It’s David and Carter from Aer! Ask us anything.

We released our self-titled album independently three months ago and rose to #5 on the iTunes charts and #26 on Billboard’s album charts. We’re on tour right now and might be coming to a city near you, tickets and details are here. Check out our latest single Says She Loves Me on YouTube!


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ahblake36030 karma

How supportive were your parents of your decision to skip college and pursue a career in music?

TheAerMusic39 karma

they were amped we wanted to do something different... it was a lot of support

MegaSloth13629 karma

Out of all the things in the world, what floats your guys' boat the most?

TheAerMusic125 karma

sushi and emma watson

atilling9917 karma

FAM!! Good to see you on reddit. Disappointed y'all couldn't make it to upstate NY, but it's all good in the hood. All my friends are huge fans. Still remember hearing "Few Times" for the first time. Well, as to my question, with all of your experience of tokin and smokin herb, whats your guys' favorite way to cake up?

TheAerMusic17 karma

haha glad to be here! keep spreading the word! we always roll up. the way to go.

rapp1017 karma

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

What are your favorite genres and who'd you grow up listening to? Thanks so much guys!

TheAerMusic24 karma

grew up listening to marley, the beatles, jack johnson, and started listening to more and more rap the older we got.

luxpostcards10 karma

When I showed my friend The Reach he said you reminded him of a mix of Jack Johnson and Mac Miller!

TheAerMusic25 karma

ayeee nice not a bad combo!

Fabio123123116 karma

When was your "Wow, we could have a future in this" moment?

TheAerMusic39 karma

sold out NYC - irving plaza 2012

drohze11 karma

yooo, where did the inspiration behind The Brightside come from? That shit is fire!

TheAerMusic23 karma

came from life and everything around us. we did the majority of the writing in the spring/summer

SmallButMighty4411 karma

when did you first smoke weed, what was it like, and whats your favorite way of consuming marijuana?

TheAerMusic25 karma

in 7th grade, in the woods. it was whack. papers.

__ohmygatos11 karma

One of the things I love about your music is how you keep the negativity on the minimum, especially when it comes to ish about women. In the world of hip hop there are more hooks that demean women than otherwise and as a girl it sucks to know those messages are getting ingrained in people's brains. That being said I'm curious, was this a conscious choice to leave that out of your music?

TheAerMusic27 karma

we never really had the conversation and said "let's not be rude to women in our music" I think it's just that in real life we speak to and treat women with a lot of respect so naturally our songs reflect that.

tottspot10 karma

How did you celebrate 420 yesterday? Favorite moment perhaps....

TheAerMusic27 karma

a lot of beautiful trees and a dope show in north carolina!

maximillionvh9 karma

Other than Boston, what is y'all's favorite city to perform in?

TheAerMusic26 karma

we love Dallas and Denver!

aunna248 karma

why are you guys called aer?

TheAerMusic16 karma

no reason!

hightides47 karma

What's your outlook on the lookout?

TheAerMusic11 karma

it's played out.

hellabro3607 karma

You guys ever make it down to the University of Alabama? The whole school would love to have you play.

TheAerMusic10 karma

roll tide! yup we've played before and can hopefully get down there again!

nadomars7 karma

Been to two of your shows. The most recent one at the (sold out!) House of Blues in Boston was sick! Buuut, it seems like more and more of your fans are super young high-school kids. What's up with that? I felt so old and I'm only 20! Do you care who your fans are? Are you catering towards any demographic specifically now? I started listening in high school I guess...

TheAerMusic5 karma

This is Dave. Honestly Idk why we keep getting more and more younger fans. I guess the younger kids just don't have as much predetermined judgement when they find out about us and just become fans faster? I'm really not sure though

italianwog287 karma

What did you guys want to be most besides musicians?

TheAerMusic24 karma


thecotdog6 karma

Are there any artists you'd really like to worth with?

