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I knew I'd screw this up...have to resubmit because I was too much of a keener and posted way too early....so, once again...

The big brains behind State of Syn, an online graphic novel & app experience that I was in, have plied me with food, sugary drinks, fast internet access and human companionship and thus, I felt I had no option but to face my fear of live social interaction and try out this AMA'ing madness... Stargate SG1, Atlantis, SGU, Debug, Cube, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Traders and even way back to Kung Fu:The Legend Continues ...writing, directing, acting or geek parenting...ask and I'll do my best to answer... How do you know it's me? Where's the proof?...I go here when I need reminding: https://twitter.com/state_of_syn/status/425658544198025217 Type to you soon...

Hewlett! (dgeek) https://twitter.com/dhewlett http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0382110/


You amazing Redditors!

I have so enjoyed this whole AMA'ing thing! It might become a problem... I really don't want to stop, but I've got to get myself home to wife, child and a mutt that needs walking... and let my kind State of Syn hosts go back to their exciting lives...that and the snacks ran out! ;-)

Don't know how this works, but I'll do my best to keep answering these over the next...well, eternity!

Again, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your kind words and questions!

All the best,


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werter0388691 karma

Hi David,

I'd like to know how much of McKay was actually you and how much was written. In any footage that I've seen so far, you seem as awesome as Meredith does.

Thanks for being this great and I am very much looking forward to Debug

dgeek171 karma

A better question for my wife probably...She used to give me 15 minutes to lose McKay when I got home for work...or lose her...I got pretty good at hiding my inner Mckay!

I'm not a good enough actor to make up characters I just tend to accentuate the parts of me that apply to the role...so what does that make me...McKay without the brains?!



whycantispeakfinnish91 karma

What was it like working with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye?

dgeek145 karma

Humbling is probably the best word for it...THEY don't have to pretend to be brilliant! Had such a great time with them and on that episode...which I've got to say is one of my favourites.

The most surprising and inspiring thing to me about working with those two (and Dave Foley for that matter...he's another damn smart fella...and one of funniest people that I have ever met!) was their amazing sense of wonder and excitement about everything...I firmly believe that not growing up must help the IQ!



Indigo-218488 karma

Hi David, I met both Joe Flanagan and Jason Momoa at conventions and they both mentioned that they had pranked you quite a few times. What was the most memorable prank?

dgeek207 karma

I still wake in a cold sweat at the memory of driving home after a long day of saving the universe...stopping at a traffic light and looking over to see Momoa's flattened bottom pressed up against the glass of that bloody Jeep...and Flanagan's cackling face peeking out behind it...they will forever be inextricably bound together in my nightmares.

Thanks for bringing that up again!


Tomahol76 karma

Hey David, huge fan! Also just finished my first watch of Stargate back to front!

One of my favourite parts from you was in Atlantis Season 5, the episode 'The Shrine', where McKay has that parasite in his head that regresses him to a child-like state of mind (Stunning acting by the way, seeing McKay like that so convincingly really moved me). What was it like to work with your sister in episodes like these, and was there anything different about this one because of the nature of your character?

Also, have you and Paul McGillion ever been fishing together?


dgeek100 karma

Thanks so much...glad you liked it. This was a fun episode and one of the many reasons I loved doing the show...how many other shows allow you to act in such a wide variety of ways...you don't see that happening on a lot of "normal" TV shows.

Working with Kate is always a challenge...we tend to crack each other up...she's one of the few people who can do that. Best quote from that show was the director taking us aside and telling us to "remember you're supposed to be related" ...apparently we weren't being nice enough to each other for his taste...we quickly set him straight!



dgeek60 karma

Missed the fishing part...not a chance we'd be dead in seconds! ;-)



Todd_the_Wraith69 karma

On a scale of 0-10, how much do you miss McKay?

