We are Trophy Scars here to answer all your questions in order to celebrate the release of our new album Holy Vacants. We will be on from 7pm - 9pm est on april 16th to answering all of your questions so go ahead ask away!


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Andy: Why did you fuck my girlfriend?

wearetrophyscars12 karma

did I?

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wearetrophyscars6 karma

oops... well i guess it was my sexy hair

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buster_casey4 karma

It's all good baby

wearetrophyscars3 karma

This interests me

jaredpaik10 karma

Could we see an Australian tour in the future?

wearetrophyscars5 karma

we really hope so.

WestDakota9 karma

Hey guys! First off I wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of everything you guys have done. The directions you guys have taken musically, lyrically, and thematically have been an inspiration on so many levels. I saw you guys in Chicago last summer and even shared a drink with Jerry and talked with John for a little bit. You guys seem like a nice and fun bunch of dudes. So, thanks for existing. Anyways, question time!

-what's your favorite song that you guys have done so far?

-a while back, you guys mentioned that you had filmed some shows and were planning on releasing a DVD or something of the sort. Is that still in the pipeline?

-I think last year, you mentioned that you were thinking about releasing a bonus disc to accompany Holy Vacants that contained some b-sides and covers. Is this still a thing?

-what were your main inspirations for Holy Vacants?

-will the original holy Vacants script ever be released?

-Jerry, any word on more Super Snake?

-And finally, I think you guys mentioned somewhere that you were already writing an EP last year. How's that going?

I know that's a lot to throw at once, but I sort of really like you guys. Keep on being radical

wearetrophyscars5 karma

-picking our favorite songs always changes... but at the moment we really dig the new songs like Qeres, Archangel, and Burning Mirror. They are still new and fun to play. It is hard to answer cause some are great songs like August 1980 and others are just fun to play!

-As for the DVD we had some footage from a show which was supposed to be the DVD but we decided to try and compile more footage to cover our entire career. So hopefully there will be something soon.

  • We are always writing.. but it is still in the works.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

favorite song we've done: changes all the time, sad stanley? cowboy red... chicago typewriter.. never dead dvd: not sure just yet there will be more to follow shortly after vacants as far as material inspirations: a lot of graphic novels, a lot of david lynch, a lot of nick cave script: possibly down the road super snake: is releasing a split with trophy scars coming soon and playing the ny holy vacants release thanks!

YelllowBirdd8 karma

Btbam, Orbs, Trophy Scars, All Human. Can this be a tour please?

wearetrophyscars3 karma

would love that!

oh_illinois8 karma

Hi! What fine artist(s) influence you guys the most? What artists do you work with for your merch? Speaking of, I sewed 2 of your shirts (out of the ~7 I've bought from you guys over the years haha) onto this walmart sweatshirt and made my own! http://imgur.com/RATTsu8 Really excited for holy vacants, thanks for doing this AMA!

greschnitzel2 karma

I'm sure you'd prefer a response from Trophy Scars, but I am loving that sweatshirt!

oh_illinois2 karma


wearetrophyscars4 karma

Ahhh thats badass!!!

Jerry designs all our merch

ashoelace7 karma

Where did you draw inspiration from for the Geneva-Toronto-Nola trilogy? I mean this in all aspects. How did the lyrics come about? How did you guys decide on what the music tracks should sound like? Why make it a trilogy in the first place?

It's interesting for me that they make up one complete story yet each song sounds so different from the last.

Thanks again!

wearetrophyscars3 karma

Jerry: I was drinking budweiser tall boys on the way to New Orleans from Dallas, Texas. I think I dosed off in the van for a bit, woke up and the heat just really started putting this story in my head. by the time i got to new orleans - 12 am - i had most of the story down and i was a little drunk. i wanted a three part story to give it its own three act totality. the music came after but we had our pick of what we wanted to make into the trilogy.

eltristo666 karma

you guys ever consider releasing tabs of your songs? Would love to be able to play messengers, unfortunately I'm awful at playing by ear

wearetrophyscars4 karma

Andy: I had some that I did but never posted them..maybe in the future

chronoscale5 karma

  1. On Never Born. Never Dead. You guys sample LOST a whole bunch. Are there other series you guys are big fans of? Do you like Game of Thrones?

