Hey Reddit! I’m back to talk to you delinquents again.

I’m here in Austin, Texas at SXSW with THE WILDERNESS OF JAMES, the first feature film I’ve produced. It’s a vibrant and dynamic film starring Kodi Smit-McPhee, Virginia Madsen , Evan Ross and my man, Danny Devito. Kodi plays James, a teenager struggling after the loss of his father. Come check it out if you’re in Austin!

It's screening today at 4:30 at the Alamo Village, and tomorrow at 1:45 at The Alamo Ritz 2.


I’ll be here with Victoria for the next hour or so, live from Austin. AMA!


Well, listen dickbags: this has been really fun. Maybe the most fun I've ever had in my entire life.


Either way, I love you all. I need you all. And I will have you all again, one day.

Love and thanks,


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dalek-khan2873 karma

Hey Glenn. I attempted to use the D.E.N.N.I.S. system to woo a nice lady and now I'm serving 3 consecutive life sentences. Where did I go wrong?

SunnyGlennHowerton3549 karma

Probably right at "engage physically."

JustSomeDudeOnReddit2477 karma

Can you please do an episode featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Franks twin brother

SunnyGlennHowerton2253 karma

I hear Arnie's farts smell too bad. I don't want him anywhere near me.

mattunedge1695 karma


SunnyGlennHowerton2560 karma

Uh oh.

Jabrinth2127 karma

How did you guys come up with possibly the greatest piece of musical history 'Dayman Nightman'? And how long did it take?

SunnyGlennHowerton2295 karma

Well, the 'Ahhhhhh' part was kind of a riff on Queen's Flash Gordon theme song. And I had recently been playing a few live shows with my friend Sam Witwer's band The Crashtones, and we opened every show with the Flash Gordon theme song, so it was fresh in my head.

Originally, the Dayman Nightman thing was just one really silly joke in an episode that we never in a million years thought would be that interesting to people. And then it just took off.

Gar-figrollin1468 karma

Would you like to/have you any plans to take the gang to another location for an episode of Sunny? I very much liked the Jersey Shore episode and would love to see the proprietors of the Irish pub...in Ireland.

P.S. Thank you for co-making the show. It's awesome and I love it.

SunnyGlennHowerton2209 karma

Thank you! And I will say that in season 10, you will see our characters on an airplane.

Artvandelay12836 karma

The Gang Hijacks an Airplane

SunnyGlennHowerton1147 karma

I refuse to answer that.

Dabee6251384 karma

Is there a G.L.E.N.N. system? If so, can you enlighten us?

SunnyGlennHowerton2146 karma

I get this all the time.

SunnyGlennHowerton3565 karma






tswurve1315 karma

I'm at SXSW as well. Currently pooping in a gross public stall. Can I poop in your hotel room?

SunnyGlennHowerton1803 karma

Yeah, sure, come on by.

SunnyGlennHowerton1982 karma

I'm at the Holiday Inn Room 403.

SunnyGlennHowerton1737 karma

See you there.

moonmman1067 karma

Would you ever get fat like Rob did to make the show funnier?

SunnyGlennHowerton3087 karma

It's impossible for me to get fat. I'm too chiseled.

Artvandelay12159 karma

Gotta keep that Jesus on the cross look.

SunnyGlennHowerton1131 karma


learn_after_reading346 karma

Also, doing the hummingbirds reduces that fat like crazy.

SunnyGlennHowerton432 karma

Yeah. It definitely burns calories.

eedna966 karma

I recently turned 25 and my car insurance company said that because I have more than 3 years driving experience, it doesn’t matter and they won’t lower my rates. I’m planning on shopping around, what insurance company do you use and how do you like them?

SunnyGlennHowerton1497 karma

Okay. Well my dad is in the military, so I got grandfathered into USAA, which is an insurance company for military and retired military people.

AnyHoleIsTheGoal922 karma

Since the Game of Thrones writers wrote an episode with you guys, can we expect to see Dennis and Mac fight fro the Iron Throne in this GOT season?

