We are voice actors that you probably grew up with! Tom does voices for Spongebob Squarepants, CatDog, the Mayor on Powerpuff girls and various voices for Futurama; Gregg voices Grimlock the Dinobot on transformers, Cornfed the pig on Duckman, Eeyore on multiple disney projects and Odie on Garfield and Friends. We're also currently doing a documentary about Transformers called "Transform Me." You can learn all about it here. Proof: http://imgur.com/E2hKDah http://imgur.com/1uEyGzk

Edit 1: Quick update, Tom will be with us at shortly, he's hit a bit of traffic, but please que up the questions and he'll be on them as soon as he arrives.

Edit 2: Gregg here, this has been amazingly fun, and I'll be back soon to do another AMA! ME GRIMLOCK THINK REDDIT GOOD! But seriously thanks for this amazing chance to give back to the fandom!

Edit: Well guys we are wrapping up the question section here, but stay tuned. Though we only got to answer some questions here, we shot video of us answering EVEN MORE questions. We'll Link it below as soon as it's done uploading!

And don't forget to check out Transform Me, a Documentary for and about the transformers fandom, featuring great interviews with both Myself and Tom Kenny....and stay tuned for even more transformers voice actors visting reddit soon as part of our friend Dahveed's final push to finish Transform ME!

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feddz5 karma

What is your favourite TV show on right now?

GreggBergerAMA15 karma

Modern Family for Live action, and I'll always love classic cartoons. Contemporary, a lot of adult swim stuff is of great interest. I dial surf animation like anything else. Selfishly I'm particular to garfield and transformers. The franchises blow my mind. I also love superjail.

KirbyofJustice4 karma

This is for Gregg. How do you get involved doing a disney character like Eeyore? Do they approach you or is a standard audition process?

GreggBergerAMA2 karma

Standard audition process through my agent. I was matched to tapes of the original voice of eeyore, Ralph Wright.

dayofthedead2044 karma

Hi Gregg,

Did you ever get to meet Chris Latta while working on Transformers or GI Joe? Was he always getting into legal and professional trouble as was rumored?

GreggBergerAMA6 karma

Yes.All i know is this, when someone shows that much passion in his work and being a creative dynamo. You could feel a fire burning inside him he was so passionate. He was driven in all aspects!


Hey Gregg Berger and Tom Kenny! I'd just like to thank you guys for your amazing contribution to all our childhoods. Being able to talk to the voice behind our favourite cartoon characters is something that really means a lot so I have a few questions

  • Gregg and Tom, do you have any favourite episodes or scenes from an episode that you've done ?

  • What's it like voice acting so many iconic characters

  • and just for fun, Nicolas Cage, yay or nay?

Thank you both again for taking time out of your day and for the amazing work you've done, on behalf of this AMA I'd like to commend you both on your brilliant work and wish both of you luck on your current and future projects!

GreggBergerAMA3 karma

Duckman haunted society plumbers, the opening scene where we prounounce the name of the plumber's company. Someone want to find that on youtube for us?

We could spend an entire day answering that...

Yay on Cage!

MyLittleSquab2 karma

Question for Gregg, fellow Gregg here, do you constantly have to tell people that your names ends in two Gs not one, because I have to do this constantly.

GreggBergerAMA3 karma

Not only that LOL, but in earlier days people constantly called me Gary...did that happen to you? Now we have to ask Gregg Alman that questions..

Jaycatt2 karma

Gregg: Just wanted to say that I've always been a big fan of your work, especially the deadpan delivery of Cornfed, on Duckman. One of my most favorite characters ever, and that's where my question lies.

When doing your voicework on Duckman, were you and Jason Alexander in the same room as you did your dialog, playing off each other? There's so much comedic timing between you two on that show!

Also, any fun stories working with Jason?

GreggBergerAMA3 karma

Many times together, many times separate, MANY times I was in russia shooting police academy mission to moscow. I recorded from my hotel room directed by phone and express mailed the tapes back to paramount where they were cut into the show. I later replaced the dialogue back to the states.

Tarune2 karma

Both of you, which voice actors do you like working with?

Gregg, how did you discover voice-over (when pursuing acting)? (I've heard Tom tell his story, I want to hear yours!)

GreggBergerAMA2 karma

I was right next to the frozen foods.... I'm an actor and the voice will follow!

Chaos_Cupcake-5 karma

Thank you So much for doing this AMA!

Everyone appreciates this immensely.

I have connected emotionally with many of the characters you have voiced. What character/s would you say you invested your self emotionally on the most and why? Oh and also what do you think of Reddit?

Edit: this question Is mosly for Tom :)

GreggBergerAMA1 karma

I would say any of the characters in long running series I tend to be the most invested in. I honestly can't pick a single one specifically!