It's James Murray (aka MURR) from Impractical Jokers, and I'm now eating Fritos. Come see Sal, Q, Joe and I perform LIVE all across America. Tour dates and cities here: . Ok, back to my Fritos.

UPDATE: Thank you SO MUCH for your awesome questions today! I have to go torture my best friends now, for America's enjoyment. I'll keep answering questions throughout the day, so keep checking back. And remember, new eps of Impractical Jokers on every Thursday at 10p EST, and see us perform LIVE all across the country - tour dates and cities here: LOVE YOU ALL! Except for you, Dalton. You know what you did, a-hole.

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Herr_Opa559 karma

Hey Murray, you know what challenge you guys should do?

"Sing a duet with a stranger"

I would SO love to see you try to creepily convince an old woman to sing "Total Eclipse of The Heart" with you and for her to tell you to F*ck off...

It would make for great TV.

sir_james_murray486 karma

oh that would be brilliant

sir_james_murray484 karma

This user just asked me this. See my response below:

"[–]GRANDMA_ANAL_FISSURE 1 point 50 seconds ago Hi Murr, my boyfriend and I love watching Impractical Jokers and it provides us with a ton of laughs. I always tell him that I am in love with you and just think you are absolutely adorable and would totally tap that. I just texted him at work and told him that you were doing an AMA and he told me to ask you if you thought you looked like a ferret. (I think he is jealous)"

Murr: Dump your boyfriend right now, I dare you. Then let's "tap."

QuestionTheBest441 karma

What happens when someone recognizes you while you're in the middle of filming?

sir_james_murray791 karma

we thank them and shush them on their way

goonch4399 karma

Has Joe ever accidentally ran into a "Larry" while freaking out looking for him?

sir_james_murray319 karma


Mexicanuck328 karma

How close do you think you all are to your show personas? Q has mentioned he doesn't think he comes off as how he really is, which I was surprised by since you all seem very natural in the show.

sir_james_murray683 karma

I think we're fairly close. Q is an asshole in real life, so his persona is dead on :-) I think my persona is probably a little different - I tend to play the victim a lot. In real life, I'm an adorable bully

warmth_and_kindness326 karma


sir_james_murray1412 karma

We keep that shit. Pimpin' ain't easy.

tjpwns297 karma

Is this show 100% real? I feel like sometimes it is fake. I really love this show though. Wish it was an hour long!

sir_james_murray498 karma

100% real. Come to set and we'll prove it!

vastpisces290 karma

How scared were you really in the airplane?

sir_james_murray912 karma

full blown tears. I was crydiving

stoog3224 karma

Will you tell my girlfriend Haley "Hi" and something nice because you're her favorite? I'm a little jealous.

sir_james_murray1083 karma

Haley, I love you so much more than your boyfriend does.

DJB72193 karma

Hi James thanks doing this Will you guys ever show how people react after they learn they are on the show.

sir_james_murray259 karma

we show it in the specials episodes. we'll pepper in some every now and then

Juce1187 karma

So what embarrassing act do I have to do to get tickets to one of the tour shows? Seriously, I am at work and will do it :P

sir_james_murray287 karma

Tweet me a pic of your belly ON your boss' keyboard. My twitter is @jamessmurray

catod176 karma

What's the most surprising thing you've learned about people/humanity from doing the show?

sir_james_murray418 karma

I'm continually amazed by how LITTLE people react to things. I thought we would get punched far more than we do. As it is, the only ones who punch me are the guys. Please humanity, punch me more.

LizW20155 karma

My brother introduced me to Impractical Jokers and I've been hooked ever since! :D Out of the four of you, which is the funnest to mess with? And were the cops really called when Joe was creeping on the people at the beach (the part shown in the "Bonus Footage" episode)?

sir_james_murray226 karma

sal is the easiest to screw with. what an adorable jerk!

OxygenJunkee150 karma

How do you keep your body in such good shape?

sir_james_murray697 karma

Richard Simmons workout VHS tape

Jables19145 karma

Hey Murr, I just wanted to say you are all hilarious and thanks for what you do.