SunnyGlennHowerton1471 karma

They asked us if we wanted to be in an episode.

They offered us the opportunity to go and shoot something with them. Basically they said "if you guys want to do the show, we'll write something in there." We just never have time to do it.

AssieWali1317 karma

Please do it. The golden god needs to get the throne

SunnyGlennHowerton1792 karma

Oh my god, that's amazing.

Do you want to see the Golden God ascend the throne? Tweet at HBO that you want me to get the throne!

RoswellSpaceman1039 karma

Just plug in Frank's sex scene from Lethal Weapon 5. It will fit right in somewhere.

SunnyGlennHowerton735 karma

That's true!

SunnyGlennHowerton638 karma

I'll run it by Benioff and Weiss.

the_internext371 karma

I think you could definitely play a Lannister!

SunnyGlennHowerton580 karma

Yea, absolutely. Make it happen gys!

stuart20829 karma

what's charlie day like in real life??

SunnyGlennHowerton1584 karma

Funniest man I've ever met.

rachelsholidays825 karma

Hi Glenn! AMAs, especially for comedy writers tend to aim a little more for the technical/humor stuff, so I might get buried here, but I figured it was worth a try regardless.

Sexuality always seems to be a topic of discussion both on the show and in interviews. Sunny isn’t a show exactly known for it’s aggressive stance on social issues, yet for a show that presents these things with a sense of grim neutrality, I feel like it’s actually done a better job that most when it comes to queer issues. Myself and many of my friends really enjoy that aspect of it a lot.

As a queer girl myself, Mac especially is a character that feels very validating, and even though the show never presents topical issues seriously, there is a very unique underlining story sort of unfolding in the background surrounding this character and his sexuality that is actually very sad. I was always so impressed with the development on that front whether intentional or not, the idea of taking someone who appeared to be a very straight man in the first season and constructing that arc for him (and maybe Dennis too? I know i’ve seen you say a few things about that). It’s validating. It’s healing. It feels good to see even though Sunny isn’t exactly Glee or Queer as folk or something, but that almost makes it better in my opinion because I really don’t need another show like that.

What I am getting at here is that in interviews, I do see a lot of talk about the sexuality of your characters, though it’s almost always on light hearted talk shows thus is often cut short and not fully discussed. I would be really interested to hear more on that from your point of view, as I always thought it was a very interesting route to take, especially considering you, Rob, and Charlie are three straight guys who have written a show for what is largely a straight male audience.

I apologize if this is taking these characters slightly too seriously, but they are actually pretty fun to deconstruct. On a slightly unrelated note, Dennis is probably my all time favorite character from any show, so thanks for creating him and making him such a wonderful creep.

SunnyGlennHowerton1340 karma

First of, thank you for such an intelligent and well-thought out question. I'd be happy to answer it as best I can. The issue of equal rights for homosexuals is something that is very important to us. But because our show is a comedy and a satire, it gives us the opportunity to address issues surrounding sexuality in a way that is comical but because it's comical, in our opinions, it can be even more poignant, because it's couched in comedy. And therefore, it's more subversive. Sometimes presenting the most ignorant point of view can be the best way to satirize the issue and highlight that ignorance.

shmekekey778 karma


SunnyGlennHowerton2040 karma

To only stop making it when they make me.

Zombiezest848 karma

No regrets, no surrender!

SunnyGlennHowerton1299 karma

No man left behind!

BallChinBoy756 karma

Always Sunny gets funnier every season. Just re-watched "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6" and was dying laughing. Is working on this show just a blast for you guys?

SunnyGlennHowerton923 karma

It is a blast. Yes.

Pogrebnyak730 karma

Any special plans for season 10? I heard Aaron Paul was interested in the show, will he be on? That would be absolutely amazing!

SunnyGlennHowerton1244 karma

Aaron is a friend of ours, and loves the show, and we're big fans of his. So we wrote him a role, but unfortunately he was shooting N4S at the same time and couldn't do it. :(

bhb192552 karma

In what other areas of life have you found "The Implication" to be useful?

