What's up reddit, I did an AMA a few months back and had a blast. I wanted to do it again, and this time I brought Matt Shultz, lead singer of Cage, along for the ride. Our third album Melophobia is out now, and we're playing the Ellen show on Wednesday, which should be pretty interesting. We'll be here for a few hours and we'll try to answer as many questions as we can.

By the way if you want an answer from me or matt specifically, put our name in your question!

Here's proof: proof

EDIT : Fixed Proof.

let the games begin!

EDIT2: Hey guys, we've been at it for 3 and a half hours and we're gonna take a break and get some food. If there's questions you want answered that we haven't answered yet, up vote them. We'll be checking back here and there to answer some more questions. You guys are great!

EDIT3: Ok, so Matt left my house a while ago. I've had dinner, watched the new episode of True Detective, and browsed r/truedetective for the last 2 hours looking for fucking yellow king rumors. That fucking show!! I'll keep answering any unanswered questions when I have time. This is my personal reddit account, so i'll see the questions eventually, as I browse reddit constantly. I'm addicted. But I'm not gonna speak for Matt or answer any questions for him unless he's around me to answer them.

Although, he had a blast discovering reddit today and will probably make an account soon, so he can come back and answer any questions intended for him specifically. BUT, just like my last AMA… This AMA never ends, I'll answer till they shut the thread down! Ha

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The_Best_Dong645 karma

I'd ask a question, but it'd probably just go in one ear and right out the other.

jchamp0227347 karma

Here, have an upvote anyways.

Bobgoalie222 karma

Shameless /r/CageTheElephant plug.

jchamp0227148 karma

Hi bob! Upvote for you my man!

drab_bard22 karma

You got a special mention on their facebook page! And you were first to know about this AMA! Congrats!

Bobgoalie32 karma

Yeah, Jared communicated it to me so I could give some of our subscribers a head start. Hoping this boosts the numbers on our little subreddit!

jchamp022737 karma

you need to make me a mod bob! I think its time!

ynehod107 karma


jchamp0227164 karma

Matt: Well which story do you want?

waitingonthatbuffalo142 karma

They played a game on the back of a box of off-brand Cap'n Crunch where they had to connect the dots and "cage the elephant."

jchamp0227194 karma

Actually, it's this one ^

Yeahparkerz92 karma

Matt was hugged by a homeless man who shouted CAGE THE ELEPHANT

jchamp022799 karma

Yes, this is true. ^

Yeahparkerz90 karma

Matt was eating alphabet soup and it spelled it out in the bowl.

jchamp0227106 karma

True ^

Yeahparkerz87 karma

Matt had a dream where an old lady was sweeping his front porch and she was saying "cage the elephant" over and over.

jchamp022789 karma

Correct ^

i_am_toby_flenderson99 karma

hey guys- if i was about to go deaf and i only had 45 minutes left to hear, and you guys had to give me just one album to listen to, what album would it be? rules: it can't be yours and it has to have come out in the last five years.

long time fan guys- keep doing what you do.

(i'm not actually going deaf btw. just wondering.)

jchamp0227434 karma

Jared: Probably LMFAO or something like that so you wouldn't feel so bad about going deaf.

Matt: I'd probably panic trying to make a decision and then you'd go deaf without listening to anything.

i_am_toby_flenderson202 karma

so LMFAO and nothing... thanks a lot guys.

jchamp0227293 karma

nesmithandrew95 karma

Matt, what is the weirdest thing someone has put in your pocket while you have been crowd surfing?

jchamp0227209 karma

Matt: Well I've had people steal my pockets--like rip them off. I think that's even weirder than getting something put in my pocket.

nesmithandrew67 karma

I was one of your concerts in Atlanta at the Tabernacle and some dude tried to steal your shoe and failed, do you just tie your shoes incredibly tight?

jchamp0227270 karma

Matt: Absolutely, yeah. Mostly I wear boots now so that that doesn't happened. But a couple years back someone stole one of my shoes and I only had one pair of shoes at the time on tour with me and we had to catch a flight at 6 am the next morning, so I had no time to buy new shoes. I was so frustrated that I took the other shoe off and threw it into the crowd! Right after that, someone brought me the shoe that had been taken off my foot.

