I'd be glad to open up about any questions you have. If you follow BadChristian at all, you know that we are about transparency, so ill give nitty gritty answers to any interesting questions you have. So don't be boring and i won't either.

Highest voted question wins a signed copy of the new record, or a paperback copy of our book, Bad Christian, Great Savior

PROOF, here is my twitter with a proof photo, www.twitter.com/ZodCarter

I would love to talk about our new album, You Were Never Alone, and the associated crowdfunding campaign, www.badchristian.com/campaign/newemery/ or our podcast www.badchristian.com/podcasts but only if that's what YOU wanna talk about.

Ill be here for an hour, let's go!

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drinkywinky19 karma

Who are some dream guests for the Bad Christian podcast?

MattCarterBC9 karma

I'd like to have on some comedians i think. They are the most honest interesting, and often depressing people. It's a wildly attractive quality to me. I love Louis CK and Norm MacDonald. I don't anticipate having them on however. HA!

atoya9 karma

Do you think Devin and Toby have similar voices? I never knew you had two vocalists when I first discovered you guys! Their voices just compliment each other so well

MattCarterBC26 karma

NO, I don't think so at all, but its incredibly common to hear that. It tru of most bands with 2 main singers. Ozma is that way, and the Beatles too. Devin's voice is a choir boy RnB thing and Toby's is like a old dad that can sing.

danid046 karma

I've always wondered, is "Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes" about feeling the guilt of murder from someone's (say in the band?!) personal perspective or more of a fictitious story?

Also, I love you guys. I love BadChristian and, aside from the Bible and other books of course, it's really helped me to sort out what exactly I believe and what's really the most important about being a Christian.

MattCarterBC23 karma

Boy, I said we would be honest here, so here goes.... Josh murdered someone in real life. I hope my transparent answer doesn't send him to prison. Don't tell anyone plz.

cdashfig6 karma

What would you say to the better business bureau in regards to the slave labor you've been exploiting at BADCHRISTIAN? This is Matt Burleson speaking.

MattCarterBC13 karma

BadChristian is run by a bunch of exploited sucker volunteers and interns that work their asses off so that I can get rich. Its working so far.

If interested in volunteering, please email, [email protected]

AndyGurtch5 karma

Woo! Thanks for doing this Matt. Let me first start off by saying I love Emery, and your music has gotten me through some tough times in my life. Second, the book "Bad Christian, Great Savior" is amazing. I downloaded in November, and I've read it 4 or 5 times since then. My question for is as a college student wanting to take a leadership role in a campus ministry, what are some good ways I connect and preach the gospel to those who are unreached?

MattCarterBC22 karma

EASY, I'd would focus on liking the people not converting them. Spend a lot of time with people with NO AGENDA. If you don't even genuinley like them, they won't buy that God loves them.

geerubb5 karma

1) What is a band that you always wanted to tour with, and could never make it happen? (and why couldn't you make it happen)

2) What is a band that you NEVER want to tour with again? and why?

MattCarterBC8 karma

We wish we could tour with Jimmy Eat World. Not sure why we haven't other than ya'll haven't bugged them enough on twitter telling them.

And you never really regret touring with ppl because you usually cant help but like ppl once you get to know em.

Gbarahona865 karma

With being a band that's full of Christians and getting crap about your faith, how do you deal with releasing BC and the negativity that people throw at you? I've seen some of the forums/posts/comments and holy crap people are negative about this whole side of Emery. What keeps you going?

MattCarterBC9 karma

Well, the truth here is that the negativity almost works as good PR. Also we are pretty brutal to each other and therefore not fragile. We are not very insecure, and more than anything we LIKE exposing how shitty people are. I think its GOOD to see Christian and non Christians true hearts of criticism exposed. We love that irony of someone being mean and sarcastic when telling you you need to understand the Bible better.

BreakingBondage5 karma

How would you respond to someone who says that wearing the title "bad christian" is endorsing living in sin?

