Hi reddit! Josh Holloway here. I'm joined by Meghan Ory and Michael Seitzman. Meghan and I star in the new show Intelligence on CBS, and Michael is the show's Executive Producer, Creator, and Writer. Check out this clip from tonight's episode. Victoria from reddit is joining us. Ask us anything!


well I have to go, but Michael and Meghan should still be answering questions. Here's another clip from tonight's episode. Thanks y'all!

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Not really that they used. What I did do was that I liked to nickname people just for fun, and I was hanging out with Damon, I don't know if that was part of his original thing or not, it probably was because Damon and JJ are brilliant, but we were hanging out before (because Damon wanted to get to know the cast so he could write for our personalities). so during that time I gave everybody a nickname, so Maggie Grace had these long legs so everybody called her "sticks." And then anytime would fuck something up, I would laugh and say "there's an eagle in every seagull, you'll make it, just keep flying." So it was just kind of like that, and it just started rolling so people liked it and Damon was just great at it. But I was afraid of some of the nicknames they liked, like I had to call Jorge Stay-Puft which I thought was a little harsh. I remember making an actor's choice there, I felt so self-conscious about saying that to him that I wanted our scene to be comedy a bit, so I asked the props for children's sunglasses so they gave me some children's sunglasses to wear, I think they were yellow-y and had teddybears or something on it. So I'm reading on the beach when Jorge approaches me to ask me something, and I call him Stay-Puft, and it was funny because I was wearing children's sunglasses and it looked ridiculous. So it kind of worked.

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Josh - What was your favorite scene to film in Lost?Also,was filming the Community paintball episode as fun as it looked?

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One of my favorite scenes to film in Lost were the cage scenes. I thought they were well-done, and it's interesting to be separated by something, have a barrier between you and the other actor, it's just an interesting element.

YEAH! Had a blast. Who doesn't like blowing up a room with paintball?

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Josh, when you watch Lost, do you find yourself on Team Jack or Team Sawyer? Or can you not judge fairly, having played one of them?

For the record, I was team Sawyer through and through.

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Haha! I find myself on both their teams. They are both valid. They are opposite spectrums of the same guy.

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Hi Josh! Me and my friends met you when you were in Prague :). We sent you a book about Prague and some other stuff. Did you ever get it? And did you enjoy your stay there? :))

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OH YES, I'm remembering. I got the book, thank you so much, and I loved Prague. I love the architecture because it goes back to the 9th century, it was one of the only cities not bombed by Hitler so it is incredible as far as architecture and history.

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Thanks for doing this ama! I'm enjoying Intelligence so far.

I have a question for Josh and Meghan.

You are known for Lost and OUAT. What are your favorite lesser-known or guest-starring roles that you have played?


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I was a medieval knight / thief on Walker Texas Ranger. How about that? I had extensions sewn in down to my ass, but it was great.

And then I played Kenny, the parking attendant on CSI Las Vegas, that Marg was a star of. I had a little scene with George. And I played a guy called Wino in a movie called Stay Cool, I based the character on Who from Whoville, from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. He had a funky topknot ponytail and lots of tattoos and was definitely a stoner. I played a guy named Pheb, short for February, who made everyone spell his name that way, and he was an unconventional sex counselor, from an indie film called Doctor Benny, about a gynecologist that couldn't get laid.

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Hey y'all! What has been the most exciting part about Intelligence? How is it different from your past projects?

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Most exciting part has been the challenge of leading a show. It's all encompassing, it's a lot more workload than I am used to, so I like that. The most challenging part has been the hours, and to try and maintain through a full season of action. It's a full load for me to handle, combined with the hours onset, and making some producer decisions, and having some control creatively, it's very much more involved. Lost I wasn't allowed any of that. Lost I got my lines, I did my work. That's all I was able to do. This I get more creative input, which is fun, and because we're discovering it, I like the way Michael works and we're discovering together. The writing team are very open to trying to make things work, to discovering things on the fly, which is fun, and which is what me (as a producer) on-set is able to do. I'm bringing it off the page to life. So there are certain things that change when you do that, from paper to life. You have to make certain decisions to make it work. So that's fun, and challenging.