KiloSopher88 karma

Can we chill for approximately 10 minutes at firefly fest? This goes to either jared or matt but preferably jared considering im a drummer. Fat doobie, my treat

jchamp0227142 karma

Shit yeah we can, but 10 minutes? That might not be fat enough buddy!

Crimsic74 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan, Melophobia blew away my expectations and is definitely one of my top five albums of all time. I'm going to be seeing you guys in San Antonio in April and can't wait!

My question is what are your favorite albums to simply listen through all the way through?

jchamp0227160 karma

Jared: My most recent favorite is probably the Alt-J album. Zeppelin's always easy to listen to all the way through.

Matt: Neil Young's Harvest for me

RainDog9470 karma

Would you rather fight a Danny Devito sized bear, or a bear sized Danny Devito??

jchamp0227133 karma

Jared: I'd say a Danny Devito sized bear, because a big-ass Danny Devito from it's always sunny in philadelphia is something I just would not want to fuck with.

Matt: This ^

eliismyname12369 karma

So, you guys rest well?

jchamp0227209 karma

Jared: Not when we're wicked.

eliismyname12357 karma

Oh no you didn't

jchamp0227244 karma

JessicaC9364 karma

If you were not in Cage the Elephant, what do you think youd be doing?

jchamp0227337 karma

Matt: I'd probably be in a different band, with all the members of Cage the Elephant.

Jared: I'd be in that band.

terodactylsoros58 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing the AMA! I was just wondering why you guys don't play Around My Head on tour anymore considering it's a favorite for many fans including myself! Additionally, how do you decide which songs to play at your shows?

Can't wait to see y'all at Coachella and The Fox Oakland :)

jchamp022781 karma

Matt: Because there's new material that we want to get out there, and you just kind of pick the songs you like the best from previous records to make room for the new stuff. But it's always a hard decision to make.

sircheddar56 karma

Matt: Which song do you have the biggest emotional connection to?

jchamp022797 karma

Matt: Hard to say! Probably Telescope on the new record, Melophobia. I think it's the most transparent I've ever been able to be.

oryan_pax51 karma

Hey guys, I first heard a CtE song in the intro to Borderlands and have been a fan ever since. I'm wondering if you guys played through the game and if so, who were your favorite characters to play as?

jchamp0227101 karma

Jared: Yes, I bought the game the day it came out when we were on tour and beat it in 5 days in our back lounge. I played as Mordecai.

dragonsandmonkeys46 karma

for Matt, what do microphones taste like?

jchamp0227129 karma

Matt: Mostly metal.

spitvalve9243 karma

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan and can't wait to see you in may. I was wondering; when it comes to music, who was your first love.

jchamp0227104 karma

Jared: Zeppelin

Matt: Honestly, for me it was my dad.

weaselninja25 karma

How so Matt?

jchamp022776 karma

Matt: My Dad was always in bands when I was growing up, he was always writing songs. He put a strong emphasis on originality--so much so that even when we were learning to play our instruments wrong he would encourage us to get really good at playing in that unorthodox manner. This is why I still suck at guitar today. Or am I a genius? :D

MashBringingHasher34 karma

Thanks for doing this, you guys are my favorite band. I've always wanted to know how you come up with the lyrics to your songs, cause some of them, like Teeth and Japeneese Buffalo, kick ass.

jchamp022757 karma

Matt: Those two are stream-of-consciousness. Pretty much I try to create a picture. I usually work on them until the song makes me feel whatever emotion I'm trying to convey.

jordanguitar1030 karma

What was it like trying to break-through as a band, coming from a place such as Bowling Green? I feel like it's almost impossible to go somewhere if you don't have an extremely supportive music scene around you...

Also, Matt specifically, do you remember that private show at the Sacramento Auto Museum you did a few months ago? It seemed like an odd place to be, I was also just wondering how it all came to be

jchamp022733 karma

Matt: Coming from a small town, (side note: a lot of really great bands have come from small towns, so don't give up) just play as many shows as you possibly can, you gotta fish where the fish are.

