Hi, reddit. My friend, his wife and child escaped from Artyomovsk (city in East Ukraine) 4 days ago. Now they stay at my apartment in Tel-Aviv.

Dima and me was roommates 10 years ago when we both served in IDF. He lives 4 years in Israel, served in IDF and after this come back to Artyomovsk.

4 days ago he came to Israel with his family. Since he doesn't know english well, I will help him with translation.

My opinion may be different, but I will try to translate his words accurately as possible.

From now all direct speech in this thread it's not mine.

Hi, all. I'am Dimitry. Was born and grown in Doneck region of Ukraine. 10 years ago I made Aliah (immigration) to Israel, and served there in IDF. After my Army service I came back to Ukraine, finished my study in university. Married, have a baby born, and 4 days ago I came back to Israel. AMA!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/z84Du

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SawRub95 karma

Would you go back to Ukraine if things settle down?

green_mouse972149 karma

The things will not settle down. I hope, but I understand it will not calm down.

valcry49 karma

What do you think is the biggest thing (or things) in the way of it calming down? Is it a short term thing or something more ingrained in Ukraine as a whole?

green_mouse972145 karma

People don't understand EU, USA or Russia will not solve their problems.

mikuc86 karma

Do you support the cause of either side in Donetsk?

green_mouse972178 karma

No. Both sides unlawfully took the power.

evil-thug72 karma


green_mouse972139 karma

No, there is no Right Sector there, many talks about them but anybody doesn't see them.

The violence start with capture of government buildings and police by separatists, and weapons distribution to unknown people.

Hadok61 karma

What are the pro-russia militia made off to your knowledge ? Locals ? Football fans ? Former military ? Russians ? Thugs ?

green_mouse972147 karma

All Football fans is pro Ukrainian.

Many criminals in pro-russia militia.

Droconian28 karma

What do you think about people asking for US involvement?

green_mouse972123 karma

Same as people asking Russia to involve conflict. Because any involvement will heat the situation.

everythingisachore57 karma

Was your decision to leave ideological or was it what you felt was necessary to keep your family safe?

green_mouse972176 karma

Just want to keep my family safe.

przyjaciel55 karma

You say that you escaped. Can you describe getting out, and if you had any problems leaving?

There have been conflicting reports of who controls what specifically in Donetsk, including the airport, so I am curious how the situation was when leaving.

Did you have to bribe any rebels, government-forces or officials when traveling to or at the airport?

I am glad you and your family are safe, and hope you will be be able to find your home wherever you are.

green_mouse97269 karma

I was stopped by unknown people wearing shorts and sunglasses without T-shirts.

After this i saw some armed man but they didn't stop us.

Thank you.

thepeoplearemygod38 karma

Did you face any anti-Semitism from Euromaidan/the Kiev-aligned faction? I've heard some harrowing things about them.

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Trevpeck36 karma

How easy was it to live a normal life these past couple of months with the political turmoil going on?

green_mouse97264 karma

Political turmoil start at november (when mydan starts). General it was a same, except TV.

emwac34 karma

Are you voting in tomorrows Presidential election (if possible?)

What do you hope will be the outcome of the election?

green_mouse97277 karma

No I don't think they have even one good candidate. All these people stealing from Ukranian for last 20 yard.

emwac17 karma

What about Poroshenko, who seems to be winning by a landslide?

Does he have a past of corruption?

green_mouse97256 karma

I do not remember, but he is oligarch like any other oligarchs in Ukrainia.

ugadai32 karma

Your thoughts on the media coverage of the conflict? In Ukraine, Israel and Russia?

green_mouse97297 karma

Ukrainian media engage in propaganda because they owned by oligarchs. They don't show real picture. The Russian media its same thing. There a lot fakes from both sides.

I think the the most objective information you can find in social media.

AVeryWittyUsername29 karma

Is there anything you miss from your home? Would you ever want to go back there once things settle?

green_mouse972106 karma

Israel its a small country, i miss huge forests, lakes and rivers. In short nature.

kostiak25 karma

Have you seen any actual fighting around your area or just hear/read about it on the news? If you did, can you tell us about the fighting you saw?

green_mouse97272 karma

I saw a fake, I heard shoots and helicopters, but in morning then I go to the shop and see military base where was a "fight" (according to media), I don't see any signs of bullets. But in Ukrainian media they write about 100 attackers.

Lomonosoff21 karma

Do you think that Russia has any moral claim on any parts of Ukraine?

Do you think that the narrative of Ukrainian patriots is acceptable in modern society?

green_mouse97252 karma

Do you think that Russia has any moral claim on any parts of Ukraine?


Do you think that the narrative of Ukrainian patriots is acceptable in modern society?

Yes, if they not extreme right wing.

Hamartolus6 karma

Do you believe your new home has any moral claim on the Syrian Golan Heights and the Lebanese Shebaa farms?

Why do its inhabitants refuse the identity you helped impose on them while the vast majority of Crimeans embrace Russia?

green_mouse97236 karma

It't a hard question.

If Israel sign peace treaty with Syria and Lebanon, I personally have no problems to return these territories.