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Hi! Josh; What was the hardest scene to act in LOST? What was it like to work with Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox? What was the first scene that you shot in LOST? Did you like the end of LOST? What was your favourite scene in LOST?

Sorry for my LOST questions, as you can see i love it so much thanks!!

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The Juliet dying in my arms scene was the hardest. And I had to film it twice, due to technical problems that entire day. It sucked. It was awesome working with the two of them, I love them both. They can both bring the heat. First scene I shot in Lost was shooting the polar bear and stuff. They were trekking through the woods right there. And that began the love triangle. Did I like the end? Yes and no. I think it was an impossible story to wrap up in an episode. It was an almost impossible show to wrap up. I liked all the raft because we actually had to sail the raft, we were left out there, they towed us out with a boat, we had a sail and then they let us go. We were two miles offshore sailing that fucker for real. And that was really epic, where you realized you're actually out there sailing this makeshift raft. That raft thing, with the favorite scene. I also liked the sitting around the campfire scenes with Matthew a lot because we both bring the heat, so it was fun.

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Josh and Meghan- What is your favorite type of music?

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I'd say classic rock and folk rock. But I like all music. I love classical music, I love bluegrass, I love heavy metal, I love it all. I play guitar, and hand percussion, some harmonica, just got a piano, so I love music.

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I wouldn't say he's opposite of Sawyer. He just found an outlet for his anger.

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Josh, what is a specific role or character that influenced you to get into acting?

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God, I'm not sure which one, my first real cinematic experience that was shocking to me like wow was Star Wars as a kid. So Luke, obviously, Mark Hamill and Han Solo, that relationship like lit me up you know? I was like Oh my god, they're so cool. So that as a child, and I think what really moved me the first time to majorly tears was Sophie's Choice. Meryl and Kevin Kline, that rocked. And of course, Terms of Endearment about crushed me. Those two really moved me like wow. This is actually a validity other than entertainment and makes you ask questions of yourself.

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Hello, I wonder if Lee Majors will guest on the show. When I was a kid, I watched a lot of Six Million Dollar Man! :D

JoshHolloway14 karma

I would love it! Are you kidding me? Didn't everyone have the doll where you could look through the head?

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Hey Josh, what all do you do to stay in shape? Do you do all of your own stunts?

JoshHolloway14 karma

I do every stunt they will allow me to, so most all stunts, yes. And to stay in shape, I do martial arts, some crossfit, and basically move more and eat less.

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What color socks are you wearing?

JoshHolloway11 karma

WOW! Black, I'm wearing kind of black socks and camel pants.

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Hi everyone! Who were your role models growing up?

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My role models growing up: Doctor Julius Erving, I thought I was going to be an NBA baller until I realized I wasn't. Pele, I was very into sports obviously, so he was this amazing brazilian soccer player back then, so he was a big influence on me growing up because I loved soccer. Abraham Lincoln, because my father looks exactly like Abraham Lincoln and he had to give the Gettysburg address at any school event I or my brothers did. He had the top hat and the suspenders and everything, so naturally dad taught us everything about Abe Lincoln. Another one was Charles Ingalls, from Little House on the Prairie. I grew up in a very rural area in the country, my dad built all our house, and he was very educated and lived in the city but liked living out in the country. Me and my brothers actually slept in a loft, climbing a ladder, kind of like Little House on the Prairie. So that was it. Abe Lincoln, Charles Ingalls, Pele and Julius Erving.

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For Meghan:

  • What are the characteristics of Riley that is similar to yours?
  • Of the various wrist watches Riley wears, which one do you like best?
  • Will you be updating your website or Facebook? Where can we find news about you, that you have approved?
  • Have you thought about playing a role in a comedy?
  • When will your series of books be published?

