Hey guys! Nick here!

My team and I have been working on a seamless persistent MMO 4x RTS for 7 years called Novus AEterno. We launched on kickstarter, and in just under 17 hours, the largest RTS in history will be funded. We have been answering questions on livestreams each Saturday, and as a grand finale my team and I will answer YOUR questions!

Proof: https://www.facebook.com/novusaeterno/posts/653493168023241?stream_ref=10

Novus Aeterno Website: http://novusaeterno.com/

Gameplay Footage and into: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OMAI8H3QTk

Taitale_Nick - Lead Game Designer / CEO Taitale_Matt - Server Architect Taitale_PerfectDeath - Game Balance Designer Taitale_Pyrodante - Community Manager Taitale_Azuca - Writer

Fun Facts:

  • 30,000 RTS empires on one massive seamless map.

  • The Taitale team are spread out around the world, from America, to Greece, to South Africa!

  • We got to work with a Two Star Major General for the Air Force to ensure the best tactics and gameplay

  • I founded this company when I was only 16, and I am 22 now.

  • I have really bad dyslexia, so have fun with my spelling! (I have people checking it).

EDIT 1 Thank you guys so much for bringing us to the front page! We will continue to monitor the thread and give you guys answers for at least another hour. Great questions so far!

EDIT 2 We have had a great run on this AMA and we will be continuing it tomorrow as well. We may not get back on your questions as quickly until then.

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iskaraltok6 karma

Will the API that you are creating allow for me to create something similar to an EVE Online Killboard? https://zkillboard.com

In a bit more detail basically allowing us to optionally make our personal API key available and collect stats in regards to numbers of ships killed in 5min in certain solar system. And possibly also be able to get the fits of the ships destroyed. So instead of the same ship 100 times being recorded we can get the FIT LOADOUT x100 or so.

Also do you have any time frame as to when we may be able to start working with the early versions of the API in order to get used to it.

Taitale_Nick2 karma

We will be having an in-depth API to allow users to piece together previous fights. However the loadouts of individual ships is sensitive information, and you will require information tools to acquire it not just scraping the API.

theankh5 karma

What is the single biggest hurdle between now and Steam Early Access?

Taitale_Nick13 karma

Steam has actually already proved us, the real issue is that we are very careful about when the general public gets ingame as the first experiences must be good and smooth and enjoyable otherwise it could turn them off the game for a wile and maybe even forever, putting the game into that endless category all gamers have of "well its cool but ill look again later" then we never do.

AevnNoram3 karma

Will it be possible to discover different variants of the main ship hulls, like a corvette with more engines at the expense of weapons?

Taitale_Nick4 karma

Yes they are already ingame. you will notice there are Mk1 Mk2 etc hull varients

tomjonsilver3 karma

Will there be an alliance interface? For alliance mail? Updates? Listing Members? Crest?

Taitale_Nick3 karma

yes there will be

TurboFoxen3 karma

Hey, I'm a backer in the Kickstarter and also the first kickstarter as well for the game (before it was cancelled temporarily.) I'm super excited about this project, and think it's going to be an incredible game! Been looking for a game like this for a really long time. So glad I stumbled upon this. Just one question, when will the Steam version of the game be released to the $25 backers, can you give an estimated date? Unfortunately, I had to back out of my pledge as an infiltrator because of financial reasons, but still want to give all the financial support I can to this awesome project.

Taitale_Nick2 karma

Yes the 25$ tier gets the game when it is at a public state, so this would most likely be something like a steam early access. glad you are as exited as i am!

Anticitizen423 karma

I realize Novus Aeterno is not a city building game; however, I wonder what plans you guys might have for cities and planetary development (a la Mankind's city construction).

Taitale_Nick4 karma

We plan on expanding on the city building a lot, its not that we dont want it, its just we need to prioritize development time but there are many things we want to add like population management, governments, detailed taxing options etc.

ErrBerry3 karma

For the tiers receiving early access will we have to save our planet and ship skins for the official game launch or risk loosing them when the game goes live. Also I know that it is possible to capture alien structures to build their ships and such but since each race will operate with different mechanics like with the research systems is there an option to switch your main, since the game will open without the acaean or aszendie?

Taitale_Nick3 karma

Do not worry about using any of your skins or premium in alpha everything will be refunded after any wipes.

pandora_k3 karma

I'll be upgrading my donation in a few hours, so while I wait a question:

  1. Will fleets be tied to your planets? That is, will I be able to deploy my fleet to a location I don't control, and move it from there?

