Hi reddit. I'm the real Chad Smith and I'm here to do my first ever AMA along with Victoria from reddit.

Right now I’m hoping to let more people know about the remaining 8 hours of the NFL auction featuring the custom made Pearl drum kit and drum sticks which I played at last week’s Super Bowl. NFC fans there’s a kit for you, AFC fans, there’s a kit for you. All proceeds are going to a really great organization that I couldn’t be happier to support, Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Check it out here

OK, let’s do this reddit. I’m ready when you guys are. AMA!

A couple of links:


Well I really appreciate everybody's questions. It's really great to re-affirm that all my fans are really smart intelligent people with excellent taste in music. And I hope that Mr. Ferrell decides to do the right thing and get this over with once and for all.

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_WillFerrell6299 karma

Hi, Chad. Will Ferrell here. I saw your video and I graciously accept your invitation to a drum battle. If we can raise $300,000 for Cancer For College I will face off with you in the greatest drum vs. cowbell showdown the world has ever seen. We can do it on stage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert or in front of a mutually convenient public library. Your call.

Also, would you rather fight a hundred duck sized ducks or one horse sized horse?

ImChadSmith5895 karma

Hey Will, I've logged back in JUST to accept your challenge. Bring IT!

ImChadSmith2258 karma

someone asked how I would feel if Snoop Dogg interrupted my AMA: I love Snoop! We toured with Snoop, he's awesome. I love him. It would be a pleasure.

The_Best_Dong2064 karma

I, on behalf of reddit, apologize for any Will Ferrell jokes you are about to endure.

ImChadSmith2467 karma

Who's that?

TheLoneMoroccan1854 karma


I know this is going to sound like a dramatic over-the-top fan comment but I do hope you will at least read this.

For years now, I have called myself a RHCP fan. I’ve bought almost every single album the band has put out—every single one you’ve been on—and I’ve read Anthony’s biography, “Scar Tissue” multiple times. I remember when “Dani California” first came out I was like, “Holy shit these guys are great!” From there my knowledge of the Chili Peppers grew backwards and forwards from then on. A lot of my friends make fun of me for my serious obsession with you guys. The honest truth is that you guys have saved me, on multiple occasions.

A few years ago, my life wasn’t really in the greatest spot. I lost both of my grandparents whom which I loved a whole lot. Not only had this happened, but the girl I loved decided that would be a perfect time to break up with me. Of course, me being the hormonal teenager I was, I fell into a serious depression for the majority of my junior and senior years in high school. If it wasn’t for Californication (the album, not just the song), By the Way, and Stadium Arcadium, I really don’t think I would be the same person, or a person at all. Your music along with Anthony, Flea, Josh, John’s and every other person who has been a part of the band, has been one of the greatest influences on my life and I think that you guys all deserve to know.

Frankly, I don’t really care if this comment gets buried, so long as you see it and so long as you guys keep making your music. Thank you so much. For everything.

ImChadSmith2073 karma

Stories like that make us want to keep playing music because our music has such a such a positive effect. Thank you, that is very inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Straighttolf1260 karma

What is it like to play drums naked in front of a live audience are you ever afraid you will hit your dong with a drumstick

ImChadSmith1835 karma

Playing live concerts is the lifeblood of any band. If you don't play concerts, you're half a band. If you're in the studio writing and recording songs, it's half of the experience, the other half is playing live in front of your fans.

I can do triplets without my feet.

Frajer953 karma

Hey Chad does being in the Chili Peppers feel any different without John Frusciante? How long did it take with Josh for things to click?

ImChadSmith1173 karma

Yea, I mean, John is a beautiful person and a fantastic musician and we are forever grateful for having him in our band. Josh is his own man and we love him and we're very lucky to have such a dedicated musician playing with us.

KoNy_BoLoGnA663 karma

Honestly the new album is amazing. I love the different flavors of RHCP we get to see as the band changes and evolves. You guys have changed music in so many ways and I consider you to be the greatest band of my generation. Thank you so much for everything.

