Hey guys, I'm Urijah Faber, former WEC featherweight champ and #1 ranked UFC bantamweight.

I'm new to Reddit but I'm in sunny Abu Dhabi for UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Nelson tonight (which you can watch on UFC Fight Pass!).

I'll be back at 11:30am here in Abu Dhabi - 3:30am PT / 12:30am ET / 8:30am GMT

Ask me anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/ufc/status/454483822852464640

Edit: Thanks for all the questions folks, I appreciate it. Enjoy the fights tonight. I'm about to get some sun out here in Abu Dhabi

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drich16244 karma

Have you heard about Chris Camozzi's campaign to raise money through reddit's MMA community for his friend Gabe, a child in Colorado with stage 4 brain cancer? Have you talked with Chris in Abu Dhabi about this campaign at all? And would you be willing to donate a signed t-shirt, pair of gloves, or other piece of memorabilia to be raffled off to support Gabe?

Link to Gabe's Donation Thread

urijahfaber190 karma

`i haven't heard i'll look into it.

mks5304116 karma

What is the most painful thing that has ever happened to you in the octagon?

urijahfaber349 karma

Aldo, and the leg kicks. ouch

BriantheTan107 karma

How did you honestly feel after the controversial stoppage in your title fight with Barao?

urijahfaber152 karma

I was pretty irritated but there wasn't much I could do unfortunately

jack560392 karma

Do you credit your large chin for protecting you from knockouts, or do you believe you are more prone to knockouts because of your chin? Thanks, much respect!

urijahfaber155 karma

haha, thats a great question. Combo of just being tough and having a solid chin. Not sure if the cleft helps?

JeffreyArrrHolland80 karma

If Cruz gets hurt one more time and decides to retire, would you consider him for the striking coach for TAM?

urijahfaber602 karma

ha, no. Would hate to see all my guys getting hurt from fighting like weirdos.

JonnyBoomBots78 karma

If Tupac never signed with Deathrow and never made "California Love", what would your walkout song be?

urijahfaber122 karma

Thats a good question, I would probly change it every time. Going back to Cali would be a good one. The good the bad and the ugly theme song would be good too

lion5panel74 karma

What's your problem with mayonnaise?

OfficerBarbier27 karma

be careful bro

urijahfaber123 karma

My mom is Bobby Bouche from Waterboy, everything was the devil! I don't even know if I've even had mayonnaise?!

bru_skee72 karma

When I was into MMA, you were my favorite fighter. I loved WEC. A few years ago, when you fought Mike Brown (first or second time) and continued fighting with a broken hand, I understood what it meant to be a real fighter. He didn't deserve the belt, nevertheless, you have inspired me so much. You are flat out, awesome. How do you have the build you have? Were you always slightly buff or do you lift a lot to get your physique?

urijahfaber90 karma

I've always been pretty fit, `i have pictures from when i was 14 where i look exactly the same. Was raised in a really healthy enviornment and have always been an athlete

Medikated64 karma

How is your sister doing these days? Huge fan and wish you the best moving forward after the horrible stoppage last fight. You handled it like a true champ.

urijahfaber102 karma

Sis is doing great, working, going to school and engaged. Moving forward with life as usual.

JonnyBoomBots61 karma

You're one of those guy that I'll always watch fight, no matter what it takes/costs. Could you name a few current and former(retired) fighters that you feel the same way about?

urijahfaber144 karma

Randy Couture, Nick Diaz, Chuck, Fedor, Sakaraba, and all my guys.

strezz0552 karma

Hey Urijah, i recently saw you doing a tour here in the Philippines and im a huge fan. I wasn't able to get your autograph, could I at least get a "hi".

urijahfaber77 karma

hey, love the Philippines

joey695748 karma

Hey Urijah I thought your last fight call against Barao was bad :( you took it better then I did.

urijahfaber101 karma

Yup, some bull

dopestloser45 karma

What's your favourite exercise in your conditioning regime?

urijahfaber92 karma


ballinlikewat44 karma

Have you ever been in a street fight? if so how'd it go?

urijahfaber132 karma

Been in a few, all have gone pretty well.

SelkciPlum41 karma

How heavy do you usually weigh on fight night? How heavy do you usually weigh between fights and/or during training?

urijahfaber65 karma

I usually hit around 153-157 the night after weighins. probly enter the cage around 153.