As for the museum show, a lot of that stuff comes up organically, we'll get a request from a radio station or whatever.

Tydonachtia201230 karma

What was the inspiration for the song "Aberdeen"? I'm from Aberdeen, WA, and I always wonder what you guys were thinking when you wrote that. Also, keep being awesome =)

jchamp022765 karma

Matt: Actually, we were in Aberdeen, Scotland. We had a rehearsal and for some reason I kept singing that.

bluesmood28 karma

Who is your most influential frontman, Matt?

Who is your most influential drummer, Jared?

What bands do you find the most unique in sound?

jchamp022771 karma

Matt: I used to be inspired by several different frontmen, and my performances were a blend. But now I try to find the character within the song. Whether it's a gaunt wizard prancing around stage or a go-go girl.

Jared: Mitch Mitchell or Bonham. Straight to the point. ^

ynehod28 karma


jchamp022773 karma

Jared: I have a house scooter to ride from my drums to the toilet and just to cruise around my house in general. That might be more lazy than weird tho. Still fun either way!

Matt: probably this

KentuckyStrong27 karma

Scale of 1-10, how much do you love Tidballs?

jchamp022749 karma

Matt: No but these amps go to ELEVEN.

Jared: 12. Fuck you matt.

Matt: 13.

Jared: 14.

Matt: Infinity, no takebacks.

Jared: Ridiculous. SMH. ^

InterstateLoveSong2727 karma

Other than Baby Blue, can we expect any other B-sides from Melophobia?

jchamp022747 karma

Matt: there's a song called Jesse James that's coming out on Record Store day. And then there's also a song called Ain't That a Shame that didn't make the record.

ynehod26 karma


jchamp022748 karma

Matt: Just something Daniel Tichenor said one time, on an airplane. I thought it was funny.

Yeahparkerz24 karma

Matt, what's your workout routine? I noticed you got RIPPED haha

jchamp022783 karma

Matt: I discovered Richard Simmons. Changed my life.

Condor_Ladyfingers22 karma

Hey guys, Cage the elephant is one of my favorite bands right now, especially after the release of melophobia, which I have a few questions about.

  1. Back in September you released 500 translucent yellow vinyl copies if melophobia. I was wondering if you will release more in the future, I would totally buy one, or even two in a second.

  2. My friend and I were listening to melophobia and I saw a theme with the songs. It seems to me that each (or most) of the songs in that album represent mental illness (spiderhead, schizophrenia; telescope, depression; teeth, paranoia). Did you do this on purpose or is it just a coincidence?

Thanks for your time, keep up the good work.

jchamp022758 karma

Matt: Totally unintentional. But now apparently I'm mentally ill.

Jared: Yellow copies were limited. Matt: But i got a hundred in my closet for 3x markup if you're interested.

sircheddar20 karma

I'll buy all of them.

jchamp022724 karma

Jared: I think Matt should just give them to you for free--if he's cool enough.

jchamp022741 karma

Matt: Nah.

StandingTester22 karma

Matt, has anyone ever complained at your onstage antics?

jchamp022762 karma

Matt: When we first moved to England, the hip thing to do was to stand still and stare at your shoes on stage, so the record label actually told us that we couldn't move around on stage… We're not on that label anymore.

menguinman22 karma

First off I would just love to say thank you. Around the time I started listening to Cage the Elephant is when I finally knew I wanted to start a band. Your first album captures a lot of the same thoughts I had swimming around my head. The angst, the sound, fantastic lyrics inspired me. My band actually played our first gig last night and we would have never gotten there if it wasn't for you guys. So thank you.

My question is if you had any advice for an aspiring musician who wants play around the world and live their dreams like you?

I hope to run into you guys on tour someday.

ps. Melophobia hasn't left my record player since I've bought it. Love the new record.

jchamp022736 karma

Matt: Work ethic.

Jared: Don't stop if you really believe. Work and play as much music as possible.