I'd also like to use this opportunity to tell you that my English teacher in high school said he didn't like you because sometimes you play without a shirt on. Fuck that guy, am I right?

ImChadSmith1315 karma

Yeah, fuck that guy! What is he? What does he got against the male torso?

CrazyMansCola871 karma

Hey Chad! Longtime fan here! I'm hoping whether you can share some info on that "unreleased" album you guys made back in the early 2000s that included "Leverage of Space" and "Rolling Sly Stone". Is there any chance of you guys releasing that album in the future?

ImChadSmith1080 karma

Wow, you are a true fan. You know we recorded a bunch of songs when we did our tour, the 2 songs that we put on our Greatest Hits album, and someday they will come out on some sort of box set or something.

johnpaullennon795 karma


ImChadSmith1132 karma

Yes. Pearl Jam was the opening act, Nirvana was right after them and it was on the West Coast, and we did some dates from right after Christmas through New Years, 1991. And it was right when Nirvana was blowing up, and some of the most incredible crowd energy I felt watching them during the Nirvana set.

ImChadSmith1345 karma

They would start "Teen Spirit" and the place would go fucking bananas. You would feel everybody levitating off of their feet. Really something.

VeryShagadelic638 karma

Hey Chad, what is your favourite Peppers album you guys made to date?

Also, is the drum battle with Will Ferrell really going to happen?

ImChadSmith1704 karma

I would say Blood Sugar Sex Magik was my favorite to make. Very exciting time for the band.

That's a good question! That's kinda up to Mr. Ferrell. I did see his instagram thing and I have to comment that I think Mr. Ferrell is a delusional imposter. It seems to me that he has gone off his meds and he needs to seek professional help because I am obviously more talented and handsome than he is. You know, his cowbell work is well-documented, but his drumset skills are nominal based on Step Brothers the film. Other than wiping his testicles on the drums, which of course I give high marks to.

ImChadSmith1329 karma

BUT I can continue... if he chooses to accept the drum battle, which of course, I will take him downtown like Julie Brown Chinatown...If I LOSE, I will work free of charge as his stand-in on his next film or wash his car for the duration of filming. But if I WIN, he has to give me free pedicures for a year. Gotta take care of your feet!

ImChadSmith1324 karma

The ball's in his court.

No pun intended.

doublemenumbers576 karma

Hey Chad, do any gigs stand out as favourite gigs or favourite locations to perform?

I'm Irish and absolutely love the Live at Slane DVD especially with the solos in that dvd.

ImChadSmith794 karma

I was gonna say the Slane castle one, the nice Irish people. We're so fortunate we have such great audiences. Other than you CRAZY Irish people whom we love, the South Americans are right up there with you.

Chocolatedippedbacon254 karma

Would you ever play Slane again?

ImChadSmith617 karma

If they would ask us, we would play, again. We loved playing in Ireland.

Riverdance has to be the opener though.

Max_Powers08524 karma

You, Dave Grohl and Matt Cameron get into a 3 way fistfight. Who wins, and why?

ImChadSmith1049 karma

I think the 2 Seattle guys would gang up on the guy from California. And then Dave and Matt would have to thumb wrestle for the victory.

TylerTodd47489 karma

What was it like having Jimmy Fallon constantly break character in your SNL bits?

ImChadSmith839 karma

He's a TERRIBLE actor. Terrible!

HockeyCannon446 karma

How was it to work with Johnny Cash?

ImChadSmith671 karma

One of the highlights of my life. Just an incredibly talented, wonderful man. That's all I can say, it was one of the highlights of my career, being able to record with Johnny Cash, and he was a real gentleman.

FatTonyWilliam425 karma

Hi Chad!

  1. If you could play drums in any band (yes, besides RHCP), from any decade, year, style, or era, what band would it be?

  2. Do you design your own custom drumsets?

edit: The first drum video I ever watched was Red Hot Rhythm Method. Thank you for that video, it taught me SO MUCH about feel and playing in the pocket.