What was the most ridiculous thing that wasn't allowed to air? Also, do you need chubby Massachusetts guy for the show?

sir_james_murray422 karma

a challenge called GET IN THE VAN

Etan8997134 karma

Hi, thanks for doing an AMA, I love your show. What is your favorite "Big Loser" prank that you've ever done on one of the guys or had done on yourself?

sir_james_murray322 karma

Strip high five!

LAMnova02124 karma

Working from home because of the snow, so I can actually participate!

What is a good first date plan?

sir_james_murray435 karma

3rd base

awweful122 karma

Do many women like the ferret look? :p

Also who would win in a fight Sal, Joe or Q?

sir_james_murray401 karma

My money is on Q in a fight. But don't underestimate Joe's belly. A belly in motion tends to stay in motion

shanzcat121 karma

Love this show! Only thing ill watch that comes from truTV.

Question: when you are filming, do you guys just film a bunch of pranks, then decide which goes on which episode? Or do you start out with a set episode plan?

sir_james_murray142 karma

film the pranks, then decide the order. the show is plug and play

tackthiratrix119 karma

Yo Murr, do you think this show has a certain "shelf-life" because of your guys' rising popularity- like more and more people will eventually recognize you all? What is the plan for future seasons?

PS you were awesome in akron!

sir_james_murray268 karma

Giant bushy mustaches

buenosdhaas110 karma

Hey Murr! Love the show and saw Tenderloins live a few weeks ago in NYC. Did you ever think you would get paid to hang out and have fun with your friends?

sir_james_murray254 karma

I thought I'd only be paid for love. Never thought I'd get paid for this.

TheLegendOf190092 karma

Hey asshole! Whats your favorite sandwich?

sir_james_murray170 karma

Hey jerkface. Roast beef.

jpitts52186 karma

If I bring a bottle of rum to one of the live shows, will you guys take a shot with me at the meet and greet? You can keep the rest of the bottle.

sir_james_murray121 karma


parissj183 karma

Where you really as shocked as you looked when you saw Joe's brother-in-law walking over to you to take a few swings during the Human Piñata punishment?

sir_james_murray118 karma

completely shocked. he's a big dude

Heatherchapin83 karma

How many times do you guys try to win a challenge before the other guys decide that you lose?

sir_james_murray228 karma

secret of the show - we win and lose every challenge in the field, and edit the show in the funniest way possible

Earsnack76 karma

Is that your real hair?

sir_james_murray301 karma

No, it's a weave

deflep8175 karma

First time on Reddit. Will you come to my house and personally show me how this site works?

sir_james_murray143 karma

on my way

Billywubba65 karma

How many times a day do you use technology on the toilet?

sir_james_murray193 karma

I'm using it right now.

systematk59 karma

Thank you for doing the AMA, love you guys and your work. I have a serious question though.

On one episode where you guys were getting people to hold your seats outside with crazy reasons. In one portion Q was attempting to get his seat held so he could meet his "CD guy" and when given his instructions you guys used "air quotes" and Q used them too when speaking to the mark. This seemed to me like he knew what he was supposed to say beforehand, otherwise how would he know that he had to do "air quotes"?

Thanks again for the AMA!

sir_james_murray136 karma

we told him to use air quotes when he delivered the line, and cut that instruction out of the edit

Cliptix56 karma

Is there person you have ever geeked out over meeting? Loved y'all in Houston!

sir_james_murray168 karma

totally spazzed out meeting my dream girl, Rosario Dawson, two months ago. Please, reddit...can you help me score a lunch date with her? I'm buying. Lunch.

rrodrigues2355 karma

Murr!!! Love you guys and your show!!!

