I'm an actress, and I'm a lead on the television show SAF3, and it's on the CW and Fox networks, currently airing and we have a few more episodes left to air. SAF3 is about an elite task force of sea, air and fire rescue workers, and it's from the creators of Baywatch. I play Lilly Maddox, and she is a firefighter from the Malibu fire department. I studied apparel and textile marketing and also have a jewelry design degree. Originally I'm from Lawrence KS, and I'm a former model and a fitness connoisseur…

OK guys, ask away!


Thank you so much for chatting with me. I enjoyed speaking with you all. Please check out the show and I'll be on instagram too!

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chupacabra7916 karma

Hi! Have to say I never heard of the show. What else have you been in ?

LydiaHull13 karma

I did a guest role on the tv show Castle. I was in a movie called Escape Plan with Schwarzenegger and Stallone. I started out in teen comedies, like Van Wilder and Sorority Boys. And I did a movie called Fire with Fire that starred Josh Duhamel and Bruce Willis. So a few things here and there, small parts mostly.

chupacabra797 karma

Ok cool! Will have to check them out and see you in them! So is this new show on its first season? Is it strictly on syndication like Bay Watch was?

LydiaHull5 karma

It's on mostly the CW network and FOX in some markets. Check local listings for specific times or on http://saf3.tv/

megamooseman12 karma

I love you in all aspects. Marry me?

LydiaHull16 karma

That's so cute! Let me think about it.

SlamThyRing5 karma

Who has been your favourite character to play throughout your career? Thanks for doing the AMA by the way.

LydiaHull7 karma

Well, it's my pleasure as far as being on AMA, thank you for joining me. I'm going to say Lilly is my favorite character that I've played. Sorority Boys was probably the most fun I've had being on a set. And I played this super wacky hotel clerk on Fire with Fire, and that was really fun, just because she was kind of tacky and had these humongous blue acrylic nails and it was very different from who I am, or other parts that I had played. It was a small part but very fun.

SlamThyRing2 karma

Thanks for the response. Enjoy the AMA.

LydiaHull5 karma

Thank you :)

woodchuk253 karma

What's it like acting in a Stallone/Schwarzenegger film?

LydiaHull7 karma

I didn't grow any facial hair, if that is what you are asking. It was cool, anytime you get to work with action legends, it's pretty awesome. Stallone was sociable.

But on SAF3, working with action legend Dolph Lundgren, he was always doing pushups before takes, lifting weights, stretching, so he was very macho. He always puts his leg up on a table and does this stretch.

pheathcote3 karma

Do you/do you get much of a chance to work on any jewellery? I can fully appreciate the time and how tedious it can be! (I currently study design myself!)

LydiaHull5 karma

Oh nice. That is awesome! Always nice to meet another jewelry designer. When I'm on set we work 14 hour days and we are on location, so I didn't have time to really work on it lately. But as a creative person, I feel like I have a need to create, so I'm hoping to get back into it soon. The wax carving part of what I do can take a few days, and then you hope it does not get ruined in the casting process. It's definitely a labor of love.

GabrielBonilla3 karma

Are you proud of the sacrifices you made in your lifetime?

LydiaHull7 karma

Yes. I mean, it was a sacrifice being away from friends and family for 5 months living in South Africa while we filmed the show, but it was also really cool. And as an actress the dream for me was just being a working actress and I know my friends and family understand that.

chooter2 karma

what attracted you to the role?

LydiaHull5 karma

Lilly is a very strong character. I liked the idea of playing a positive female role model type character. And I wanted to try my hand at action, I thought that was very cool. Dolph Lundgren is on the show and he is an action legend. I heard the creators of Baywatch, and that was one of the most successful shows on television, so all those things sounded like a win. It also gave me a good excuse to get into shape. Coming from a model background, I have a pretty thin frame, and I wanted to be as believable as I could as a female firefighter. So I started lifting weights and swimming and I ended up gaining 15 pounds of muscle to play the part. I went up one size but it's a different body composition.

chooter2 karma

Follow up question: do you design jewelry?

LydiaHull2 karma

Yes. I have sold in a boutique in Kansas, I've been really business so I haven't made anything lately, but I'm hoping to get back into my art soon. My favorite material to work with is silver. I do my own wax carving, and then have it cast. My pieces tend to be pretty heavy.

Anesj2 karma

Was there anything that inspired you to start acting?

LydiaHull2 karma

I wanted to be an actress for as long as I could remember, even as a little kid. I started doing theater as early as I could in junior high, and I loved it. I found it really rewarding to be in front of a live audience and on a stage. And it's very vulnerable to put yourself out there, but I really loved doing it.