_Boomer3421 karma

This will probably go by un-noticed since I'm about an hour late - but fuck it. I just wanna thank you guys for doing what you do, your music is fan fucking tastic. Everything everyone of you guys put out is different and fresh and I've never heard anything like it before. Your music makes me happy when no other band can, so thanks.

jchamp022721 karma

Matt: Noticed. Thank you!

bobbrokebad20 karma

Matt, would you ever consider doing a solo folk album? I love the intimacy of your acoustic songs and I think it would be beautiful to have a whole album of that :3 <3

jchamp022727 karma

Matt: I don't ever count anything out, but it's not something I'm actively pursuing.

Hardheadedniglet20 karma

Have you ever been recognized halfway through a piss?

jchamp022738 karma

Matt: Oh yeah. People recognize you and just start talking to you midstream. I'm like "Oh yeah, thanks..glad you like the music…"

kikinii19 karma

Have you ever gotten into a relationship with one of your fans?

jchamp022747 karma

Matt: ;-)

AndiDuran-Dean18 karma

Jared, I'm lucky enough to have already shared my artwork with you in your AMA & Matt, to have asked you on facebook about how we experience synesthesia and surprise you by requesting the green screen footage before the website was even announced. If it's okay, I still have a few more questions I'd like to ask.

  1. Matt: If you could design a trading card collection, what would it be? What would you name it & what picture or information would be on your personal player card?

  2. Who's idea was it & why did you choose to wear mariachi suits in the CLC video? (This sounds strange, but soon you'll see why this is one of the luckiest things that ever happened for me.)

  3. Jared: I really can't thank you enough for being the one to suggest Alison Mosshart, because I'm still in awe and disbelief that my favorite female singer has recorded with my favorite band. Did you discover Alison through Dead Weather or the Kills, have there been any memorable moments together, and have you thought about recording anymore songs with her?

  4. What are your biggest or most ridiculous rational & irrational phobias??

  5. Matt: Which battle is your favorite of the American Civil War? Would you ever wear your union uniform onstage?

  6. Jared: What are your favorite Black Ops & Halo game types? Would you ever play online with us fans?

  7. How does the band feel about people using your music in personal projects? Such as videos, music, or even books. Are there any restrictions or an approval process from the band members or the label?

I also wanted to thank you, not only for your music, but also for your inspiration. Not being from an upper-class background, and having rising university expenses means needing multiple part time jobs. And as embarrassing as it is to admit, especially to you, my main job is working at Wal-Mart. Matt, I stumbled over an interview that said you also used to work there and discovered music by buying rock CDs. And as small as this may be, this gives me so much hope. Because when "Come a Little Closer," plays over the store's loudspeakers, I'm reminded that the same person singing about change and things not always being what they seem is truly being honest. No matter how long or upsetting my workday, for those few moments I actually feel reassured and hopeful knowing that we have both experienced being on the wrong side of a daydream.

jchamp022712 karma

  1. Matt: What makes you think my card collection has player cards? You asked me to design a trading card collection, but what if my card collection doesn't have player cards? Honestly I'd bring back a Civil War card collection that Topps put out in the 1960s. I'd just make it a little more animated and graphic.

  2. It was my idea. The idea behind that video was to create a really visually visceral video, and I thought the colors were really super-psychotic.

  3. Jared: I'm a fan of the Kills and The Dead Weather. She performed the song live with us at Webster Hall in NYC. We think it'd be awesome to do more songs with her.

  4. Matt: I didn't know phobias were rational.. Mine is telling people my fears, so I'm not going to tell you my phobia! Jared: I have a fear of being mellow.

  5. Matt: Not sure I have favorites since thousands of people died in every battle of the Civil War. My mother made that civil war uniform for me when I was a kid. I don't think I fit into it any more!

  6. Jared: The multiplayer in both games is the reason I play them, and black ops zombies is probably my favorite now. I play with random people every day and any fans who want to get their ass whooped in some CoD or Halo, my gamertag is cagetheelephant

  7. Jared: We like when people use our music because it shows that people appreciate or like the music. All good with us.

jshimp22718 karma

I was wondering if your birthday was February 27th like your username suggests. Because my name is also Jared and my birthday is February 27th.

jchamp022736 karma

oh shit, mind blown.

Happy belated birthday!