I saw that you guys recently filmed in Texas and i can't wait to see what those episodes end up like. Do you any plans to film in any other cities at all?

sir_james_murray96 karma

YES! Hoping to film an ep in Alabama or somewhere therabouts

debbiecanna54 karma

Hey ol' Murr!! Love the show, and loved The Tenderloins show when you were in NYC! Are you really fluent in several languages?

sir_james_murray121 karma

17 and counting

i_could_but_i_wont48 karma

If you could be invisible for one whole day, what would you do and why? PS I love you :D

sir_james_murray164 karma

Every ladies locker room in the tri-state area

jhoythottle47 karma

Hey Murr! Love the show. I sometimes challenge myself to NOT laugh during an episode and I fail miserably every time. Are there production assistants blocking off all exits for people involved in the pranks to sign the releases? Also, how did all of this get started? Did you guys approach a network with the idea or did a network approach your troupe?

sir_james_murray79 karma

our PA's chase people down when they walk out of our playing zone

bbyann46 karma

Murr! When are you gonna send me them nudes (drawings)? We spoke right after that episode aired - I tweeted you and everything... No response/@reply :"(

Edit: For the record, fiance and I are huge fans of the show and just bought a house/walls are barren, so.. Y'know...

sir_james_murray98 karma

I'm drawing my nude body right now to send to you. The undercarriage is surprisingly hard to sketch accurately.

Eggplanted45 karma

Hey Murr, I was just wondering if you've come to accept the fact that Joe has masturbated in your bedroom?

Also, on Sal and Q's What Say You pod they talked about how a lady after one of your shows gave each of you an envelope with $50 in it. They said they gave your envelope to your opening act and never told you about it. So, did you ever get your $50 back!?

Hope to catch one of your shows in Chicago!

sir_james_murray82 karma

what the hell??!

jeffkeyz45 karma

How was it meeting Conan? Do you regret bringing the sunglasses prop?

sir_james_murray64 karma

it was awesome. nah, loved the sunglasses!

Sleaf1444 karma

Have you met the people from the UK version of tv show?

sir_james_murray70 karma

yep, nice folks

yummixx238 karma

Just putting it out there, ferrets are my favorite animal. Moving on:

  1. Why are you the best joker?

  2. Which challenge was your favorite?

  3. When is your next NYC show?

I'm fangirling right now, you guys are great. It's an unspoken tradition in my family that when your show is on, everyone shuts up, sits down and watches.

sir_james_murray35 karma

Long Island, Westbury in a few weeks!

Knexrule1135 karma

If you could be on Fear Factor with one of the other guys, who would you pick?

sir_james_murray112 karma


cwaller051335 karma

I love your show. It makes me laugh every week. I don't have a question, just wanted to say thank you.

sir_james_murray47 karma


daz1833 karma

Hey Murr! Thanks for doing this. I love the show and look forward to it every week!

Was making a show always a plan or did it come up as an idea?

Thanks Murr.

sir_james_murray68 karma

it';s our third tv show (we produced pilots for 2 other networks before selling jokers to trutv). So TV was always the plan...just took us longer than we expected!

bobbibiehl33 karma

Hey Murr, Will yall ever be in the Charlotte NC area? I would love to come see you, you have a girlfriend, you are so handsome!!!

Emilyrowe6725 karma

Who do you think you're closer too? Like out of the guys? By the way I love your show!!(:

sir_james_murray69 karma

i live physically closest to joe :-)

amc59724 karma

Do you wax your eyebrows?

sir_james_murray49 karma

gatto got me into it!

DaRealCoreyAlexie24 karma

How do you feel doing the challenges that require you to hit on woman. Haha do you have more confidence in yourself this way?

sir_james_murray49 karma

i get super flustered and nervous around cute girls

vanessa_8524 karma

Hi Murr! Why did you decide to go ahead with the skydiving punishment? What did you think that would happen if you said no? Answer this question seriously please! I want to understand why you did it, because I would have been reeeally mad at my friends for doing that to me and there´s no way I would have jumped. I would have said "fuck you and that stupid pact" without feeling guilty at all.

sir_james_murray115 karma

whats not on TV is my full blown breakdown for a half hour before I got on the plane. i locked myself in the bathroom and sent goodbye txts. no joke

SoSayethTheHbomb24 karma

Holy shit, first comment.

