As President, I have the absolute best job because I get to connect with Taco Bell's customers and restaurant team members every day. Live Más.


Edit: Guys, I have to go over to Huffington Post Live now. I love the passion and the questions were fun. I will try to answer a few more later. See you at the Bell! Thank you!

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Hey Brian! Mod of /r/trees here. Our users love your food. We were hoping you might be interested in supporting reddit by advertising on our sub.

(just a reminder 4/20 is coming up)

Thanks for the gold guys!

RealTacoBell3588 karma

I'm glad you love our food. What's 4/20?

GobiasBlunke3333 karma

Let Pepsi release Baja Blast into the wild. It's for the good of mankind.

RealTacoBell3388 karma

Stay tuned!

bordss3199 karma

Only to America? When is this coming to Canada?

RealTacoBell5773 karma

When you take Justin Bieber back.

whoa_yall3176 karma

How much have your sales increased in Colorado since the legalization of marijuana?

RealTacoBell4610 karma

420% (But seriously what is 4/20?)

Asidious663122 karma

What do you think of this?

RealTacoBell3898 karma

That is a poorly made Waffle Taco and should not happen. I’m sorry. Private message me and we will make it right.

_nosaj_2557 karma

Taco Bell always has dope ass commercials.

RealTacoBell3047 karma

Thanks. I will pass that along to a lot of great people.

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I was in a test Market for your breakfast 4 or 5 years ago and you had an Item that had Guacamole and potatoes in it. Do you think more items like this will be coming? Thanks for breakfast this morning, was awesome!

Edit: Thanks for the Gold. Edit2: /u/lolzergrush Thanks for calling me out.

RealTacoBell2661 karma

We agree the food is awesome. Not sure everyone in America is ready for guacamole at breakfast.

cheeseheadfoamy2073 karma

Is there some type of dream food you would want to add to the menu, but haven't had a chance to yet?

Thank you for doing the AMA, it's always interesting to see what an executive thinks.

Edit: terminology

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ExaminedPear1839 karma

what's the worst thing about being the president of Taco Bell?

RealTacoBell2947 karma

It is the greatest job ever. Only thing better would be the CEO...

thoughtsfornow1750 karma

Brian! Thanks for the AMA! I am a 3-time-per-week Taco Bell consumer, and I wanted to know when the next sauce caption contest is coming. I got some winners...

RealTacoBell2177 karma

Private message Taco Bell on Reddit because we do have some new sauce packets coming. Would love your opinion.

I_smell_awesome1661 karma

What's your favorite kind of soup?

RealTacoBell2627 karma

Tortilla soup, of course.

Oh, and I_smell_awesome too.

_warning1389 karma

How does Taco Bell seek to keep menu items consistent between locations? Sometimes, burritos and tacos are great, but at other locations, they really suffer. I still love it 90% of the time, but the consistency makes me wonder sometimes.

RealTacoBell1600 karma

Sorry about that. We are trying to have orders be correct 100% of the time and when there are mistakes, we want to correct as quickly as possible.

mailzz1330 karma

Please recognize the Hadley, MA Taco Bell for its great employees and food. My buddy and I had breakfast there today and it was the best Bell experience I've ever had.

RealTacoBell1269 karma

Thank you for sharing, that is terrific. I will pass that along!

tokyofightsback943 karma

No question, just a heartfelt request. Please bring back the Bellbeefer!

RealTacoBell1620 karma

I'm terribly sorry. That is not happening anytime soon.

nmagod916 karma

Can you tell me why most fast food chains serve ONLY breakfast until a certain hour, and will you be avoiding this ridiculous policy? Sometimes I just want a damn big mac at 7am, I don't see why this should be impossible.

RealTacoBell1273 karma

We would love to serve Breakfast all day, but in order to make the food great and get you in and out quickly we need to serve from 7am until 11am. Just so you know, you can get anything you love on the Taco Bell menu beginning at 9am or 10am depending where you live.

GodBeard774 karma

Hey, really nice that you're taking the time to do this!

I always think of Mexican food as a great genre for breakfast- take Huevos Rancheros, for instance, or Chilaquiles. Sadly, Taco Bell breakfast looks very similar to McDonald's- a waffle wrapped around sausage? Another sausage egg burrito? A Crunchwrap with what looks like the contents of a... sausage egg burrito? Why bother to go to Taco Bell for breakfast for any reason other than it happens to be closer than another fast food place?

RealTacoBell1182 karma

We are just getting started with the breakfast menu. Have you had a Cinnabon Delight or AM Crunchwrap yet? It may change your mind.

Frajer716 karma

Is it fair to say that the average Taco Bell visitor is a 18-34 year old man?

RealTacoBell2050 karma

None of our customers are average. We have a lot of young males and females that come to Taco Bell. Its more about living mas.

ColombianBamBam652 karma

How does one get invited to these Taco Bell parties or get friendsgiving for example (I believe that was the name of it)?

RealTacoBell733 karma

Keep tweeting!

alan_gre3nspan559 karma

What's really in your "meat"?

RealTacoBell1446 karma

This is going to surprise you... our beef is beef with wonderful seasonings and I eat it every day.

davidsmeaton506 karma

Hi there Mr Niccol. I have a question and a link that you might find interesting.

Question: Does Taco Bell support the current push for legalization of marijuana? I figured it might be something you guys would have a vested interest in :)

Link: Taco Bell's breakfast menu is being discussed on Reddit's front page right now. The man who posted the photos was not impressed with the quality of food.

Thanks for doing the AMA. It's great to see business people share their knowledge online.

Edit 1: I suspected he might dodge the question ;) Edit 2: Muchos Gracias for the gold, anonymous benefactor. May your Taco Bell Burritos always be hot, and your ass not! :)

RealTacoBell2277 karma

We make tacos, not laws.

Outlaw_Raven369 karma

Do you plan to expand the breakfast menu at all, in the future?

RealTacoBell605 karma

People love the Taco Bell Breakfast menu and there is definitely more to come. In fact, there are a few new breakfast items in test right now.

Sodazooka258 karma

Does anybody actually win the iPad if they take the survey on the back of the receipt?

RealTacoBell333 karma

Yes you can. You can find the list of the winners on our website.

larry15256 karma

Were there obstacles when you were creating the breakfast menu?

RealTacoBell434 karma

We had to have a menu that consumers would love, would be a terrific value, and our Team Members could execute flawlessly every time.

TheGnarleyGoat51 karma

Hi Brian. No question. Just a simple thank for a lifetime of great good that has helped to create an even better fanbase. (;

RealTacoBell46 karma

Thank you!