Ac3zzzz20 karma

As an Israeli, all I can do is wish you good luck in Israel.

green_mouse97227 karma

תודה רבה

daath17 karma

My SO is of russian descent, and she doesn't think that Putin is a bad guy here - at least not more than EU. What are your thoughts on the whole thing? Is Europe (and USA) as much to blame as Russia/Putin?

green_mouse97248 karma

Yes, and maybe Europe (and USA) more responsible for the situation. Russia just use the moment.

djmushroom14 karma

are people from east Ukraine willing to join Russia if a referendum happens?

green_mouse97246 karma

Pensioners and small part of business maybe, but many people will not. All my friends don't want to join Russia, as well to EU.

rodopsin14 karma

Was there a specific event in Ukraine that made them decide to leave?

I thought there was an election being held soon and that the situation was overall deescalating.

Also, how are public services holding up in that part of the country between the transition govt and fighting?

green_mouse97240 karma

The real battle including helicopters and artillery fire from Ukrainian army side and collapsed banking system.

There no police there, medical service work hard and trying to do the best.

yorgu13 karma

Are you jewish? If you are,I have a question,is there any threat to the jewish community inside the occupied regions,is there an anti-semitic feeling among people there,I ask these because I read an article a week ago saying that there are more jew ukrainians leaving ukraine than 2013.Is this true?

green_mouse97229 karma

Yes I'am jewish. Not I don't feel or seen any anti-semitic there.

CatInPlate10 karma

I won't ask whether most of population supports war, it's way too obvious. My question is whether there are enough men willing to fight pro-Kiev forces? And I'm curious about sentiments of neighbors/other people you used to know in Artyomovsk:3

green_mouse97229 karma

Most men in Artyomovsk doesn't want to fight on any side.

Rinnero7 karma

What is your opinion about Maidan, new Kiev government, relations with Russia and supposed meddling of the US?

Do you have sympathy towards rebels? What about people in the whole?

Do you think the referendum was important? How big was the turnout, 20%,40%,75%?

How often do you watch/read Ukrainian/Russian/Western media? What are the most reliable sources? If non mass media, then what websites exactly?

Can you please explain as detailed as you can what is the difference between Ru/Ua/western media? What is more or less truth in each narrative, what is fiction? How much do you trust Ukr media, how did you like the presidential debates?

Who would you have voted for? What do you think would happen in Ukraine in this year and later? What do you think needs to be done to solve the crisis and save Ukraine?

Thank you for answers.

green_mouse97218 karma

  1. Until it was peaceful, I disagreed with it but believed that they right to do this. But after capture of government buildings and using movotov cocktails, rocks, and some time traumatic weapons, I stated support Ukrainian government (Yanukivich).

  2. No, they not people from Dombas. Other people want peace and stability.

  3. I think it was 50/50.

  4. Most reliable source its social media.

prostokot5 karma

Did the anti-Semitism in the region arise because of the Kolomoisky?

green_mouse97213 karma

Till now not, but I'm afraid it will grow soon because of his actions.

alphajohnx4 karma

What's your next step?

green_mouse97211 karma

life and work in Israel.

entirely13 karma

Did you go back to Ukraine to finish your studies, and then came back to Israel, or did you leave Ukraine because of the turmoil there?

green_mouse9726 karma

I don't plan to come back to Israel before events in south-east.

entirely12 karma

Do you have other family still back in Ukraine?

green_mouse9728 karma

yes grandparents still there.

AeroFX3 karma


green_mouse9728 karma

Thank you.

nicechinos3 karma

Sorry, another one came to mind. Do you think that Poroshenko has the guts to unite Ukraine and fix the whole thing?

green_mouse9727 karma

It depends on Russia (if they will accept him). But don't forget he is oligarch like any other.

wangboy2 karma

To keep it short, to what extent to you think the USA is involved in events on the ground in Ukraine?

We all heard the neuland recordings where they discuss who they would like to put in power and the infamous 5 billion invested in Ukrainian democracy but just wondering how Ukrainians feel about this and do you feel trapped between two bigger powers right now?

green_mouse97229 karma

I think USA sponsor Maydan, and new Ukrainian government.

My opinion these 5B was a bad thing because war happened in any place where USA invest money in democracy.

wangboy7 karma

Thanks for your insight and I hope the best for your family in Israel

green_mouse9722 karma

Thank you.

SecondofNone2 karma

What is it that you hope for the future of Ukraine? Is there anyone who you would have preferred to see take over the leadership role of the country?

green_mouse9728 karma

What is it that you hope for the future of Ukraine?

Hard to say.

Is there anyone who you would have preferred to see take over the leadership role of the country?

From all Ukrainian politics -- Kuchma.

SecondofNone2 karma

Thank you for your response! I hope everything works out for all of you.

green_mouse9723 karma


StupidWomen1 karma

Apart from the danger of being caught up in the fighting and artillery strikes. How big was the impact on the day to day life in your town?

Were there many checkpoints you had to go through? Did you see any harassment of civilians from separatists or the military? Were businesses open? Did people go to work as normal? Did the cost of food/goods increase?

green_mouse9727 karma

In my city all businesses worked as usual. The price grow was the same as in whole country. The only thing, ATM was closed. And only 3 or 4 banks branch was opened.

And all fire its not in my city its 30km from there.

nicechinos1 karma

Why do you think that things will not return to being normal? Is it only for South-East or Ukraine as a whole? Do you think that peaceful resolution is still possible? Many thanks!

green_mouse9725 karma

I think someone (i don't know who) have a profit from this situation.

While-that its only South-East but then I see new Ukrainian government actions I think its just only matter of time then people from west will rise up.

SpiffierGoose6-1 karma

best story you have from/about being over there?

green_mouse9728 karma

I don't know what to say. It was just normal life.