BorkaBorkaBorka2 karma

I haven't seen escape plan yet, but what was it like to work with Arnold and Stallone? Schwarzenegger seems like a really cool dude, especially in his older age.

LydiaHull2 karma

I didn't get to work with Schwarzenegger directly. I did get to work with Stallone. Stallone was really cool, he was in the makeup trailer joking around, and he was not wearing a shirt. He's in incredible shape, and he has very cool tattoos. And he was really nice to me. I didn't have any stunts but watched some stunts being filmed. They had a big water tank, and I watched the stunt guys go down in the water tank, and I watched Stallone hang from a ladder with a fire effect, and that was cool. On my show, we had some cool effects with fire as well.

TheRedAlien2 karma

Hi! I remember you from escape plan :)

My question is, is this where you dreamed you would be when you started acting? Do you think you've made it ?

LydiaHull2 karma

The dream for me has always been to be a working actress. So in regards to that, yes, but no, I am not where I want to be completely yet. I want to continue to evolve and grow, and try my hand at other things.

Ritzen2 karma

Speaking of April Fools, surely you must have something planned?

LydiaHull1 karma

I don't have anything planned. But it has got me thinking...

squiidii2 karma

do you think you are going to be going on reddit a lot now?

LydiaHull5 karma

I don't know? It's awesome to be here. Now that I've discovered it, I think it's a really cool platform and there are so many different topics.

squiidii-13 karma

Wow! Awesome, I'm a new user myself and I enjoy this community. Would you be able to make chat where we could talk? I'd like to know if you enjoy video games :)

LydiaHull4 karma

Thank you so much, but I don't really know anything about videogames.

123kahooza2 karma

Favorite show/movie that you worked on?

LydiaHull2 karma

I really liked Sorority Boys, so I'm going to go back to that one. It was a very positive set. It was the second thing I'd ever worked on. It was a very nice group of people. The scenes were super silly, and then in the makeup trailer, watching the three male leads get transformed into women, listening to them complain about razor burn and makeup, it was funny.

And Fire with Fire was a very positive set. Very cool director, Dave Barrett.

ckk5242 karma

What is your favorite snack after a long day?

LydiaHull2 karma

If it's a cheat type of snack, nutella with a spoon. If it's a healthy day, raw almonds. Maybe a green smoothie. And mozzarella sticks.

ckk5242 karma

Hey thanks for doing this AMA! How did you get into the business?


LydiaHull1 karma

I started modeling when I was 15. I won the Seventeen magazine cover model search. And that sort of opened doors for me, and other avenues in the entertainment industry. That was my first trip to New York, was when I was 15.

AdmiralMikey751 karma

Fitness Connoisseur, you say?

I've been struggling with my weight for a while now. When I was a junior in high school, i weighed 250 pounds (I'm a big guy naturally,standing 6'2, and I was a lean, muscular 250.) Due to injuring both of my ankles in football, I had to quit all of my sports. I'm now a freshmen in college, and I now weigh 330, and I can't seem to shake it off. Do you have any advice?

LydiaHull1 karma

Yes, I'm a fitness connoisseur but not an expert.

So I sought advice from professionals and hired a trainer. So with ankle injuries, I would definitely consult with someone before you start any fitness regimen. My advice would be to find something you enjoy doing, because you will stick with it longer. I do several different activities to keep it interesting. Diet does play a big part in fitness too. I don't believe total deprivation. I think there should be a cheat meal a week, if you love donuts maybe on sunday afternoons have 2 donuts. For me, I stay away from bread, pasta, processed food and sugar. But I do have cheat meals. And I love nutella.

LydiaHull1 karma

Do you have a sport or activity that is not as ankle intensive? Like swimming?

Ritzen1 karma

You just asked yourself a question. I would like an answer.

LydiaHull1 karma

I was asking AdmiralMikey :)

La_Chron_James1 karma

Do you smoke marijuana?

LydiaHull3 karma

Not currently!

orr250mph1 karma

not familar w ur work but good luck to a fellow midwesterner. hope u and ur family are all good ))

LydiaHull3 karma

That is nice, thank you!

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LydiaHull9 karma

If you're trying to say no one has ever heard of me, that's cool, I'm fine with that. I was just tipping my hat to April Fools. Have a great day :)

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Timtom102 karma

She got to act in castle. Pretty cool stuff. I still have a man crush on the lead actor or "castle"

LydiaHull0 karma

Well who doesn't? He's super cool. Both Nathan and Stana were very cool. I have found that most successful people are very nice, and they are people that other people want to work with. And people who are kind of diva-y or assholes, they'll go away in a minute because people won't necessarily want to work with them.