I've been a moderately prominent YouTuber since 2007, and have been making my full-time income off the site for the past six years. Here's my channel. - I'm best known for co-creating / producing "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", where my friends and I microwaved over 300 items, and had way too much fun in the process.

I signed up for Reddit two years ago to host an AMA... but quickly got distracted by this wonderful site. So... to celebrate my 2nd cake day on Reddit, I'd love to (finally) chat with Reddit about my experiences, share my insights on YouTube (Content-ID, best-branding practices, channel management, video editing, etc.) or just talk about duck-sized horses.

And of course, shamelessly promote my yearly Oscar-Special episode of "Movie Night", which is my biggest production I create each year. Thanks for stopping by!

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EDIT #1: (8pm EST) This was a lot of fun! Managed to answer basically every comment here, so thanks for the quesitons and support! This is my regular Reddit account, so feel free to keep shooting me queries, and I'll get to them along the way. Have a good night :)

EDIT #2: (Next morning) -- Back to answer more questions!

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xRenegades49 karma

Hey Jon, you were one of the first Youtubers I ever watched back in 2008 when I was still learning the ropes of the website. Is It A Good Idea to Microwave This has always been one of my favorite Youtube shows, and more recently I've been really enjoying Jon's World quite a bit. I don't really have a question, but just wanted to thank you for entertaining, and inspiring me to start making videos all those years ago :)

JonPaula26 karma

Awesome man! I'm always very flattered and honored to hear stuff like this. You're very welcome.

the-spb6 karma

I just have to echo his comments. You're the first channel I subscribed to.

JonPaula5 karma

That's very awesome! Thanks for sticking around all this time :)

ASleepingSloth41 karma

Is there anything you considered too dangerous to microwave?

JonPaula54 karma


Always wanted to (and still might)... but it was far too dangerous to nuke in my backyard just behind a glass door.

Blackborealis30 karma

I'm assuming you mean full cartridges, but ammunition generally isn't dangerous unless it's in a firearm. The case of a round is thin brass that will rupture to vent burning gasses if they ignite. The reason the actual bullet is shot with such velocity when in a firearm is because the chamber of the gun holds the case together on all sides except for down the barrel.

Here is a video showcasing how it is dangerous to burn ammo, but nowhere near as dangerous as most people might think.

JonPaula4 karma

Thanks for this, lots of great information -- but the fact that you linked to that video, and also said it "generally isn't dangerous" tells me you don't really understand how the microwave show was filmed... haha.

Seems like we made the safe, and correct decision not to microwave any bullets :)

Soap-On-A-Rope38 karma

How should I roast my nuts?

JonPaula50 karma

You shouldn't! Protect them at all costs.

I hear tinfoil works well.

scotterson3429 karma

How much is your usual annual salary as a full-time YouTuber?

JonPaula40 karma

On a good year, just around six-figures or so. But it fluctuates quite a bit :/

spyder25618 karma

Huh, wow. So, does that seem fair to you? Do you feel pampered? Ripped off? (hope not...) Some where in between? Like, do you feel the work equal to the pay? What do think of people that talk shit about youtubers and that it's "so easy" and et cetera?

JonPaula51 karma

I work my ass off 80+ hours a week, basically never take time off, and perform the skills of a dozen positions... so while I'd love to be earning even more, I'm very grateful for everything so far. Lately though, earnings have plummeted while view-counts remain steady... so that's frustrating.

Some YouTubers get lucky, and do little work to earn their income, but generally: we're a hearty and hard working bunch. And anyone who suggests otherwise is probably pretty ignorant to what it takes to make it on this site, especially for the long term.

edit: grammar

Mrgoldfishybo28 karma

Is it a good idea to microwave my reddit account?

JonPaula38 karma

Depends if you're a real gold fish or not, because I bet PETA would be upset.

sarfreer5 karma

Is it a good diea to microwave a microwave?

JonPaula6 karma

Reply to a reply? That's bad form, mate.

But yes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GudhnqlPpok

miladmaz1225 karma

What are some things that you have regretted to microwave?

JonPaula37 karma

Mostly, the really boring ones. We can usually stay fun and lively in most circumstances, but if the experiment is a real *dud (LEGOs, silverware, etc) -- it's real hard to find any enjoyment there.