SunnyGlennHowerton1087 karma

The Implication of Danger is useful in any situation.

asf1187540 karma

Had you ever compared your nipples to a dime before you did on Conan?

SunnyGlennHowerton866 karma

Yes. My wife did.

robopilgrim519 karma

Explain why I should see The Wilderness of James like I'm Mac and it's a choice between that and Lethal Weapon in 3D.

SunnyGlennHowerton1164 karma

Because the Wilderness of James deals with the issue of mass in a very grounded yet fantastical way.

ConesofDunshire517 karma

With such insane plots, how do you guys continue to come up ideas?

SunnyGlennHowerton970 karma

Truth be told, there's always something happening in the world. Some insane human behavior that we read about or hear about that inspires us.

Artvandelay1648 karma

Just for the record, there is enough material in /r/askreddit to last another ten seasons.

SunnyGlennHowerton1013 karma

God help us.

choboy456472 karma

What is the funniest behind the scenes moment with the gang?

SunnyGlennHowerton1172 karma

I can't say what it is, because it was awful. I cried laughing, because Kaitlin said something so offensive while we were rolling and then we just had to cut. Obviously we can't ever show it and I can't even really talk about it.

horriblegb462 karma

What did "Dennis Day" consist of?

(you guys are hilarious!)

SunnyGlennHowerton790 karma

Maybe you'll have to wait and see.

TouchingNipples450 karma

Which actor from IASIP is most like their character in real life?

SunnyGlennHowerton966 karma

None of us.

tropicalnards112233391 karma

What's the dumbest question you've ever been asked?

SunnyGlennHowerton1548 karma

You just asked it!

nicvor340 karma

Who makes you laugh the most on "The Mindy Project?" And is it fun playing a serious lawyer?

SunnyGlennHowerton899 karma

Everybody on that show makes me laugh. And it's definitely fun for me to play a role that is not a psychopath.

moonmman316 karma

Hey Glenn, If I ever ran in too you at a bar, what type of drink do I buy you?

SunnyGlennHowerton738 karma

A Dark and Stormy.

Austin4488298 karma

What is your favorite snack food?

SunnyGlennHowerton668 karma

Honey and almond butter on toast.

SunnyGlennHowerton642 karma

And a glass of milk.

decerian259 karma

First off, I want to say that I spent last night watching It's Always Sunny instead of finishing a lab report that's due in 20 minutes, so thank you for making the funniest show on television.

I wanted to ask you, since I've heard rumors that IASIP is ending after next season, do you have any plans for after it's over? I also wanted to ask if you can give us any hints as to the direction season 10 is going? IASIP has always been a very contained show, but if the show is ending is there any plans to change up the format? (Also somebody from /r/iasip wanted me to ask if there will be any 2-parters in season 10?)

SunnyGlennHowerton1077 karma

That question is longer than the paper you should be writing.

Get back to work.

Nomitratic255 karma

Would you rather lick the inside or the outside of a sock?

SunnyGlennHowerton1473 karma

Whose dick is it on?

benhah250 karma

How did producing THE WILDERNESS OF JAMES compare with producing a television show? What was your role, and how did it differ from what you did as a producer for Always Sunny? Do you prefer one to the other?

SunnyGlennHowerton302 karma

I don't prefer one or the other. And it was a completely different experience. The Wilderness of James is completely different from It's Always Sunny in every single way. And for that reason it's been a passion project of mine for years.

TheMegaBenson235 karma

What can I do to be on your show?

SunnyGlennHowerton868 karma

Be funny. Be in LA. Be an actor. Have an agent. Get an audition. Be funny.

doyouevenreallycare233 karma

What is your personal dream project?

SunnyGlennHowerton535 karma

I just made it. It's called The Wilderness of James. And we just screened it at SXSW, audiences are raving, and I hope you have the chance to see it soon.

kodiakcity225 karma

How have you not been cast in a vampire role yet?

