Hi I'm Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder, videogame character & philanthropist, ask me anything! pic.twitter.com/HCi2ynkOLp

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sorry if I didn't put the picture link in the right place... I am reddit challenged. But it's me, and I'm live. -Tony

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We believe you! Automoderator didn't recognize the twitter verification picture because the url in your txt post wasn't typed properly it should be: http://pic.twitter.com/HCi2ynkOLp

tonyskates3761 karma

including http is so 2000

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Hi Tony,

I'm curious if you could shed some light on your actions in this commercial. It always struck me as a bit inconsiderate to not only destroy their living room ceiling and steal their bagel bites, but also be unwilling to share. What was going through your head?

tonyskates3257 karma

I become crazed when I can smell anyone cooking Bagel Bites nearby. I have no excuse, but I am seeking therapy for this issue.

dcsportshero2554 karma

What is your favorite Tony Hawk video game, and why is it Tony Hawk Pro Skater for N64?

tonyskates3466 karma

haha, my favorite is THPS2 because it put skateboarding on the map as a videogame genre and many people have said it is the reason they started skating at all.

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Tony Hawk, This must have been 8-9 years ago but for one of my class's we had to write to a celebrity, and see if they would respond. Some people wrote to movie stars, some people wrote to politicians, I chose to write to you. In fact, you were the only person in my class (around 20 students) that actually got a replied letter back, as well as a autograph of you. I can't tell you how happy that made me as a child. So, I just wanted to say thank you again from my younger self. Like others have said, you are Good Guy Tony Hawk.

tonyskates2660 karma

Thank you! I was just glad someone finally wrote to me.

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TONY!!! I've waited over ten years to be able to ask you this. Way back in High School I was making a local video and while we were at a spot in Seattle we ran into a guy by the name of Oli...Oalie...Ol' Lee? Idk, but this guy claimed to have skated against Tony Hawk back in the 80s and beaten him. He can be seen here. It has since become local legend with many being able to recite his claim line for line. I must know, did you in fact skate against this man, and lose? And do you remember him... as Oli? And will you ever skate against him again?

Thanks Tony, and thanks for doing everything you have for skating over the years.

tonyskates3716 karma

um, I don't recall exactly. But if that's his claim to fame, I don't want to take it away from him. So yeah, he beat me... badly. I never recovered from that embarrassment.

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Hey Tony Hawk! I’ve played a lot of your games, my favorite was American Wasteland.

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask this: When you play your own games, do you play as the pre-made Tony Hawk? Or do you make yourself as a character?

tonyskates3405 karma

I always finish my games with my "pre-made" character so that I know all of "my" special moves and I'm ready for any random challengers. So I play with myself, so to speak.

TheDuskDragon2077 karma

How the hell do you still manage to skate in your mid 40s with all the falls you have to endure? Do you have to constantly take joint and bone supplements or something?

tonyskates3153 karma

My only secret is that I never quit. As I get older, I am not as interested in doing (aka too scared to do) bigger airs or more spins. I've learned to refine my skating with more technical moves that are less taxing on the body. I'll never quit, but I might not do it in public as much if I start sucking at it.

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Tony Hawk, I've always thought if I wasn't me, I'd want to be Tony Hawk. If you weren't Tony Hawk, who would you want to be?

tonyskates3078 karma

Pharrell Williams. The dude is a musical super genius. And ageless.

ireallyhadtopoop1890 karma


I have but one question. Is Rodney Mullen a robot?

I cannot comprehend half of his tricks.

tonyskates2392 karma

No, but he is a rare creature. His pursuit of perfection is far beyond any artist or athlete I've ever known. And he is extremely smart. Like think-tank level.

GurgiTheBrave1445 karma

He did a fantastic TED talk awhile back that I think really demonstrates that. Seems like a really sweet guy.

tonyskates1596 karma

Here he is telling me how he invented the kickflip:


robsarmuk1392 karma

What was the first bone your broke?

tonyskates2336 karma

My pelvis. Worst. Bone. Ever (to break). You can't move, for months.

Shadowpriest1387 karma

Please explain to us what took place on the set of Jackass and how was it hanging out with the crew?

tonyskates2878 karma

It's always fun, but you have to keep your drink and your crotch covered at all times. Since that's not possible, one of those two things will be violated when you least expect it.