Also, was Tapping wearing anything during that scene with both of you in the sinking jumper?

dgeek52 karma


Obviously she was wearing far too much for you! ;-)



magickalart53 karma

Hello David, I'm saying hello from the UK at this late hour because I wanted to send you a big thank you for bringing Rodney to life. The episode "The Shrine" was particularly heart wrenching and moving. Best wishes to you, and I hope you are enjoying your sugary drinks :)

dgeek76 karma

You are not only very welcome you are up far too late!

Shrine seems to be a fan favourite...you lot have great taste...Brad Wright wrote that one and he is one talented guy at writin the heart wrenching and moving...he actually read the off-camera lines in all of my "video diaries"...and the big baby actually cried...I think it was at the beauty of his own words than my performance...that or I really did a terrible job and he was crying at how I'd ruined everything...like I do trying to set up AMA's on Reddit! ;-)

The writers brought Rodney to life...I just had the honor and the pleasure to play in the role.

sipping soda now...now get some sleep!



Gatetrekgirl49 karma

Mr. Hewlett, I am a huge fan of you, especially your Rodney McKay character. Stargate Atlantis is my all time favourite TV series, the McKay centered episodes were always the best especially the ones where you acted alongside your sister. As a Canadian myself, I loved the Canada jokes included in certain episodes!

For my questions, do you believe that the Stargate Atlantis series ended prematurely? It seemed like there was a lot of fan uproar over it ending after only 5 seasons with some unresolved plot points.

What was the best part about being involved with the Atlantis series? From the extras on the DVDs it looked like the cast had a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

dgeek81 karma

You are too kind...now I'm a huge fan of you too!

I did rather love the Canadian angle...being Canadian it's so much fun playing with the stereotypes.

I wish Atlantis was still running...and for all the wrong reasons, I'm sure! It was a ridiculously fun time and the cast got along like a wonderful crazy family...I miss them all so much...but not nearly as much as I miss McKay!

...and you're welcome!



BePatient_43 karma

Hi David, yet another huge fan here!

I was just curious as to your thoughts on what you could imagine would be happening in the SGA story if:

a) It wasn't cancelled and was still running now or
b) Was to have a reboot in say 5 years from now,

What do you think would be happening? What would you loved to have seen happen?

Thanks for doing this AMA and for providing a consistently amazing performance in my favourite TV show of all time :)

dgeek68 karma

Another huge fan...this just gets better and better!

a) McKay would be as large as a planet, having consumed so many Athosian donuts that he would be unable to get into the puddlejumper.

b) McKay would be much thinner talk to himself constantly and have some light janitorial duties around Stargate command.

I would have loved to have got my hands on that Destiny control room...someone had to pilot that thing!

You are welcome...it really is a pleasure.



hunter942 karma

Hi David. I'm working on my own Stargate, so I'll be in touch soon in regards to starting a new series.

dgeek69 karma

Awww damn...I thought you meant a working Stargate...new show would be good too, look forward to that....but a working Stargate, now that would be something!



Glabe8740 karma

Hello, Mr. Hewlett! In SG Atlantis, season 2 episode 4 "Duet" is my favorite episode. Question: How much fun did you have filming that episode, compared to other episodes, on a scale of 1-10 oodles? Was "Shrine" fun also?

dgeek69 karma

On a scale of oodles...I'd go Duet 9-oodles...not a perfect 10-oodle because I had to kiss McGillion...Shrine I'd have to tie with 9-oodles because my sister was hanging around making me look bad! ;-)



xKMarcus38 karma

Do you think there will ever be more Stargate, whether it be a tv show, movie, even video game (you can give us some inside news, we can keep a secret)?

dgeek53 karma

Wish I had some for you...I was hoping for a job playing Mckay online in that MMO game!



vividvideogeek35 karma

Hi David, I'm a huge fan. I loved A Dog's Breakfast. Will there be any future projects with you both directing and starring? Oh, and writing too!