The worst though was an early episode of "Microwave" where we microwaved Bubble Wrap. It was so terrible I issued an apology video later that week -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuUd4NQOBRE

Matheus-00715 karma

I remember there was one you didn't even release. I think it was packing peanuts.

JonPaula21 karma

BOY, that sucked!

SchuminWeb9 karma

Speaking of videos not released, I think you mentioned at one point that you and Jory shot the entire bubble tape episode with Helga before discovering that the microwave had died (from the previous fireworks experiment). Is there any chance that we'll see the original bubble tape attempt released as a "lost episode" of sorts?

JonPaula15 karma

Oh... yeah, I forgot about this. I think if we ever do a DVD box-set like we've always discussed, I'd have to go back and look for bonus footage to include from the original tapes.

Matumboh21 karma

What is your favorite thing to have seen microwaved?

JonPaula25 karma

Watching iPods, airbags, and lava lamps explode was awesome - but I was really surprised / entertained that one time we microwave a toy caterpillar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCX2_aoHcQ4

ladygagadisco11 karma

Favorite thing to microwave includes airbag? That was a genuinely scary episode...

JonPaula5 karma

I answered this one earlier: the caterpillar episode is one of my favorites.

timballj17 karma

butts or boobs?

JonPaula36 karma

Fortunately for me, my wife is great in both departments... but I'm definitely more of a tit-man :)

EDIT: Have you seen those zero-g Kate Upton photos? Damn...

beepbeepboobop14 karma

we are gonna need some evidence

Wade142314 karma

Did you expect to become as popular as you are?

JonPaula15 karma

There was a certain magic to the microwave show, so I knew early that it'd be successful and popular... but never to the degree of it morphing into a full blown career.

bad_balisong_handler13 karma

Hi Jon, I've always been a fan of your "Is it a good idea to microwave this" show, and I have a few questions. 1. What has been your favorite moment while making, or filming a video? 2. Any new shows coming in the future? 3. Favorite book?

JonPaula8 karma

Thanks, glad to hear that!

1) Favorite moment I often cite is ep. #9 where we microwave toothpaste in the old Emerson dorm rooms. Jory and I were both laughing hysterically, and even though it would be another two months before anything was posted, it was then that I realized we had something special here.

2) More regular episodes of "The Weird Part Of YouTube"... our two sort-of 'pilot' episodes last summer went well, and we're making more.

3) Anything by R.L. Stein is great, haha. But seriously, I rarely read: big fan of "Into Thin Air", though.

drskidadles13 karma

Do you ever use a microwave to cook actual food, or is that too anticlimactic for you?

JonPaula14 karma

Of course! I have popcorn all the time. My home microwave is comically old and broken though.

electricmastro13 karma

Is Movie Night your main show that replaced the Microwave program or is there something else in store for your channel that we have yet to see and/or hear about?

JonPaula13 karma

Movie Night is definitely Jogwheel's "flagship" show, now that "Microwave" is in semi-retirement. But I will still be updating that channel with original comedy sketches, and another show I soft-launched last summer, "The Weird Part Of YouTube".

Bradudeguy8 karma

What is this "The Weird Part Of YouTube" show? This is the first I've heard of it, but would love to check it out.

kbkid33 karma

I enjoyed the first couple "Weird Part of YouTube"s. Glad to hear that there will be more.

JonPaula4 karma

Oh, for sure. I just wanted to get a bunch ready before we re-introduce it. Would prefer to have it air consecutively for a few months without interruption.

CaptainMcSwag12 karma

On a scale from 1-10, how many times have you tried to get cancer from microwaving your balls?

JonPaula19 karma

Can I say 11?

Bools10 karma

I've been a fan of your videos for years now. The idea that someone can make a living by microwaving stuff is what America is about.

What microwaved item has caused the most carnage?

JonPaula10 karma

The airbag literally destroyed everything in a 10 foot radius, haha.

joshcar168 karma

What is your favorite Youtube video you have ever made/helped in producing?

JonPaula9 karma

Always been particularly found of this one, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8ygjEUFI1E

Also the "final" episode of "Microwave" was really special.

GeluNumber18 karma

How did you meet your wife?

JonPaula7 karma

Met first day of college! Her dorm room was down the hall from mine :)

Cheesydude8 karma

What would you say is the worst part of being e-famous?