What's your favourite punishment one of the other jokers had to do? What did you think was the most humiliating punishment that you had to do(Nude modelling?)

Also, what was the worst instance of someone reacting poorly to your guys tom foolery?

Edit: By the time I posted, I was no longer first comment, damn.

sir_james_murray106 karma

We crashed a wedding, and forced Sal to give the best man speech. Coming up later this season!

stephwink323 karma

Have you ever made anyone cry during one of your pranks? (Including Sal.)

sir_james_murray54 karma

only myself

markz5723 karma

what would you be doing if you weren't famous? greetings from mexico

sir_james_murray66 karma

hola amigo! donde esta la biblioteca? En mi pantallones? No....

Evby1622 karma

Hey Murr,

I've got a couple quick questions for you:

  • How much creative input do you and the other jokers have when it comes to what makes the cut for the show?

  • You guys mentioned in a more recent episode of Impractical Jokers that you guys had the police called on you a few times. How often does that happen, and how often do people respond really poorly to your jokes before, or even after, finding out that they are being filmed for television?

  • What would you say are one or two of the worst things you've had to do for the show?

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you for doing this AMA. Me and my girlfriend saw you guys in Pittsburgh when you were on tour as the Tenderloins, and we're both huge fans of the show.

sir_james_murray49 karma

we have far more creative control than most shows. joe oversees all the editing of the show

dayandnightowl21 karma

This is exciting! Hi, so, how much did you want to punch the others when you had to skydive?

sir_james_murray48 karma

want to? i DID punch them!

Edit: Link

vandeu1221 karma

Hi! Who do you think gets the worse punishments?

sir_james_murray39 karma


redditer7720 karma

How did you guys pitch your idea for the show? Did you approach networks or did they find out about you somehow and approach you?

When did you guys start pranking each other?

What are some of the funniest things that you all did years before the show?

sir_james_murray49 karma

my day job is I'm a tv producer for a reality tv company: So, we shot a sales tape and pitched it to truTV through my job

quittapoo20 karma

Do you date black girls ???

sir_james_murray40 karma

you know it

walking_dichotomy20 karma


My auto correct wants to change your name to Mutt...

Any comment?

Edit: Removed worthless second question.

sir_james_murray48 karma

Mutt is fairly accurate

EmilyS199518 karma

Can we be friends ?

sir_james_murray47 karma


tic_tac_sir_18 karma

Can you reply to my comment so I can tell my friends I talked to you? thanks for doing the AMA, man!

sir_james_murray38 karma


NickIsGreat18 karma

Love the show! Quick question. Have you ever been punched while doing a skit? I mean some of the things you guys get away with is amazing!

sir_james_murray32 karma

only by my ego

MAAK23817 karma

Did you get a date from the girl you taught music lessons to? She really seemed flattered and interested when you used those pickup lines on her!

sir_james_murray29 karma

she was cute! i woulda enjoyed that

Cyberyukon17 karma

Your show puts such a smile on my face. I hope you plan on living on the airwaves for many future moons to come! QUESTION: When are you coming to Vegas?

sir_james_murray28 karma

VEGAS IN OCTOBER! We're ending a 3 week road tour there

causeiwontsing15 karma

My favorite show on television!

I'll need a show in Virginia. Preferably Hampton Roads area.

Also, can we get some extra clips of what happens after you tell people you're doing all of this mess for a show?

sir_james_murray25 karma

my sister lives in hampton roads! yes, we'll make it to VA

SwightWisp12 karma

Why is it that you guys do not look the same age at all? For example, Joe looks a lot older than Sal does.

sir_james_murray31 karma

middle age is a bitch

2punk12 karma

Hey Murr, huge fan here! What did you have to do to for you guys to make it as comedians and in television? As an aspiring entertainer and musician, I'm curious to know.

sir_james_murray25 karma

we worked our asses off for 12 years before getting a tv show. we performed live for many years and did tons of sketch comedy. took us a while to find the right format for our comedy. thank God it worked!

Juce110 karma

I want to thank you for the many almost deaths from laughing so hard, I can't control it!

