We are Adrian Karmazyn and Maryana Drach and we are journalists working to provide Ukrainians reliable and accurate news and information. Leading up to World Press Freedom Day, we are answering questions about press freedom and the reporting environment in Ukraine. Ask us anything!

Adrian Karmazyn is the Ukrainian Service Chief for the Voice of America. Maryana Drach is the Director of Ukrainian Service for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Both broadcasting networks are providing hard-hitting, breaking news coverage of the current situation in Ukraine – some news coverage highlights are here.

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coffeebears8 karma

I've read about journalists getting attacked when reporting on Ukraine and in other places around the world. How do you -- or other people working with you -- stay safe in dangerous reporting zones?

BBGgov7 karma

One of our VOA journalists faced rather blatant intimidation a few months back. He was covering the Automaidan motorcade protests that went to the then-president's lavish residence. Soon thereafter law enforcement officials "visited" his family and threatened to take his license away.

-- Adrian Karmazyn

michaeladenner5 karma

what's the best source for news from inside Ukraine? (i read Ukrainian, Russian & English)

BBGgov1 karma

Ukrayinska Pravda is very good. Dzerkalo tyzhnia is also highly respected. Channel 5, 1+1 and ICTV websites are useful.

--Adrian Karmazyn

beat17063 karma

What kind of barriers do you face when trying to report to the public?

BBGgov2 karma

Radio Svoboda correspondents were attacked in Kharkiv on May 1 by the pro-Russian activists, when they wanted to live stream the rally and burning of the Ukrainian flag. The prosecutors office today launched investigation. There have been incidents like this before, in Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city, and in Crimea.

-- Maryana Drach

Gameofsofas2 karma

How do you deal with bugs, and the blocking of your transmissions?

BBGgov3 karma

VOA has been fortunate to have good national TV partners in Ukraine that enable us to distribute our TV programming widely in Ukraine. Of course, in Crimea that is no longer possible.

-- Adrian Karmazyn