JonPaula13 karma

All the fuckwits, dumbshits, and creeper assholes I have to deal with. Fortunately, they represent a very small minority of the people I talk to online.

TheCaliHaze7 karma

So, when is the Reddit party at your place? Invites getting sent out soon? :p

JonPaula8 karma

Oh you heard wrong, we're all meeting up at Jory's!

LaVoixSpeaks7 karma

Have you had any workplace injuries?

JonPaula19 karma

When an airbag exploded mere miliseconds after the microwave turned on, my buddy (and the show's host, Jory) nearly took a giant piece of glass shrapnel in his back. To date though, the only "real" injury was a sliced finger, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHE0qXnctnE

Morebluelessgreen7 karma

I just want to tell you I still laugh while watching the airbag episode, awesome work in your channel!

JonPaula3 karma

Thanks! I do too :)

TreHad7 karma

Hey Jon! I've been following Ideo Productions/Jogwheel for some time! You most likely don't remember POPOPOWER5, but I love your stuff!

My Question: How close have you come to closing your channel due to whatever (Hate, lack of interest, etc.)

Thanks for doing this AMA! You're awesome. Ha Bisky.

Edit: Also, happy cake day!

JonPaula6 karma

Thanks man, I appreciate the support, and of course - the cake day wishes.

As for closing the channel? Never once had a passing thought about that, honestly. Last thing I'll ever do. In fact, in the event of my untimely death, I've always said I want my friends/family to post my unfinished content, and maintain the channel. I never can stop working :)

AlexReal7 karma

When did you realize you make a living with this? With what intentions did you start?

JonPaula15 karma

When I began posting on YouTube (2006), I did so because I loved video, and wanted to share 'em with my friends. The Microwave Show picked up in 2007, and we started seeing financial success via our audience on a short-lived site called Flix55.com -- where they awarded a $50 prize to the top videos each day. Leveraging our small YouTube crowd of a few thousand subscribers, we handily won that prize like 3x a week... it wasn't full-time money, but it was a great start that off-set all the costs of production.

Later, in January of 2008, YouTube opened their Partner Program to the first few hundred channels, and I was invited. I got my first check the next month for around $800, and knew immediately that this could be a career if I dedicated myself to it.

yourjokesexplained6 karma

What can and can't you talk about wen dealing with YouTube. I know some youtubers won't say how much they make or the exchange rate of likes, views, and shares to dollars. But is that due to their company, like makers studio for example, or YouTube. I know you have your own company (Jogwheel) but I'm sure each is different. Anyway I'm a long time watcher of your videos and good luck in the future.

JonPaula10 karma

The only thing I can't legally discuss openly is CPM-rates for YouTube ads.

But contrary to what many other YouTubers may "claim", there's nothing prohibiting me from telling you pretty much anything else, including my income.

BenAtkinsChafer6 karma

whatup john.

have you ever cocked up a video or idea badly enough that you've had to can it?

Also what are 10 other youtubers that you like to watch?

(choosing Jory is a violation of intergalactic law.)

JonPaula4 karma

Oh heavens yes - many videos have been canned.

Riley and I filmed a "3 Steps" episode on how to survive in the wild. The final shot/sequence never worked, and I never edited it. Similarly, there was a half-baked "3 Steps" concept around Star Wars that was half-filmed, but never finished. Sometimes I'll shoot episodes of "The World According To Jon", but just wait too long to post them, and when they're that irrelevant, I sometimes just never edit them. It's rare that something will actually get to the edit phase though, and then be canned - usually, it's during filming.

10 YouTubers? CinemaSins, AngryVideoGameNerd, FreddieW, Rhett&Link, TheFineBros, ghero46, ShayTards, WhatTheBuckShow, DefendTheHouse, and Dan Brown. :)

fumbles1176 karma

Jon, what is/was your biggest motivation in starting on YouTube?

JonPaula8 karma

Honestly, there wasn't a motivation to do "YouTube", so much as to produce videos -- which my friends and I were already doing for years. YouTube just gave me an outlet for sometihng I was already very passionate about.

Unlike many other pro-YouTubers, I went to school, and got a degree in TV production: so my motivation goes back far further than just YouTube.

rv_6 karma


JonPaula3 karma

Thanks for sticking around all these years!

