Hi everyone. :) By request this is my first "AMA". I'm new, so be gentle! Every time I take a shit, I film it as a full video. I've shit in shoes, shit on mannequins, shit in jeans, shit in panties, had explosive accidents, and pissed on anything you can think of. I also bake special treats with my poop.

So, go ahead, ask me anything! :)


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Scrotumnal_Equinox35 karma

As someone in the medical field, my first question is how often do you get UTIs?

pooalexa10 karma


etsprout4 karma

But HOW? That was my first thought, "ah how does she keep her vagina clean while using shit as lube?"

pooalexa17 karma


No, not you. :) That's what a douche is for. To clean yer hole out! :)

Volundarkvioa7 karma

Doesn't the vagina self-cleanse itself though? And I've heard that douches can at times lead to UTIs/yeast infections.

pooalexa4 karma

There's a difference between smearing it and sticking it in your pussy. I generally dont do either of them. Some girls jam it up in there, that's their decision to do it or not. Not something I participate in.

etsprout2 karma

But douches mess with your snappers PH levels! But I guess it's better than poo lol

pooalexa3 karma

You dont have to use the included liquid all the time, nor at full strength. :) But as stated numerous times, poo doesnt go in my puss. :)

Scrotumnal_Equinox17 karma

Sorry, a few questions here. Thanks for communicating with us.

1.What sort of feelings do you have when doing the videos? Do you yourself get any sexual arousal from it?

2.Would you continue doing it if there weren't buyers asking specifically for that?

3.Do you involve other people?

pooalexa24 karma

1.) How hot they are going to look. :-) Sexual arousal, no, satisfaction, yes.

2.) I would, but not every time I poop.

3.) I just bought a mannequin! :) I took a shit on her face today.

Space_Ninja15 karma

Have you done ass to mouth, and did you like the smell/taste?

pooalexa12 karma

With a dick, yes, and yes!

Goatsac13 karma

Welcome, Alexa!

So, gotta ask, what started this? The filming, the selling, the defecating and urinating on things?

pooalexa35 karma

A while back, a guy named Ron asked me to make poop videos. I was already making adult videos for a while (since age 18, I'm 25 now). I was reluctant, but agreed after a while. Now I film every time I poop, and it's always a custom order, too. There's a 5-7 day waiting list to get a poop video filmed. Some might say I'm Poopular! :-) I'm happiest when people who support my work are happy with what I do. I think my video work is the best out there. Everything else is low resolution and crappy quality (no pun intended ;)).

Kimber_James12 karma

I have some questions:

  1. How big are the concerns of using 'fake scat' in the scat community and how do you address those concerns?

  2. What do you think of Veronica Moser's interview, where she explains how she has taught herself not to only eat shit, but to genuinely like it? Link here.

  3. How did your environment (friends, family) react when they found out about your kink?

pooalexa19 karma

1.) You can watch it come out of my ass every time. My poop is big enough that you know it cant possibly be faked.

2.) She shouldnt have to convince herself she likes something. You either do or you dont.

3.) I keep to myself, I dont have many real life friends. I can count them on less than one hand. Family doesnt care, they know I'm a crazy girl. :-)

Kimber_James9 karma

I keep to myself, I dont have many real life friends.

awwww you can be my friend if you want <3

pooalexa11 karma

Hugs and cupcakes. ;)

ThrowawayThrowaway0411 karma

Pantypoop fan of yours from the UK here. If it was easier to buy your videos anonymously I would have done. Any plans? :D

I can't wait to see this: http://www.pooalexa.com/shop/pantyjean-pooping/panty-pooping-pass-exam/

pooalexa20 karma

It's completely anonymous, you just have to fudge the data. :-)

The orders ask for a name and address. Just put John Doe and 123 Main Street for all I care! :) Then when you order is complete you can send amazon gift cards for the total. I even accept BitCoins.

The only time I actually need your real name and address, is if your getting something in the postal mail.

0x_29 karma

I even accept BitCoins.

