I work for a city (to be unnamed) revenue department. Wondered if anyone had any questions or wanted to know more about what happens when people dont pay their water bill. Some pretty interesting stories, and people!

Here is my proof : http://imgur.com/3UE0Z2X

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How do you sleep at night

gooney0623 karma

Pretty good actually!

My_Empty_Wallet23 karma

Good to know. Is it the mattress? I don't sleep well and I'm looking for a solution.

gooney0648 karma

Taking a shower before i go to bed helps ;)

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How's the weather today?

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First day on the job?

gooney0613 karma

No this is my third year

jetsonfranco-12 karma

How does it feel to be essentially the municipal bottom feeder?

gooney0619 karma

Feels good to do an honest days work TBH