How do you still have a job?

What are your best memories of working on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel air?

What have you worked on since the show finished?

How did you get into the industry?

What was your first job as a camera man?

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malz_3 karma

Maybe Alan's full name will be in the credits of Fresh Prince?

TheCaptainOats3 karma

That's what I'm hoping.

malz_2 karma

I've just tried to look and can't find him.

TheCaptainOats2 karma

Yeah I didn't have any luck with IMDB. I'm hoping someone has the box set and is willing to sit through the credits.

malz_2 karma

I just realised something... How did the person who did the subtitles know it was Allan and not Alan? I think I'm on to something...

TheCaptainOats2 karma

My uncle spells it with one L. I just went with the sub's.