Let's do this!


Proof: http://i.imgur.com/AqvJ2s4.jpg

Also - Need for Speed, March 14. http://youtu.be/b6Gnp8W0RK0

Hey guys - don't hate me, I gotta run. BUT I'll be answering more questions on twitter now. Hit me up! @ducidni

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Futurebucks1667 karma

Is Cleveland still the reason?

ducidni_1686 karma

Of course.

CrashAndBurn691384 karma

What would you say is the biggest difference between the Scott who made "A Kid Named Cudi" and the Scott who made "Indicud" is?

ducidni_1652 karma

Way more mature. There's a lot of growth that's happened. I've experienced a lot and survived a lot. There's a level of maturity that wasn't there before.

CrashAndBurn691025 karma

Thanks for the reply bruh, always been a huge fan, through thick and thin with your music. Check out /r/hiphopheads if you get a chance, it would mean a lot to us.

ducidni_1351 karma

Nice. Appreciate it.

Stoltz31227 karma

How many times did Aaron Paul call you a bitch while filming Need For Speed?

ducidni_1602 karma

Ha ha ha! ZERO!

tnarref1057 karma

Yo Scott,

somebody asked ScHoolboy Q in his AMA a few weeks ago if he'd like to work with you. He said that he does, and suggested that he tried to contact you and that you didn't even answer.

First of all, what do you think about Q (us guys at r/HHH are pretty excited about Oxymoron dropping next week) and were you aware that he tried to contact you to work on something (if that really happened of course) ?

Oh, and thanks for your work man, Just What I Am is the track that was played the most off of my Smoking Playlist since it was released.

ducidni_1790 karma

Yeah - I like Schoolboy Q a lot. Unfortunately i don't recall ever getting a request but I'm definitely down to work with him whenever! I had to clear the sample to "hand on the wheels" and I was really blown away and flattered that he used my words in his song. So yeah, I rock wit' him.

DatKnewKnew977 karma

Hey Cudi! Seeing as you've shown a desire to expand outside of hip-hop, what would you say your favourite non-hip-hop album is? Thanks.

ducidni_2500 karma

Pink Floyd The Wall

Hyyerr_923 karma

Whats up Scott!?

My friend spent 100+ hours on this painting of the MOTM2 album cover. Just wondering what you think of it? He also painted your homie Norman Reedus (last link)

http://imgur.com/ZnvTa7i http://imgur.com/AKxi70K http://imgur.com/Bh4GCyX

ducidni_856 karma

Sick! Appreciate the love!

nikkogatti549 karma

First off just wanna say I'm a HUGE fan, I have your entire discography, all of your studio albums, two of which I have on vinyl plus I made this shirt you might appreciate.

Anyways I thought your part in Brooklyn Nine-Nine was awesome and I was wondering if you have any major roles in some comedies/TV shows planned in the future.

P.S. Satellite Flight is gonna be rad! So is Need For Speed. Thanks!

ducidni_763 karma

Those shirts are sick - really awesome that you did that. How did you do it? Did you screen print it? I used to make shirts in high school like that. I appreciate the support.

I have some stuff brewing I can't get into just yet. I have two night stand coming out and goodbye world, this summer.

lebronjamess413 karma

You got any jams in the Need for Speed soundtrack/movie?

ducidni_867 karma

Yes. A song called "Hero" featuring Skylar Grey. and it is SICK! It plays at the end of the movie.


How was working with Skylar Grey?

ducidni_555 karma

The song is co-produced by me and Dot da Genius

WZRD10309 karma

I'm gonna be excited to see you act in Need for Speed. What brought you into acting?

ducidni_530 karma

It's always been a passion of mine My first real gig was How to Make it. The creators saw a vision for me and saw as a part of the show early on. It fell into my lap in a good way. Things have been working out organically.

LPanthers281 karma


Cudder. I'm aware this is more of a AMA for the NFS movie (Aaron Paul + you goddammit can't wait for this shit), but I had to write this as soon as I knew you were doing an AMA.

You've helped me so much during times where I had nothing left to cheer me up. Don't get me wrong, I think I live a better life than most people on the globe, but I've had my fair share of problems. Because of my family problems I've always been a lonely person, and as a result singled out. I won't go deep into it, but both my parent's families have a history of mental illness, it gets real ugly sometimes. Being broke as fuck doesn't necessarily make it better. That's why I never had time for more drama or even for friends until college. Some of your words really touched my soul. Shit, if I'm being really honest, you saved my life. For real. You, my fam and Allah. … And Nintendo.

With AKNC and MOTM1 you made me laugh my problems away. Soundtrack 2 My Life especially taught me how to be more happy in general.

With MOTM2 you made me connect on an even deeper level. You made me realize I wasn't alone anymore. The anger and frustration left my body and the scars on my arm started to fade away. You taught me that sadness could be used beautifuly. You made me feel cool as fuck. Mojo so Dope bitch.

With WZRD you made me accept myself as a flawed but at times near to perfect human being. As a result I've started to open more to other people and stopped hating myself.

With Indicud you gave me that ambition to stop dwelling on my past and to become the dopest. I have to take my revenge on haters, and they say the best revenge is living life. Since this album dropped I lost weight, was accepted in an elite programming school with no coding background (a free school. We went from 70 000 candidates to 800 students. I'm one of them. During the many months of tests, Indicud and Yeezus were the only albums I listened to. Thanks for that.) and I've learned a lot of stuff. Also, my acting/screenwriting dreams started to take shape, I'm working on a lot of shit. And one day we'll work together on something, I don't doubt it for a second.