For Josh:

  • When you initially read the script, were you immediately interested in playing the Gabriel role or did you have to be talked into it?
  • What do you like most about playing Gabriel?
  • Will Amelia be coming bacK in some form or other?

For Michael:

  • Will there be CBS Intelligence promos or events in Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area?
  • How did the concept of Intelligence start or come about? Who thought of the “chip in the brain” concept as opposed to something else?
  • Did you had in mind Meghan, Josh, and Marg playing the main roles, at the start of casting?
  • When will the Series 1 outtakes be available?

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I was immediately interested because I'd been wanting to play a spy, you know, a kind of super spy type role, throughout my career because I have that skill set. So that intrigued me. And I was looking for a new palette of a spy show, something that was not like any other spy shows that had been done, so the addition of the technology and the chip in the brain felt fresh and new, like a new take on a spy show. I liked the questions it poses between our own humanity and technology, because I think these are questions we ask ourselves every day now.

I like the action! I like action, it's fun.

I think so. Not to give it away, but I'd say more than likely.

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Hi Josh, what actor do you want to work with that you have not worked with already?

JoshHolloway8 karma

Gee whiz, there's a lot! I guess my biggest idol and who I'd be honored if I could hang in the scene with would be Daniel Day-Lewis. And Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, that kind of people. There are so many actors and actresses I can't even list 'em, but Daniel is #1, to me he is the best actor on the planet at this juncture.

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Josh, as a Lost fan, I'm having a great time watching you again! As of yet, what has been your favorite scene in Intelligence?

JoshHolloway10 karma

I like the scene after the supposed death of my wife, when Riley came to me to apologize. The last scene of that second episode.

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Josh, do you have any plans of working with J.J. Abrams in the future?

JoshHolloway10 karma

I hope so! Love J.J. as an artist and as a man.

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I can't think of anything to ask, but just want to say I enjoy the show very much. I really hope it stays on. Too many great shows always get canceled. Some people just can't seem to appreciate intelligently written stories that make you think and question. Also enjoy your roles in Lost and Once Upon A Time.

Actually, for Josh: There has been talk of a Stephen King production of The Dark Tower and your name was brought up as a potential for the character Roland Deschain. If you were offered the role, would you take it? I think it would work well!

JoshHolloway9 karma

I would love it! In fact, I met with Ron Howard about it two years ago. Who knows what could happen.

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For Meghan and Josh, are you two bickering on set like Riley and Gabriel on the show? Because I absolutely LOVE that.

JoshHolloway7 karma

Only when she does not listen to me. I'm always right.

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JoshHolloway4 karma

No word yet, fingers crossed, let the chips fall where they may. :) And thank you for being a die-hard fan.

Gosh, I don't know. I had so much fun on that set, let me think about that for a minute. I'll have to get back to you on that. The water tank stuff was wild. Acting underwater in the tank is always challenging and fun for me. It's different. And poor Meghan, luckily I had lots of experience with water work from Lost, but it's challenging to not drown while you act.

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Hi guys! I love the show! Josh, I noticed you're a producer on Intelligence. How did that come about and do you enjoy that aspect of your work?

JoshHolloway6 karma

Well it came about because I fought for it! And because I loved storytelling, and it's something I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm not sure if I want to be in front of the camera all of my life, because of the pressure of the image world, I'm a little tired of it unless people want to let me get fat and do character work. But I like producing because I like being a part of the creative storytelling aspect of what we do. I've written an animated feature, and a comedy and stuff, so I'm out there writing and trying to get my stuff produced, so it's fun, and I think part of my future dealings.

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Hi! greetings from Spain!!

For Josh: - Do you want Amelia back? - What take you so long to come back to our screens? I have watched all your movies!!

For Meghan: - I can tell that you enjoy the action scenes, am I right? - What is the best thing about Riley? - Do you think that Gabriel and Riley can be more than partners?

For Michael: -Are you worried about ratings? - Do you know something about a possible second season? - This in not a question.... Good job!!! I really love this show!!

