Hey Guys,

Vince Desi here with some of my team including Mike Jaret (thebabybananagrabber), Jon Merchant (toploader-7) & Rick Foltz (rwsrickf).
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For those of you who do know who we are....ASK US ANYTHING

For those of you that don't know us, Running With Scissors is the Developer behind the banned and blacklisted game series, POSTAL. We have been around since 1996 and recently rereleased our game POSTAL 2 (2003) on Steam and gave it a couple of free major updates as a thank you to our fans.. I have been in the industry since 1980 with the original Atari, made award winning childrens software for Disney and Hanna Barbara & been sued by the United States Post Office.......SO feel free to ask us about shit WAY before I started RWS!


UPDATE: Thanks guys for participating, I've got to go take a dump and eat lunch! I am sure MikeJ, Jon, Rick and Flan will answer more questions if you have em! Maybe well do this again! Thanks V

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Drasnus19 karma

POSTAL 1 was alot more dark and psychotic in atmosphere than POSTAL 2, what prompted you to make the change in the sequel? Would you ever return to a similar style?

Also is it true MikeJ is constantly leaking fluids?

vincedesi15 karma

I prefer to keep changing things, POV, new characters, weapons, and overall insanity and humor is key to POSTAL, its what RWS is all about

GregorGuy15 karma

Who had the original idea of the cat gun?

vincedesi10 karma

One of the things I do is make a lot of suggestions based on real life. When I was a kid growing up we used to stick cherry bombs up a cats ass, so then someone on the team took it to another level

gronten11 karma


vincedesi23 karma

Just one summer. Now I'm into animal rescue.

blackachu7913 karma

Do you have any future plans for a new POSTAL game at some point, or are you just working on new POSTAL 2 updates?

vincedesi13 karma

Currently we're working on a major new addition to the POSTAL 2 legacy.

mickyan12 karma

Let's say I am an angry parent telling you your game is the devil and you will burn in hell; putting aside the desire of punching me in the face, how do you reply?

vincedesi11 karma

Play for yourself, or even just watch and lets see in person your reaction. Ive done this many times with TV interviews on location at our office, and EVERY TIME they bust out laughing. of course they change their approach once the camera is rolling

postalthrowaway9 karma

Lawyer for the US Postal Service here! I'm newer around here so I haven't heard of this issue.

Can you go into details about the suit and what happened?

vincedesi12 karma

We trademarked the word POSTAL. Unfortunately for the USPS Benjamin Franklin, founder of the USPS never did. Took over 5 years but we won the lawsuit.

BTW we have many postal workers for fans.

MikeHunter20039 karma

I've always loved the satire and humor of the Postal series. In fact, I enjoyed Postal 3 simply for the obvious RWS-brand humor that still shown through the lackluster game design.

My question is, who's responsible for writing and defining the Postal universe? Is The Postal Dude a collaborative effort or has he been the brain child of one individual all along?

vincedesi6 karma

from the very beginning, from story to weapons to dialogue its been a collective effort

Gracek6668 karma

RWS, you know every normal player loves POSTAL & 2. Do you think critics take POSTAL series too seriously to yourselfs. And that's why metascore is low?

vincedesi13 karma

I know for a fact that several times reviewers loved POSTAL but their Editors wouldnt allow a high score. Political Correctness, what we are against

apathy20077 karma

Why make a game like Postal? What was the moment that clicked where you decided you wanted to invest all your time and energy into making the game?

It seems that this being banned business is something you use as a marketing tool (nothing wrong with that), but was there initially any disappointment in the face of your first notice of banishment, or were you expecting that?

vincedesi9 karma

We had no ideal that the negative fallout would be as big and long as its been. We were making educational games and I wanted to create our own intellectual property so betting the house was ok with me. I'm not a gambler but I have no problem betting on myself

Danefrak7 karma

Not so much a question, but a thank you. After discovering this in 2010 it has brought me nothing but enjoyment. I love showing it to my friends to see their "Holy Fuck" expression. Thank you for the game and the updates!