You've really got this shit all nailed down.

pooalexa17 karma

I like your pun. :-)

adreztia9 karma


pooalexa13 karma

Everyone has a fetish. Why do men like big tits or little tits? Why is there one guy who always asks me when the next balloon popping video will be made because that turns him on? Why do some guys like facials, others like girls swallowing?

adreztia4 karma


pooalexa7 karma

I make videos full time for a living. Poo stuff is about 30% of what I do. The rest is all mainstream "normal" work.

BardsDirge2 karma

balloon popping

you do that too?! christ woman you're like that old skit on 'in living color' of the Jamaicans with 100s of jobs.

what don't you do?

pooalexa5 karma

Sure, if the buyer wants a balloon popping video, that they shall get. I've done a dozen or more of them.

Believe it or not, I dont do anal sex. My ass is too small and husbands dick is slightly over average, so it doesnt work.

Gary_Ridgway8 karma

Do you ever get recognized in public?

I just have this scenario in my head of some sweaty guy waddling up to you in the mall food court and asking for a picture with his "poopy waifu".

pooalexa8 karma

Yes, I do. People are always pretty nice.

ArchangelleShiftless7 karma

What limits has your SO (husband?) set for participation in all your different fetishes? Where do your tastes clash?

pooalexa10 karma

He's not into poo at all. Beyond that, he's game.

warmshart7 karma

Albert Fish used to pay children to eat cheese before pooping for him, he claimed it tasted better that way. What ingredients do you use to give your stools more flavor?

pooalexa3 karma

Nothing, unless its specially requested.

T_Dumbsford7 karma

Do you do anything with diet or meds to make yourself poop on a schedule?

pooalexa12 karma

My turds are monsters. HUGE. I only weigh 115 lbs. I eat light, too. And I eat every variety of food. Just a regular healthy diet. Meat, fish, eggs, cheeses, breads, salads, etc... Why this is I dont know. I poop every 36 hours or so.

bananasynaranjas7 karma

What perfume do you use?

Are there any books you'd recommend?

And what kind of underwear do you like most? (For wearing, for panty fetish videos, and also for shitting in.)

pooalexa8 karma

Taylor Swift perfume is really nice. My husband is in love with her, too, so I like teasing him with it.

The last book I read was by Lawrence Krauss, "A Universe From Nothing". Great book.

Underwear is another item I never get to keep long. After a few days wear someone always wants to buy them. :-) So I'm always buying new panties because I have to or I'd run out! My favorite are fullbacks, I'd say. Cheeks hang out and they are snug. Looks great in a dress, even better in spandex.

bananasynaranjas3 karma

  • Haha I imagine your husband loves that tease.

  • Thank you!

  • I fully agree, panty lines make for such a subtle but seductively insinuating fashion move, they're effectively a visual adrenaline shot for me. Especially if they're a nylon/spandex pair and the waistband is peaking out.

pooalexa4 karma

Yes he does, very much. :)

BardsDirge2 karma

Are there any books you'd recommend?

that is a good one!

/u/pooalexa please tell us some more 'normal' facebook-type likes of yours.

pooalexa11 karma

I hate facebook. I have 23 friends, and dont care what any of them are doing.

BardsDirge2 karma

:) i feel the same.
i just meant profile type info... favorite TV shows, music, movie, book, food, sport...

pooalexa5 karma

I'm watching Game Of Thrones again as its set to start on Season 4 soon. I'm halfway done with Season 2. Bates Motel is a favorite too. Favorite food is Italian food, as I'm Italian. Go figure. :) For sports, hockey is fun if your there at the game. But UFC always holds my heart. That is so much fun to watch. :)

erush2 karma

Two questions:

Do you speak Italian?

Which fighters do you enjoy watching the most?

pooalexa3 karma

The only Italian word I know is "Ciao!". :) My grandparents speak fluently, but not my parents and none for me.