A) Usually peanut butter on cinnamon raisin toast. B) My old scout master, my high school video production teacher, and my broadcasting-partner for high school sporting events -- all very knowledgeable, fatherly figures that helped shape who I am a great deal. I'd have to cite someone like Roger Ebert as an idol though. C) Hopefully raising a small family in New England, and still earning money creating video content!

Thanks for stopping by.

gerryhanes6 karma

Are you from the future?

JonPaula5 karma

11 minutes, to be exact.

Brian Williams is wearing his striped tie again tonight.

gerryhanes5 karma

Have you ever used your powers for evil?

JonPaula5 karma

Evilish... maybe?

There's this hack, Luke Thompson - who fearmongers money out of my people by saying he can predict earthquakes. When he opened a YouTube channel, I quickly ran him off the site.

TheScienceGeek136 karma

Hi jon, I always enjoy watching your shows, and I was just wondering what you think you'll do If your YouTube career will end.

JonPaula3 karma

Keep doing what I'm doing - editing videos and stuff, just not on YouTube :)

sam18376 karma

Jon, great to see you decided to go through with the AMA! My question is, have you ever made any purchases during your YouTube career that you later regretted?

JonPaula10 karma

We bought a 7' camera jib with some B&H grant money YouTube gifted us. It is tricky to work, and although the final shots look awesome... it really has just sat in a closest, and been wasted.

Here's one of the only videos we shot with it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyY82r_uL-A

Forumpy6 karma

Have you (Jory and Riley) ever tried to fix or manipulate a Microwave for the show? And what is the most you've paid for a single microwave?

JonPaula3 karma

Jory has attempted... but usually, we just toss 'em when they stop working. Made for an interesting dramatic sub-text to the show though, so it worked out.

Never paid more than like $80 for one in all the years we did it.

martinigirl155 karma

If you had to choose between Jory or Riley being your companion on a deserted island, what would your choice be?

JonPaula6 karma

With all respect to my buddy Jory - Riley and I go way way back, and he's basically been my little brother for 20 years.

But... if anyone can build a raft out of half an outhouse, and sail across the Pacific to safety, it's Jory, so maybe I'd take his MacGuyver skills with me :)

BMFDN5 karma

Do you know about the view glitch that's going around youtube now that cuts views by half or even more? And do you think youtube/google will fix it any time soon?

JonPaula7 karma

Haven't heard of this! I'd like to assume that's why my videos aren't doing well lately, but who knows!?

jokethepanda5 karma

Are there any incidents that occurred off camera that you wish you would've filmed?

JonPaula3 karma

When we were filming the season 10 intro skits for TMS, Riley stood on my extra kitchen table, and broke off the "winglet" thing... and everyone just sort of erupted in laughter. That was a funny moment. But Riley was an idiot, haha.

anakinfan85 karma

Hey Jon, I've pretty much been a fan ever since the Tickle-Me Elmo episode of "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This" and of course, Movie Night. My question is, can you recall the first film you ever saw?

JonPaula4 karma

No! And that's very upsetting to me. I wish I knew. We have home movies of me watching Sesame Street and Duck Tales at age 1, so I imagine I was watching movies way early. One of my earliest theater-memories though is seeing a double feature of Hocus Pocus and Coneheads at the drive-in theater. Would have been 7 at the time.

LeTricolore5 karma

What's your favourite position when playing softball?

JonPaula6 karma

Is this like one of those "gay" questions? Haha...

LeTricolore5 karma

Your Youtube post asked for us to ask you some softball questions. I do what I'm told. ;)

JonPaula7 karma

Oh, haha. Totally flew right over my head.

REDDITOR_Cat5 karma

How much have you made with youtube

JonPaula10 karma

A full-time salary for the past five years.

Needle-Nose-Pliers5 karma

Do you still think the Ipad is a big turd?

My dad has a 1st gen ipad that he still uses on a daily basis. I was dubious back then--Everyone was, but since then I think its given us a new way to use computers.

Old time watcher here, thanks for the laughs over the years!

JonPaula9 karma

Not anymore, no. The 1st gen was pretty under featured, but lately, they've come a long way. Personally, I'd rather grab a Kindle or a MS Touch, but - to each his own.

HappyLittleBoy5 karma

Weird coincidence to see you here. I just looked up the microwave show the other day when feeling nostalgic and it occurred to me I hadn't seen any new episodes. I enjoyed watching them again.