  2. Your old merch used used to have cat motifs a lot. Are you really "cat people"? Perhaps actual cats, who are people?

  3. Is signing to Monotreme Records going to impact your touring schedule/how far/frequently you guys can tour? Canada? Soon?

Obligatory appreciation comment: Also, you guys are the greatest band and most consistent band I have ever set ears on. The transition in your music from early post-hardcore to now has been a pretty perfect accompaniment to my life in going from adolescence to adulthood, so THANK YOU!!! Keep it up.

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Yeah we are all pretty much hbo and tv junkies when it comes to good stuff like that. True Detective was mind blowing.

And yes actual cats posing as humans.. Shhh dont tell

Yes we hope to hit the road soon!

Time_Patrol5 karma

Hi, long time listener, first time caller.

How was it co-writing Chicago Typewriter with Adam from Fear Before? Are his hands as soft as I'd imagined?

wearetrophyscars8 karma

Yes, yes they are... his eyes are like oceans.

christofur4 karma

Andy, your sexuality has blossomed over the years from a lowly caterpillar into a butterfly with strikingly beautiful blonde locks. How did you achieve such a radical transformation and how has this change impacted you creatively?

Also, can't wait for for my vinyl to arrive dudes! Congrats on the new record!

wearetrophyscars7 karma

It has been a long road coming full circle in my life and flowering like the spring time. I learned to focus on the small things like making sure i get all the peanut butter out of the jar. These things have made me much more creative because i can see the 4th dimension and the energy in the world. It all started with a song i co-wrote once called dying elephant.

jurassicparty1 karma

He was born from glass. He is ONLY glass.

wearetrophyscars2 karma

A sea of glass

zurratype3 karma

Hey, I love you guys so much. You're seriously my favorite band and have been for a long time. I got into you from AA and I've loved following your work ever since. Your newest album has been awesome! Hell, I'm actually planning on getting some of your lyrics tatd on me (We keep guessing till our little heart stops).

My first question is if you couldn't do music, but a different art what would it be?

Do you think you will ever produce the screenplay that led to Holy Vacants?

Also, I have the split you guys did with the saddest landscape. When you come back to nashville could I get it signed? I dunno how you guys are about that stuff so figured I'd ask here.

Seriously, I love your music so much. I really feel like this album will w/the new label will really help you guys. It just blows my mind that you aren't a super huge band at this point. I tell everyone I know about you!

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Andy: That first one is tough. If I couldn't do music I dont know... thats all I do so.....

And yes when we come back we can sign the record and anything else!

infinitecircus3 karma

Y'all have been one of my favorite bands for so long. Alphabet. Alphabets is one of five CDs still in my car. If you ever come to Atlanta that would be awesome.

-Question: Who is a band y'all always wanted to see but never got a chance?

-Question: Do y'all vibe to Tom awaits as much as I've always suspected you do?

wearetrophyscars3 karma

Q1: Tom Waits Q2: Yes

w00kiesensation3 karma

  1. Have y'all ever done a show with full instruments? Or at least a show with piano?

  2. Why did you used to, maybe still do, have an extra touring guitarist? Fill for piano parts?

  3. Who is the gal tickling my ear vaginas right now on the track "Gutted"?

  4. What should I eat for dinner?

  5. What is something each band member is passionate about? Books, hobbies, causes, tacos y burritos? I'm going to veto The Alchemist because I've already read that one. Do I have veto authority?

  6. Trickster vocals on Nyctophobia?

  7. What's next? Tour?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

wearetrophyscars6 karma

we have played a few times with extra musicians. A few release shows and the big one was the show we did for the DVD filming. We would love to be able to play with extra musicians all the time if we could.

Back in the day we had many more members but over time and the last few releases our writing changed and became more focused on the core four of us. Come see us and find out

the lovely lady on gutted in Desiree Saetia.