For UFC, Anderson Silva is always great. Until he snapped his leg in two. I bet we'll see him return. :) I do like the girls too, Rousey is amazing and mean and I like that. All wins by armbar except one! If I watch GSP fight, I fall asleep, his fights are always boring. Noguiera (spelling?) fighters are also one of my favorite. Maybe Brock Lesnar will return too, that'd be great. Overeem has sharpened his skills a bit, too!

MeatEatingSissy7 karma

Have you ever thought about doing a scat video with some other stars?

pooalexa8 karma

Sure, send em my way. :-)

BardsDirge3 karma

does your man consider that cheating?

pooalexa5 karma

As long as the other star is a girl, he will not care. :) Wives cheating with women isnt cheating. That's dessert. :)

BardsDirge4 karma

he get's to watch at least, right?

pooalexa3 karma

He'd film it! :)

extortus7 karma

I'd love a custom video of you taking a huge juicy dump in my motorcycle helmet and dipping your finger in it to write a large capital A on the visor.

If I take care of shipping and everything could we make this a fantasy a reality?

pooalexa6 karma

Sure! It'd be $60 for the custom video, and you can make it easier for me, include a pre-paid pre-printed label with the helmet. Shoot me an email, you can find my address on the website. We'll work it out there. Cool idea, too!

extortus8 karma

Only $60?? You have got to be shitting me!

Do you have the right to use my video as content on your site too, or is it my own private video? How would the price differ?

pooalexa4 karma

You are given a personal license for the video. It's licensed for you and you only to own. I can sell it to as many other people as I want. Sometimes companies ask for an exclusive license for the video, and when they do that, the price goes up by 5x.

extortus5 karma

I see. What if I wanted a DVD mailed to me and i wanted it not to appear anywhere else ever ever ever forever never ever? Just my motocycle and I watching it. I promise never to hold any viewing event or even reproduce my copy.

Still $300? I've been out of work for a while now.

pooalexa4 karma

Yup, and then I'll charge you for having to put it on DVD and the postage, too. ;)

DaDingo6 karma

What was your most memorable poop? Why?

pooalexa15 karma

There was one I titled "HOLY SHIT Massive Accident". I was getting ready to film a custom video and just got the camera setup. I felt my stomach gurgle real bad while I was doing it. It's a real accident, I barely had time to turn on the camera before shit came pouring out. It took me 45 minutes to clean the bathroom after. I've never had the shits that bad again or before.


ralfret6265 karma

What made you have your first "poop experiment"?

pooalexa2 karma

Just answered Goatsac with a similarly same question. :)

tamlin894 karma


i know these questions may seem slightly odd but i have 2.

Do you like to have yor feet massaged? Do you like eating seafood? ie. lobstr,crabs etc.

pooalexa4 karma

Yes and yes to both!

Orion0534 karma


pooalexa11 karma

This is where I give you a lesson in capitalism. If there's a demand, there is a market created to meet that demand. :)

trollfessor4 karma

What does your physician say about your career?

pooalexa5 karma

It's just poop. Do you tell your doctor you poop? We all poop. It would be a meaningless question to bring up to a doctor. :)

TechDeck_Pedophile4 karma

Do customers ever ask you to stick to a specific diet before you film or cook for them?

pooalexa4 karma

Quite often, yes. And since I like every type of food, it's always easy to comply. :)

TechDeck_Pedophile2 karma

What foods have they asked for?

pooalexa5 karma

Often times it's a vegetarian diet requested. Lots of salads or broccoli, stuff like that. Corn is a common request, for obvious visual reasons. :)

Goff613 karma

Did you ever think of getting a "normal" job? Not that filming you pooping isn't normal...

pooalexa3 karma

Never. I wouldnt want a boss over my head telling me how to make him more money. I wouldnt want the hours. I wouldnt want the time away from home. I like working from home, and the freedoms that it comes with.

jdub0023 karma

Do you think of yourself as a hero breaking down the walls of the social stigma placed on a natural process of the body? Or do you just enjoy pooping and filming it?

pooalexa8 karma

I enjoy pooping and filming it. I get a lot of comments like "that's so digusting" and "your so hot but thats so gross". For that I just send them to AlexasPanties.com which is my mainstream videos. No poop there! :) I film most all types of content, poop videos have just blown up a lot since I put all the videos in one place and the store has evolved ever since. :)

alexaisop3 karma

has anyone ever told you how it taste or if it was good dont wanna waste money ya kno

pooalexa3 karma

I hear it's fantastic!

stoyafan7773 karma

Do you ever eat your own shit? I know that's a big part of the scat community, but you haven't mentioned it.