McsMel15 karma

Hi Jared, Matt, this is Melisa from Argentina. I know you guys are coming here next month (already have my tickets for both Lolla and your sideshow) so I was wondering what do you think of having fans so far from home? And how was your experience your first time here? (I went to that concert as well, both, and the one in La Trastienda was probably the best concert I've ever been in my life) Oh and Matt, when the guys from Foo Fighters playing, you passed right in front of me and I screamed my lungs out, and you grabbed my hand and that was probably one of my best memories of that day. Thank you!

jchamp022724 karma

Jared: It's awesome having fans anywhere in the world. For me Argentina was awesome last time but then I got a bacterial infection and I was in the hospital for three days. I didn't get to see much. Hopefully more this time.

Matt: Well, thanks Jared for bumming us all out. But it always blows me away whenever we're so far from home and people are aware of the music.

2catchApredditor15 karma

If a movie studio wanted to make a movie about the coming up of Cage the Elephant... Who would you cast for each of your roles?

jchamp022745 karma

Matt: For me, easy, Jonah Hill. For Jared, ripped Owen Wilson. For Brad, Alec Baldwin, For Tichenor, I'd cast Danny Devito.

Jared: For me, I'd choose Sam Rockwell but if Johnny Depp got the script he'd be jumping at the chance to play me. For Matt, Tyler Perry. For Brad, The Rock. For Tichenor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Jazzy23414 karma

What should I name my new dog?

jchamp0227108 karma

Jared: Jared.

Matt: Jared. But only if it's a girl dog, so you could say "Jared's my bitch."

Clit_Fisto14 karma

MATT, i'm a huge fan of the pinkish colored sunglasses you wore during the Thank You, Happy Birthday era. What kind of sunglasses are they? Or what kind are you usually a fan of?

Jared, we have the same name!

jchamp022734 karma

Matt: I usually just wear whatever sunglasses are around, hahah, sorry. The only kind of sunglasses I won't wear are those Oakley NASCAR sunglasses.

Jared: this.

Marlynn_13 karma

I'm seeing you guys in Ventura .. If I made you guys the coolest poster ever would you guys keep it !

jchamp022723 karma

Matt: No, we'd burn it.

Of course we'd keep it!

Jared: Hell yes.

drab_bard12 karma

The inclusion of Alison Mosshart was a really interesting addition to Melophobia. Do you guys have any more plans to collaborate with other artists?

jchamp022719 karma

Matt: We don't have any plans but we like to collaborate with other artists. Brad actually just produced a record with Juliette Lewis and Jared played drums on it.

Kcmhs1312 karma

When's the take it or leave it video coming out?

jchamp022715 karma

Matt: Later this month.

Marlynn_12 karma

I got one of your quotes tatted on me ! Isn't that nice !

jchamp022763 karma

Matt: I'm sorry. Tattoo removal techniques are advancing every single day!

QMAC13111 karma

Hey, I wanted to know if you guys remembered the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio.

Also I can't wait to see our guys in Raleigh, being a broke highschool student, a free concert is a huge help

jchamp022748 karma

Matt: It was in Scotland, in a Burger King in a truck stop. I told everyone in the Burger King "Oh my god, that's my band on the radio!" No one gave a shit.

VanceWorley11 karma

What's your favorite song to play?

jchamp022738 karma

Jared: for me, probably Sabertooth Tiger

Matt: For me, it's currently Take it or Leave it, or Spiderhead

BisexualPirate11 karma

Hey Guys! First of all, thank you so much for creating such awesome music. Second, what inspired Cigarette Daydreams?

jchamp022723 karma

Matt: Real happenings, things that were happening in life. It's written about my now wife, Juliette.

weakerthanilook11 karma

Fuuuuuuck!! I missed it. Regardless, I olve the new album. Keep it up guys. I have been hooked ever since I heard Ain't No Rest For the Wicked in a movie trailer.

jchamp022712 karma

You don't miss a Jared AMA… Thanks for the kind words! here buddy

kikinii10 karma

Do you usually have after parties after your concerts?

jchamp022720 karma

Matt: we used to, all the time. Now sometimes we have to leave right after the shows.