ImChadSmith683 karma

1) Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix is a close second.

2) I do, with of course the help from the creative people at Pearl Drums.

robinkoliko410 karma

Chad I´m an admin of a huge page of RHCP in Chile ( Comunidad Red hot Chili Peppers Chile ) We are making a campaing to hear Wet sand live with the HT #WETSANDINCHILE , please tell me that is possible !

ImChadSmith559 karma

Anything's possible! We do play that song so I will make a mental note, I will put that in my very small, complicated brain.

I_LIKE_TO_PEE370 karma

Hey Chad, how come you guys don't play any songs from the One Hot Minute era?

ImChadSmith596 karma

We don't really feel that connected to that record anymore. No special reason, not to say we would never play those songs but we don't feel that emotionally connected to that music right now.

koopatroopa153337 karma

Hey Chad thanks for doing this AMA! What was it like drumming with Andrew W.K. during his 24-hour drum marathon?

ImChadSmith608 karma

Oh my god I couldn't believe it, that that guy would play the drums for 24 hours straight. I showed up hour 23, and it was like he was on the craziest acid trip he'd ever taken. I was surprised how much stamina, how much he had left in the tank. It was a real honor, he's a real cool guy. He wrote me a real nice thank you letter afterwards. Really cool.

bgold09314 karma

Hey Chad, I started playing drums because of the red hot chili peppers. I saw a video of you playing Charlie from a drum clinic and I was wondering about your technique. I notice you bounce around a lot on both feet, are you actually playing ghost notes on the bass drum or is it not connecting? Do you have any other tips for drummers?

ImChadSmith514 karma

Sometimes I do play ghost notes on the bass drum (excellent technical questions). The bouncing of the feet is because I like to move all of my limbs to help me keep time, all the time, when playing the drums. And that would be the tip for the day: Keep your limbs moving, all the time!

pholleeey297 karma

Hi Chad! You've made a HUGE impact on my life in a positive way! Thanks for that! My question: What does your practice routine look like?

ImChadSmith501 karma

I would say I'd prefer playing and interacting with other human beings more than just playing with myself.

acaryo288 karma

What was it like playing in the dust storm during Weekend 1 last Coachella?

ImChadSmith515 karma

It felt like we were on the film set of Lawrence of Arabia.

IceCreamForBreakfast256 karma

Hey Chad, big fan. What's the most fun chili peppers song to play live. Also is there any songs you guys wish you could play live more often?

Thanks, hope you guys start on a new album soon!!

ImChadSmith680 karma

Favorite songs to play live, I always enjoy the last song because then I know it's time to get into the shower. And we're starting to write songs and a new album next week.

_burr_239 karma

Hey chad! Huge RHCP fan..wondering what your craziest fan encounter has been?

ImChadSmith734 karma

Ummmmmm.... I have had women in Mexico come up to me with small children and they say "daddy."

bobmarley420222 karma

Buddy Rich or Gene Krupa?

ImChadSmith351 karma

Oh. They're both so important to drumming. Technically Buddy Rich, but I would say style, Gene Krupa. If Buddy and Gene had a baby, that would be the ultimate drummer. And they would be living in Mexico.

shot_of_skooma206 karma

Chad do you still drive around on motorcycles with your hair flowing in the breeze?

ImChadSmith392 karma

Everything yes except for the last part. But I do ride my motorcycles in slow motion.

Arbail189 karma

Hi chad, huge rhcp fan and wings fan. Who is your favorite current or non current red wings player?

b.)As an Oakland county boy myself. How much do you love Hunter house burgers?

ImChadSmith299 karma

1) It's a tie between Gordy Howe and Stephen Yzerman.

2) The best hamburgers in the world. PERIOD.

Toledomase173 karma

Hey Chad, thanks for doing this. I have two questions:

Does the band still keep in touch with John often?

And, have you gotten to catch many Wings games this year?

