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treefitty35099 karma

What is a good way to get ice out of my gutters in the winter time?

intersexedthrowaway209 karma

Well.... you can use an ice pick, or maybe the exposed bone off of the amputated arms of your foes. wait.. this isnt /r/wtf anymore

Catatafish26 karma

How do you masturbate... do you DJ or do you stroke it?

intersexedthrowaway34 karma

small scale jerking off like a guy

PolitelyHatefull1 karma

I never thought about the scale of my jacking off. Thank u

intersexedthrowaway1 karma

how many fingers do you wrap around, i use 2-3 and thumb

Garizondyly20 karma

Do you wish you were born with normal genitalia, or are you content with the body you were given?

intersexedthrowaway187 karma

wish my penis was bigger <--- every guy ever

Griffinator14 karma

So just what is it. is it a penis or a vagina? both? do you have tits?

intersexedthrowaway35 karma

Its a penis with a small semi vagina. I don't have breast tissue but I have some extra fat on my chest from previously low testosterone

tctroz137 karma

How has this affected your life in the bedroom?

intersexedthrowaway23 karma

It hasn't. I find more flexible /kinky partners and it's very fun

FrodoPenis3 karma

How big is your penis when erect? Also, do you have a uterus/ovaries/etc.?

Thanks for being willing to answer such personal questions.

intersexedthrowaway6 karma

I have no ovaries or uterus, but i have a vagina. it gets about 3 inches.

SlyFrauline1 karma

Cervix then? or does the vaginal opening just sort of end?

intersexedthrowaway9 karma

NOOO idea, i dont look that far up

Ariamark2 karma

can like a man have sex with you , like... go inside (cringe saying that )

intersexedthrowaway4 karma


pitachitah2 karma

This isn't a question, but you're a major cutie :P

Edit: I have a question -- you said your vagina was rather small. Does that make penetrative sex difficult?

intersexedthrowaway16 karma

you havnt even seen my face ;P

BassheadPanda2 karma

Does your vagina lubricate itself?

intersexedthrowaway7 karma


Im_really_friendly1 karma

So..do you have a penis at all, i mean can you maintain an erection? A weird question, how do you masturbate? Do you use your clit, if you have one or your semi penis? Thanks! ;)

intersexedthrowaway4 karma

i can keep an erection, i jerk it off like any guy does, but on a smaller scale