MakeMeASteak1234 karma

What is the proudest moment of your career?

tonyskates2736 karma

either landing the first 900 (at X Games) or being on the Simpsons. Tomorrow my proudest moment might be surviving an IAma

Melocoman1178 karma

What's it like seeing Riley grow up and do big stuff too

tonyskates1746 karma

It's incredibly fun to see him make his own path in the fickle world of skateboarding. While I am concerned as a parent, I trust his instincts and sense of limitations. I think he is very creative, and he deserves his recent pro status. Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol-on9KyPLs

AaronianKenrod1102 karma

One day they're little shredders, the next day they're grinding and gnashing their way to college.

tonyskates2740 karma

I make up words too.

Elephaux1072 karma

I love your books, especially "Round Ireland with a Fridge". How did you find the time to write it in between all of your land-surfing shenanigans?

tonyskates1498 karma

It is exhausting having a second identity as an Irish comic. For those that don't know, he is referring to Tony Hawks. Actually, I was once on a British talk show with him and he threatened to "throttle" me because of the amount of misdirected fan mail he gets.

toddwalnuts977 karma

What is your favorite sport besides skateboarding?

tonyskates1844 karma

Snowboarding. Same stance, softer surface (sometimes). In fact, I was riding in Mammoth yesterday.

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Hi Tony! The mini cooper stunt: INSANE! You are the man. link for those who haven’t seen it

I just wanted to thank you for being such a great ambassador for skateboarding. Also, thanks for doing the Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt! And… thanks for hiding stuff in Montana! I kept telling my buddies that you’d put stuff up here, so thanks for not making me a liar.

That brings me to my question: after a couple years of trying, I finally found one of the THTH packages and got this!!!!. However, I’ve never ridden this style of board before, so: What setup would you suggest?

I can’t wait to ride it! Thanks, Tony!

tonyskates924 karma

Thanks! I had the idea for that stunt a while back because I saw video of someone faking the same thing (insert snarky hoverboard comment here). When I partnered up with Mini last year, I told them I wanted to do it and they helped organize it.

For an old-school shape like that I recommend Indy 149's & Bones 60mm (exactly what I still ride)

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Hey Tony! Back in 2003 you landed the 900 at X-Games IX. Afterwards you threw your helmet into the crowd and I caught it! You then signed it two years later at the X-Games, but you didn't seem to understand when I told you what it was. So my question is: How did it feel landing such a huge trick at the buzzer? Helmet proof: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/rd61b/a_gift_a_stranger_threw_at_me_9_years_ago/

tonyskates623 karma

It's always a big deal to me when I land that trick, but doing it before the buzzer is a bonus. Here's the last one I made (a few years ago) at a demo in Sweden:


tonyskates739 karma

Thanks to everyone for participating, or just reading along. I have to go to a meeting right now (so corporate) then leaving for Australia later today. Please subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/user/RIDEChannel if this skateboarding thing interests you at all. And here is my most recent footage in hopes of proving that I still skate on a regular basis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9JzsNghpqU Thanks to reddit for having me. Stay cool, Bret!

iStealthshot585 karma

Hi Tony! I'm a huge fan of yours.

My question to you is who has been the biggest influence in your life as a skater and as a person?

Thanks for doing the AMA.

tonyskates973 karma

my dad was a huge influence in terms of supporting me and taking me to all the local skateparks when I was younger. He also helped to form a competition series when there were very few events. In my later years, Stacy Peralta influenced me in many ways. He believed in my "circus" style of skating when I was largely made fun of by the cool kids.

jedizombieshark567 karma

Hey Tony, what philanthropic programs are you involved in that you would like people to know about?

tonyskates920 karma

my foundation supports public skateparks in low-income areas. We have been around for 12 years and given away over $5 million to over 500 skateparks in the USA. Here is an example of one we helped in Detroit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADtErLjggH8

Old_Man_Orgy560 karma

Are you a fan of the Ea Skate games?

tonyskates1318 karma

I honestly rarely played them. I appreciated that skateboarding had come so far as a videogame genre that there was viable competition in the field though. And any game that had a Pixies song in the soundtrack is okay with me.

hannainthecity540 karma

What's your favorite aspect about San Diego? Best place to get a burrito?

