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Yes. I live in Aleppo Syria, and i'm a student. During the three years of war, we have lost so much and learned a lot and even had some amazing experiences. I've got a lot of stories to tell ! So Ask me anything about our past and recent life, about our experiences and culture. (I Prefer not to answer Political Questions because we have suffered enough from It !)

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bobthebobd379 karma

Have your parents discussed moving to another country where you would be safer? (or do you live in area very far from the actual war?)

RTheodory564 karma

We live in aleppo, the most dangerous city in syria, Yes we discussed that, we moved to Spain to live with my uncle for a few months but i had to come back to complete my education :/ My house is in a pretty safe place downtown... But after a quarter of a mile it gets pretty dangerous! But we are under constant danger of the missles that the terrorists attack every once and a while...

MagikMitch359 karma

How hard is it to find food? Are there regular restaurants and things still open?

RTheodory507 karma

Last year, we got circled by terrorists that stopped every food truck from entering our town, we didn't see fresh vegetables or fruits for a whole month, but now, we 've got everything. restaurants outside of town got closed, but those who are in the safe areas are still open !

MagikMitch188 karma

Thanks for the answer! Since we're on the subject, what's your favorite food?

RTheodory457 karma

Hmm, Syrian food is wonderful, You might not know this, but we have different versions of the foods you eat, We have our own style of burgers, macaronie, pizza,cheese, and chicken. If you try to eat these in syria, they would taste even better! My fav. Syrian plate is sausages. And my fav. Food is Crispy Chicken ( especially Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken)

silversauce194 karma

yep that sounds fucking amazing stay safe!

Edit: In reference to Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken

RTheodory120 karma

Haha yeah thanks you too!

wakawaka801-20 karma

I wish you would stop refering to the armed militias as terrorists cause it has a political conotation which you wished to avoid.

RTheodory12 karma

Ok, but i also refuse for these ""militias"" to stop killing innocent people and stop cutting off people's heads and eating their hearts. Because it's unbearable, and due to that, they do not represent any class or range of the syrian people anymore. People here apwant to feel safe again. And that is the last political question for tonight

wakawaka801-8 karma

Sigh... Enough.

In your personal opinion: When will Syria live in peace again and do you think it can achieve peace without foreign intervention?

RTheodory8 karma

I really hope so, but have in mind that an intervention will only make it worse

throwaway4ladies280 karma

When do you find time to spank it

RTheodory377 karma

Hahah, we've got enough time here... As same as you Lol

wakawaka801229 karma

Have classes not been cancelled due to the war?

RTheodory440 karma

Yeah! Sometimes they cancel school for a few days due to dangerous situations. Sometimes for a whole week! Yay! Holidays!

ChrisHernandez479 karma

i just have snow days. wow.

RTheodory349 karma

Haha you made me laugh!!

dopefuji-33 karma

How can you enjoy not having school when hundreds of thousands of children in your country struggle to eat in Syria, let alone receive an education?

RTheodory10 karma

Yeah, that is sad, but if you ever live the life we have right would dry from boredum, i just wanted to joke about that.. Thats all..

coffee_114188 karma

After you finish school, do you hope to move to another country? Where would you like to go?

RTheodory647 karma

Yes, i want to study in canada or the us and then go back and be a part of my country's new future

tossinthisshit1240 karma

if money is a concern, choose canada.

for international student, studying in the USA is very expensive. only about half the price on average in canada. ($27,000/yr or so)

RTheodory343 karma

Thanks! I even have more advantages in canada, i've got a place to live with my uncle there... Lets pray for an approval :/

tossinthisshit1137 karma

you'll be fine if your grades are good

RTheodory174 karma

Yeah they are :P

tossinthisshit163 karma

also don't forget to take your TOEFL (if you haven't already)

there shouldn't be any other standardized tests required from canadian schools (no SAT or ACT!) but if you already have SATs or ACTs that's fine too.

if you're in a IB program that helps a lot.