A burrito

i (andy) enjoy feeding the money pit that is my record collection, long walks on the beach and barbecued meats.

not Trickster Fox on that one it is Gabrielle Maya Abramson

next ... well there are too many things in the works but yes hopefully tour!

Kknowsbest3 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

wearetrophyscars10 karma

life is only the stories you tell yourself. make em good.

yyajeet3 karma

not a question, just wanted to say thank you. I've been a fan for a long time and have grown up in the same way your music has. alphabets. is my most listened to album of all time and has not left my car since it came out 8 years ago. when bad luck came out, I was dealing with easily the most trying period of my life and bad luck helped me to navigate that period. I haven't had the opportunity to pre-order Holy Vacants yet but I will. and I will listen to it religiously. keep being trophy scars and I will always support you.

I love you guys. from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

wearetrophyscars2 karma

thank you so much!

Privacyrise3 karma

I love you guys. Would all of you consider living in my house and spending the rest of your lives with me?

wearetrophyscars4 karma

Andy: sure why not.. I cook I clean.. im also slightly house broken...

Dabe_Alan3 karma

Huge fan for a longtime guys. Stoked on the new album - got my pre-order code today and I'm loving it. Favorite track on my first few play throughs is Vertigo for sure.

Either way, I've always wondered: It seems that at least one time on nearly every album you have there is a clip from a seemingly personal voicemail. How many of them are real, and/or how many were re-created/fabricated to fit a track?

Hope to see you touring the US soon!

wearetrophyscars7 karma

all voicemails are real, not faked... except the one on the original mix of jerry's the name

oooh_barracuda3 karma

What prompted the shift in your musical style between albums like Alphabets, Alphabets/Bad Luck and your EPs Darkness, Oh Hell/Never Born, Never Dead? I seriously dig your bluesy sound and was introduced to you folks via Darkness, but there's such a pretty big contrast between the albums and the EPs, both musically and thematically.

Seriously excited for Holy Vacants by the way, all the snippets you folks have posted on Facebook and whatnot have done their job of generating the hype. Keep doing what you do.

Edit: Also, any hope for a West coast tour? I'm across the pond in the UK right now, but would love to go to a show back in my home state of California when I return in the summer!

wearetrophyscars9 karma

Jerry: we started to change because we weren't really interested with the genre people started to line us up with. we wanted to challenge ourselves and write really exciting music... make something really different from what was happening. and we love the blues.

wearetrophyscars6 karma

hopefully both a UK an west coast tour this year

Noctourniquet3 karma

Ok not a question but holy fuck is Holy Vacants good, thank you for doing what you guys do. So actual (shitty) questions...

  1. I'm coming up from Baltimore for the NYC show... Any chance of hearing some Hospital Music? You'd make my life with Designed Like Dice.

  2. What made you guys decide to finally go with a label, and why a French one like monotreme?

  3. I personally thought this AMA would've been right at home on r/trees... How much drugs did you crazy sons of bitches go through making the masterpiece that is Holy Vacants?

  4. Any chance of seeing you guys in Baltimore any time soon? I promise you won't get stabbed too badly.

I keep thinking of more shitty questions!

  1. Any chance of a pressing of Hospital Music on vinyl? That's the first TS I ever heard and ever since the day that EP fucked my ear pussies into submission you guys have been my favorite band, hearing the transformation in sound over the years has been absolutely astounding.

  2. I could be late on this and very well could've come and gone... but wasnt there talk of a vinyl pressing of Darkness and NB,ND in one package?

wearetrophyscars3 karma

Unfortunately we probably won't hit any hospital songs cause of the vacants songs in the set. If we could play two hours then hell yeah... and hopefully soon we are gonna repress the rest of the back catalog. Then we will play the shit outta those songs

ginodalcin3 karma

I recall a while ago you guys were throwing around the idea of doing an album full of acoustic versions of old songs and it sounded like you were making some progress on it. I'm just wondering, was that idea eventually scrapped?

Also, how are you guys planning on releasing those Holy Vacants b-sides? (the Pink Floyd and Tom Waits covers)

wearetrophyscars2 karma

We were working towards the acoustic ep but it got put on the back burner so we could focus on Holy Vacants. So it is not completely off the table.