I loved seeing you, Jewel and Rainbow in State of Syn but after seeing that and Rise of the Planet of the Apes -- it seems like you're being typecast as an a**hole. Doesn't that bother you?

dgeek53 karma

Thanks for giving the dog some love...Dog's Breakfast was such a labor of love for everyone involved..and the first time Jane (my lovely wife) and I got to make a movie together!

Yes...I'm actually focusing on the writing and directing far too much these days...I'm in post on Debug starring the legendary Jason Momoa and have a TV project in the works with these State of Syn guys and gals...1/2 hour comedy set on a spaceship that I will even be acting in as the lovely Jane will be co-directing with me. We call it Starshippers.

I absolutely love playing a**holes...doesn't bother me in the slightest. It's so much fun playing people who don't know or don't care that they're offending or bothering other people...I'm such a wimp, I just internalize it all and will probably get sick and miserable because of it. ;-)



Porthos4232 karma

Hi David. I'm a big fan of your work and of the Stargate franchise. I am also a physicist and the character of McKay very much resonated with me. Unfortunately, I think it may all be science fiction because how else do you explain McKay hooking up with Dr. Keller (played by the lovely Jewel Staite)? ps. Be nicer to Zelenka.

dgeek50 karma

A real physicist...making me a fan of your work too...thanks!

You haven't found your Keller yet...what you need is a Stargate!...and to leave that Zelenka hack out of this! ;-)



GeneralMushroom30 karma

Hi David, Rodney McKay might well be one of my favourite sci-fi characters of all time. Thank you for doing such an amazing job in that role :)

Has to be the obligatory SGU question:

In May it will have been 3 years since the season 2 finale (if anyone isn't sure why that is significant, go watch it). Do you know of any plans to continue that story arc?

Also, in S2E15, Rodney was asked if he would like to go to the Destiny if that was ever an option, do you think he would have taken it?

dgeek53 karma

lost Internet for a moment there...it was terrifying!

but in true McKay fashion I managed to save this reply for you:

Thank you...McKay was always a favourite of mine too! ;-)

I know of no plans to bring the show back...unfortunately...but then again, I tend to be the last to know about these things.

Destiny...damn right I would...I mean Rodney would.

Thanks much,


MrThingyman27 karma

Hey Mr. Hewlett :D

I'm bursting with a lot of stuff that I want to ask, so here goes:

  1. Do you have any information or thoughts about Emmerich and his plans to make a Stargate trilogy to reboot the franchise?
  2. What do you reckon the chances are of a continuation or a reboot of Cube? It's a well liked cult film (partly due to your role in it, naturally) and they seem to be doing a lot of reboots these days. It needs to happen, am I right? And would you wish to be involved?

dgeek36 karma

Hello Mr. Thingyman!

  1. I'd love to see Stargate get a big screen reboot...even more if I was in it!

  2. Oooo, Cube! I loved doing that film (though it was a hellish shoot...like working in an easy-bake oven)...that's another film that would be great to see as a big budget blockbuster...and sure...I old enough to play "the Wren" nowadays.



Doc8888888826 karma

Hey David,

awesome of you to do this AMA! I've been really looking forward to this. So, here it goes: What was your scariest computer related problem that you have had to deal with in real life? What would McKay have done?

dgeek69 karma

Scariest computer moment was back in the days of BBSes (Bulletin board systems) and whoever it was that who ran the board found me poking around in the file system and told me he "knew who I was: and was going "take me down" ...I was just getting into computers, looking around and had somehow stumbled into folders outside of the actual board...I don't think I plugged that modem in again for a month!

nerd fear!



Halibut125 karma

Hi David I'm a huge fan!!! You are a great actor tho I am afraid to say I have only had the pleasure of watching you in stargate :)

One quick question:

In Atlantis you are allergic to lemons, are you actually allergic to lemons if not where did the idea come from? Also are you actually allergic to anything?

Many thanks

dgeek53 karma

Thank you much...I'm more than happy to be judged based solely on Stargate...very proud of that show!

