Hey guys! Thank you to everyone for joining! We are heading off to perform now! Great talking to everyone!!!

We are Emma, Matt and Russell AKA Band Of Skulls from Southampton, England. We are currently on tour in support of our new album, Himalayan. (get it here on iTunes now: https://itunes.com/bandofskulls)

We will be answering your questions today from Brussels, BE. Ask Us Anything!

Proof: https://twitter.com/bandofskulls/status/451406813746196480/photo/1

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eltlacoyo26 karma

New album is sick!!! I'm a huge fan, saw you guys in austin about a year ago, you guys killed it! Matt you are a beast! What new bands do yall listen to?

wearebandofskulls26 karma

Broken Hands, Fat White Family, Drenge, Anna Calvi

RolandTaverner9 karma

I love your sound and it is very distinctive. Even with the progression of Himalayan I can tell I'm listening to "Band of Skulls". Who would you consider your favorite artist comparison?

On the flipside...are there any bands that folks say you sound like that you don't agree with or care for?

wearebandofskulls28 karma

we dont really compare ourselves to anyone but its reassuring to know that bands like QOTSA are true to their roots and still making highly individualistic music now.

crewbot8 karma

I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys perform at 2000Trees festival later this year! What's your favourite festival and why?

wearebandofskulls11 karma

favourite festival, really enjoyed our first Bonnaroo a couple of years ago but playing home festivals is great as they were the ones we went to do as drunk children

pedro_hollandez6 karma

Hey guys, exactly how long did it take for Matt to grow his tremendous beard? And Russell…why did you cut yours?

wearebandofskulls33 karma

its the same beard, we just lease it.

KilgorePilgrimJr5 karma

Hey guys! First of all, thanks for your wonderful performance last night at Tivoli. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I feel privileged to have seen you there before they’re closing the place down.

So this question is actually for Emma. You're also an abstract artist and I find your work very fascinating (Rorschach, Rubens, Fazzini_by_Pericle_Fazzini_in_Vatican_Museum.jpg), Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, it's all in there if I look at at long enough). I know your responsible for all the album art. Can you tell us something about the art on Himalayan?

wearebandofskulls26 karma

Yes we used the sound waves from the song Himalayan and fed it into a computer program to create the cover. It fits with the other album artwork and looks like this record sounds.

YupTDO5 karma

Hey, loved your gig last week in Manchester!

Also love the new sound on the Himalayan album, although I seen a crappy review in The Sun. What was the inspiration behind it, and what do you think about the criticism?

wearebandofskulls9 karma

we make music we like...

rannygazoo5 karma

Can you reschedule your show at First Ave in Minneapolis? I have a final exam 270 miles away and will be unable to attend.

wearebandofskulls7 karma

ask Prince.

sam_leaver5 karma

How did you guys first get recognised?

wearebandofskulls8 karma

Playing at our clubnights in Southampton/London.

Skiam5 karma

I know you guys are coming to Canada, and have announced few tour dates. Any chance you'll be playing Ottawa?

wearebandofskulls7 karma

We love Ottawa, i hope we can come back.

mauriciohomme5 karma

Hendrix or Page? Are you planning coming to mexico? Any predictions on the world cup (brazil)?

wearebandofskulls6 karma

bit of both please. we hope to come to Mexico again soon

reggaenights_5 karma

where is the place that you guys always wanted to play?

wearebandofskulls22 karma

Hollywood Bowl.

tymuthi4 karma

How would you say the albums are different and do you think there is any reason for these differences?

wearebandofskulls5 karma

They are always a snapshot of us at a point in our lives.

Jarthurs4 karma

Hi guys!
What's your favourite thing to do in southampton? Loved the Joiners gig!

wearebandofskulls6 karma

Play a hometown show.

fuzzzcanyon4 karma

Favourite band that nobody will have heard of?

wearebandofskulls9 karma

The Peddlers

SomaDaydream4 karma

I know you're all songwriters, so you all probably contribute to the final version of a song, but is there one of you who tends to bring more ideas/riffs to the table?

wearebandofskulls6 karma

not really. but sometimes you can't help finishing a song.