FreddieQuellsJetFuel3 karma

What books/films have had the largest impact on you as artists?

wearetrophyscars5 karma

books: notes from underground, the maxx graphic novel series, invisible man, the sun also rises, heart of darkness, lucky wander boy, watchmen

directors: hayo miyazaki, tarantino, lynch!!, gondry, spike jonze, and definitely the Coens!

filmnoirx3 karma

what ever happened to that picture of jerry dressed up as ron burgundy?

wearetrophyscars5 karma

haha go to super snake's Facebook

cwj13 karma

DC? I wanna be a groupie

wearetrophyscars5 karma

yeah hopefully we can get there soon!

cwj11 karma

will I be allowed in with my collared shirt?

wearetrophyscars1 karma


chanu22 karma

Like everyone else, first of all, you guys are seriously awesome. I've been a fan for years and you're in my top two artists- the other being Elton John. I've only seen you guys once but you're definitely my favorite artist live. It was in Chicago last summer and I was the super short chick with the Hospital Music shirt in the very front singing in the mic with Jerry and everyone else around me. That was definitely the best show I've been to.

Anywho, I really want to know if you guys could post lyrics to this new album. I've been trying to figure them all out since I downloaded it yesterday. Secondly, when are you guys planning on touring again? (You should try to play Bonnaroo...) And lastly, I know that some of your albums come from screen plays...is there any chance of these screen plays becoming visual or is that just up to our imaginations?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Jerry: I will try to post the lyrics next week when digital downloads go live. And I would love to make Vacants a film/mini-series... anyone from Hollywood reading??? $$$$ haha

Doc_Rieux2 karma


theRZArecta3 karma

I am guessing the name comes from the Converge song by the same name.

Found here

This is purely speculation

wearetrophyscars9 karma

Andy: the converge song came after actually.

wearetrophyscars5 karma

we were around 5 years before that song. but good song.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

it was an accident. the original singer who never sang in the band named the band. jerry joined and we didnt think much of it. it stuck though.

filmnoirx2 karma

are you coming to Philly any time soon?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

hopefully soon!

shves2 karma

Hey my wife has you tattooed on her wrists,

should i be worried?

wearetrophyscars3 karma


Thekiddem2 karma

When in the world are you coming to south Texas?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

we need good tacos, so hopefully soon.

Deanowitz2 karma

Who would you guys say is your favorite band still making music? (I think I know Jerry's answer) Also, I know you guys play around the Saratoga area every once in a while, and I was lucky to catch you at the Putnam Den, but I was wondering if you plan on coming back over the summer or sometime soon? I wanna hear Nausea live so I can die happy. In the end, I mostly just wanna compliment you guys and thank you for the hard work and effort you've gone through to make music that I consistently fall in love with. Hope to see you soon.

wearetrophyscars4 karma

jerry: i can't say favorite but... tame impala and nick cave have been just on the top of my list these days. we'd love to come back to saratoga in the summer!

jurassicparty2 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill.

The 1986 New York Giants, Bruce Springsteen, A Chili Cheese Dog

wearetrophyscars3 karma

F: Giants M: Springsteen K: Chilli dog with my mouth

breadandnoodles2 karma

HEY JERRY! Will you blow my mind?

wearetrophyscars5 karma


TheHammock2 karma

i was sure for at least the last year and change that this album was some sort of andy kaufman level type of a joke, and that it would never be actually recorded or released.

i got the email from monotreme, and it was almost surreal, finally having access to these songs. then i listened to them, and-- holy shit. impeccable.

anyhow, now that i'm done giving you an internet-HJ.....

  • how long have these songs actually been done/recorded/ready?
  • in the meanwhile since the completion of these songs, have you created any new music that you have ready?
  • can you individually list your most influential album(s) of all time, and also list what you are currently listening to heavily
  • most awkward tour story. go.

