My short bio: I know what some of you are thinking: "this is fake. It's just dye."

I get that a lot. But I assure you that it's a very real and sometimes challenging condition. From what I understand, it's the result of a malfunction in the cells that control pigment in the skin. I know that other colors have been reported (black, yellow, orange), but my sweat has always been this blood-ish red. It's especially apparent on my palms, thighs, abdomen and torso, lower areas, mainly because it tends to stain my skin.

Feel free to ask me about it if you're curious! Four or five years ago, I never would have posted a pic like this on the internet, but I've come to accept it as part of who I am.

*EDIT 1: Sorry, I forgot to mention what it's called: "Chromhidrosis"

*EDIT 2: I am absolutely exhausted and I need to go to bed, but PLEASE don't hesitate to continue posting your questions and thoughts. I will check on them first thing tomorrow morning!

*EDIT 3: Morning, all! (Or at least, it's morning where I am - it's just before 5 AM). After I get some coffee in me, I'll get to answering more of your questions.

*EDIT 4: It looks as though the questions are coming to a halt, so I just wanted to thank everybody who contributed and took interest in myself and my condition! You're all awesome <3 But if you still want to ask me something, feel free to either post here (while still able) or PM me!

Thank you so much for your interest! It means so much <3

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HarvardCrimsonGirl10 karma

Yes and yes, though I've found that the clothing stains are a MUCH bigger and more embarrassing problem.

THCreativity2 karma

have you had it ever snce you can remember? annnd Do you actually go to Harvard (university)?

HarvardCrimsonGirl2 karma

Yes and yes!

BeerInTheBabySeat2 karma

Do you know anyone with Sulfhemoglobinemia?

HarvardCrimsonGirl1 karma

Can't say that I do, but I have heard of the condition!

Oreosmooshy2 karma

That's gotta be a huge pain! How bad does it get when you exercise?

HarvardCrimsonGirl5 karma


Well, maybe "bad" isn't the right word, but obviously, I get sweaty like almost every other human being, except that I have to worry about a very different kind of sweat stains. On that note, most of my exercise attire is either black or red.

Oreosmooshy4 karma

If you could choose to make it a different color would you?

HarvardCrimsonGirl7 karma

Definitely. I would make it the color of your average human's sweat. Sure, it's a distinctive trait that makes me, well, me, but I can't say that I'm overjoyed to have it. I've always lived with the idea that: "hey, it could be so much worse. You're lucky it's not a risk to your health."

Oreosmooshy4 karma

Haha, I think that's the top option. What I was saying though is that people with your condition sometimes have different colors, like orange or black or whatever. If you had to choose a color (that actually happens to people or not), would you stick with red or pick something else? I think brown would probably be the worst color and as for the best... purple maybe?

HarvardCrimsonGirl6 karma

I've read that green can happen. Try explaining green sweat :)

CR_71 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Just a couple questions...

  • Do you ever use your condition as an ice-breaker for presentations or any type of situation where you might be nervous?

  • What's your favorite genre of music?

HarvardCrimsonGirl4 karma

Thanks for your interest!

  • Uhhh...not...really. I mean, it's not something that I first reveal about myself.

  • I love classical music :)

CR_71 karma

I never liked classical music until I took a couple classes about it. I gained a whole new appreciation for it after that and now it's one of my favorite genres as well. Anything non-classical that you like? lol

HarvardCrimsonGirl3 karma

I hate to give the answer "pretty much everything" but..."pretty much everything" haha :)

CR_71 karma

Haha, understood. Do you play any instruments?

HarvardCrimsonGirl1 karma

I've played the acoustic violin for 15 years and the electric violin for 10!

CR_72 karma

Nice! I have a friend who got a music scholarship playing violin, but she got burnt out and gave it up. What is your major, if you don't mind me asking?

HarvardCrimsonGirl2 karma

Natural Toxicology!

CR_72 karma

Interesting! So any favorite TV shows or books? Sorry for the influx of questions, just general boredom on a Friday night!!

HarvardCrimsonGirl2 karma

Favorite TV Shows: Dateline (Keith Morrison just did an AMA earlier today), King of the Hill (was always appealing to me growing up bc of my Texas roots), uhh...sorry too tired to think of any other favorites off the top of my head.

And books? Death of a Salesman has always been a favorite of mine.

Mitchenmanjensen1 karma

Don't know if you're familiar with the Bible at all, but Jesus is recorded as 'sweating blood' right before he was arrested and crucified. Thought that was interesting.

Anyway, do you know anything about the ratio of men to women who have this condition?

HarvardCrimsonGirl1 karma

That is interesting!

And I'm really not sure; the problem is that there's not a whole lot of information out there because the condition is pretty rare.

BearcatChemist1 karma

If your sweat were the color of blood, you would be an avatar. (Because blood is actually blue, it reacts with oxygen and turns red.)

HarvardCrimsonGirl3 karma

I've been taught that blood is never blue. It is always red, it just appears blue bc of the way it appears through the skin.