You're not only the best looking guy on the show you're the funniest! My favorite has to be your quick snaps to look at people!

No question, just keep making hilarious shows!

sir_james_murray12 karma

compliments will get you everywhere!

RhubarbCharb9 karma

Will you guys ever have any more celebrity guest stars? I was crying laughing when Rosie went on as Q. You guys bring me to tears every time I watch the show.

sir_james_murray17 karma

Joey Fatone in like a week or two. he was awesome

Amberhilton8 karma

What is your favorite challenge from the show?

sir_james_murray13 karma

strip high five!

siracu558 karma

DUDE, I love you guys. The show puts in me tears every time I watch it. I do have a question though, how much of the show is 100% real? Ever since seeing the clip from the episode of South Beach Tow where Bernice gets hit by a car off the side of the parking garage I have been questioning how legitimate TruTV is.

Edit: Come to Philly!!

sir_james_murray12 karma

100% real. Come to set and we'll prove it to you!

foggart8 karma

Interested in skipping town and becoming a lumberjack with me?

sir_james_murray17 karma

I've been waiting so long for you to ask.

le_doge7 karma

I am an intelligent, bi-sexual, liberal, green-voting, brony Redditor. I am looking for a girl that is smart, attractive, loyal, a little bit clingy, a classy dresser, loves fedoras and Reddit and likes video games. It would be also nice if she could appreciate the subtle nuances and adult references of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is my favourite TV show. What I’m doing with my life I am currently an aspiring indie game developer, working on my adventure game PonyCraft, in which you try to survive on a island with only Twilight Sparkle (my favourite pony) to help you. I am an expert in 3Ds Max and game design. I am also a bass player in the Chicago based metal band Shadows Bleeding Heart. One day I hope to make games and play in my band for money. I am currently saving my allowance for a trenchcoat and also a trip to my favourite country Japan. I’m really good at Video games, dressing classily, coding games, playing bass The first things people usually notice about me The classy way in which I dress. Seriously, not a day goes by when I'm not complimented on how dapper I look in a fedora and cape when compared to all the little kids who have "swag" People also notice my dry wit, which is quite famous among some of my crew. Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food Shows: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother (I'm a lot like Barney) Movies: Blade, Hellboy, Fight Club (I liken myself to Tyler Durden), Donnie Darko Books: Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Ayn Rand, Nietzsche (anything intelligent or about philosophy) Music: My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Alexis on Fire, Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon Food: Mountain Dew Code Red, Doritos, Hot Pockets, Moms Home Cooking The six things I could never do without 1. My Fedora 2. Japanese culture 3. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 4. I would have added Bioware's space epic "Mass Effect", but the ending ruined my life 5. My mom 6. Women...obviously I spend a lot of time thinking about My Little Pony, Japan, Video Games, the ending to Mass Effect, girls (obviously), new jokes, Reddit xD On a typical Friday night I am Working hard on my game instead of wasting time and money going out like the millions of 18 year old sheeple in Chicago. The most private thing I’m willing to admit I'm a virgin and have had plenty of chances to lose it I'm just waiting for the right woman for me (see below) I’m looking for Bi girls only Ages 18–40 Located anywhere Who are single For long-term dating, short-term dating, casual sex You should message me if you're a petite (fake boobs are disgusting), average height (5'1"-5'4"), slim, attractive, intelligent, slightly needy, loyal (I hate sluts) and funny. You also MUST be a virgin (as I said above I HATE sluts)

sir_james_murray15 karma

so you wanna bang?

Annie_P146 karma

Are you ticklish? Where and are your feet ticklish?

sir_james_murray18 karma

I regularly post Craigslist ads looking for fans to tickle my feet.

SwagoloDragon2 karma

Hey Murr.. I would like you more if you didnt look like a feral weasel with lupus.

But seriously.. whats with your face?


What is the one line that sticks in your head as the worst thing you could've said to someone?

sir_james_murray3 karma

I've been wondering the same thing all my life. Medical science hasn't been able to cure my weasel lupus.