(thanks for doing this guys. i've been hooked on you since you were labelmates of my friends, and you've never ever let me down. you're the shit.)

wearetrophyscars3 karma

The songs have been done for a bit. We started writing like three years ago. We just wanyed to make sure everything was perfect before we let it out into the world. I would say it was fully complete around last august maybe September.

We also got one of those magical emails from monotreme as us to join their family which was amazing. It did push the record back a bit but it was for the best! Couldnt as for more from the label. It is nice to have a home

wearetrophyscars3 karma

it's been done for over a year.


Jerry: most influential - nighthawks at the diner / currently jamming - wild beasts-present tense

2004, utah, in dreu damien's basement. too explicit for reddit i think.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

Andy: too many tour stories... but there have been a few times that were a doozy

As for influential records... shit I could write a book about them.

Beatles- rubber soul The clash- london calling Cave in- Jupiter Mars Volta- amputecture Lots of old Motown songs Miles Davis -kind of blue Refused -shape of punk to come Broken social scene- you forgot it in people and s/t Tom waits- nighthawks at the diner. Aesop rock- most anything by him Spiritualized- ladies and gentlemen And thats not even getting into newer stuff Shit I could go for days.. im gonna kick myself later when I remember other records

IMgonnaDIE2 karma

You guys are absolutely amazing! Thanks for doing this. I have been listening to you since my old band played a show with you at a little shed of a clubhouse in Milford, CT about 7 years ago. Incredible that we had a reunion show last year and you guys are still going. First off, I want to congratulate you guys on an amazing record. Holy Vacants is everything expected it to be and more! I have a few questions for you guys:

1) How were you guys treated on The Death Scene? I have heard horror stories about that label and I remember talking with Jerry about them at the show I played with you and he really wasn't too fond of them. It seems like they dumped all their efforts into supporting Ambry and everyone else was just there to be taken advantage of.

2) Jerry, I read that Holy Vacants started out as a screenplay. Any plans to do anything with that? I always felt that Bad Luck would make for a really interesting play and after listening to Holy Vacants a few times, I can see the story in my mind and it would be cool to see it translated onto a stage or on video.

3) After the events of what came after recording Bad Luck, was it looking like it was the end for you guys? The canceled Europe tour seemed like it was a nail in the coffin to you. Was there a lot of talk between you all about just hanging it up then and there and not even considering coming back the way you did?

4) Plans for the future? More records/EPs or is Holy Vacants your swan song?

Once again, thanks for doing this. You guys rock and really deserve more recognition. Amazing talented group. Keep Fucking Rocking!

PS. The ending of Everything Disappearing is the most epic thing ever!

wearetrophyscars4 karma

Jerry: I didn't hate Death Scene - it was folding, no one wants to be on a sinking ship.

I would love it if someone wanted to adapt film versions of either album! I don't have the funding to really make these dreams possible. Maybe one day I'll try to shop the vacants screenplay.

yes - we thought that was the end. it was very sad as we knew we weren't anywhere near done making music with each other.

there will be more records for sure. a split is coming soon with my other band Super Snake.

jahudah1 karma

What are some of your favorite local NJ venues?

wearetrophyscars3 karma

maxwells :(

wearetrophyscars3 karma

wellmont theater

SqueezingStones1 karma

Hey TS! Like most of your fans, I have a huge obsession with your music. I would have to say i a, your biggest Aussie fan! Holy Vacants is truly a great album, I listened to three times last night, absolutely brilliant.

A few questions -

How did you all decide Monotreme was the label for you?

Did you fear the response of Bad Luck at all? I understand you make the music you want to play, but was there any hesitation to releasing something so drastically different? Did anyone in the band have bigger fears than others?

What fuelled the decision to continue on as TS? I know there were major talks of not making any new music after this release. What changed your mind?

How close are you all with Adam from All Human? Is there any possibility of a new Fear Before record? (I understand if you can comment on this)

Thank you so much for all the years of amazing tunes, it's cliche to say, but you really have helped me through some tough times. I hope we keep getting great music from your dudes for many years to come!