tonyskates887 karma

The best thing about San Diego is the weather (sans fires). But the burrito question might be the most difficult question for a San Diegan. I like Rudy's in Carlsbad

psjbmx536 karma

Hey Tony! A little back story before my question. So when i was a kid, probably 11 or so, i decided i was going to start skating. And instead of buying a new board, my uncle told me he had one for me. He told me about how he got it. He said his good friend went to either high school or college with you, and you gave him your personal board one day. So i still have to this day, that complete skateboard. Just in case it really is yours. Ill take a couple pictures, but do you remember anythinh like this? And is this your personal skateboard? http://i.imgur.com/FPWE8vs.png http://i.imgur.com/wBNw6Hw.png

tonyskates817 karma

That doesn't look familiar, as I would not spray paint the top. And I never used rails that you had to drill all the way through (as seen by the holes on the sides). Sorry about that.

Abi_AintShabby527 karma

On Instagram you post a lot of pictures of you around the world. What is your favorite place on Earth?

tonyskates1060 karma

home (Encinitas), because I am only there half the time these days. My favorite place to travel is Japan. It's weird and awesome, and I love the food.

elastico514 karma

What kind of music do you listen to when you skate?

tonyskates1779 karma

NIN, Jane's Addiction, Modest Mouse, Metallica, Joy Division, TSOL, Dead Kennedys, 999, Buzzcocks, Clash, Black Keys, Cure, Cold War Kids, Pixies, Devo, QOTSA, At The Drive In, Bad Brain, Guns and Roses, Gang Of Four, Vandals, Fugazi... the list goes on and on. You have entered my music vortex.

fredzerg463 karma

THPS3 is my all time favorite Tony Hawk game.

Is there any chance of THPS5 coming out in the future?

In my opinion if you want the game to be a hit, you have to go back to the roots and making part 5 is the way to go

tonyskates824 karma

point taken. There is a CHANCE of something in the future for newer consoles. In the meanwhile, we are releasing TH Shred Sessions for mobile devices (iOS, Android, tablets) soon-ish. I'm going rogue with information at this point so I better shut up now.

sixjewbabies444 karma

will you bring back rocket power?

tonyskates685 karma

I never brought Rocket Power to begin with. But if "they" bring it back, I will gladly do another guest spot. The best thing about being animated is that you don't look as old as you really are.

WolfBro420382 karma

Hey Tony! Just wanted to say that your instagram page is great. I really like the videos of the doubles runs you put up.

Keep it up!

tonyskates797 karma

Thanks! I try to keep it interesting and fun. I really gotta up my selfie game though. Actually, with the amount of "you got old" comments I already get... maybe not.

Vrady379 karma

Hi Tony, I was wondering how much of a role you played in picking the music in your games? My friends always laugh when songs come on and we can say "this is from proskater 2!" That music has always made skate sessions a lot more fun

tonyskates531 karma

I gave many suggestions because I wanted the games to represent the diversity and uniqueness of skate culture. And once Activision acquired Guitar Hero, the music licensing team got approvals much faster.

tonyskates370 karma

In case anyone has seen this, it was just posted this morning. Me and my big (MINI) ideas... http://youtu.be/tdGQCXO74Jw

FrNoelFurlong275 karma

Tony, I'm not very good at skating. Will you teach me how to kickflip?

tonyskates697 karma

I could, but my kickflip is not the one you want to emulate. Try Spencer Nuzzi's (his are higher and cleaner than my heavy-footed vert technique): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNjLAI1IlUI

I_Am_Intoxicated271 karma

What is your favorite beer?

tonyskates428 karma

Peroni or Inedit

TheDoctorBlind261 karma

No question, but a huge thanks for liking my son doing a report of you on Instagram it put you as his all time favorite skater and rockstar, it meant the world to him and me.

tonyskates414 karma

Thanks! I am sometimes to go through my feed when people tag me, and then like their pics. It's either narcissistic or friendly, and I'm okay with either.

deadboynutz260 karma

Once heard that you taught Christian Slater to skateboard for the film Gleaming the Cube. Any truth to that? Also, is that movie ever gonna see the light of day on blu ray. My VHS copy is too worn out to watch

tonyskates376 karma

That is true, Tommy Guerrero & I would meet up with him at schoolyards in LA and practice in the months leading up to filming. We had to make him look "comfortable" on a board, and he was very cool about it. I interviewed him a couple years ago and we talked about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5OeNBQG9mY

centsless43228 karma

What is your take on Nike and how it has affected the skateboarding industry. As a shop owner I feel like its been a bit of a snowball since Nike has been accepted into the skateboard world including shops closing due to resounding debt owed to Nike and other companies following Nikes lead, leading to a more standardized feeling of skateboarding as a "sport". A lot of people avoid the question because they have friends that are supported by Nike so I hope that wont happen here.