ImChadSmith283 karma

Yes. John is doing great and he's very happy, he is making music and we love him.

You know, I have not, unfortunately. But I do watch as many as I can and I'm a die-hard Redwings fan.

JBeck421160 karma

What is your personal favorite Will Ferrell movie?

ImChadSmith320 karma

Old School.

was he in that?

dyljo154 karma

Hey Chad, what ever happened to that toilet seat you used for your drumset in the Look Around video?

ImChadSmith301 karma

I think it's hanging up in the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas?

EliQuince149 karma

Chad, drummer to drummer- give me some tips on tuning a snare head. Or tips on how to get famous enough to not need to tune my own drums (or play them wink wink)

No, but really- snare tuning tips?

ImChadSmith589 karma

Well first of all, you have to be born a lot to look like a certain actor. And then you need to tune your snare drum high enough so that when you drop your testicles on them, they actually bounce twice. And then you know you've got the right skin tension. Skin tension is very important.

ApacheRose_Peacock146 karma

I have been inspired by the Chilis for what has actually been the majority of my life. I finally saw you play live in November 2011, and the musicianship you (and the band) demonstrated was utterly transcendent. You came out before the show and I ran to meet you, but you had to leave which was unfortunate, I would’ve liked to have shaken your hand. My question: After years of performing, where do you find the inspiration for the explosive creativity of your improvisation? Thank you for the sublime and incomparably honest music that has made me a better musician. I’ll shake your hand when you’re next in England.

ImChadSmith219 karma

Aw that is nice. You know, it's just that I'm so fortunate to play with other people that are also wanting to grow and change and get better as musicians, and the other guys inspire me as well, so we just try to bounce that creative energy off each other.

And I will gladly give you a big hug the next time I see you.

thetruthisrelative139 karma

Hi! Huge Chili Peppers fan, thanks for doing this! What songs are your favourite or the most fun for the drum?

Also, what were your first impressions of Anthony and Flea upon joining the band?

ImChadSmith296 karma

I love all of our songs, they're like our children.

I thought they were much shorter in person.

perrythepomegranate126 karma

Hey Chad! Thanks so much for doing this AMA. What was your favorite concert with RHCP and why? Also, how do you guys come up with a setlist for a show? Again, thanks a lot for doing this.

ImChadSmith218 karma

You know I kind of answered the favorite concert before, but I would say Anthony is in charge of the setlist based on how his voice is feeling, so we try to mix it up as best we can.

tw_9692117 karma

Hey Chad, just wanted to say hi and that you are a huge inspiration to me. Thanks

ImChadSmith200 karma

Alright. Thanks!

Agent_Ray_Gillette114 karma

Chad, as a drummer who also loves guitar, I admire you man! I love those Jaguars I see you with every now and then! Is that your favorite guitar?

Tell us a little about the guitar side of you.

ImChadSmith371 karma

I am a HACK on the guitar. But I do love to play it, I think the guitar is a beautiful instrument, and I have quite a few acoustic guitars, but I must say my favorite is a 1964 Stratocaster that John Frusciante gave me.

elbossohogo113 karma

Hey man, huge fan, your music is perennially inspiring, favorite band is RHCP, etc.

What I think everyone wants to know is what is your favorite daytime snack?

ImChadSmith241 karma

Daytime I like to eat a six-pack of pringles.

YACE112 karma

What is your view on the future of rock music today? Do you think that rock bands will eventually fizzle out or do you think that there will be a resurgence of that style and attitude in popular music?

ImChadSmith262 karma

as long as there's somebody in their bedroom listening to the blues, because Rock n' roll is based on the blues, I am hopeful and confident that someone will come up with a new and creative way to present their ideas and someone will do that. And I'm hopeful it's within my lifetime.

lotuskid8899 karma

Holy crap man..I am such a big fan. RHCP has been the soundtrack to my life since I was a baby in my mother's womb and I am so incredibly grateful for your music and you! My question, now that RHCP is in hibernation mode, is there any artists you're hoping to work with during your down-time? May I suggest Les Claypool? Thank you for being so fucking awesome and providing the soundtrack to my brightest days and darkest nights.