Taitale_Nick5 karma

Ships are produced from your planets, once they are produced you can move them anywhere its one seamless open world.

Striam3 karma

In how many languages do you intend to translate the game in?

Taitale_Nick4 karma

German, Russian, Spanish, French For sure as top priority, after that we will also be adding as many as possible.

stevenside3 karma

Hello this is Huginn :)

  1. Will the infiltrators from the kickstarter get the Infiltrator dreadnought?
  2. How does hibernating a empire work?
  3. If you decide to abandon your old empire to start a new race, will you retain everything u did at that previous race?
  4. Will crafting make modules cost more CP?
  5. When can we reserve alliance names?

Taitale_Nick3 karma

1 No only infiltrators from before kickstarter will get the infiltrator dread its a special thankyou to them.

2 it deletes everything that is not within a planet with a fortress shield,

3 you will retain a lot of it like tech and crafting recipes and crew etc.

4 no they will not

5 not for a little wile but do not worry, when we do allow people to start reserving them there will be a lot of notice ahead of time so everyone can reserve at the same time and no one is left out.


B0CKnessmonster2 karma

will there be things that can only be mined on certain planets?

Taitale_Nick3 karma

Crafting resources are very planet type specific, but generic resources are more widely spreed but still different planet types.

Delgada12 karma

How will you be commemorating you pre-kickstarter Infiltrators for their tried and true service?

Taitale_Nick2 karma

They will be getting a unique infiltrator only dreadnought ship skin, known as "the infiltrator" they helped design it and name it.

here it is https://scontent-a-mad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1400818_623013324404559_333048386_o.jpg

MrCripto1352 karma

Will old school infiltrators need to pay to keep their status as those who came before the world. Also will you be coming to pax east at all?

Taitale_Nick1 karma

of course you will not need to pay again you guys earned your stripes fair and square!

And hopefully we will be able to make it but I'm not 100% sure.

theankh2 karma

With over 1300 new Infiltrators heading in very soon -- Could you explain more about Alliances and how you expect them to impact the game as it grows?

Taitale_Nick2 karma

At the moment the alliances are at a very rudimentary stage where all it really is, forced friendly. keep in mind the game currently just entered alpha.

Wolfwyr2 karma


hopefully that got you attention. :P

ok serious question time. Me and my friend have been on a non-stop quest to find an economic space rts for yeeears and we have looked at absolutely everything, and we saw your game and just gushed but there are some things that need to be answered.

  1. we have had a look at some alpha play and though we see alot about the ships and everything we feel that there has been a lack of explanation on the building side of things. we want to be able to build all these different buildings that link into each other all being a cog in the great economic beast that we want to create. How many building do you have/planned ?

  2. As far as system interaction goes is it going to just be ship defense to defend your system/planet from an enemy or are there installations in place where you can prevent ships from warping into a system ? or out of a bubble of sorts (basically defensive building)

  3. Will there be trading of some sorts ?

  4. how will you go about having a persistent mmorts even though you know that you have be constantly monitoring your borders for attacks ?

Taitale_Nick2 karma

  1. there will be countless kinds of building but they all fail into the main cataorys of factory's, whorehouses, labs, space ports, ship yards, mines, barrack's and a few others, the are just more specialized versions.

  2. there are space defense probes which are like typical base defense construable, in addition to that you also have planetary defenses both of those are stretch goals which we reached.

  3. yes all weapons engines shield,s even resources need to be moved between planets in cargo holds of ships, this is also how you tirade with another player, the system is slimier to Anno

  4. there is a advanced customizable offline AI that takes over your empire when you go offline, and it has many elements that support the final result wich is as long as you log in every 2 days or so you can easly recapture anything that was lost.

H0ff11 karma

Will there be something like "Kamikaze"-Ships? Which cannot be equipped with weapons but have a very explosive load in their cargos so i can fly them into a group of enemy ships and manually blow them up?

Taitale_Nick2 karma

They are not in the game by default, but you can make them, just take a ship hull don't put weapons on it and load it with ammo holds.

twen51 karma

Was just wondering what Nick's, Azuca's, Pyro's, Perfect Death's, and Matt's favorite respective features of the game are? This can be both stuff already implemented and stuff for the future.

Taitale_Nick1 karma

Mine is Crew and Crew XP, but if Races count as a feature its Aszendie by far!