P.S - What are the chances if me getting my hands pa Test Press for HV? I contacted Kim at the label and was told they would get back to me closer to the date, but didn't get a response. I didn't want to be too pushy during the packing stages of the release! Again I completely understand if this is not possible.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

monotreme is wonderful and they really believed in the record as much as we did.

we had no fears about bad luck because we were doing it on our own for ourselves really. we were actually excited to shed alphabets.

we are sexual poison to each other. we can't get enough.

DaTwig1 karma

I'm not sure if my comment will be seen since this has blown up already. My questions is for Jerry. Holy Vacants was based on a screenplay you wrote, so I was wondering if you've ever tried your hand at writing short stories or even a novel? It seems you really enjoy storytelling, and I'd love to see what you could write if you weren't restricted to lyrics.

Even if my question doesn't get answered, I wanted to thank all of you for making the music you do. You're a huge inspiration in my own life, and I hope you continue to do what you love as long as you want.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

i'm writing a novel now, and i have written a bunch of short stories.

charlesisarobot1 karma

I found Trophy Scars because I used to play Jason Oda's Emogame all the time and he had reviewed Alphabets on his myspace. I believe the review said something like, "This album makes me want to kill myself it's so good."

My questions: 1. How did he come to end up doing the art for Darkness, Oh Hell? Did you approach him or he you? 2. What is the significance of the symbol on the front of Never Born, Never Dead?

Been a fan for a long time. Your music has meant a lot to me over the years. You guys in Charleston last summer was the best show I've ever been to. The new album is fucking amazing by the way. Can't wait to hear it on vinyl. Also dig the newer album designs which are done by Jerry, correct?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

he approached us to do bad luck's art. we loved it so much we asked him to do darkness as well! he even drafted some arts for holy vacants that was pretty killer too - w decided to go minimal though.

zoter1 karma

Hey guys... I've been following ya'll since your myspace days. One day I got some random request from you guys and immediately fell in love. I really miss those type of situations that used to be dominant on Myspace. I don't feel like this is happening anymore and I don't understand it. Anyway -

How important was social media in the early days of Trophy Scars or was/is your success mostly through word of mouth?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

i think that was everything for us. it allowed us to tour nationally.

Beastie-J1 karma

Hi guys, can't wait for the new album! Quick question, do you all have any future plans to make it down south for a tour/shows, specifically Texas? I'm sure something like SXSW would welcome you all with open arms!

wearetrophyscars3 karma

We are currently figuring out what our tour plans are.. nothing set but hopefully we will get on the road soon. We have talked about SXSW but the past few years we were so focused on Holy Vacants that we weren't able to do it. (For example 3 years ago that week was when we entered the studio to start recording Holy Vacants). Hopefully next year!

AlexanderTheSteak1 karma

Big fan, you guys! What was the writing process or inspiration for writing Holy Vacants? I've been writing an album of my own and love hearing stories from other songwriters!

wearetrophyscars3 karma

Jerry: I was inspired by watching The Exorcist and Wild at Heart/Lost Highway a bunch. The writing process was long and fun! Just how we like it.

totes-chokies1 karma


wearetrophyscars3 karma

thank you! definitely a chance... canada, well john's not allowed back there yet.

buster_casey1 karma

Hey John, I gotta ask every album; any new gear your using on the new record? Still rocking the Bad Cats and Matchless? I gotta say, the mixing and mastering on the new record is second to none.

Any plans for a national tour? I'd love to see you guys back in Cali.

Jerry: Where did the inspiration come from for the theme of the album and script?

Andy: What's it like being so sexy?

Lastly, just want to say that I've been following you guys since I heard "And that's where they found my body" on the compilation album. I've really enjoyed seeing you guys grow and mature musically. Every album just keeps getting better and better and "Holy Vacants" is no exception. The greatest thing you guys've committed to tape. Congrats.

wearetrophyscars3 karma

John: no new gear. still using the bad cats and matchless amps. strat and a les paul. Glad you like the mixes man! Chris Badami at portrait recording studios and Scott Hull at Masterdisk did a tremendous job on the record.