TryNstopME0244 karma

Crazy or creepiest moment while touring?

wearebandofskulls14 karma

the shamrock shake in LA

wearebandofskulls16 karma

(it was an earthquake)

MissFlynnstone3 karma

I can't WAIT to see you guys live in Toronto this month! I've been a fan for a while, but this will be my first time seeing you guys!

What's your favourite drink?

wearebandofskulls5 karma

you buying?

UnnaturalSelection133 karma

Favorite song to perform live?

wearebandofskulls19 karma

Asleep At the Wheel, opening track of the show

llamasandsoup3 karma

Emma, do you have any art at the gallery downtown here in Victoria BC? My room-mate had heard that you've had some stuff there whenever you're in town for a gig.

Also, do you guys prefer playing for big arena crowds or smaller, more intimate venues?

wearebandofskulls8 karma

I don't but maybe one day! We like all sizes of venue, its great to have the crowd a foot away eyeballing you as well as the big festival stages where you can maybe make a few new fans of people who've not heard of you.

avonnova3 karma

What part of the world have you enjoyed playing the most?

wearebandofskulls7 karma

The places we've never been to before.

NegaEllen3 karma

Why did you choose to play Bloomsbury Ballroom? And are anymore UK tour dates coming other than Sonisphere?

wearebandofskulls6 karma

it's fun to play more unusual venues, the ballroom was just that. more dates in the uk later this year. fo sho

JumpOrJerkOff3 karma

Hi guys! You make some pretty awesome videos, my personal favorite being The Devil Takes Care Of His Own. It's really cool that bands like you guys still put effort into making great videos, despite it being way less of a profitable marketing medium.

What are/were some of your favorite music videos?

wearebandofskulls4 karma

THat one was filmed at the old BBC TV building.

stilesjp3 karma

What, if anything, changed for the band when Light of the Morning got used for those Mustang commercials?

Did you see a marked increase in popularity/purchases in your music?

I ask because that's how I found out about Band of Skulls in the first place. Wondering how many other fans you got from that. Thanks!

wearebandofskulls7 karma

It's hard to quantify, but every way you get music to people helps in the long run. that was the first time that we did something on that scale.

NuYawka3 karma

Do you really like Miracle Whip deviled eggs?

wearebandofskulls9 karma

Its all we eat.

mawnsharks3 karma

I can't order sweet and sour chicken from a chinese restaurant without humming the song for the next week (not that that's a bad thing).

So my question is what's your favorite chinese food?

wearebandofskulls2 karma

Won ton damage

Snubbz3 karma

What inspired you to make the song "I feel like ten men, nine dead and one dying"?

wearebandofskulls7 karma

was the saying of my great grandad. russell

BugalooShrimpp2 karma

I've seen you twice- once with The Black Keys and the other at Leeds 2012! Of all the bands you've played with, were there any that you were seriously starstruck meeting?

wearebandofskulls6 karma

not yet. maybe a stone or a beatle.

firetheanimal2 karma


wearebandofskulls6 karma

there was a vintage strat that played itself.

opoipo2 karma

Love your music! Seeing you in Munich next week.

Quick question, you said that "Nightmares" gets to you in a recent interview. If it isn't too personal, what is that song about and why does it stir up emotions within you?

I met you guys when you opened for QOTSA, you were the coolest most humble musicians I have ever met. Really inspiring and way better than QOTSA haha. LOVE Himalayan!

wearebandofskulls6 karma

omniphobia the fear of everything. we all have a fear of something.

bloodpressures2 karma

What's the mandatory item for each of you on your tour riders?

wearebandofskulls4 karma

Bowling balls.

ufunkpower2 karma

Cadburys Creme Eggs....'How d'you eat yours..'?

wearebandofskulls4 karma


reggaenights_2 karma

your new album really surprised me, you guys are great! do you guys have preferences in instruments brands?

wearebandofskulls6 karma


D-M-N2 karma

Hey guys, first off, hope the tour is going great, really trying to catch you this time around!