Why did you wait so long after filming each series to upload each episode. Most people have trouble holding on to good stuff that long.

JonPaula5 karma

We didn't wait that long, actually.

Often, the season premiere was posted within days of filming. But it would have been foolish to upload all 30 videos at once (also impossible for me to edit them that quickly) - so they were spread out. By the time the final episode of each season was posted, it was months removed.

Wafflemaster1355 karma

Hey Jon. What do you like most about conventions like Vidcon or Playlist?

JonPaula3 karma

Seeing my friends, mostly. I've met so many great people through YouTube over the years - and generally only get to see them at the conventions.

Hosting panels, and talking shop with other creators/viewers is awesome too of course. Also - just having an opportunity to travel and visit a warmer climate for a weekend is always great.

DemandsBattletoads5 karma

Hey Jon, subscriber here. Out of all the videos that you put out, I think my favorite is the GTA V series. What motivates you into continuing the movie reviews? Have you ever thought of focusing on gaming?

JonPaula5 karma

Thanks for subscribing!

It's real tough to juggle everything... and I often wonder how much more successful (but perhaps more burned out) I'd be if I only focused on one thing at a time. I'm SUPER passionate about film, and producing Movie Night... whereas Game Time is just a fun hobby that allows me to pretend I'm still working in radio :)

Glad to hear you enjoy the LPs though! Hope to do "Mario RPG" next.

frostedair4 karma

Do you have any plans to do a LP of the new DLC for The Last Of Us? Your last LP of it was amazing!

JonPaula4 karma

Yes! Haven't had a chance to even download it yet... hopefully early next month.

tbmny4 karma

Do you ever use After Effects for anything you do on Youtube, or just Photoshop and Premiere?

JonPaula4 karma

Seldom, but I definitely - mostly all of my show's intros were made in AE. The 3D text for Movie Night, for example.

Also, I occasionally break it out to do more sophisticated effects for Movie Night's cold-open sketches -- like last week's Oscar special: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0oIurqekdI

yourjokesexplained4 karma

I know when you first made the channel, you took the channel name Jon from somebody who was inactive. How does that process work?

JonPaula3 karma

Basically, I e-mailed YouTube Partner Support (a feature/e-mail which no longer exists), and explained my situation: "Hey, I have a big following, and would like to expand to a new channel, and have it partnered immediately)... and since "Jon" had never posted any videos, or used the account in years - they handed it over.

Also grabbed "Jory", "Riley", and "Ezra" in a similar way.

BartMaster12344 karma

Jon! I thought I'd never see you the day you do an AMA! Wow. I'd just like to say thank you. I've been watching your channel, and ISAGITMT since '08. Hell, I still remember when you were called Jpizzle. Ha, those were the days.

My question is what's your biggest regret about the whole Jogwheel channel, or your life in general.

JonPaula3 karma

Thanks for the viewership!

Biggest regret? That's a tough one... I try not to live any, honestly. I bought a hot tub a few years ago, and don't use it nearly as often as I should be considering what I paid for it. So, that might have been a mistake, haha.

viccie2114 karma

Jon, what I always wondered what do you prefer to be called? Jon, Jonny or Johnathan? You seem to use them interchangeably but what do you prefer?

JonPaula7 karma

Jon or Jonathan, generally.

chezyduck944 karma

Worst decision you've made regarding a video or process of making one?

JonPaula6 karma

Hmm... good question.

I honestly can't think of any really terrible ones... I'll have to think about this.

chezyduck944 karma

ahhh I got you on the ropes sir! I'm guessing something must have gone wrong at some point with microwave series?

JonPaula5 karma

No, it never really did. That show was a well-oiled machine. We just grew tired of it.

hockeynewfoundland3 karma

Hi, I enjoy your videos on Jogwheel and your personal channel. My question is would you consider doing a full LP with TheRunawayGuys?

JonPaula3 karma

Depends on the game, but I'd definitely be interested!

thaFalkon3 karma

Have you guys ever thought about teaming up with the Will It Blend guy for some sort of awesome collaboration?