ImChadSmith152 karma

We all love playing with other people and it's always an important part of being a musician, I think. But as of next week really it's gonna be all about the Chili Peppers, so we're going to concentrate on that.

Everydayvapor87 karma

HI CHAD!!! Long time fan of the RHCP. Do you think if the challenge is accepted, that you could kick Will Ferrell's ass in a cowbell off? It would be a hard feat!

ImChadSmith243 karma

I know he's good on the cowbell.

Tell Will Ferrell anytime, anyplace, I'll take him down. I don't want to embarrass him, but I'd say don't bring your family. Especially children. I don't want them to see this.

KISSMcCready83 karma

What's the story behind the jumpsuit? I've seen you tons of times and the I've only seen you play without it at the Induction!

ImChadSmith190 karma

Well a lot of the greats wore jumpsuits, so I'm paying homage to guys like Bonham, Keith Moon, Mick Jagger. Elvis Presley, for chrissakes, wore some badass jumpsuits. It's a time-tested entertainment clothing staple. Stay THAT 20 times fast.

hercesa979 karma

Worst/best experience while touring?

ImChadSmith163 karma

I really enjoyed the first time we went to Japan because it's so different than any other place we had been before in the 1990s. It was just wacky, just crazy fans, the culture is so different than anything else we had experienced up to that point, it was a real trip. That was a really fun experience and I loved it.

I mean, I got death threats in Brazil the last time we were there, but other than that it was great. That's not really FUN but i love the people there, they are so passionate about everything. Passionate about football. Who knew?

RLightfoot78 karma

What was the process in designing the Holy China and your signature snare? Did you go in knowing what you wanted them to sound like or did you build upon an existing product and fine tune it to your preference?

ImChadSmith106 karma

Very good question. With the snare drum, I wanted it to be modeled after Black Beauty. And I have to say that we're very happy we are still making those snare drums and people are still getting those 20 years later. But the Holy China, I just wanted a cymbal as loud as the cymbals that were on our drum set. It was really about volume and projection. And they did a great job.

calm_yo_beard74 karma

Hi Chad! I’m a huge fan. I finally got to see RHCP on the I’m With You tour and it absolutely blew me away.

So I just wanted to ask you:

-You guys seem like absolute work horses in the studio, recording a ton of music, how do you decide which songs make the cut out of so many songs? Has the advent of digital music sites made the process easier, knowing that you can easily release those discarded songs if you so choose?

-How did you get involved with Chickenfoot? Are there plans for a new album?

Thanks so much for all the great music!

ImChadSmith124 karma

We do record a lot of music, that is true. We're very democratic about everything in our band, and choosing the songs is no different. We all kind of vote on it, we do these little secret votes, and often a lot of the songs that all end up on the record, there are always 3 or 4 we kind of need to lobby for. It's a fun process. That's how we do it.

I got involved with Chickenfoot because I have a house in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico where all my other children are, and Sammy Hagar is like the mayor of Cabo, so that basically was how it started, jamming at his club. I hope something happens in the future with Chickenfoot, but right now everyone is kind of busy.

breyerw64 karma

What Chili Peppers album are you most proud of?

ImChadSmith174 karma

The Blood Sugar one is probably my favorite.

shawn_g63 karma

I have your signature Pearl snare and feel like I'm not getting its full potential sound. Do you have any tuning tips to make it sound its best for someone who's never been great at snare tuning?

ImChadSmith112 karma

I'm sticking to my tuning tips from the guy before!

CapAnson23 karma

Who're your favorite drummers of all time?

ImChadSmith59 karma

I grew up with the drummers from the English rock, drummers like John Bonham from Led Zeppellin, Ginger Baker from Cream, Ian Paice from Deep Purple, Bill Ward from Black Sabbath, those guys were really important drummers and influential to me when I was first starting to play.