Andy: it is tough but someone has to do it. It is all about not showering and making sure your hair looks good.

buster_casey1 karma

When are you gonna get a Tele on there?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Andy: haha it took me years to get him on a strat.. lets not go pushing it.. ;)

Chief_Hashcloud1 karma


wearetrophyscars3 karma

it hasn't really come up since. But Jerry is buds with GDP.

theRZArecta1 karma

Hello boys. Just wanted to come here to say thank you for years and years of music that has only gotten better! Can't tell you guys how much stuff in my life you have helped me through. You guys came through my hometown and stayed at my buddy's house back. Been trying to get you back to out to Idaho/Utah since then.

I saw a facebook post by you guys a month or so ago about signing with Monotreme? How has that been? It seemed like you guys kind of stayed away/avoided that for a while. I'm glad you found something that is going to work for you.

Anyways thanks again for everything! Hope all is well and good luck with the new label and album! Can't wait to get it :D

Edit: Are there any thoughts on re-releasing any older stuff on vinyl? Alphabet. Alphabets changed my life. I've been wanting to get it but want to make sure I'm supporting you. Any info would be great!

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Monotreme has been beautiful to us and extremely supportive. We avoided labels, but Monotreme feels like home.

We will definitely be repressing all of our stuff to vinyl.

FishPhoenix1 karma

Hey guys, thanks a ton for doing this!!! Can’t wait for my Holy Vacants Vinyl!

So my question is what inspired the change from the post-hardcore/scream sound from back in the day to the more blues-influenced experimental sound of the last several albums?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

Andy: as time when on we progressed as musicians and evolved naturally. We also all listen to tons of different types of music so naturally those influences showed up in what we were writing.

opercoco1 karma

You guys are one of my favorite bands of all time, and I wanted to ask: Being that you've been a band a while, did you ever have times when it was hard to keep motivated? How'd you get through it? Holy Vacants is top notch, by the way.

wearetrophyscars2 karma

we've always been just so happy to create with each other... but there are lulls. sometimes you need those though.

greschnitzel1 karma

I was absolutely thrilled to see you guys this past summer in Pittsburgh. I'm pretty sure it made my entire year. Most of my absolute favorite songs of yours are the more orchestral pieces - Might these ever be played live, or is that an unrealistic dream?

wearetrophyscars2 karma

we have and we will. pittsburgh was a good ol throwback show. we usually play mostly new songs.

maad_scientist1 karma

Hey Trophy Scars! Been a very, very big fan of you guys since I first heard Alphabet. Alphabets. Your music has always hit me in the right spots and your sound is so unique and fuckin awesome. That being said, it has been hard for me to get other people to check out your music, and it seems like on a larger-scale, there's always been difficulty for Trophy Scars to reach out to a larger audience. Do you expect/want that to change with the release of Holy Vacants?

wearetrophyscars6 karma

Andy: I dont think we did anything consciously to change or adapt to reach a larger audience. Our songs come out naturally and we write what we like which is what make us sound like us. People have their own tastes when it comes to music. I can see how some may feel overwhelmed but to me those records are the best. Most of my favorite records I either hated or felt indifferent at first. I had to work for the enjoyment I get now but thats the fun of great records. Its like watch a move or reading a book over and over. Each time is different and that depth to the art is what makes it lasting. I think once we click with someone they are hooked its just getting there.

maverickmike811 karma

So I heard one of the new tracks 10 days ago. instantly I got the biggest rock hard boner I've ever had in my life. its been 10 days now and I still have it. is this normal? this question goes to Jerry. Love Maverick

wearetrophyscars4 karma

Dont they say if you still have a boner after 4 hours you should call more girls?

kay_lala1 karma

Hi guys! Thank you much for doing this AMA!

I just want to start off by saying how much I love you guys and your music. The first song I heard was "The Hair-Trigger Flamenco" and it was love ever since. That being said:

I've always thought that throughout the years, your music has only gotten better and better. Holy Vacants is definitely a testament of that progression. Why was it intended to be your final album?

wearetrophyscars3 karma

we thought it would be the last TS record, but we probably would've continued making different music under a new name. but we're having too much fun.