My short bio: For those wondering who I am, my name is Matt Stonie, 21 yrs old, from San Jose CA. I'm a Competitive Eater Ranked #2 by MLE and make Youtube Videos for Fun. All other info you can find around somewhere :)

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(7:15pm PST) - I think it's time for me to hang up the towel... Thanks so much for the great time, you guys are awesome :). If you want to leave any more questions I will probably check later tonight and answer a few more, but that's it for now. Goodnight!!

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MattStonie66 karma

Hey everyone!@ Just want to say I didn't nearly expect this many questions so I'm so sorry if I can't get to yours :(

This is so great tho, thank you everyone for contributing!

GreatBolshy43 karma

1) What was the hardest competitive and solo challenge you've ever done?

2) What do you eat to go about training in general?

3) Is competitive eating and Youtube enough to pay off your expenses or do you have another job, too?

MattStonie74 karma

The hardest thing I've ever done had to be that Giant 14lb Burger or the Michael Phelp Diet Challenge. Those were brutal

Whatever Food will be at the next contest.

For now it's working for me, but I wouldn't consider it to pay like a full time job. Hopefully soon!

ElRonE41 karma

Matt is there any foods that you won't eat?

MattStonie70 karma

I won't eat anything super spicy. No Jalapeno or Habanero contests tyvm.

Nangle_34 karma

Hey matt this isn't the first time we met! When you were in Belfast international airport I wheeled your grandmothers wheelchair! Had a good little discussion. Small world...

MattStonie38 karma

Oh Wow! No way! Awesome stuff man, Ill let her know haha. Hope to come back sometime.

Bief30 karma

Yo man been a fan and subbed to your youtube ever since I saw the Michael Phelps challenge, the "I feel like a champion" quote sealed the deal haha.

  • What is your favorite food to enjoy eating non competitively?

  • What is your favorite food to eat competitively?

  • Do you and Joey Chestnut get along well? I always expect to see him pat you on the shoulder or something when you edge him out or in close competitions.

  • Future plans other than competitive eating?

Thanks for the AMA best of luck to you.

MattStonie35 karma

Hard to say, but I've had a weekness for PB&J's lately... Not sure why

I like solid foods that aren't messy. Like stuff you can grab without it falling apart.

We get along OK. There always will be a rivalry though so I don't expect we'll be like best buds (at least at contests).

Keep living life :p

supasteve0137 karma

50 uncrustables?

MattStonie34 karma

Naw, actual PB&J's.

WarxenWood28 karma

What was your reaction when you found out how you lost the Brain Taco competition? How do you feel about this, should it be legal?

MattStonie38 karma

Honestly, I was extremely disappointed, but SUPER HAPPY we didn't tie and go into overtime (5 taco eatoff).

CeleresVerraden25 karma

have you ever made it your goal to get kicked out of an all you can eat buffet? if so, have you succeeded?

MattStonie50 karma

Those places are hard to get kicked out of...

jt_money0819 karma

Again, big fan out of SF. You make my workday go by a lot faster. In terms of a career, do you plan on being a competitive eater for the rest of your life or do you have other career aspirations? Thanks again for all of the videos and keep it up. You'll be #1 in no time! TeamStonie

MattStonie24 karma

I definitely think for now my main focus is on my Competitive Eating, but I do have many other aspirations I would like to peruse in the future. First thing that comes to mind for me is Music.

No problem and thanks for watching!

officershrute17 karma

Are you friends with Chris from Wreckless Eating. I noticed in that video where you and the wreckless eating guys ate the chewing tobacco and other stuff that he was acting like a real douche bag towards you. I personally don't like him and I think he is jealous of your eating skills. Also who's older, You or Morgan?

MattStonie19 karma

Chris is awesome, i love his douchebagery. I hope to do more stuff with them in the future :)

I am the eldest.

EternallyXIII17 karma

Hey Matt, it's Bear. So I'm curious, what's a food that you can beat anyone at? What's something Miki could beat you at? What's something Joey would destroy you in? Who is the best up and coming eater? Also, when the heck are we finally going to get AYCE sushi?!

MattStonie29 karma

Hey Bear! I'm going to say Deep-Fried Asparagus, just to get blood boiling for April ;) I would never beat Miki at Kimchi. Joey would destroy me in Chicken Noodle Soup. I'll let you decide.

I'd say that or we hit up Ike's soon. I'm open until March/April! Lmk

Stoned_snagglepuss16 karma

If you have to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?

MattStonie40 karma

Can I say Oreo's AND Milk?

Christian_mcl15 karma

What do you consider the biggest competition? Like Nathan's hot dog eating championship for example?

MattStonie23 karma

Nathan's hands down. There are others getting bigger by the year but nothing near as big as nathans.

TurbulentTurtle13 karma

Yo Megatoad!

Been a fan of yours for a long time now and I try to spread your name out any time people talk about competitive eating.

I remember a while back you said that after any kind of eating competition/stunt you would throw on a hoodie and do cardio to try to sweat it out and what not. Then I recalled you were talking about starting to lift and do weight training. My question is, how exactly is it going on the exercise front, or have you abandoned it entirely?

Once again, huge fan and I look forward to every single one of your videos. Gogo Megatoad!

MattStonie12 karma

Hey! It's changed alot over the years. Right now I mix cardio with weights and do about a 1:15 session. Theres nothing special bout wearing a jacket, but it does help sweat out water retention from salty food.

Polarism111 karma

Do you think you could beat the Man vs Food guy in a showdown?

How are you with spicy foods?

MattStonie43 karma

I would destroy him. I hate spicy food.