If not, do you have clients pressuring you to take your videos to the next level?

pooalexa5 karma

I dont consider myself a big "scat" girl. People dont understand that poop videos have many subcategories. There's scat, where you smear it all over yourself. There's accidents, jeans pooping, panty pooping, desperation, efro (erotic female relief observance), and many more still.

I've had requests where people want me to play with dog poop. Or shit on a goldfish and drown it in my poop and pee. I've gotten probably every request you can think of.

IKnowImACreep9 karma

I hope you didn't do the goldfish thing.

pooalexa6 karma

Nope. It's a bit morbid in my opinion. I dont like to hurt anything.

etsprout4 karma

I knew I secretly loved you.

pooalexa5 karma

Good boy. :)

etsprout6 karma

Silly, I'm a woman ;P

pooalexa5 karma

Even better. <3

BardsDirge3 karma

efro (erotic female relief observance)


pooalexa2 karma

There's even message boards dedicated to efro. :) efrodisiac.com is one, of which of course, I'm a member.

BardsDirge2 karma

wow. is it, like, all kinds of physical sensations being endured and then dramatically relieved?

pooalexa6 karma

Nope, just a girl (or guy) being erotic when taking a shit.

Kimber_James2 karma

Would you do dog poop though? I know only of one performer who does it named 'Sweet Mook'

pooalexa4 karma

Nope, not my cup of tea. :)

poo_lover3 karma

Do you have any STD's or other diseases people should worry about that eat your poop? How often are you tested?

pooalexa3 karma

lol no. I've been with the same man faithful only to him and him to me for the last 5 years. When I did adult work before and when dating him in the beginning, I was AIM tested every 30 days as part of the rules of the porn industry. I'm as clean as a whistle. I'd wonder more about you, than you should about me. =P

carlosscatter3 karma

Hi Alexa. It was really great for me to find your site sometime ago. It's like you'd have read my mind. The video when you make the shitshake, that idea was one of my dreams for years. I know that in Japan, many things have been done, but in occident I think you are one of the pioneers with this kind of fantasies. I think it would be great to add some "puke videos", may be to cook something with your shit and some puke, may be a lasagna, what do you think?

pooalexa3 karma

Thanks Carlos! :) I'm a pooper, not a puker, though! Puke isnt my thing.....

pedros013 karma

Hi, great that i stumbled across this thread whilst searching the internet.. im thinking of making a purchase or 2 on your site, what is your favorite video (poop/poop smear)? x

pooalexa5 karma

With so many videos its hard to think about which are my favorite. You might like Mission Impoopable. :) :)

Butcer2 karma

omg wtf

pooalexa9 karma

no u

2000blues2 karma

How do you feel about trading video's?

pooalexa3 karma

If you mean when others share my videos, I do dislike when others share my videos publicly. It's disrespectful of general copyrights. That's what DMCA forms are for, and I often send a few a week to sites that post the content like that.

If you mean do I want your videos in exchange for mine, I'm all set, got plenty. :)

wondersam2 karma

what's the biggest load you've ever put into your panties?

all so have you ever pooped in public? like driving in a store etc

im 100 :D

pooalexa4 karma

You're 100? Years old? Neat. :)

Biggest load in the panties? Cant say one has stuck out more than others, they are all about the same.