SunnyGlennHowerton464 karma

Because I only do werewolves.

swirlin_eddie214 karma

How was working with Portugal. the man on the Eternal High Five video? They seem like really awesome dudes and that video was hillarious. Also, they covered "day man" when I saw them in Denver and did an awesome job with it.

SunnyGlennHowerton263 karma

We're mutual fans. I'm a fan of their band and they're a fan of my show. So an eternal high five seemed appropriate.

Ali_Parker17211 karma

boxers or briefs? beach or mountains? Coffee or tea? socks or barefoot? mani or pedi?

SunnyGlennHowerton697 karma

Boxer Briefs. I don't know why anybody would choose anything else. I would chafe otherwise.


Coffee. FUCK tea.



friendsfoundmyoldone204 karma

Having lived in the Philly area my whole life, watching Always Sunny is basically a requirement. I know you guys mostly film in LA, but when you're in Philly, where are some of your favorite places to eat (and drink)?

SunnyGlennHowerton361 karma

I can never remember the name of anywhere I've ever been. I will say that I've eaten at a ton of GREAT places. I just don't remember their names. I'm not that guy.

MiseryLovesKompany195 karma

Does Glenn Howerton love that '80s glam fem-shit' as much as Dennis does?

SunnyGlennHowerton648 karma

I don't like 80's glam fem-shit. But I like 70's glam fem-shit. I love David Bowie, love Brian Eno, Lou Reed, TRex.

iunixon171 karma

Any advice for a college grad? I'm thinking of opening a bar...nothing sells better then alcohol and regrets

SunnyGlennHowerton372 karma

Follow your heart and follow your dreams. Follow your thirst.

Kknowsbest144 karma

What was your favorite television show as a kid?

SunnyGlennHowerton287 karma

The Fall Guy. I loved that show. I originally wanted to be a stuntman. I wanted to jump off buildings and motorcycles off of shit.

cujoman2004140 karma

If you could have anyone make a guest appearance on Always Sunny, who would it be and for what purpose would you want this person to do?

SunnyGlennHowerton566 karma

Al Pacino. Just to have him like, scream at me for five straight minutes. And then wander out of the bar after realizing he was screaming at the wrong person.

CuriousCoincidence130 karma

Does your love of tight spandex equal Dennis's?

SunnyGlennHowerton290 karma

I have no personal love for tight spandex. Except when I'm dancing.

pilgrim_pastry120 karma

What is your favorite beer?

SunnyGlennHowerton268 karma

I'm a big fan of a beer called Lamm's Brau Dark Lager. The A has an umlaut. It's called Organic Dunkel Lager.

Scabandiri115 karma

Do you catch yourself ever singing Dayman?

SunnyGlennHowerton299 karma

Yes I do. And I have to say, I did suspect that it was going to catch on after we shot the scene where we sang it for the first time and for the rest of that season, everybody on the crew was singing it constantly. It was the very first scene we shot and that entire season the whole crew was singing it the whole year.

PicnicWithSanta77 karma

Does the cast visit/hang out at Mac's Tavern often, if at all? Seems like an appropriate place to be when off the set.

SunnyGlennHowerton140 karma

We're always there when we're in Philly.

rdt1010147 karma

Have you ever considered doing an episode where Paddy's is featured on the show Bar Rescue with John Taffer?

SunnyGlennHowerton106 karma

We get this all the time on Twitter. We probably would, if people weren't asking for it all the time.

QueenPoser136 karma

What's an embarrassing secret about yourself?

SunnyGlennHowerton83 karma

I have a really hard time remembering people's names. I hate that about myself.

And while I don't eat cereal in my car, I do often eat oatmeal in my car.

fknrat28 karma

Will we ever see an Always Sunny Saturday morning cartoon?

SunnyGlennHowerton97 karma

Ever since season 3 we've been talking about doing Sunny Babies, our version of Muppet Babies.

Which would be amazing. Right?

It'll probably never happen. Which is a shame, cuz it should.