Jared: There's not as much time these days to party, but we try when we can.

Titaniumcorn7 karma

Hey guys thanks for doing this, I was just wondering if you guys will have a show in michigan before 2015 and if you guys ever plan on releasing an album with some of you're songs that aren't on albums like Dr. Dr. Dr. Or carry me again?

jchamp02276 karma

Jared & Matt: Yeah, we'd love to, someday.

prof_c7 karma

Any funny stories from the tour/recording of Melophobia?

And also will you be coming back to Ireland soon?

jchamp022728 karma

Matt: When the horn section came in and played on Teeth, I kind of just convulsed around the room, and they tried to interpret my movements with their horns. We all laughed until our cheeks hurt. And the song turned out pretty sick. Winning!

profderpson7 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA! I saw you perform with Muse in Pittsburgh at the Consol Energy Centre a couple months ago. What was it like touring with them? Any cool stories from the road?

jchamp022721 karma

Matt: It was pretty sweet, we teleported to all of our shows..

cbruins226 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, I love you guys, your music and your energy! All of your CDs have had (for the most part) different vibes from each other while maintaining an original and unique sound to you. So my question is when writing and coming up with a new music do you have a set type of direction or noise you intend to convey or do you just go with the flow and see where it takes you? Also what are your inspirations when coming up with new material? Thanks for being here!

jchamp022711 karma

Matt: It's honestly like a mixture of both. You almost have to have a split personality when you're writing a record.

Jared: Our inspirations come from all aspects of life.

elduderino776 karma

Hi, Im one of Nick Bockrath's former guitar students, and I wanted to know if Nick is just a short term replacement or will he be a permanent member of the band? Thanks!

jchamp02278 karma

Matt: Right now we're not adding any permanent members, but Nick is great.

dat_quota_doe6 karma

what songs would you like to cover?

jchamp022712 karma

Matt: We recently did an acoustic cover of Broken Bells' Holdin on For Life. I'd love to do a full band cover of it.

Jared: Right now, the Wall by Pink Floyd because we're listening to the vinyl. I'd cover just about anything to be honest--as long as it has drums.

ryancardiff6 karma

You guys are one of my favorite bands, thank you so much for doing this! You guys have played alongside a lot of awesome bands, which of them was your favorite to play with or meet?

jchamp022723 karma

Matt: So far, the most impressive band we've gotten to play live with was Queens of the Stone Age. But favorite? That's hard to say.

Jared: For me, probably the Foo Fighters. It's hard to deny how fucking cool /u/totallynotdavegrohl is.

filmingej6 karma

Hey guys! Thank You Happy Birthday is one of my favorite albums, and your music is always awesome. So thanks.

Matt, did that two-story stage dive hurt? How was it?

Any funny stories while you were recording anything?

Thanks again!

jchamp022710 karma

Matt: No. I'm invincible.

carbon_echo5 karma

Hey guys, first i want to thank you for the AMA, second I want to thank you for your music. You guys got me interested in music a few years ago and now it's a huge part of my life. I managed to miss yous play with foals a few weeks ago so that sucked. Well my question is what was you guys most memorable gig and what made it so memorable?

jchamp022712 karma

Matt: Lollapalooza, 2011, when it rained, and 40,000 people stayed and watched. It was torrential downpour and no one left, the crowd got bigger.

OneOfYourGuys5 karma

Hey, big fan of everything you guys do I wanted to ask you what you really think your "sound" is, what exactly would you personally classify your music as?

jchamp022717 karma

Matt: Kind of hard to answer. Hopefully we're not genre-specific and one of our biggest fears is for our creative process to be hindered by those kinds of restrictions.

bignads4204 karma

Seeing you guys live in May and was wondering if it would be appropriate to throw down at the show?

jchamp02278 karma

Jared: Throw what down!? If you're Thor, then NO.

themackern4 karma

Hey guys, I don't have a question, but I did want to say thanks for how much you've improved and influenced the Bowling Green music scene and for giving us the kickass album that is Melophobia. Rock on.

Oh, and Matt, your wild dance moves at Tidball's are always appreciated.

jchamp02274 karma

Thanks, man.