JonPaula3 karma

I interviewed him once, but never did any actual experiment with them -- and they basically stopped doing videos, so...


mathewriley3 karma

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

JonPaula6 karma

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

Siderz3 karma

Hey, I'm the one who introduced you to those editing subreddits, I especially like the recent /r/EditLines post* :)

I think I've asked you this before elsewhere (And I wouldn't mind betting someone already asked here), but do you have any plans beyond YouTube? If YouTube started losing lots of users, maybe to another site (Imagine it turned into the next MySpace, but I highly doubt that) or maybe just people get bored of the concept, what would you do?

*(I feel bad for linking to a sub I moderate, but I'm not trying to gain attention, I genuinely think it's the best post there!)

JonPaula3 karma

I would likely go where the audience does. My success/skills should easily translate from one site to the next, if such an exodus ever happened.

second_to_fun3 karma

How did those paintballs smell again? Also, where do you keep getting all these microwaves?

JonPaula6 karma

Everything on the show smelled awful. I still have 'Nam like flashbacks to those awful stenches.

We buy mostly all of 'em from Craigslist for cheap.

second_to_fun4 karma

Oh, that's cool! I always loved watching your show some years ago. Thanks for responding. It's interesting how the internet can allow people to easily communicate sometimes.

JonPaula3 karma


BloodyBJ3 karma

Hey Jon, it's great to see you doing this AMA! I've been a fan for basically since I've used YouTube regularly. Right now I'm watching the SMW LP and it's still great! :)

My question is what is it like being in a post Microwave Show world? I'm sure you get asked about the show a lot and still get recognized for it, but your views haven't been the same really since. Do you ever see one of your productions becoming more or equally popular? Also, how have the monthly views of an episode of the Microwave Show changed since it's ended?

Thank you for your time!

Edit: missed a word

JonPaula3 karma

I love my SMW LP! One of my favorite seasons of any show I've done.

Post-TMS is nice. I get to focus on other projects I'm more passionate about. I'm not terribly concerned with viewership comparisons to how that show done, but I'd certainly love to have something go viral-ish again someday.

Viewership for TMS remains pretty consistent to this day.

yakkocmn3 karma

Do you have any recommendations on things to do when starting to upload videos to YouTube? I want to start a gaming channel and one thing I've heard is to keep a schedule (ex. one video each week).

Also, I was the one who sent in the duct tape. :D

JonPaula3 karma

Read the YT playbook, and practice everything it teaches. Also, work hard :)

Thanks for the duct tape!

majormanz3 karma

First off, love the videos, especially 3 Steps, and Movie Night. I've noticed that you respond to a lot of different comments, and almost every comment here. You've even responded to me on YouTube and that made me happy. Do you feel that your interactions with users are part of what helped you grow so much?

JonPaula3 karma

I don't know that my determined interaction with nearly every member of my audience helped my success... but it seems to me like the least I can do for someone who took the time to write me, and watch my content.

Master_mind_3 karma

Hey Jon! Big Fan, Because of YouTube ever changing designs (with many Problems) how do you cope with this? And do you have plans for the future (five plus years?) Still Full-time YT ?

JonPaula4 karma

I hope to stick to YouTube for as long as possible, as for the site? I basically just do my best to make great content consistently, and hope it does well.

Trevastation3 karma

Hey Jon. You might not remember me, but I was the kid you met in Jacksonville in 2011 during your little summer tour. I was the 13 year old from Virginia and wasn't in town when you came down to VA, but was able to see you when in Florida. Wanted to say I'm a big fan, still watch Movie Night and your vlogs/let's plays, still have the shirt you autographed (somewhere), and thanks for hours and hours of great content!

Also, would you be angry if I where to whore out one of your Movie Nights to /r/movies for karma?

JonPaula3 karma

Well, nice to e-meet you again! Thanks for all the support, and yes: feel free to spam away!

colejosephhammers3 karma

Have you tried microwaving a sun chips bag?

JonPaula5 karma

They were Lays, but close enough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgSHs-k3wHg

AdvancedHalo3 karma

Not really a question but just here to say that you are such a cool guy you, Jory, and Riley are especially after meeting you guys at one of your Fiesta movement events. Still awesome to know that my old retainer is forever in Microwave This? history. Anyways from one New Englander to another thanks for all the thing you have done.


JonPaula3 karma

Appreciate that, thanks!

And yes, I remember meeting you - how are things?

fryderman3 karma

Hi Jon! I watch all your videos. Would you say you try to watch every movie that comes out?