My first question is for Russell: Your choice of amps strikes me as pretty unique, I don't think most people would think of using a Fender Vibro-King for as heavy a sound as you get in a lot of songs, especially when paired with a Jazzmaster. Is there anything in particular that drew you to this choice, or was it more about what was available?

My next question is to everyone: Is there any advice you can give to aspiring musicians who want to pursue any sort of career in the music business?

Cheers, D-M-N

wearebandofskulls5 karma

it's just that. an unusual choice, but i graduated from a deville. a blues sound made heavy. elvis costello was the jazzmaster.

allenmwnc2 karma

I caught you at ACL two years ago when the rain shorted out your equipment. I'd have to say that when you retook the stage after sorting things out that moment will go down as one of the greatest concert moments of my life. Truly amazing. Thank you! Anything you could share about that moment that maybe we didn't know? It seemed like maybe you were limited on what you were able to play equipment-wise after that point.

I love the new album, I've probably already listened to "You Are All That I Am Not" and "I Feel Like Ten Men..." a dozen times each. Looking forward to catching you for the third time in May!

wearebandofskulls5 karma

yeah. we were waiting for god to throw a bolt.

Alien19932 karma

I saw you the first time when you opened for QOTSA in Milan, I loved it! I was awestruck.

That day you also performed for the first time a song, which one was it? I can't remember the title.

How was opening for QOTSA? How's Homme?

I'll see you in Rome. :D

wearebandofskulls7 karma

The Queens are badass gents. don't mess with the Homme.

Skiam2 karma

If I make the drive to see you in Toronto or Montreal is there any way I could get your autographs?

wearebandofskulls8 karma

we try to be around after the shows, so come and say hi.

alehtse132 karma

Hi Emma! Who is your favorite painter?

wearebandofskulls7 karma

Francis Bacon

Sea_Bitch1 karma

Just saw you in Glasgow last week. Amazing as always (4th time seeing you). We were kinda gutted yous didn't come up to one of the bars after (maybe you did and we missed you). I briefly met you at Leeds festival meet and greet as well (I was wearing a foo fighters "davey grolton top, not that you'd remember me) but it was so great to meet you. Been a fan for ages.

I don't even have a question I just wanna say the new album is totally amazing, my favourite songs being I Feel Like Ten Men and Hoochie Coochie. Come back to Scotland soon, this time we should hang out and get a pint!

wearebandofskulls5 karma

We did go out, sorry we missed you.

Todd_the_odd1 karma

Hey, I saw you guys at Shepherds Bush Empire last week, thanks for the awesome night :) My questions are: Do you prefer playing old or new stuff at gigs? And Emma, what's your favorite bass?

wearebandofskulls4 karma

A mix of new and old. fender P bass with the antigua paint job.

Noray1 karma

How tall is Emma? She seemed to dominate the stage at Lollapalooza 2012.

More seriously, does touring with huge acts such as Muse feel intimidating, encouraging, etc. ?

Thanks for the AMA, and for a great new album!

wearebandofskulls4 karma

Tall enough. its a great way to learn about playing bigger shows.

Singlecoiled1 karma

Hey, Saw you at southampton guildhall a few years back and again last week at the London Shepard Bush Empire, (both were incredible!) Is there any chance of you coming back to play in Southampton again?

wearebandofskulls6 karma

yes. we are working on it.

SomaDaydream1 karma

Russ - favorite guitar pedal?

wearebandofskulls5 karma

The next one.

Snubbz1 karma

Are you planning on playing at the top of the Himalayas anytime soon?

wearebandofskulls3 karma

no. but outer Mongolia is nice this time of year.

Adnamay1 karma

Did anyone change up their gear for this album?

wearebandofskulls5 karma

some Gretsch drums.