Hi, John P. here. Proof: http://i.imgur.com/Ko0Ssru.jpg

I recently won a Suncoast Emmy in the category of Technical Achievement for my work on the Mohawk Project. I was the official photographer for the sinking of the USS Mohawk CGC. The Team consisted of a Videographer, Producer, and Photographer(Myself). We all walked home with Emmy's that night. Also, my friend is the guy who sinks the ships with a company known as Reefmakers.

I'll post the photo I took if there is enough interest.

Entry Video here: http://vimeo.com/80140155

EDIT: This was fun, especially since I'm stuck in this winter storm. I'll have to do another one of these if I win another Emmy. You guys are the best, see ya!

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NinjaDiscoJesus25 karma

Apparently if you melt it down and make a bullet and shoot george clooney in the heart you gain his powers.

Just fyi

Callawaybros14 karma

If George begs for it...

giantpizza8 karma

What is your preferred salad dressing?

Callawaybros17 karma

Liquid Gold of course

14thCenturyHood4 karma

Congratulations on your success! What are your plans for the future and do you think there be more Emmys for you down the road?

Callawaybros5 karma

Thanks! I'm enrolling at a photography class at my school as a hope to further my photography career. I'm looking to have a career in Photojournalism. More Emmy's? Maybe ;D

fweebrownies2 karma

do you plan on photography for national geographic magazine?

Callawaybros3 karma

I've actually considered it at one point or another. I like the idea of going to new countries and just getting the perfect shot to have the golden border around

fweebrownies1 karma

this is the most questions I've got answered from an AMA! Thank you!

Callawaybros3 karma

Of course!

resjudicata23 karma

Great job! How does someone get in the business at an early age?

Callawaybros8 karma

I had a few photos on the AP wire prior to this project, and the producer is a good friend of mine. One day the producer contacted me and asked me to be the official photographer, that easy I suppose, haha. Not to mention that my mother is a close friend of the president of the company that sinks the ships.

Edit: Clarification

MRamo16 karma

So your mom got you in then

Callawaybros12 karma

She got me in when I was 11. My dad had passed away and she was out dating people and met the president of Reefmakers. Great and funny guy, they got me started

burgerdog3 karma

Which is your favorite Home Alone movie and why?

Callawaybros5 karma

Home Alone 1, of course. I just appreciate how the creepy neighbor suddenly became the nicest guy to Kevin

Mettyman2 karma

Hey, spoilers

Callawaybros5 karma

Sorry, I forgot that after 24 years a movie can still be spoiled...

Mettyman1 karma

I was just kidding. Everyone has seen that movie.

Callawaybros3 karma

Haha good, I was worried for a second there

taffboy132 karma

Well done

Callawaybros1 karma


NekoQT2 karma

How much does she weight??

Callawaybros2 karma

Local ones? I'm not sure, but primetime ones weigh a little more than 6 pounds!

boogeyboard12 karma

How often do you show off your trophy?

Callawaybros5 karma

It sits in my house above the TV so it only gets shown off when people come to visit. The cable guy and plumber have both commented on it.

MandMcounter1 karma

Did they know it was the real thing right away?

Congratulations, by the way!

Callawaybros2 karma

"Is that a REAL Emmy?" "Why yes, yes it is" And thanks!

Bar_Dough2 karma

Do you think you'll ever win another Emmy?

Callawaybros5 karma

Possibly, yes. It all depends on what teams I get to work with in the future

fweebrownies1 karma

Anything you into? Homestuck, Welcome to Nightvale, the Portal series, etc.

Callawaybros1 karma

Umm I like counting to potatoe...

fweebrownies3 karma

well like things like TV shows, not just internet stuff. My list was a bit ambiguous.

Callawaybros1 karma

Haha yeah, I just wasn't sure what you were asking. Umm I suppose I enjoy South Park

Ninjareader1 karma

Did you get an emmy swag bag? If so what was in it?

Callawaybros2 karma

No swag bag :( But, I did get to pick up a sweet golden case to take my Emmy home in

fweebrownies1 karma

How did you learn?

Callawaybros2 karma

Insert Emotional Statement Here But in all seriousness, I don't think I learned, it just kind of happened

maplestaple1 karma


Callawaybros4 karma

My sister's friend just made a special metal and plexiglass case for it!

gregm9701 karma


Callawaybros0 karma

It's a possibility at the moment, I do enjoy making short films and stuff. Still have a little while before I have to decide

jenniferkwonn1 karma

fuck yeah dude!!! you rock

Callawaybros1 karma

Haha thanks!

S_O_I_F1 karma

Do you brag about your Emmy a lot with your friends?

Callawaybros6 karma

I tend not to talk about it a lot, but they love it. They also make really like making fun of it just for shits and giggles

filmdude31 karma


Callawaybros1 karma

Umm just get out there and stick with it. You can only improve with practice

Sax_named_gustav1 karma

Yo john, how big do you want the spotlight for that?

And when are we going to work on mustangs rising?

Callawaybros1 karma

I want to on Saturday

[deleted]1 karma

What exactly did you get it for? That video didn't look like anything special to me honestly. There are lots of videos of demolitions out there. What made yours worthy of an emmy?

Callawaybros1 karma

The cameras on and around the ship made the nomination for technical achievement. My producer is the only person to have captured the angles like this on any ship sinking.

NBKxSmokey0 karma

I don't understand anything you're talking about so ummm hi.

Callawaybros5 karma

Hi! I shall explain in simple terms, just for you! Me and other camera people watch ship blow up and win funny gold lady. Better?

NBKxSmokey3 karma

Me thank you for explain

Callawaybros3 karma

Explain make things better?

kurtisball0 karma

does this help you get pussy? I would show this off all the time

Callawaybros3 karma

Ehh, I hear people at school talk about "The Emmy Kid" every once and a while. "You're the Emmy Kid?" "Yup". That's usually about it, but a cute girl does show up every once and a while