Yeahparkerz4 karma

Hey, it's Parker. You may recognize my name seeing as how I've slept I the same hotel room as Tich and I used to talk to Brad a lot on Facebook. I've been your biggest fan for three years now. Thanks for your music. My question for you is what music are you guys listening to right now? Any underground artists we should know about??

jchamp02277 karma

Matt: Fly Golden Eagle, Clear Plastic Masks, Plastic Visions, Diarrhea Planet, Turbofruits, Morning Teleportation, The Orwells, The Drowners, Bad Cop, Chromepony, Ranch Ghost, Screaming Tea Party. You have any to share with us?

canadianonpurpose4 karma

What was it like to have Dave Grohl sub in for Jared when he had appendicitis? Did he volunteer to help or was he asked? How the hell did he learn your songs so fast...

jchamp02277 karma

Well, seeing as I'm (Jared) the only one responding to questions and comments now because this is my personal account… It sucked for me personally… only because I didn't get to play with dave:( but i asked my tour manager in my drugged up mental state, laying in the hospital bed if he thought Dave would fill in for me. he said, "I don't know mate, we can always ask." he came back 30 mins later and told me dave grohl was gonna fill in for me. I shortly rejoiced in pain. haha nah but, It was kind of generous for him to do that. He didn't have to but he did it anyways. He's a remarkable musician and a good friend now because of it. see here

breakerfall4 karma

Dammit, I always miss the cool AMAs!

In case anyone's still around:

How'd you guys get hooked up with Foals for the NYC show, and where's the after-party?

jchamp02273 karma

You don't miss an AMA I'm involved in. You just might get a delayed answer. If you submitted it, you're on the bus smokey! Your stop just might be a little delayed, thats all!

ruri174 karma

Matt, have you ever considered playing the stylophone?

jchamp022712 karma

Matt: Like on a song or as like a career change?

wrenchninja4 karma

You guys are amazing! Easily one of my favorite bands!

  1. Who has the most influence on your artwork? I always find the art interesting and different than anything I've ever seen.

  2. What is something you would like to do on stage, but haven't found the right moment yet to do?

P.S. Thanks for saying happy birthday to me! (My birthday is the same day TYHB released)

jchamp022716 karma

Matt: 1. Clint Colburn--he's an amazing artist, he designs all our stuff. His gallery artwork is amazing, check it out if you get a chance. 2. I'd like to use my ninja Chi to levitate above the crowd.

Jared: 2. Crowdsurf, but every time I try the song falls apart. But we're still trying to find the right moment to reveal our Mini Stonehenge.

VanillaHail3 karma

How funny was it when Tich fell at KROQ because it looked pretty freaking funny

jchamp02274 karma

It was hilarious.. I almost messed up my drum parts trying not to laugh too hard! Haha

rubydoobs3 karma

What size shoe/boot does Matt wear?

jchamp022715 karma

Matt: 9 and a half. You got some shoes for me?

kikinii3 karma

Do you guys play video games as a pass time when not thinking about things having to do with the band?

jchamp02274 karma

Jared: I do. Brad does too sometimes. I'm always trying to improve my cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination by playing FPS's.

notkellan3 karma

What's the oddest gift either of you have been given? Not necessarily odd as in bad, but just the most unusual.

jchamp022714 karma

Jared: Not one I got, but one I sent. I mailed my brother in New Jersey dog poop one time. It was hilarious.

Matt: This is kind of tough. Because I feel somewhat obligated to invent some crazy story that tops all stories…but I guess I'll just tell a true story: One time someone gave me a shark.

seamobloo3 karma

Two years ago I went to Edge Fest 2012, at the time of your performance I had to take a behemoth of shit, although I was unable until Rest for The Wicked started playing, with such a booming base allowing a high pressure explosion of shit to pass through my system. And, I wish to thank the both of you for allowing the best poo to pass through my system, although I'm a day late...

jchamp02273 karma

The brown note always induces the best poos.. You can probably thank tich for that brown note.. We call him thunder bottom. You wouldn't believe how many bowels we clear at a full concert! Haha