JoshHolloway3 karma

I do want Amelia back! At least that storyline fleshed out, I don't know for how long, but I would like to see a completion of that. And thank you for watching all my movies, and I have been doing some more movies, movies are just quaaludes slow to come out.

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Yes I am very ticklish. Yes my feet are ticklish. Pretty much anything, I'm damn ticklish.

-Stiggy-2 karma

Do you guys see the chip developing, and being updated with all sorts of new awesomeness as the season progresses, or is that facet of the show static for now?

Essentially, will the team be updating the chip to help Gabriel deal with new threats and situations?

JoshHolloway6 karma

I believe like all computers it will be able to be updated. I'm open for any shift in tone. I would like to see Gabriel on the run, actually. Like, disavowed, enemy of the state, having to solve crimes on the run.

gozdeuca2 karma

Hi Josh! What was it like to be a part of LOST? Thanks

JoshHolloway7 karma

One of the most incredible experiences of my life. Both personally and professionally.

mariadmarinn2 karma

Hi guys! don't you think that there's already too much tension between gabriel and riley he he

JoshHolloway7 karma

Hahaha! Maybe, it's her fault. Haha. It's not really too much tension between them yet, considering Amelia has been gone for six years I think, and when he found her finally, what he did realize was he is not first on her list. She is a patriot first, she has left him and gone deep undercover, and it hurt him a bit and released him a bit. He's a man, it's been a long time, his wife has rejected him, so it allows him to be a little bit more open to Riley.

flower18112 karma

I am enjoying the show so far. What did you do to prepare for this role?

JoshHolloway5 karma

Well, I had just finished going through a SWAT school training. I did a movie called Sabotage, which is coming out on March 19 I think, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a bunch of people, and we had to be trained through SWAT school. So it kind of worked out that I had just finished with that and the Intelligence script came along. I've been doing martial arts for 20 years so I was trained in that way. So these are just skill sets I have, and I've been developing over the years, I grew up with three brothers so I always wanted to be a spy or play a spy, so it was that. AND I felt like as far as the chip in the brain situation, I'm not computer savvy and it made me nervous that side of it, so I thought it was a good idea. Anything that makes me fearful or nervous, I tend to go for as an actor.

wickedlitlangel1 karma

Josh, i've been a fan for a long time... out of all the roles you've played, like in Mi Amigo, Cold Heart, Whisper, Lost, etc... what's your favorite type of role to play? and what's the most challenging for you?

JoshHolloway3 karma

Most favorite role to play is an anti-hero, Mike Sawyer, a flawed character, because I am flawed, and comedy. I love big characters, like big, big characters who are animated. No one really gives me that opportunity, but I thrive in creating big comic characters.

trey10th1 karma

What is the best part about being part of this kind of project?

JoshHolloway2 karma

It's fun. It's challenging. The best part for me is that it is fulfilling on all levels. It's difficult, it's a lot of action to handle, a lot of discoveries on how to do this new effect, like how to make it seem real and not gadgety, and then I love my cast members, which makes it a blast, the relationships that are happening on-set. So it's really an all-encompassing fulfillment in my art if you will. It's fun to be challenged on every level.

beccahadley1 karma

For Meghan and Josh: What's it like working with Marg? Do you guys joke around on set? Btw, I love the show. It's my favorite part about Mondays. You guys rock! :)

JoshHolloway2 karma

I love working with Marg. She's fun, professional, and sassy pants. In fact, we call her "G-puddin" for ginger pudding.


Josh, a few months back my friends and I were at a restaurant you were also at in Los Angeles. You were with a bunch of friends and talking to them about chicken pot pie. It seemed like a pretty involved story - could we perhaps hear the chicken pot pie story in more detail?

JoshHolloway2 karma

I gotta be honest: DAMN! I can't exactly recall the chicken pot pie conversation, as I was probably a few glasses of wine in, but on the subject of chicken pot pie, being a southerner, I love it so much I would practically bathe in chicken pot pie.