I'm a screenwriter and director. LOCKE is the second film I've directed. It's a film about a man on a journey driven by principle and haunted by consequences of a single mistake. The film is released and you can see where it's playing, as well as the trailer, here: http://locke-movie.com

I'm going to be joined by /u/Im_Tom_Hardy for today's AMA as well as Victoria. Ask us anything.


We have to go to the screening now. Thanks for your interest, make sure you go and see LOCKE and tell everyone about it. Thank you.

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thebiggestguy354 karma

Why would someone shoot a man, before throwing him out of a plane?

Im_Tom_Hardy381 karma

To make sure he's dead, I suppose.

Steven_Knight175 karma

What's that referencing, I suppose?

TheMosquitoMan246 karma

Hey Steven! I would like you tell me about Tom. Why does he wear the mask?

Steven_Knight390 karma

Because he's so ugly.