA for a couple of years.. but I absolutely loved when you had a concussion and were acting all disturbed high five-ing everyone and doing the craziest things. How did you like that?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

It was super fun. Really cool for me because creatively I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. And it let to me having my own television show so all positives.

KevinOnEarth885 karma

Sorry for the double question. But would you have any advice for someone looking to get into wrestling in a country where wrestling isn't that big? I live in Australia and the only school Ive heard of is run by Orlando Jordan.

ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

Orlando Jordan is a talented guy, a good guy, and you could get good training from him. And there have been Australian wrestlers who make it. It's not easy but getting into wrestling is really hard no matter where you are from.

PositiveEvie5 karma

Hi Eric!

Lots of love and respect from another UK fan. Loved watching you in Glasgow.

My question is: how did your title reign come about? For example did you approach the guys in charge and say you think you deserved a run? Or was it the other way about?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I have no say in what goes on. I'm an employee of TNA. They tell me what to do when I show up to work, and then I do it the best I can.

PositiveEvie6 karma

In that case im glad they appreciated your talent and work ethic enough to give you the belt. I've been really enjoying your title run thus far.

I hope to see you retain at slammiversary. Good luck in the future.

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I hope so too.

Ebhagz5 karma

Hey Eric I've watched you wrestle since back in the Team Canada days. I wanted to ask about your World Elite faction which I thought was really cool and this was during your serious heel run, why didn't they keep you guys together longer I thought it was one of the coolest TNA factions and did you enjoy it?

ShowtimeEricYoung9 karma

There was a big change in ownership and creative. And the new people didn't believe in it, I guess, is the reason it didn't work out.

dcsportshero4 karma

Who is your favorite hockey team and why?

ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

Grew up a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and have adopted the Nashville Predators as my new team. But love the NHL in general. I mean, I grew up in Canada so that's my childhood team, and I'm an adopted Nashville fan because that's where I live now.

willysandglitter4 karma

Do you have any tips on growing such a luscious beard?

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

Be a man. I think either you can grow it or you can't. I didn't know i could until I started growing it.

BenDoverQuickly4 karma

What gimmick has been your favourite to wrestle as whilst at TNA?

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

Any of the crazy funny stuff was great. But my favorite is the one I'm in currently.

BeardleySmith4 karma

How does it work when you end up taking a big bump in a match? For example, if you fly off a cage through some tables in a Monsters Ball match or something...do you decide to do that? Is the spot pre-planned by management? Also, you do the best pile driver in the business!

ShowtimeEricYoung8 karma

Wrestling is painful. Most people don't realize how physical and how much it actually hurts while doing it. All the stuff that you said is very painful. But the fans seem to like it, so we're addicted to doing it.

KevinOnEarth884 karma

Always been a fan. Do you feel that you have been given the title now purely because of your look or because of the hard work that you have put in? Seems to me like a bit of both. Did you deal with The Young Bucks much during their time in TNA? Do you think we will ever see Yric Eoung in WWE?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I think I won the world title because I was over with the fans. And I've worked really hard. The Young Bucks are really good friends of mine, super talented guys and we run into each other now and again. I'm happy where I am.

hellohobbit4 karma

You have $1,000,000 to spend in 24 hours. How do you do it?

ShowtimeEricYoung13 karma

Hoo man. Buy a massive house, a huge piece of property, a bunch of Harleys, build my own hockey rink, and then I build a town and make all my friends live there and we all live there together. We're probably over budget.

e-rage4 karma

My name is Eric too. Does that make us twins?

ShowtimeEricYoung12 karma

Yes! Congratulations!

Taures14 karma

Who is the funniest guy backstage? Any good stories?

ShowtimeEricYoung9 karma

Jeremy Borash is hilarious. Robbie E. A lot of the guys are funny but those are the two that come to mind.

drummerjc53 karma

how do you feel about all the criticism that tna gets? is it hard to not take that personally sometimes?

ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

In the creative world, criticism comes with the territory. If you can't handle criticism then don't get into anything where you are creative, or the entertainment world. It just comes with the territory.

BenDoverQuickly3 karma

Question from a friend ( that doesn't have reddit):

Why are you so awesome?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I was born this way.

BenDoverQuickly3 karma

I can't argue about that haha. How much would someone have to pay you to shave off your beard?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

No price, I'd lose both my jobs.

Taures13 karma

Who do you think is the next big thing in wrestling?

ShowtimeEricYoung19 karma

I'm hoping just wrestling in general.

TheEmoSpeeds6663 karma

What would you rather do to unwind: watch old wrestling shows, or go fishing?

ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

I actually like to sit in my jogging pants and watch television or movies.

tgis_exyst3 karma

What's the first steps someone with no experience should take to get into professional wrestling? Me and a friend are getting into shape over the summer and are likely to be attending a wrestling school. I assume, are they also the most logical steps to take?

Also, It feels weird seeing you as the champ when it feels like only yesterday you were Super Eric :') You're amazing!

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

Get trained at a credible school of somebody that has wrestled on TV, or at least you have seen wrestle in person. There's all kinds of wrestling schools but there's no regulation to pro wrestling, so you want to make sure that you get proper training and they can guide you for the right steps moving forward. And getting in shape is constant, there is no off season in wrestling, so be ready to do that for the rest of your life.

tgis_exyst3 karma

Thanks for the reply! Do you have any just basic lifestyle tips to get into the shape in the first place? Nothing dramatic or life-altering, just maybe some small changes here and there.

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

Don't drink soda or juice. They are the worst thing for you ever. You would have to run for like 8 miles to burn off that much sugar. And all juices are just loaded with sugar. And just try to be more active. 20 minutes, 30 minutes of any kind of physical activity a day, walking to work,t akin the stairs instead of the elevator, and don't eat pizza. I wish I could listen to the last one better. I work out an hour, hour and a half 5 times a week. Free weights, cardio, I do different stuff all the time because I get bored.

tgis_exyst3 karma

Well there goes one habit I should start kicking now; goodbye 10 years of 7-Up addiction.

Thanks a lot for this, and good luck at TNA! May your reign be long and prosperous!

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I would be willing to bet, if you stop drinking 7-Up completely you'll lose 10-15 pounds in a month, if you don't change anything else and just stop drinking soda you will drop weight instantly.

thegrassyknoll3 karma

Do you think it was a bad idea to merge World Elite with the Main Event Mafia? I feel like with more time and enough resources, World Elite could've been a successful group by itself.

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I really enjoyed World Elite storyline, and wish it would have been given more time. But being with Main Event Mafia, I got to hang out with Kurt Angle and that's never a bad thing.

TheEmoSpeeds6663 karma

Do you think that Hulk Hogan had a positive or negative effect on TNA?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

Hulk was always nice to me. Was a big fan of me. As far as negative or positive, I couldn't say, I don't run the company.

Ebhagz3 karma

I'm going to be at the NYC Impact tapings and I'm extremely excited to see you wrestle. Do you particularly enjoy working in the Impact Zone it seems so depressing especially when so many fans want to see you work up here in the Big Apple?

ShowtimeEricYoung3 karma

Pumped for the New York City shows. Grand Ballroom is a great venue. The Impact Zone is a huge part of TNA's history, and I will never forget what The Impact Zone has done for our company.

kjhgfd343 karma

Thanks for answering all these Eric,

Do you read the dirtsheets?

ShowtimeEricYoung4 karma

I don't.

Ebhagz2 karma

I'm a huge fan of TNA wrestlers but to be quite honest I'm not happy with TNA's story lines. It's frustrating sometimes because you guys are some of the greatest athletes in the world and it gets boggled down by silly decisions from management. What are your thoughts on that?

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

I have nothing to do with that.

ThySmithy2 karma

I Loved the team Canada angle and I loved the war games style matches with team Canada etc, Would you love to re-create team Canada again and if you couldn't pick the same people who would you pick?

Also why did Petey Williams not get as far as he did?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

Team Canada was obviously, I have fond memories of it. I got to work and hang out with 4 of my best friends. But everyone's past that and onto bigger and better things. Plus when I was on Team Canada I was a bad guy and you guys all hated me, so I won't be doing that again.

Petey Williams was several times ex division champion, a couple times division champion, and is still working around the world. Seems pretty successful to me.

hellohobbit2 karma


ShowtimeEricYoung2 karma

All the crazy adventures I get to go on. And the really amazing people I get to meet. My bucket list is constantly updated from the show.

StubsKubik2 karma

Hey Eric Huge fan.... First time I saw you, you were Doing a show at the Super Ex in ottawa, I then got into a fed that I jobbed for you twice In ottawa.

Im completely out of the business now. I doubt you would remember me it was a long as time ago going into the 2000s late 90s .

My questions 1: how fun was it being part of team canada and competing in the X Div tournies when they had them representing Us canadians.

2: do you still talk to some of the guys who were in team canada back then but are nolonger part of TNA.

ShowtimeEricYoung3 karma

Being part of team Canada was amazing, getting to hang out with 4 of my friends and compete together. And I still stay in contact with all of them.