BonjourNate11 karma

What happens after you preform one of those stunts containing extremely high ammounts of sugar? I was literally ill for a week after a bucket of ben & jerrys so i'm really impressed on how you're still alive after what I've seen you do.

MattStonie18 karma

It's a mix of fatigue and energy. Kinda like drinking to much coffee at night... Sugar is usually easier to deal with then fatty or high protein meals. (Like digesting wise, not messing up your blood wise lol.)

palmsmasher11 karma

As a true competitor, have you followed the Olympics at all? If so, whats your favorite competition/competitor? Could it ever be a possibility to have team food challenges, country Vs. country?

MattStonie22 karma

Just alittle bit. After seeing that 15-yr-old snowboarder, Ayumu Hirano, destroy it, I have to say I'm a fan.

Might be one day, if i become in charge of the IOC lol.

jp25457 karma

Megatoad!! My boyfriend and I are huge fans. Whenever we unwind in the evening he always puts on your latest video and we kinda... eat while watching you eat. We love you!

Okay a couple questions:

  • How do you feel about female competitors on the same playing field? I mean men and women normally compete against their own gender. Does competitive eating just surpass all rules?
  • What's the deal with Japanese eaters?
  • Do you see a future in fitness? I mean considering the amount you eat, you could make some "serious gains" as my bf would put it.
  • Lastly... What are your plans outside of eating? I read somewhere you major in Nutrition. Do you want to continue that or like.... idk train other eaters? Is that a thing?

MattStonie8 karma

  • I personally think it's awesome that it's not so much a male dominated sport as it was a year or so ago. It's hard because there aren't enough females to justify a separate contest for them.
  • Japanese are ridiculous haha! No but really, I dunno.........
  • I don't. I've never been one to want to look all buff or whatever. Exercise for me is a way of staying healthy, not altering my body.
  • I am not sure yet. I was perusing it but im not to sure anymore. I've always loved to perform for others (like music), so hopefully I can peruse that in some form someday.

gamerguy1237 karma

hello Matt! I love what you do and I'm always impressing kids at school by chugging my milk and stuff. Anyway here are my questions. 1) What is your favorite contest you've been to?

2) In your last anounncment vid, you said something about a chili eating contest. When are you going to post that vid?

3) Why are you called "The Megatoad"?

MattStonie10 karma

My favorite contests have to have been CP Food's CP Biggest Eater competition, 2011-2012. It was the most amazing experience to visit Bangkok & Singapore and compete in a different country.

Soon hopefully. Maybe next week?

I wish I knew myself lol... -_-

10fry107 karma

Hi Matt, i'm a massive fan i love all your videos. Can you tell us what you would eat in a normal day, do you just supersize everything? Also how good must your metabolism be?

MattStonie27 karma

I ate some Carrots and Peanut Butter today. I think I might make myself a sandwich soon.

Bubblesdelfuego6 karma

Has there been a video you got rid of because you didn't want it to be on the internet? Like, a failure, or just something shameful and unentertaining?

MattStonie8 karma

Oh yeah. I've had a few regrettable video stunts LOL.

socplayer8345 karma

Have you ever experienced or seen anyone have any serious choking while competitive eating/training?

MattStonie15 karma

I've never seen it, but it's happened. I think its more common for people to just barf everywhere.

b_keeper5 karma

Hey Matt,

Do you go around the country trying random food challenges just for the T-Shirts and photos on the wall?

MattStonie10 karma

I used to, but I'm on to greater things now :)

Noahjazz5 karma

1)Do you ever get sick while eating? 2)How do you stay so skinny?

MattStonie11 karma

It happens lol. I eat my fruits n veggies.

DreadLockedHaitian5 karma

What is your next competition?

MattStonie13 karma

There are a few coming up. Either Indian Tacos, Deep-Fried Asparagus, or something else unannounced yet. Well see!

ZeChocolatBomb4 karma

Why do you microwave your powerades? Always been curious, and do you drink powerade zero to try to counteract the amount of sodium you're taking in when you eat?

MattStonie8 karma

Warm liquids always help the food go down faster. The relaxes the throat and keeps the muscles warm.

RustyMacintyre4 karma

Do you or other MLE participants donate time or money to organizations that deal with eating disorders? If not, would you consider such?

MattStonie11 karma

Not that I know of, but many contests do donate to charities. The chili contest I was at last weekend donated a ton of money for the Special Olympics, and a few others do work donating food.

talkdirtytomeplz4 karma

How does it feel to know that you can out eat almost anyone. Do you ever use that skill to pick up girls.

MattStonie12 karma

Mixed feeling honestly, but I've never used it directly to impress girls.

Mstew3544 karma

How do you feel about doing an AMA at the same time as a top American runner?

MattStonie18 karma


Zambito14 karma

How did you get started on competitive eating?

MattStonie11 karma

Started winning some $$$

gh0stii3 karma

whats the coolest thing a fan has given you?

MattStonie4 karma

It's impossible for me to pick one. I've received so many great gifts :)

mookiesmommie3 karma

hey Matt .. will u ever do a meet and greet here in California? :)

MattStonie5 karma

Hopefully soon! Nor or SoCal?

motherstep2 karma

What is something you could just never eat a lot of, regardless of money or fame?

MattStonie2 karma

Everything has a price.

Crazianofthefunk2 karma

First off I'm sure that has been asked a lot, but how can you eat so much food? I've always considered myself to eat a lot, but I could never imagine myself doing any of the challenges I've watched you do in your videos.

This leads to my second/third question. How do you get through that mental wall and continue eating during a competition? And what do you recommend to those who want to break out onto the scene?

MattStonie3 karma

To answer your third question, be good and be different.