Hi everyone! Huiping Liu, MD PhD and Michael Gilkey, MS are here to answer any and all questions that you have about Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.

Their usernames are:



Huiping Liu does research at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently doing research on cancer stem cells.

Michael Gilkey Since 2006 I have brought cutting-edge stem cell science to the classroom of middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate students in order to inspire these students to pursue science and medicine in college. Whether its creating a unique stem cell education website, exhibiting at State Science Day in Columbus (middle school and high school science fair), designing a new stem cell area in the BioMedTech Exhibit at the Great Lakes Science Center featuring National Center for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) research, speaking at the COSI Expert Series (videoconference education for high school classes – represented classes came from OH, CA, IN, MI, MN, NJ, PA, OK, SC, TX, Ontario Canada, and Alberta Canada), teaching a sophomore level “Information Design” class at the Cleveland Institute of Art about stem cell research and how to organize and convey this complex information to the public, lecturing at the Cleveland Marshall School of Law class on stem cell law, presenting to politicians that would legislate stem cell related law, or speaking at regional and national meetings like the World Stem Cell Summit or the 2nd Midwest Conference on Stem Cell Biology & Therapy; I have led public outreach and education effort in stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Currently, they are working together on the Cancer Stem Cell Conference as a joint effort between Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals: Case Medical Center, and the Cleveland Clinic. The goal of the conference is to bring the brightest minds from around the world to talk about Cancer Stem Cells. You can learn more about the conference by clicking the link.

Proof: Mike: http://imgur.com/YT2X85O Proof: Huiping Liu:http://imgur.com/LD4Rrow

Edit: A bit of confusion with proof, ncrmAMA2014 is the intern who is directing the AMA, the actual users are /u/mgilkey and /u/HuipingMDPhD

Edit: Dr. Liu and Mr. Gilkey will be available from 2:00PM-3:00PM EST for any questions you all have!

Edit: If you're interested in learning more about the science of Cancer Stem Cells, be sure to come to the Cancer Stem Cell Conference this August in Cleveland! Link

Edit: Hi everyone! Intern here, don't worry, Dr. Liu and Michael will be back soon, they're at a meeting currently. [4:04PM]

Edit: And we're back! [4:57PM]

Edit: Thanks everyone for the wonderful questions. We've really enjoyed doing this!

Dr. Liu says, -Thank you all for your questions and interest in stem cells and cancer stem cells. I have to go for today but we'll host other posts later this week and next week with other cancer stem cell experts from Case Western and Cleveland Clinic. Stay tuned!

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I am so pissed I missed this AMA. Like, uber pissed >_<

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Hi! I'm only the intern, but I can direct a question to Dr. Liu or Michael if you would like!