I don't like when people punch each other. Boxing is okay, I guess. I want my song to be in a commercial.

My Proof: I just tweeted about it from my verified Twitter account https://twitter.com/jonlajoiecomedy

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Sheasus1463 karma

Will you show us your genitals?

Jonlajoiecomedy1422 karma

Maybe. Depends.

CWSfan1147 karma

Hey Jon, love all of your work. Can we please get another Everyday Normal Guy rap?

Jonlajoiecomedy2000 karma

I promise that will happen. Still Normal, still making pretty good spaghetti sauce, still taking my time to perfect the beat, cuz I still got love for mediocrity. Steve's been bugging me about it too.

staygold6781066 karma

Do you like to touch romaine lettuce?

Jonlajoiecomedy858 karma


Dregol1015 karma

How many people outside of Canada can properly pronounce your name?

Jonlajoiecomedy3096 karma

Your mom pronounced it just fine last night! (That's why they pay me the big bucks!)

iwritebmovies658 karma

What does your vinegar strokes look like?

Jonlajoiecomedy1454 karma

Gilbert Godfrey getting stung by a bee is the best way to describe it.

Jonlajoiecomedy630 karma

Thanks for hanging out, friends. Let's do it again soon. Check out the new vid if you have time, it's on the front page right now. I love you guys!!

appajack29544 karma

Which commercial do you want your song to be in the most?

Jonlajoiecomedy1464 karma

Farmers Only.

louie82209 karma

Have you ever tried to find a match on that site? Some of those people can get pretty freaky.

Jonlajoiecomedy965 karma

City folk just don't get it!

refdudebj513 karma

Who's been your favorite guest star to work with on The League? What was the real story behind the Nick Kroll fight that was promoted on Twitter last season?

Jonlajoiecomedy988 karma

When Snoop guest starred, I was the most nervous I've been in years. I grew up listening to his music, I had the Chronic and Doggystyle on cassette. I wasn't sure how he was going to be, you never know. He was so cool... He also smelled like he got sprayed by a skunk, in a good way. JJ Watt was awesome. Having him charge us in a hotel room was incredibly frightening. Also, I love Sarah Silverman, so it was so fun having her on set.

TheRoyalTenenThom493 karma

Have you ever watched the sun go down, and you're thinkin' 'bout the world spinnin' round?

Jonlajoiecomedy1122 karma

Those lyrics seem familiar, but I can't place them. Super high right now.

Kknowsbest404 karma

If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)?

Jonlajoiecomedy1018 karma

Robert Patrick, the guy who played the T1000 in Terminator 2. That guy is badass. Or Wayne Brady.

daymankarate376 karma

Are you a big football fan in real life?

Jonlajoiecomedy1251 karma

Yes. I used to play Joe Montana football on Sega Genesis. I know the names of at least 3 teams, and a few players, I think. How awesome is it that Ocho is playing for the Montreal Alouettes!! That is straight out of a League episode.

TNatty376 karma

How to people react to seeing you in passing? Do you feel like a celebrity or is it more casual?

Jonlajoiecomedy1157 karma

Super casual, people are great. They usually just want to tell me that they like the videos, or The League, and that's pretty much it. Once in a while a drunk dude will puke on my crotch, but it's rare. Don't be shy if you see me, seriously.

Jeeonta326 karma

L'Auberge du chien noir, pourquoi ?

Jonlajoiecomedy378 karma

The Auberge team are the best. They're really an awesome group of really talented, fascinating people. When I got out of theater school in Montreal in 2002, I auditioned for a ton of things and no one would hire me. I got really discouraged and was planning on going back to school, when I landed an audition for a show en Francais called "L'Auberge du Chien Noir." They gave me my first job as an actor, and who knew but that job ended up lasting 6 years. I'm not kidding when I say that some of the actors on that show are some of the best in the business. I learned so much from the years on that set. I'm still in touch with them, they're really good people.

daymankarate287 karma

Who is most like their character on the League?

Jonlajoiecomedy1136 karma

Hmmm... We're all very different from our characters, although there are often similarities. I can say pretty dumb things sometimes on set and people think that I'm joking around in character. I was given the line "Ice Cold 3 penis wine, Al Fresco" last year, and I kept messing it up. The excuse I gave was that I didn't speak Spanish. For real. I wasn't joking. I can tell you who is the most UNlike their character on The League. Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi). Thank God.

Deifdave250 karma

Hey Jon, what's the meaning of life?

Jonlajoiecomedy1299 karma

Love everyone, all the time. Or kill people who aren't like you. One of those, I can't remember.

oettam884225 karma

What's with the less vulgar songs as of recently? I'm a fan of both, just wondering.

Jonlajoiecomedy724 karma

There are only so many things that one can say about one's genitals, you know? I'm not actually doing it consciously, I don't think... My next video may be about a necrophiliac who's also in to scat, you never know.

nomezie200 karma

Is Michael Keaton still your favourite Batman?

Jonlajoiecomedy577 karma

No one will ever be a better Batman. Ever. Even if in a dystopian future, crime is rampant, and the police force is failing to keep the rule of law, and a real vigilante rises up, and starts dressing up as a bat and bringing criminals to justice with the use of advanced weapons and gadgets.. Even that guy wouldn't come close. A real Batman wouldn't even be as good as Keaton.

AlpacaPunch191 karma

Do you have any pets? If so what kind and what are their names?

Jonlajoiecomedy990 karma

I don't right now, but the little black dog in some of my early videos was Lucky. He was the best. He sometimes bit kids, but they mostly deserved it. RIP Lucky.

Chevellephreak179 karma

Any plans to actually start Neckflix?

Jonlajoiecomedy407 karma

That was genuinely the best idea Taco ever had, for real. Well, that and pubercuts.

syngatezz142 karma


Jonlajoiecomedy437 karma

Buy Zig Zags

Willsuck133 karma

Are you planning to make a new WTF Collective? If so when? What about another show me your genitals or every day normal guy?

Jonlajoiecomedy391 karma

I'll let MC Confusing answer this one: "I probably drowned a viking swim suit in a cake but hammers are taller than a jealous cinnamon earthquake"


PassTheSyrup117 karma

NHL game 7 picks tonight?

Jonlajoiecomedy389 karma

I'll say Kings, because even though they stole Gretzky from my home land, their fans are pretty cool. And I'm in LA right now. However, can't wait for the Habs to sweep the Bruins!!

theseus123498 karma

Are there any problems you come across when constantly producing parodies or trying to be funny? Does any one piece you did seem more forced than the others?

Jonlajoiecomedy202 karma

Yes, of course. But sometimes it's hard to realize it in the moment. You end up putting things out or doing things just to meet people's expectations, or to be safe, without really being conscious of it. I know I'm doing something right when I'm operating outside of my comfort zone, even it the thing ends up not being mediocre, or isn't well received. But it's hard to venture out of the comfort zone, I'm guilty of setting up camp inside of it quite often.

Rjisagod42 karma

I just signed up to ask, will you please name my fantasy team next year kind sir???

Jonlajoiecomedy130 karma

The "Taco named my Team"s