PS: Dont give Postal 4 to the russians

vincedesi7 karma

no worries, but it would be fun to see the PDude in Sochi

jabroni_joints6 karma

What have y'all been doing since then? To be honest i've never heard of POSTAL, is it something to check out? What is it?

vincedesi17 karma

POSTAL is the most revolting game in video game history, predecessor to GTA, and banned in 14 countries. Over the years we have made several addons, a feature film, started a modeling agency, and still having alot of fun.

TheLightElf6 karma

How the heck did you come up with the name "Running With Scissors"?

vincedesi10 karma

I hated the names of developers back then, all bullshit related to ego elites, I wanted something representative of our attitude

Grillburg6 karma

Hey guys! I'm both a former USPS worker (data entry only) and one of the beta testers for the original Postal! I must have played that single screen beta level a dozen times.

Glad to see you're still making games and enjoying it!

vincedesi4 karma

I have several relatives who worked for the USPS, all good people, its the assholes in DC that are the problem

Glad to have your support, thx

mickyan6 karma

Let's talk videogames: All time favourites? Recent games you've enjoyed?

vincedesi9 karma

Pole Position

Kknowsbest6 karma

Who were your role models growing up?

vincedesi5 karma

Al Capone and Mickey Mantle.

Comfortable_Jeans5 karma

Was anything in any of the games based off of real life occurrences besides the cat silencer, and do any of you guys have favorite Pokemon?

vincedesi7 karma

Much of the environments in POSTAL 1 are based on real sights in Arizona. And our office in POSTAL 2 is a pretty good sampling of our real office

germany283645 karma

I am huge POSTAL fan, I actually started my journey with the movie, which I loved and have got many of my friends to watch who also loved it. I also love POSTAL 2 and 3, haven't got to play the first one yet. Let me just say I love you guys, and after reading some of the comments and responses I want to be like you guys, I am an inspiring game developer, more like I am going to college for it. But I don't want to be a dev that just sits around and doesn't have any fun, I want to make games that push the envelope, offend people maybe and have great love for the fans like you do. Any words of advice to an inspiring game maker? Also this is my first ever reddit post, I made the account to talk to you, don't let it go to your heads! xD

vincedesi3 karma

Best advice I can offer is to find like minded people with different skills, coding, story writing, design, audio, art, animation, etc and work together on a SMALL project, even one level, keep it simple.

From that experience you will learn for eternity

Arbmanthesheep5 karma

Have you guys ever considered making a game that isn't Postal?

vincedesi4 karma

Absolutely and we will some day.

NaggingDaivy5 karma

Just wanna you're an amazing team with amazing games ! And no, PIII is not as bad as people says. Please make the new Postal everyone is waiting for (Kickstarter ;-) ) . And thank you so much for P2 free updates !

vincedesi6 karma

We are truly blessed to have great fans, and its an honor to give back to the community.

FlAkeBuRst4 karma

Did you have any direct control over who will direct the Postal movie and are you satisfied with the result?

vincedesi6 karma

We made the first movie with Uwe Boll, who funded, produced, directed. Next time we will be more involved.

SeavenStudio4 karma

What was your weirdest/most awkward real life moment related to Postal?

vincedesi3 karma

So many... Simulated bombs sent to our office Postal Babe dressing rooms Live shooting ranges it keeps coming

JibbieDibs4 karma

in all seriousness, do you regret giving the rights to postal 3 to akella? i felt it could have been a lot stronger all together if it was just the RWS crew working on it.

vincedesi5 karma

The folks at Akella were good people. too many things went wrong at the same time. Putin, the Russian economy, the original A team left the company. UNderfunding, cutting this and that, just got out of control

tryingtoworkoutmylif4 karma

New Zealander here.

Ever gonna make a game that won't give me a $2000 fine for possessing it?

vincedesi11 karma

Yeah feel bad for you folks. So much for democracy, just look at whats happening here too.

mickyan3 karma

This is for Vince I guess, how's Uwe Boll like in person? Anything to share about your experience in the postal movie?

vincedesi4 karma

Uwe is a great guy. we just differ on what makes a great film.