I'm Chris. My real name is [removed], but Chris is easier. :)

Since late 2011 (when the civil war in Syria started), I taught myself English and made it (legally!) to the United States. Phew, it was quite tough and intense.

I don't know how to provide "proof" since I'm not popular (last time I checked). Is the weird name proof enough? Maybe it is. I hope it is.

Anyhow, I'm open to all questions if anyone is curious!

Thanks. :)

Status: good morning! It seems like several people think my English is "too good" and hence I'm fake.

I should probably clear this up however I can. To start with, I have already provided sufficient proof of my age, nationality, and identity to the moderators. It's my passport, so sharing it publicly didn't seem like a good idea (maybe I can blur out the "numbers", though).

I understand people's doubtfulness. All I can say is that a lot of progress can be done on things you work on continually for hundreds of days when you have no other thing going on in your life. I was spending at least 6 hours a day on the Internet reading, watching American shows (to get speaking skills), and chatting with native speakers.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I'm happy to do anything I can to further establish how I got here.

Thank you, everyone.

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