GentlemanJ32 karma

We recently saw that Coach Ludwig is leaving Team Alpha Male. Any idea who will be replacing him?

urijahfaber71 karma

We are currently looking, there have been a lot of applicants. I know Martin Kampman is gonna come check us out. There are a lot of great applicants.

Barbara_Booey28 karma

Did you ever fight an opponent that had really bad breath or body odor that it caused you to change your fighting tactics??

urijahfaber36 karma

I have experianced some BO, not sure about if it changed anything?

BarthadStincastle27 karma

Welcome to Reddit, Uriah! Thank you for doing this, I always look forward to your fights! I would be honored if you answered a few questions of mine.

What did Duane Ludwig bring to Team Alpha Male that was responsible for the dramatic improvement in striking (as a camp) lately?

What potential fight (excluding yourself) would you be the most excited to watch?

Who is better looking, you or Chad Mendes?

urijahfaber35 karma

We have a pretty set schedule for out team practices, we plugged Duane in and he would design the practice. Incorporated a lot of the KBoxing drilling to our regimen. He has some great combos

jonnyballs1726 karma

I was at MMA Draft last year, you guys doing it again? What's your best advice for a young fighter?

urijahfaber31 karma

Just understand its a long process and surround yourself with good people. We are doing a huge MMA Draft combine at the ufc fan expo.

bloodvaults25 karma

If TJ beats Barao then what would be next for you? Would you move back up to 145 or would you be willing to fight TJ?

urijahfaber47 karma

i feel like there are plenty of guys for me to fight. Wouldn't be looking to fight Tj necessarily. We are pretty close.

DrunkMikeGoldberg24 karma

What do you think about Tommy Toe Hold's impression of you and TAM?

urijahfaber61 karma

Love Tommy Toe hold, show is a crack up. The TAM nursery is funny stuff.

JonnyBoomBots23 karma

Which prominent MMA personality, who never competed in MMA (coaches, media, execs, commentators, etc) do you think would have the most success in the octagon?

urijahfaber59 karma

not sure about MMa personality, but I think that Mario Lopez would've been good. He is a high level boxer and a high level wrestler. And he recently did an animated fight story with me.

Bra1nWave19 karma

Do you think you look better with corn rows, or a more average hair cut?

urijahfaber28 karma

People seem to seem a pattern with the hair, i don't think it matters. if my hair is long at the time i use cornrows. you can double check, but i think results have been mixed.

cgull3417 karma

Who is your favorite fighter to watch that doesn't train at team alpha male? Thanks for doing the AMA. Good luck in your future fights!

urijahfaber73 karma

I love watching Anthony Pettis, joe benavidez, Nick Diaz, and the build up to any Chael Sonnen fight.

Redklok16 karma

Hey man Big fan! What do you recommend for healthy weight loss

urijahfaber59 karma

work out more, eat less, eat whole foods.

tetralexicon14 karma

Yoooo Urijah! Let me start off by saying you're one of my favorite fighters, like ever. Thanks for bringing it every time and being such a staple for the sport. Anyway, I was wondering, do you have like an unknown hobby or interest outside of fighting that you like to just nerd out on all the time? Like something from your childhood, maybe a type of pop culture or... I dunno, like some sort of weird booger collection under your bed? You know, anything.

Keep up the good work man, you're one of the best!

urijahfaber25 karma

I just like to stay busy, I like to draw and paint a bit. But haven't spent much time doing it in the last decade. I also enjoy business and real estate.

ItsTheMZA12 karma

Is bantamweight going to remain your home? Any considerations of moving back up or dropping down at any point in the future?

urijahfaber26 karma

As of now I'm staying at 135's


Which non-champion would you like to fight most right now? Also, what changes have you made to your gameplan since training with Ludwig?

urijahfaber32 karma

I'd like to fight Cruz or Baroa. haven't really made any big changes, just go to practice, same stuff for me out there.

RadioTherapyGrant3 karma

If Nick Diaz is fully retired is he in consideration for head coach at team alpha male? He's got world class boxing and a black belt under Cesar Gracie. Nor Cal unite.

urijahfaber29 karma

Maybe as an occassional consultant, i would hate to be the guy in charge of making Diaz show up to practice everyday.

electricpussy3 karma

Do you prefer yourself with long hair or short hair? Btw I think you look a lot better with short hair.

urijahfaber7 karma

not picky with my hair.