Director for Brazzers and More. Most importantly family man and daddy.

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annoyinglyfriendly936 karma

So do the dongs in porn appear bigger than they actually are, or am I really seeing Keiran's 10" penis and ruining my self esteem?

huggyzz1252 karma

Yes. Sorry bud.

soccerdude70105924 karma

Are porn shoots catered? How's the food?

huggyzz1347 karma

Sammiches are awesome.

Kawasakis899 karma

Does your optical vision have a little brazzers logo on the bottom of your field of view?

huggyzz1063 karma

Only when I'm watching Adult Swim.

Thorneblood363 karma

Then why not make adult themed series for Adult Swim?

huggyzz617 karma

Give me a contact at Williams Street and we will make this a thing.

Thorneblood581 karma

This is Reddit. If you want to make something a thing then you just do it, show it to us and we pester the hell out of Williams Street to make it a thing.

huggyzz551 karma

Fuck yes.

Dukenukem309812 karma


huggyzz1673 karma

Poop. In a small room.

With hot lights.

The smell.

Oh my god the smell.

efclare773 karma

I went to film school and have never admitted to anyone I always wished I could direct some porn stuff. I'm a girl. I don't want to be in it, but would love to work on that side. I've got ideas!

How hard is it for women behind the camera in the industry??


huggyzz791 karma

The reality is, that almost everybody falls into it. It's not typically something you search out, it's typically something you were approached for. The easiest way would be to start shooting your own stuff and get it recognized.

Rubinoff700 karma

Does your family/kids know what you do for work? How do people respond when you first tell them?

huggyzz2220 karma

They are supportive - and they know, but my kids are not old enough to understand, so they don't know yet.

And people usually say "That's cool." When I first told my brother, he said "That's like being a fucking astronaut and not telling anybody."

doom420604 karma

how much does camera angle affect the perception of cock size of pornstars?

huggyzz1859 karma

Not enough to hide the fact that they have giant cocks.

IrritableOwlSyndrome597 karma

Tell us some great behind-the-scenes stories. Perhaps a scene gone wrong. Accidental cum shrapnel. Poopies.

huggyzz1114 karma

I once took one in the leg.

It still burns.

McVillain433 karma

The poopies... or the cum shrapnel?

huggyzz1019 karma

The cums.

Snarfler588 karma

What's the weirdest thing an actor has said while filming?

Also have you ever jacked it to a scene you directed?

huggyzz1693 karma

"I don't like guys that are uncut because of something that happened to me when I was younger."

Fuck yes. Because I spit hot fire. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan.

Panicless585 karma

What do you like the most and dislike the most about the industry?

huggyzz1107 karma

Like: Really hot girls.

Dislike: Politics.

Sometimes the people that have the least to do with the industry have the loudest voices.

WaWaCrAtEs500 karma

what with the endless numbers of "tube" sites that can specifically cater to very specific kinks and interests for free, and also the increase in recording quality now available from virtually everyone's phones, where do you think the porn industry will be 10 years from now? 20 years? Will there have to be some drastic changes in the way things operate?

huggyzz775 karma

A lot of companies partner with tube sites to provide marketing, but porn has always been on the cutting edge so I feel like we are always changing and evolving.

With the onset of Twitter and camming, it will become more personal - it already is.

In 20 years, I'll be doing more shoots in flying cars.

zombiesnare499 karma

If you and your wife make a sex tape would it just be the to tier of production quality?

huggyzz1404 karma

It would be visual as fuck and shot in 5k.

ArmoredLunchbox492 karma

How has directing porn changed your sex life if at all?

huggyzz1000 karma

I have more of it.

droppies457 karma

What does a day look like for you?

huggyzz1266 karma

Wake up. Take the kids to school. Meet with my production crew, make sure the sets are... set up. Shoot some awesome sex, go home - make love to my gorgeous wife.

discOHsteve435 karma

How much recreational drug use actually goes on behind the scenes? More common for men or women?

huggyzz765 karma

Surprisingly, not a lot at all.

It's much more corporate than you think. We all really like to keep our jobs.

xseedyx430 karma

What is your favorite sort of scene to shoot?

huggyzz807 karma

I like beautiful shit.

Fez_90392 karma

As a father, how would you feel about your son or daughter getting in to the industry as an adult? Also, what's your favorite niche to direct? Thanks for doing this AMA!

huggyzz727 karma

It's their life, all I can do is be supportive of their decisions just like my family was with mine.

Fav niche to direct: IR because theres nothing like shooting a 6'8" black guy chasing a small white guy down the street in public. In a diaper.

Prefers_Incognito328 karma

How would an aspiring male actor get his name out there and become better known? You probably get this all the time. I would be more interested in specialty tags. BDSM, Piercings (I have 5 genital piercings), Trannies, and Straight.

If you answer this then thank you. If you don't, thanks for doing this AMA.


Edit 2: I can't believe I'm about to have this chance. This is wicked.

huggyzz436 karma

With a specialty like that, contact directly or find an agent.

(PM me if you want a contact at Thanks for asking me anything!

pinkmanwhite318 karma

Who are the biggest names in the business you've shot with and who is your favorite person to work with?

huggyzz471 karma

Biggest names:

Twitter: @chritsymack / @VeronicaAvluvXX / @thereallisaann

Actually, I am lucky enough to call all three of these ladies my friends.

goodie2004302 karma

How graphic is your language when directing?

huggyzz1191 karma

There's only so many ways you can say "Stick those two dicks in her pussy."

Kawasakis296 karma

How professional are the people in the porn scene? Compared to say other jobs you may have had. I imagine that they must be pretty professional.

huggyzz399 karma


It's still a job, just an awesome one.