RTheodory83 karma

Yeah, i prepared for toefel and Sats... I noticed that sat is not required in canada :) I hope i could get a high toefel mark as i expect to And thanks for the advice!!! :)

Magsays66 karma

Canada is great.

RTheodory49 karma

Alright ! :) cool

myerscc73 karma

Canadian here, Canada is indeed "cool," in every sense of the word

RTheodory51 karma

Ahh great! You got me exited ! Cant wait to come over

PremiumR-7 karma

go to Montreal or Ottawa, you can learn french while perfecting your english, and there is a huge population of arabs in both cities....maybe you'll find a cute hijabi wife!

RTheodory8 karma

I'm not muslim... But anw, i speak french fluently too, I prefer toronto, because my family lives there and my english is way better than my french :P

bobthebobd167 karma

How old are you, and you mentioned school - if you're in college, what's your major? (or if there's a high school major?)

RTheodory294 karma

Im in high school, in syria we only have two majors, Scientific of literature. My major is scientific, but we are forced here to study all subjects, Chem, biology, physics and maths, and many more together! I'm turning 18 in june this is my senior year,

certifiedlurker67 karma

Dude. Im 17, I also turn 18 in june, on the 30th actually. I read through this whole thread thinking you were in college, for some reason the fact that you are my age really put this into perspective for me. I honestly hope to god you stay safe and that you can move to a more secure country. I live in Canada and this thread has taught me to stop taking that for granted. Thanks.

RTheodory57 karma

Man, thank you, i hope that too, our educational system is different here, so... I'm just hoping to achieve my dream someday.

spoonless7145 karma

I lived in Aleppo with my family for a while, we moved to Jordan when things started getting dicey. Heard gun fire and bombs going of a few times while I still lived there.

No questions, just hoping you and yours stay safe man!

RTheodory112 karma

Thanks! This means a lot! Stay safe too!!

uWannafyourDad144 karma

How can you be so positive? It's amazing, I literally would fall in panic during war! Stay safe! :)

RTheodory203 karma

Thanks very much! We try to stay positive as much as we can, if we don't we'd be covered by depression due to this situation :! This means so much to me!!!

uWannafyourDad138 karma

Yeah, all the best to you and your family from Switzerland !!!

RTheodory221 karma

My family aint from swiss! What made you think that :)

uWannafyourDad136 karma

Oops sorry! I meant all the best for you and your family.. greetings from Switzerland (me) :)

RTheodory118 karma

Hahah :) ok ! Greetings from syria! It means a lot for me :)

sueflay138 karma

During the war have you witnessed any acts of kindness by people or an individual you'd like to share?

RTheodory392 karma

Not specifically. But me and my friends go out in the weekends to give food and clothes to the refugees...and many people do this too.

Swipe-Shot125 karma

Can you describe your education process throughout the war?

RTheodory204 karma

Yeah. Some public schools got closed by the begenning of war because thety are not in a safe place. Personally, my priv. school is outside of town, it is dangerous out there, so it got closed and they rented a building in town to continue studying there. The education is running low due to war ...

gerryhanes114 karma

How is it that your English is so good?

RTheodory258 karma

Yeah! Thanks, i attended some extra english courses scince i was very little, I even developed a great accent by skyping with friends in the us and watching great tv shows without subtitles or translations, you should see how people speak english here! Pretty funny!!

RTheodory114 karma

I am going to sleep now ! It's almost 3 oclock in the morning. feel free to put your questions, I'll provide you with an answer as soon as i wake up. (Dont forget to step away of political questions) some of you really made me laugh, we really had fun ! GOODNIGHT !

Theryanasaurus75 karma

What are the largest ways you would say war has affected your life directly?

RTheodory102 karma

Everything. War has affected our lifestyle. The way we think, our education and our whole lives.

Theryanasaurus45 karma

Thinking more on a day to day basis.

RTheodory84 karma

Yeah! Exactly, We even think on an hour to hour basis, we don't know what could happen at any moment

TheComedyKing63 karma

Stay safe bro

RTheodory35 karma

Thank you!

wakawaka80161 karma

What's the closest you've come to being a casualty of the war?