Wherethefoodsleeps2 karma

Hey Eric! The new show looks awesome. I'm from Maine, and I'd love to see you guys get up there and do something awesome, can you make that happen?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

We just got back from Maine, where I did a powered street luge at Loring Air Force Base! And we did rock crawling, it's like a roll cage, a custom jeep made for driving over crazy rocks. It's going to be a really good episode. We just got done, so it probably won't be airing until July or August.

Wherethefoodsleeps3 karma

Awesome! I had no idea, this is great news! Thanks man! Hope you got some lobster too!

ShowtimeEricYoung3 karma

I did actually. I tried to eat lobster every day while I was there, it was amazing.

DSaga2 karma

Hey Eric. I don't watch TNA anymore but I just wanted to say well done on winning the TNA title, you were always one of my favorites when you were in Team Canada and ran World Elite.

As a TNA wrestler, do you watch any other wrestling? For example, Christopher Daniels is going back to ROH and I heard him do an interview a couple days ago where he knew everything that was going on and he said he kept up on the product because he enjoyed it. If you do watch other wrestling, who are your favorite wrestlers right now?

ShowtimeEricYoung7 karma

I actually don't watch any current wrestling, but i watch piles of old wrestling. Right now I'm addicted to Terry Funk, he's the best.

AnghellicKarma2 karma

If you could work with anyone in WWE (including a certain Punk that has been MIA), who would he/she/they be?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

Of all time, Steve Austin, Sean Michaels, The Rock. Currently, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler.

kjhgfd342 karma

do you ever question some of the stuff you're given by creative or do you usually just role with it?

ShowtimeEricYoung2 karma

Not my job to question.

Pokeronthemove2 karma

Do you think they should have done more to build up your character as a main event threat before giving you the title? I mean for basically ever you were a solid wrestler but mainly just a comedy act and was even part of the women's tag team champions with ODB. I just feel like your character didn't have enough time to really develop and it was weird how like 2-3 weeks before you won the title you said something along the lines of you didn't even want the title.

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

I would never say that i didn't want the title, that's all I have wanted since I was 5 years old. I don't know where you heard that but if it was on the internet, you probably want to check your sources. As far as build up, I don't know how you buildup a pro wrestler more than having 10 years on television. Sometimes a surprise is a good thing, since wrestling fans are hard to surprise nowadays. They know things sometimes before we know them because of the internet.

DontPuntBaxter2 karma

With the recent upturn Ring of Honor has experienced and the (going to try and say this as respectfully as possible) downturn or "scaling back" in TNA, do you think that the competition ROH is giving TNA for the number 2 spot should drive TNA to be better?

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

I don't know how it works, but I don't think ROH is on national television. It's a great product with great talent, but they are not in the same game as we are.

DontPuntBaxter-3 karma

I think that's all the leverage TNA has though, anymore. Like if ROH got national TV tomorrow (their TV deal reaches 40% of American households, TNA's only holds 66% and that is decreasing as people continue cutting their cable providers) they have a higher attendance average this year in America (Dave Meltzer said 8% more as of early May, that might have increased because they sold-out Toronto and NYC), arguably the better product (it's subjective I guess) and their roster is gaining a lot of big, good names like AJ Styles and Daniels and Kaz and Chris Hero, and with the NJPW relationships it has so many possibilities to see some of the best wrestlers in the world in the company. I didn't say they were on TNA's tail, but they are supplying significant competition as a product.

ShowtimeEricYoung14 karma

To a die hard wrestling fan, yes, to a worldwide audience, no. I hope they do well, I mean, it's good for everybody. Competition breeds success.

Doktor-Mandrake1 karma

TNAnonymous...was that you?

ShowtimeEricYoung3 karma

I don't know what you're saying so probably not.

ileatherland111 karma

EY is your throat constantly sore?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

No. I have had 17 surgeries on it, and it's sore a couple of days afterwards, and then it goes away. I sound cool though, so that's okay.

ileatherland113 karma

Very true. I'm kind of hoping that you put it to good use and record new entrance music and show MVP how its done

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

I'm a terrible singer. Unless it's Johnny Cash.

TrollNonstopAction3 karma

Do you still need to have surgery on your throat from time to time?

ShowtimeEricYoung5 karma

Yes I had one six months ago. Probably will have to have another one in a month or so. I self diagnose now.

ThrowawayMarkz0 karma

Did you bang ODB? or if you haven't would you?

ShowtimeEricYoung15 karma

We're married. Your guess is as good as mine.

Jambo9733 karma

i'm gonna take that as a maybe then.

ShowtimeEricYoung6 karma

Strong maybe.