Panicless295 karma

Why did you choose to become a porn director? Did you ever work as an performer before? Did you want to be a movie director at any time?

huggyzz456 karma

I worked in movies - and started in porn. It's awesome and the money is good.

Not on camera.

Yes, I love being paid to be creative. Doesn't matter what the medium is.

FinalRed293 karma

Now that HD is more prevalent and "revealing", what are some precautions that are taken to make sure the cast still looks good at high resolution?

huggyzz591 karma


2drums1cymbal280 karma

How close are actor/actresses personalities to how they portray themselves onscreen? Is there anyone you worked with that surprised you with their personality on or off camera?

huggyzz517 karma

They don't act like they are fucking all the time. Most of them are real people.

There absolutely has been, but I don't know if I want to ruin it for you.

sacred_turtle267 karma

As a director do you get to hit it after the shoot?

huggyzz1004 karma

Do you really want to stir the porridge?

Dat_Wolf_Pack261 karma

Whats the biggest on-set screw up you've seen? Stuff must go badly wrong at times right?

huggyzz476 karma

When guys cant get hard, its very frustrating.

khaotickk245 karma

What is your favorite type of porn to direct? What is your favorite fantasy that you wish you could film more?

huggyzz580 karma

I like the older woman catches the dude with the babysitter type shit.

homad232 karma

when will you accept bitcoin?

huggyzz365 karma

I have a guy bugging about it right now.

Panicless207 karma

Do you recommend?

huggyzz811 karma

Being a porn director? Yes.

Don't forget: For every hot chick, there's probably a giant dick in the room.

Thorneblood192 karma

Ok, is it more profitable to make cheap fuck flicks then quality erotica?

I mean, with the massive popularity of Erotic novels in recent years have you guys given any thought to taking advantage of that and making something more expansive?

When I watch shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones I just have to wonder why Brazzers of all sites wouldn't be all over that kind of work.

huggyzz236 karma

If you're talking about something like Pirates and "quality erotica" - the success of that has never been met.

It's a hard question to answer, but with the onset of 50 Shades, etc that may all change. It may be more acceptable for women to start buying adult content - which is generally the audience for this style of porn.

Thorneblood34 karma

No i wasn't talking about Pirates....i mean something more along the lines of Laurel K. Hamilton's Meredith Gentry series.

huggyzz37 karma

I think Twitter: @Leetroymyers already did Golden Girls on

El_Wabito175 karma

Who in your opinion is the hottest pornstar

huggyzz372 karma

Any girl that truly enjoys having sex on film.

shadow_slayerz174 karma

How did you get involved with the adult industry?

huggyzz273 karma

My roommates wanted to start a porn website, so I had to learn how to hold a camera. Twitter: @netvegas talked me into it. It took a few days.

The rest is history.

t_stone163 karma

Whats your all time favorite scene you have directed? Links are always appreciated 8===:)

huggyzz292 karma

Wonderland for Twitter: @brazzers

Nominated for best All Girl Scene!

iamreeka157 karma

How do you recruit? And what does the interview process look like?

huggyzz353 karma

I don't recruit, that's what agents are for.

But there once was a day I was trolling for cock... Finding male talent can be harder than you think.

uncleluu154 karma

How do you feel about niches in porn nowadays? Anything you would steer clear of? And what's your favorite car?

huggyzz260 karma

Niches are awesome. It's what people pay for.

Really really not into water sports. And pooping.

Old school muscle cars are my shit. Give me an old Challenger, I'm set.

goku211108 karma

Have you ever been directing something and had a paticular thing you have wanted to shoot and actor/actress was just like heeeellllll no!..if so any examples

huggyzz165 karma

No, they know what they are getting into when they come in.

We try to be transparent with the people we work with to avoid causing problems.

megabuxx99 karma

do you ever feel like you empathize with the ladies (or men?) at all? have you ever seen an actor/actress break down and struggle with/refuse a scene? or is it ever hard for you to deal with? some of those scenes seem a little brutal! props to you and your team

huggyzz129 karma

We're transparent, so we try not to put people in situations that they wouldn't sign up for in the first place.

random5guy87 karma

Does size matter?

What do stars take to make their dicks stay that hard?

How often do actors/actresses get high on set? I saw a video of Taylor MAyes or w/e her name is lol.

huggyzz181 karma

No one wants to see small dick.

skimmboarder214 karma

Tell that to fans of Backroom Casting Couch

huggyzz176 karma

Hahaha - the guy who showed me the AMA works with BCC.


SuckALongOne64 karma

Is it as good and glamorous as I imagine it to be in my fantasies?

huggyzz271 karma

My beard is fucking glorious.

TheBakersPC40 karma

What was the most outrageous scene you had to shoot. Were there andy health risks and issues involved?

huggyzz121 karma

Any shoot with two penis's and one hole is basically my definition of outrageous.

kitlolz1236 karma

Just throwing it out there: what are the chances of an Asian who doesn't have a big dick to start a career in this field if he's really obsessed with porn? Lol

huggyzz31 karma

Do you do... gay stuff?

kitlolz1232 karma

Ehhh, preferably straight stuff. But if that's what it takes to slowly get up there, make money and eventually fuck hot chicks...I will consider it...

huggyzz9 karma

Oh please god, that is not the right way to get into porn.

LiamLunny3 karma

How many drugs are used behind the scenes?

huggyzz7 karma

Answered this sort of question above: Not really, it's more corporate than you'd think.

[deleted]1 karma


huggyzz7 karma

i can, but why would I? Haha.