RTheodory88 karma

The closest experience was on my way back to our house from the airport, car got shot by a sniper... And once terrorists sneaked to a street near our home, we got a little scared and heard some close gunshots.

Artvandelay159 karma

What is one thing you would like people in the rest of the world to know about living in Syria today that you feel isn't represented in the news?

RTheodory122 karma

Is that we live our life ! We're here! Dont forget that we have our own voice ! This is our land ! And we choose whoever rules and who doesn't. My message goes to all of the people who misunderstood the situation in syria, i hope they understand that is the exact opposite of what the media claims to say.

cuginhamer18 karma

What's the media misunderstanding that bothers you the most?

RTheodory38 karma

That they only take one side of the war. The media should be focusing on people, and delivering the truth, and being neutral between the two or three sides of the war

game00456 karma

What do you do during the free time. (Any hobbies)??

RTheodory107 karma

I draw a lot, listen to music, i also work on youtube videos and develop my own app that should come out sometime in summer :)

AcidHappening245 karma

Have you felt compelled to be more aware of things like self-defence, firearms usage, and the like?

RTheodory66 karma

Yes, i am interested to learn how to use them, but im more interested in self-defence techniques.

wakawaka80145 karma

Have you ever been tempted yourself to join any side in the armed conflict?

RTheodory150 karma

No way, i would never join any conflict, i have another dream to persue in life. And that is my love to tech and my passion to develop and innovate d faciliate the way we live and think through technology.

bobthebobd43 karma

Can you go outside like before the war, or are you staying home more for safety? (not just you, but anyone in family, friends)

RTheodory70 karma

I can still go outside but we can't go far out of downtown, If its dark... We may come home early if there were any sounds of bombings or gunshots.

Redtail336 karma

What's your favorite TV show?

RTheodory102 karma

I really love The mentalist , Two Broke Girls and the simpsons And god i miss "Friends!"

Magsays25 karma

Simpsons is the best!!

RTheodory119 karma

Hhaha yeah! Why you Little!

haromszog31 karma

Do you feel like that your every day life is covered in numbness? Lot of people describe it sort of because they can't really do anything about the situation.

RTheodory39 karma

Yeah. I really do, i cant wait to finish this damn school and travel to persue my goals

TheAlmightyKid12 karma

How do you deal with acne?

RTheodory19 karma

With acne Creams , Retin Pills, Special Soaps... We have a wide variety of medications to treat acne here :)

metaphoricalworm13 karma

There hasn't been any shortages?

RTheodory28 karma

Whoa ! A lot! We spend weeks without electricity days without water. Months without connection. We now only get around 5 hours of electricity a day

Magsays5 karma

Do people join sides on an ethnic basis or a religious basis or is that basically the same thing?

RTheodory8 karma

I think some join on a religious basis but that doesnt matter anymore and i think the war is comeing to a near end

PremiumR3 karma


RTheodory10 karma

No... Just forget about politics dude

fantastic_loser1 karma

Why do you think the war is ending soon?

RTheodory3 karma

Idk, elections are coming in summer.. I have a good feeling About itx

Magsays3 karma

How much carnage have you witnessed, if any, and how has it affected you?

RTheodory7 karma

I only saw them on tv, I'm sorry i didn't witness a carnage. But on my way travelling i've seen massive destruction in buildings and whole streets!

floridaweather2 karma

What is your opinion on Turkey? We've had some beef but I don't know what all the hate is about. Friends? :)

RTheodory6 karma

No way, turkish people are friends, but the goverment helped arming and sneaking terrorists to my country . And to me, i would never ever give a single atom of respect to these people who have their hands wet in blood of violence in my beloved country

invictajosh2 karma

Sorry mate we aren't talking about Syria anymore. Now it's about Ukraine.

Besides Syria is a mess. Both sides are too extreme for us to want to get involved.

RTheodory6 karma

Hahah yeah, syria got old