And this is my last reply tonight, it's 1am and bedtime. Talk to you all tomorow morning. :)

Colten_denholm2 karma

Couple quick questions... 1) How many times do you usually wipe? 2) How often do you get skidmarks? 3) What's the largest thing you've had up your butt? 4) Can you gape/ prolapse?

pooalexa3 karma

1.) Depends on how runny the poop is. Usually I shower after because I was making a video. I like to make videos in the morning, then shower, then I'm clean all day.

2.) Never, since I shower after every poo 99% of the time.

3.) Not much, it's too small. Very small toys.

4.) Nope.

BardsDirge4 karma

4.) Nope.

[whisper] your a member of /r/ProlapseVille. lie.

pooalexa5 karma

I just accepted that invite. I'll probably leave though, as I have no reason to be there.

DonutsAreCool962 karma

Have you ever eaten one of your cupcakes? How do they taste? Any significant difference? And a question about the no bake cookies. Are they just your shit with peanut butter chips rolled into it? Or do you not give out recipes?

pooalexa5 karma

The recipe is easy. Half me, half betty crocker. But the special "me" ingredient only I can make. ;-)

Colten_denholm2 karma

What type of Toilet Paper do you use? Are you planning on getting any more tattoos? How old we're you the first time you did anal? Do you smoke?

pooalexa3 karma

TP is TP. Whatever gets the best price at the store. :) No more tattoos, 18, ecigs.

DonutsAreCool962 karma

Do you have any new ideas for shit-baking? What about a small, full size, shit-cake? Don't forget the strawberries! Ooooo, what about "chocolate" covered strawberries?

pooalexa3 karma

Shipping cake is difficult. Has to be something easy to ship and holds together well :)

Fambida2 karma

Just one question. Why?

pooalexa5 karma

Asked and answered.

Flat__Line2 karma

Have you ever done personal appearances? Like taken a dump on a guy for cash?

pooalexa5 karma

Nope! Everything is virtual. No real life toilet slaves, no sessions, no meeting in person.

queasymen2 karma

Hi Alexa why don't you do a sleeping peeing and shitting bid in bed with another babe with you.

pooalexa3 karma

I dont know any other girls who would do this with me. :)

Kate_242 karma

I would love see you, in the same outfit than in "Farting Co Worker", farting in many positions and push for try to take out a big load but nothing, after standing and pushing hard for make a big poop in your briefs with pants up...At the end we could see the big bulge in back of pants.

pooalexa3 karma

If that's a custom order, shoot me an email and I can do it for you. :)

Kate_242 karma

my email is [email protected]

pooalexa4 karma

Oh I remember you. You've made a few orders and never paid for them but like to leave reviews on the website. Weird? :)

BardsDirge2 karma

problem here?

pooalexa5 karma

Nah, just someone who always emails but never does anything but talk about buying stuff. :)

Butcer2 karma

how do you not end up sick after eating shit

pooalexa3 karma

Try it and find out. :)

erush2 karma

What has been your most challenging/difficult custom script so far?

pooalexa6 karma

None, poop-wise. They are usually pretty easy. If the script is too involved, I'll quote a higher price and/or decline. Some people send you one sentence scripts. Some have sent me multi-page PDF's with five example video attachments with sections bolded and highlighted. The best scripts are a paragraph or two. Gives me a good idea what they want, and doesnt overly burden with specific dialog or background or settings.

foxnhound332 karma

Do you find the idea of a guy doing any of the stuff you do hot?

pooalexa2 karma


foxnhound332 karma

Thats funny, I can see why, but it is kind of crazy that way. It just isn't the same, is it...

pooalexa2 karma

Not even close! :)

hereforalexa2 karma

if i buy 2 or more orders of the 55 dollar shit how does that work is that 2 days worth or wat

pooalexa2 karma

Quantity of two means you get two shits, yup! That'd be 2 or 3 days worth, I poo every 30-36 hours or so. First one would be stored in the freezer and then both shipped immediately once the second one pops out.

pwjuncut2 karma

Wow u are amazing !! So erotic !so beautiful!

pooalexa2 karma

Thanks :)

rndandshittytaw2 karma

Do you think it would boost your sales if you post a baking video on a site with your website as a watermark?