So fuck anybody who doesn't feel Indicud or WZRD. I'm aware this is all part of a journey. I'm aware you're trying to make us grow up with you in this internet-era filled with fake nostalgia and fake people. Basically you're being the dope big brother I've never had.

Here's my favorite songs from you this week (It changes so often)

  1. Mr Rager. You know why. Ben Breedlove knows why. Thank you for the greatest song ever created.
  2. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie. Why this never made it to the radio, I'll never know. Arguably could have been biggest hit of the '10s with more promo :(
  3. Bigger than You and Upper Room. Fuck whoever leaked this honestly.
  4. Cold Blooded. Perfectly transcribes my darkest moments. That sociopathic edge is what I needed. It fuels me on the daily to become the best version of myself.
  5. Up, Up and Away and Mojo so Dope.

I'm going to ask some questions now because that's why we're here.

  1. Is HTMIIA definitely dead :( that show was the greatest shit in a minute. (Yea I can be delusional as fuck). We need you as a regular on another dope show. I have written a lot of characters thinking of your acting on this show, thank you for that, you're an inspiration.

  2. Are you planning on coming to tour in Paris ? I've seen some footage of the US tour and I'm real jealous.

  3. (I don't know if answering this could get you in trouble so if you could answer it in PM anyway it would be great) I'm planning on experimenting with drugs more during my 20's (turned 20 like a month ago). I "wasted" some of my teenage years being angry and I don't want to pass on some of life's sweeter experiences. "All this time I've lived vicariously". What "drugs" would you advise me NOT to ever even touch ?

  4. I hate that most people have you figured out as "just" a stoner rapper. I never had to smoke to enjoy your shit. Do YOU hate it ?

  5. I'm looking for a programming internship in the US, coming there has always been a dream to me. What's the best place ? Cali or NY ? (I just realized you're probably going to answer Cleveland haha)

  6. What are your favorite albums of this decade so far ?

  7. How come your shit sounds so different ?

  8. Have you ever been inspired by the band Beach House ? Their song "Hours" reminds me a LOT of you.

  9. A lot of people (including me) think you've had a LOT to do with the album 808's and Heartbreak's sound. How much true exactly is it ?

  10. Some feats soon ? Robin Thicke, Sean, Common, Justin Bieber or Donald Glover would be really great.

  11. You're obviously the best dressed artist out there. When it comes to clothes, who do you look up to ?

  12. Almighty GloryUS ? WZRD2 ? I love the chemistry you have with Chip and Dot.

  13. Can you tell us something funny/weird/worth telling that happened on the set of the movie ?

These are some weak ass questions but it's all I managed to think of through the excitement : ) Hope you'll answer to at least some of them if you don't have enough time, skip the most boring ones.

I wrote a lot so I'm going to stop now because you're probably busy. I hope our paths cross soon. Thank you for every thing man.

ps : Music is one of my passions and to me you're the best artist out. Fuck Pitchfork, fuck hipsters, fuck blogs, fuck bandwagons, keep doing you, keeping it simple. I (We) love you man.

ducidni_395 karma

I just want to say I really really really appreciate the support and the love, and hte kind words, this is the reason i do what i do for kids like you. the music was my way of reaching out to all the kids like me all at once. So i'm happy you found my SOS. Cud Fam For Life.

So now I'm going to answer 2 of your questions (for time's sake). (edit - 2 questions!)

1) Yes it's over, unfortunately. But we had two solid seasons and I'm proud of the work we did. IT's a blessing because some shows barely get a pilot or one season. So we had a good run

12) Almighty GloryUS and and the second WZRD album are definitely projects I'm planning on getting into in the future.

HWB33117 karma

Hey Scott, I've been a huge fan of yours since 2009, MOTM 2 is my favorite album ever. Need for Speed looks great, I can't wait to see it!

I just wanted to ask two questions-

What was different working on a major blockbuster like this as opposed to Goodbye World?

What artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm highly anticipating Satellite Flight, Going to the Ceremony is awesome!

ducidni_179 karma

It really wasn't any different other than the fact they were two separate genres. One was an action film one was a dramedy, so to speak. There weren't many stunts to do. Every day was pretty relax opposed to Need for Speed where the intensity was heightened - I was in a helicopter doing ariel acrobatics and in Goodbye World I was housed in a cabin in sweats. haha

TheyCallMeTheFlower111 karma

I really love your music bruh!

No question just want to show some love.

Need for Speed is gonna rock!

ducidni_213 karma

Thanks man! I appreciate the love! You're gonna fuckin love it! it's awesome, trust me!

DirtyStanBoozie102 karma

Sup Cudi, big fan here!

My question is you seem so cool about everything, has there ever been anyone you've worked with that you were nervous about meeting them?

ducidni_225 karma

Aaron, for sure. And Dominic Cooper - You should check out Devil's Double if you haven't! It's on some other shit!

TouchingNipples93 karma


Love the music, man. What is the KiD CuDi mission statement?

ducidni_240 karma

I don't necessarily have a mission statement.

The truth shall set you free is my motto and I apply to all aspects of my life.