TheAerMusic34 karma

cudi, curren$y, ty$, SOJA

omgunicornz5 karma

Hey guys! First off, I saw you in Portland on my birthday in March and gave Carter a j when you were onstage, hope you guys enjoyed it (if you remember)! That was one of the funnest concerts I've been to, you guys put on a great show. I've been a huge fan for awhile and it's awesome you guys are getting big out here on the West Coast, I'm stoked to see you at Cali Roots in Monterey in a few weeks! If you wanted to hook it up with a meet and greet for my friend and I, we wouldn't object...we'll bring more j's with us I promise!

ANYWAYS, question: my friends and I are always curious about your song-writing process. Do you start with the beat first or the lyrics? And do you write the lyrics together, or do you work on the verses and choruses separately and then make them work together? Does one of you do more writing than the other?

Thanks for being awesome. You guys are really fucking talented and I can't wait to see you explode in the near future!

TheAerMusic6 karma

we normally start with the beat, and then write. but it all depends. it switches up a lot of the time depending on what one of us brings to the table

TheAerMusic5 karma

but hey thanks for that j!!

SoarinPastTheMoon4 karma

Do you protect Lil' B at all costs?

TheAerMusic15 karma

Yes, he fucked both our bitches

Joggemanon4 karma

How often are you high?

TheAerMusic48 karma

i forget

ahblake3603 karma

What are your plans for after the tour is over?

TheAerMusic3 karma

relax, recuperate, and get ready for whatever's next

Dreamix3 karma

Hey guys! Big fan from The Netherlands here. You actually are coming to my city this summer, Tilburg! Thank you for that and for this AMA! I've got two questions, if I may.

At the show you guys are gonna play, Woo Hah!, there will be some other Hip Hop artists too (Method Man & Red Man, Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown, Earl Swearshirt, and more). You guys think you'd team up with one of those artists, at the show or in the studio?

Second one. It's good to know that Tilburg is known for the grass. We actually are the weed capital of The Netherlands, not Amsterdam as you may think. It would be an honour if I could show you why. So, would you guys like to have a smoke with me, at the show or at a nice chill spot in the city?

For now, have a great AMA and I'll see you guys this summer!

TheAerMusic6 karma

we'd love to hop in the studio with any one of those dudes! that'd be nuts. and really? we'll have to smoke some of that bud haha thanks for repping the #FAM

mckenzi173 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized bears or 1 bear sized duck & why?

TheAerMusic8 karma

probably a bear sized duck. no ones wants a million tiny razor sharp teeth.

Drunkturtle3 karma

Hey guys, love your shit and I'm excited to see you live.

What's your favorite drink and how do you make it?

TheAerMusic6 karma

old fashioned. two drips o bitters, cherry and orange

charlesfries2 karma

Hey Aer, I'm a huge fan! Who is your favorite rising artist today?

TheAerMusic14 karma

Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$ are dope

leafs23232 karma

You guy are one of my favorite bands right now! Whats your favorite song to perform live??

TheAerMusic10 karma

wondering why and spades are a blast!

Wickguy4132 karma

What were your backup plans if you didn't become successful musicians?

TheAerMusic20 karma

pet detectives

cmanhkert2 karma

Which have been your favorite cities to perform in? Madison was a blast! Thanks for coming.

TheAerMusic5 karma

Madcity was wild!! we love some texas and colorado too

ballstothewallsbro2 karma

Fly or be invisible and why?

TheAerMusic12 karma

fly because you'd be free fuckin doing flips and dives and shit that be the illest

AndyCupcakes2 karma

What is the best type of bear, and why?

TheAerMusic11 karma

can't get past a mean grizzly bear


If there was one woman that you could wife up, who would it be and why?

TheAerMusic5 karma

Carter: Emma Watson Dave: Ashley Sky

hightides41 karma

Did your original EP get a lot of buzz at first?

TheAerMusic3 karma

definitely not... took a while!

Sl0wSloth1 karma

How'd you guys enjoy Summerfest? Come back sometime!

TheAerMusic3 karma

it was crazy! y'all went hard despite the rain #FAM

[deleted]1 karma


TheAerMusic6 karma

favorite: drink coffee. least favorite: have a fucked up sound check.