JonPaula4 karma

Oh, definitely not. I went to the theater 34 times last year, which is twice as much as any other year. I like to watch films at my leisure, whenever they pop-up on DVD / on-demand, etc.

I'd like to watch them all, but I still have too many classics to go through too. Can you believe I've never seen Vertigo or Gone With The Wind?

ZacProject3 karma

More of a personal life question. When will we see little Paulas running around?

JonPaula7 karma

Within another couple of years. The wife and I have bit of traveling left to do while we're still footloose and fancy free, but we hope to have kids by the time we're 30.

ForgingIron3 karma

What things do you wish you could have microwaved but didn't have or have time for? Also, what kinds of music do you like?

JonPaula3 karma

Mostly everything we wanted to microwave, we did - except the dangerous, or exorbitantly expensive ones.

EDIT: Music... Classic Rock is my favorite, but literally: everything else, here's my Last.FM page: www.last.fm/user/JPizzle1122

wfhilhorst3 karma

Hey John, you are a really big inspiration for me as a (unfortunatly not full time) Youtube Movie reviewer. I think your video reviews are really great and I can see the passion and effort you put into each one. I have two questions;

1) Do you have any advice for someone trying to make video movie reviews on Youtube? I'm a dutch reviewer so sending you a video wouldn't really help but I'd love to get some advice on what makes or breaks a good movie reviewer.

2) Lately you've started to review more recent movies that are currently playing in theaters. Is this a trend you want to keep going? Or do you want to combine current, classic and new DVD releases together?

Even if you don't answer I just want to tell you to keep up the great stuff and I look forward to your live tweets during the academy awards next week! Had a blast last year!

Best wishes from the Netherlands!

JonPaula3 karma

1) I think it's important to have a good balance of hard information (release date, actors, box office returns, etc) with editorial observations, and what you liked the best, supported by specific examples from the pictures. If you can do this with a clear, and well-spoken delivery... and include some graphics/footage from the film itself? You're already doing better than mostly everyone else reviewing films on the site.

2) Oh, I've always tried to review opening-day releases... it's just timely and expensive to do it all the time. And I always wanted Movie Night to be more of a "book club", and watching new films all the time alienates a chunk of my audience that can't see them fast enough. Going forward, the show will likely remain what it's always been -- a mix of old and new, focused around a theme. Next week's Liam Neeson episode (Rob Roy + Taken + Non-Stop) is a perfect example.

Thanks for stopping by, I lived in Well, NL for a few months back in 2005, so glad to hear from the folks over there :)

bubba1bean3 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA Jon! I have a few questions, starting with what other Youtube channels inspire you, or what Youtube channels do you simply enjoy? Also, do you plan on doing more collaborations in gaming? I watched when you were in a competition with The Runaway Guys, and it was great to see the Youtube community coming together in a little tournament. Lastly, under the "Super Youtube Friends" part of the Jogwheel page, the Slo Mo Guys are listed. Do you know Gavin Free and Dan "The Man" Gruchy personally, or have you worked with them in the past? Thank you!

JonPaula4 karma

Answered this a minute ago, here are a small collection of ones I watch with some regularity: CinemaSins, AngryVideoGameNerd, FreddieW, Rhett&Link, TheFineBros, ghero46, ShayTards, WhatTheBuckShow, DefendTheHouse, and Dan Brown.

I really need to collaborate more often... but everyone is always so busy and preoccupied, I often forget to reach out and ask people!

Gavin and I friendly acquaintances, and have met in person a few times - both mutual fans of each other's work. We've discussed for years of getting together to do a slow-mo microwave episode. Hopefully still will!

KriegArgo2 karma

Hey! I loved your videos, but i've had a falling out since i've been busy!

Even with the fact that you got donations from people, stuff to microwave, atleast. How much did the whole series cost? Setting up the stage, buying microwaves (albeit from goodwill, i think?) and did you enjoy it?

JonPaula3 karma

Well, ignoring the fact that the show made a massive profit... the actual costs were probably in the realm of $2,000 for the 10 seasons, with about half of that spent on microwaves. Depends if you count film/video equipment, and then that blossoms to around $20,000.

And yeah, definitely enjoyed the show, but after four years of doing it, we all needed a break before the show became old and busted.