tonyskates284 karma

I appreciate that a big company like Nike has come in and supported the skaters themselves and helped to create bigger events (and more awareness for skating in general), but I understand your concerns. The irony is that most "core" skate companies are now owned by bigger entitites. The whole idea of skateboarding as a "sport" is not new though. If you compete, it's a sport. But there is so much more to skateboarding than the competition series.

sirfistycuffs222 karma

Could you take Rodney Mullen in a fight? Have you already?

tonyskates638 karma

not a chance. He is lean and fast. I'm slow & tired because I have too many kids.

bagochips1174 karma

If you could ride any horse-sized animal into battle, which one would it be? Ex: Horse sized grasshopper.

tonyskates437 karma

What is with the horse questions always rising to the top? I would ride a horse-sized wombat because they seem like the angriest animals and would do the fighting for me.

DBOPRO170 karma

Hey Tony,

Will you be my friend?

tonyskates646 karma

Definitely. Can I get a ride to the airport?

MattNebel154 karma

Two quick questions:

  • any reason Andy Mac didn't make it into the video games?

  • Last year I made this account for the sole purpose of asking you to say hi to my friend Elliott, but I was too late. Mind saying hi for me?

Thanks Tony!

tonyskates224 karma

because Andy had his own videogame for a minute. But he and I collaborate on many different projects (like our most recent doubles video: http://youtu.be/3DbZ5odFIs4

whatup Elliott! Sorry I missed you. I'm sure redditors will have many kind things to say about you in my absence. Stay gold.

Kknowsbest152 karma


tonyskates402 karma

I have no idea. Someone that looks young, is skinny and socially awkward. I guess that sums up most of the male Hollywood stars these days, so take your pick.

edubcb133 karma


What input (if any) did you have in Nick Hornby's "Smash"?

tonyskates192 karma

None, but he called me to ask for my blessing to be included in the book in such a prominent way. I was already a fan of his work, so it was a great honor.

sdBiotch124 karma

Where's your favorite place to skate in San Diego?

tonyskates281 karma

my ramp, but it's private. I recommend the new Oceanside park or Alga Norte for public skateparks. Here is the last video we shot at my place though. Sorry I can't let everyone else skate it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DbZ5odFIs4

crosby510117 karma

Hey Tony! First, I'm still a little upset that the Hovr Board wasn't real. Second, I just want to ask how you feel about skateboarding changing as a culture, moving from the punkish, raw attitude it had in the late 90's to the more mainstreamed culture it has now. Also, as the original generation of "pro skaters" age, who would you say is the future face of Skateboarding?

tonyskates205 karma

The hoverboard thing was done by Funny Or Die. I was under the impression that they were presenting it as a joke all along. But then they created the fake website and pretended it was real when they posted it. Then people got mad at ME because they had nobody else to blame. But here's the reality: if hoverboards existed as shown in the video, NONE of us could afford them. next question: skateboarding will always have it's raw DIY attitude no matter what or how many mainstream companies are involved. The future faces of skateboarding are Tom Schaar, Curren Caples, Yoshi Tenenbaum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk6AEegWYVw&noredirect=1, Tristan Rennie, Aaron Homoki, Ben Raybourn, and Alex Sorgente

NickCook777109 karma

Do you think The X Games would've been any different if Cristian Hosoi showed up and was at his best?

tonyskates136 karma

I don't know if they would have been much different in terms of programming, but they would have had a lot more style and flair.

RIP_KING73 karma

Tony, I am a native of San Diego and have seen you several times exiting taco shops with your daughter (namely Roberto's and Juanita's). What is your favorite item at these places. Do you prefer your California Burritos with guacamole instead of sour cream?

tonyskates114 karma

I go with rolled tacos at Roberto's and chicken burrito at Juanita's. My daughter loves bean & cheese burritos from Roberto's because they give her a Jell-O cup with it.

Arandy0523 karma

What are two of your proudest moments outside your professional career?

tonyskates78 karma

I have four, and they are my children. I know it sounds cliche, but they are the best things I've ever created. And they are constant entertainment.