Would you be comfortable with the broader audience that it would create?

For the baked goods, what is the percentage of customers ordering a second (or multiple) time(s)?

pooalexa3 karma

There's already a 4 or 5 day waiting period before shippables can ship. If I were to encourage more sales, then it would be a longer waiting list, and I'd rather have it just where it is. I can only poop so much! :)

Knillish1 karma

How long does it take to clean up afterwards? What does the cleanup involve?

pooalexa2 karma

Depends on the video. Did I shit on a couch? 20 minutes. Did I explode on a wall by accident? 45 minutes. Did I shit in my panties? Half hour.

unique6161 karma

Do you do custom videos?

pooalexa1 karma

Yes. Email for details, $60 each.

Vampguinarian1 karma


pooalexa3 karma

That's my husband.

Vampguinarian3 karma


pooalexa6 karma

He's a smart man and lets me do what I please. :) He laughs about it more than anything, I dont think disgust would be the right word.

BraveRutherford1 karma

Does he share the same interest as your customers?

pooalexa1 karma

He has no poo interest nope!

Goatsac1 karma

There is a novelty account that shows up for AMAs, but he may not make this one as it is outside of /r/iama. It's not a real AMA until it's asked.

What OS?

pooalexa2 karma

I dont understand the question...

unique6161 karma

What do you think of "It only smellz"?

pooalexa1 karma

No opinion of it. I dont watch others videos, only make them myself.

Blue_Winds1 karma

What does your poop smell like

pooalexa4 karma

A rose.

xvvhiteboy0 karma

Have you tried your cupcakes? Does it affect the taste? I'm just curious as to why someone would want it. Do they want it because of the taste or because of the idea?

pooalexa3 karma

I've not tried them, no... I think they like it for both those reasons and others I cant even think of.

0x_0 karma

Whats your favorite desktop environment?

Thought of doing a shitty panties spin-off on /r/pantyselling?

pooalexa7 karma

I'm not entirely sure what the desktop environment question is, but it sounds like your asking my favorite operating system. I like Windows 7 for the video processing computers. Chromebook is FANTASTIC (HP 14" with T-Mobile access for free). I'm a UNIX/Linux/CentOS expert as well, and I maintain and develop my own websites. If you ask me how to program batch files, C++, or what "ps auxwwf | grep httpd | wc -l" would do, I can usually get the right answer. If not, that's what google and continued learning is for!

Shitty panty spinoff? Sure, I'll leave all that up to my friends who created /r/pooalexa for me. I'm still new to Reddit, and learning as I go along.

0x_1 karma

Oh, i just meant like GNOME vs MATE here..

Google is awesome for filling in the blanks, im mucking about with python at the minute, 99% of questions have been asked before by someone on stackexchange and google just serves it up to you.

Shitty panty spinoff?

Im in a pretty anal mood, so forgive my ruthless efficiency but if you're doing poop videos to go with the poop in the cakes, theres a butt wipe left after there and some shitstains on a pair of panties sold to someone on /r/pantyselling into that seems like the last efficient step in the chain to maximize the profit per poop.

pooalexa2 karma

I'm way ahead of you. Most of my panties are pre-sold. :-)

BardsDirge1 karma

what's the most expensive panties you've shat on... in... upon...?

pooalexa1 karma

Most panties arent that expensive, really. But given that, some Victoria's Secret ones are up there in price, so that's probably the right answer.

Pappy_StrideRite0 karma

Have Mom and Dad seen yer work?

Did yer husband come along before or after you started makin' them sex vidjas?

Do ya like Butterscotch?

pooalexa3 karma

No Before Yes ;)

Pappy_StrideRite1 karma

Well ain't you a cute lil winkie face makin' lil gal! :D

Have a candy kiddo. Wash yer hands! I seen ya been finger paint'n...

pooalexa3 karma

That's quite pedophile of you. :)