MattCarterBC11 karma

I guess i really don't care enough to correct them. Since its not true, its kind of like someone telling you that you endorse communism. i'd just say, "okaaaaaaaaaaaay, coooool"

theotherjono5 karma

Hey Matt! I've always been so impressed with all the really cool ways you guys transition into different keys and time signatures and tempos in your songs. Creates such interesting variance in the tunes. When you're writing songs do you start with several different ideas and then try and fit them together? Or do you start with one idea and does everything come from that?

MattCarterBC12 karma

Both, its very fun to try to fit 2 very different ideas together and then try to make them sound like they BELONG together, but sometimes you just think of some weird shit and it turns out cool.

drinkywinky4 karma

No disrespect intended here. I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding rude through text but, here we go:

I've seen Emery live a few times and despite every other band on the bills (including Anberlin, Hawthorne Heights and other bands of the same "caliber") doing meet and greets or hanging out after the shows, Emery never did. Do you intentionally not meet fans or did I just happen to see you on nights that you weren't able to make it out?

PS: The Question is a perfect album.

MattCarterBC12 karma

I really don't know. I know we have done a million meet and greets and I know that tons of nights I have avoided fans entirely and just sat on our bus to drink beer and cut up with my friends.

fookdook4 karma

Hey Matt, what are you favorite Emery albums in order?

MattCarterBC8 karma

Ah, I have no clue, because honestly, I NEVER LISTEN TO 'EM. They are for YOU not for ME. I guess they are originally written for ourselves, but once they are done, thats pretty much it, the journey is over for me. It's all about MAKING the records, not listening to them.

SuperBowlNachos4 karma

Easy one here. Is there going to be a living room tour this spring or summer?

MattCarterBC10 karma

Our big plan is that we are gonna start in the fall, doing living room tours 1 week EVERY MONTH and doing the Podcast live at the show. Still a lot to work out, but tht is the idea. So yea, we are gonna go everywhere!

huffalump13 karma

How about a The Weak's End anniversary tour when that rolls around?

EDIT: meant to say The Question. I saw The Weak's End tour at The Shelter in Detroit and it was incredible!

MattCarterBC7 karma

YES we plan do something for the Question next, not necessarily front to back though.

Thomas122554 karma

What are your views on Mark Driscoll's scandals over the past few months?

His 'punishment' of staying of Social Media for a bit doesn't seem to be very repentant when he used Church funds to cheat his way onto the New York Best Sellers list, do you think he still deserves to be leading a Church when his character reputation has been so badly tarnished?

"So an elder must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife. He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must be able to teach." (1 Timothy 3:2)

MattCarterBC8 karma

well, ill tell you this, we have on many occasions added extra album sales to our sheets of what we sold at live shows in order to boost our chart status. that is a lot more deliberate than what MH did. its too easy to criticize stuff like that. if you knew everything about everybody then there would be nobody left to do anything.

MilesBeyond2504 karma

I'm not convinced that's a point in his favour so much as it's a point against you

MattCarterBC14 karma

yes, thats my point

suddenlyseymour3 karma

its too easy to criticize

No, its just harder to criticize stuff when you are compromised in the same way...

MattCarterBC11 karma

ok, im not sure what we gain by criticizing, how about that? my guess is that nothing good comes of it and we just feel better about ourselves, which is pretty pathetic.

suddenlyseymour-3 karma

there is something to be gained in repentance though, right? There is something to be gained in being above reproach, right? And you expected it, right? Doesn't James 3 warn us that not many of us should become bloggers, worship leaders and pastors precisely because we will be judged more harshly?

I think your answer raised some legitimate concern about you. I speak as a man who has removed many logs from my eyes. That kinda compromise is gonna lead you into a ditch.

MattCarterBC7 karma

i hope you see how silly this sounds on the internet in this format.

Thomas122551 karma

I would say that is not as wrong as what Driscoll did because Driscoll used Church Tithe money to pay the company that got him onto the best sellers list which I think is a terrible sin and shows his lack of responsibility to be a Church Pastor, he apologised for deceiving his way to being a #1 New York Times best seller but never apologised for abusing Church funds to do so.

It is the duty of the Church to judge other Christians to keep them on the straight road, if we allow Driscoll to just walk off like we have in the past we are not showing love to him the way the Bible commands us too. It is not about criticizing him but calling him to repent fully for what he did, I would use King David as an example when the Prophet Nathan confronted him for his sins of adultery and murder.

MattCarterBC5 karma

all that and this is far too political in nature and just seeks to make teams and declare our positions. Im not interested.

Pocketlizard3 karma

Thank for doing this, Matt. I'm really looking forward to the new album and the BadChristian podcast is my favorite part of Mondays!

My question is, what are all your thoughts on gay marriage? I know you've pointed out in the blog that Christians seem to spend more time than they perhaps should focusing on the issue, and the hypocrisy associated with ignoring other, straight, marriages that go against God. But I wanted to know what you thought about the issue on its own.

I'm not all the way through the podcast on Christians in politics so I'm not sure if this has already been answered, thanks.

MattCarterBC18 karma

personally, i don't care much about it either way. It seems that it WILL for sure be normal in the future, so it seems like people should not get so worked up about it. I don't think it threatens the institution of marriage near as much as all the hetero cheating and divorce does.

angryashian42 karma

What inspired you guys at BadChristian to make a transition from just musicians to musicians/evangelists/bloggers/authors?

MattCarterBC2 karma

those are all things that we naturally do, its all just communication. we like to communicate so we just figured we would put it all together.

Kknowsbest2 karma

What is the best advice ever given to you?

MattCarterBC6 karma

bros before hoes??

Raziid2 karma

I know several of you guys are married, but a lot of recent songs still talk about the pain of broken relationships. How do the wives feel when you write passionate, descriptive songs about your relationships?

MattCarterBC9 karma

Oh, simple. They don't listen to our music! Problem solved.

xGandhix2 karma

What, if anything, can you tell us about the new record?

MattCarterBC8 karma

the new album YWNA is gonna be aggressive. thats the best word for it.

iaintjewish2 karma

Hey, I have a question regarding Bad Christian. You guys talk a lot about being more relatable to non-Christians in order to reach out to them. Like having a beer with an atheist for example. I love the idea, but I gotta know something. How successful is it as far as having someone convert and become a Christian? It's great to become friends and relate to someone who doesn't believe in an attempt to share the gospel with them. But I'm just wondering what kind of "success rate" you guys have with that. Thanks!

MattCarterBC3 karma

I have NO CLUE how successful it is. What do you think would be a good success rate? 14.2?

Master_Sir2 karma

How can I get my band on Bad Christian? Are you guys making this into its own label or is it only for Emery? There's probably a lot more artists who would love to get involved.

MattCarterBC6 karma

become successful on your own, then perhaps we can help.

N8Dawg19941 karma

Matt! Big fan of Emery and what you guys are doing at BC. I have two questions for you. 1. You are originally from SC, so I can only assume that you know about Carowinds. Which is where I happen to work. If I could hook you and Toby and Joey up with free tickets, would you come hang out and ride some rides? 2. Can I have the guitar tabs to In Shallow Seas We Sail, or could you make guitar/bass tabs a perk on the crowdfunding sight? Thanks for hanging out! P.S. Can you let Toby know I think his beard is magnificent?

MattCarterBC2 karma

ha, toby and devin and i used to work as stagehands at carowinds. in 1999.

Deathcon9000 karma

Matt, a few months ago, my brother was surprised to find that Emery had followed him on Twitter, since he doesn't rub shoulders with you guys. Is following complete strangers something you normally do?

Also, thanks for We Do What We Want. It's a powerful album.

MattCarterBC2 karma

we try to follow people that we think already know and like us, like a tap on the shoulder. "here we are"