I have no citrus allergies, but I AM a hypochondriac with allergies to cats, many trees (basically the outdoors), apples, some nuts and randomly pineapple...all of which I eat anyway...well, not the cats and trees.

I believe McKay's allergy came from Rob Cooper...I firmly believe that McKay was a wonderful combination of Rob Cooper and Brad Wright...the true Stargate McKays!

You are welcome!



epsy23 karma

What is your favourite Bad Guy in SG:A? What about in Stargate in general?

dgeek48 karma

Gotta love those Wraith...but my favourite might be that evil John Sheppard...you gotta love watching Joe beating himself up! ;-)



whovianTrish21 karma

Any chance we'll see more Stargate people if you do more State of Syn? And has Baz been to Disney World yet? You'd both love Toy Story Mania the ride!

dgeek48 karma

I'd love to see more State and Syn and more Stargaters in it...it's less like working with people and more like a family get-together...maybe some more live action stuff too...oh the possibilities! ;-)

Bratlett took me to Disneyland CA for the first time on my 44th birthday...and gave me a skateboard...which I think may have been an early attempt at patricide. Can't wait to get to Disney World though...I mean take my son...



DarkPhoenix199320 karma

Hi David! Welcome to Reddit from Australia! Just wanted to praise your performance as McKay on Atlantis and SG-1. He's one of my all-time favourite sci-fi characters and your portrayal was superb - I especially loved Duets and Grace Under Pressure.

My friend and I are big Stargate fans but she doesn't have a Reddit account so I'll post for her :-) Our questions are:

Which was your favourite episode/scene to film; and

What is your favourite piece of memorabilia from the set?

Thanks for doing the AMA!

dgeek31 karma

Favourite episode is always so hard to say...highlights...like having my little sister on the show, or getting to fire P-90's or be all action-hero-y or making Mitch Pileggi crack up and ruin every one of his takes ... and don't even get me started on making out underwater with Amanda Tapping or Jewel Staite.

I want a ZPM...wish I could have stolen one of those!

You are very welcome!



CreepyOctopus19 karma

Thank you for your work on Stargate, David! I enjoyed all three of the Stargate series, and although I liked Atlantis a bit less, your acting in "The Shrine" is one of my favourite performances on all of Stargate.

As for a question, after playing McKay on SG-1 and Atlantis, how difficult did you find it to adjust to McKay's guest appearance on SGU with the show's different style? It was still definitely McKay, but your performance then was still different and matched SGU very well.

dgeek44 karma

Many thanks for all that...though I have to differ on Atlantis ;-)

SGU was very odd...it's bizarre feeling like a quest in a world I'd grown so accustomed over the years. There was actually a bit of weirdness as some jokes I'd made online had been taken the wrong way...but the fabulous Lou Diamond Phillips had the courage to get it out in the open and we cleared up the misunderstanding...I had joked about them "eating my sandwiches"...then we got along like a house on fire. The whole crew and cast were such a pleasure...and truly amazing actors. Louis Ferreira is another one...so ridiculously funny and talented...that bastard! ;-)



Crassus8719 karma

Hi David.

How did you feel about the tone SGU took compared to SG-1 and Atlantis? Do you think it should have gotten a few more seasons and would you have liked to appear in more episodes.

Also, what was the Destiny going to find when it reached the centre of the universe?

dgeek57 karma

I would love to have done more Stargate Universe...but it was a much grittier and dystopian world than Atlantis...it's hard to see McKay fitting into that...but I felt that Brad did a great job getting him in there and up to the Destiny and I really do appreciate him making that happen. I think the biggest problem that SGU had was the Stargate title...it was a beautifully done show but it was a huge change in tone from Atlantis. I think perhaps it would have been wiser to have them both running like we did with SG1...there would have been easier for people to make the transition, instead of just dropping the one for the other...but what do I know!

What was the Destiny going to find at the centre of the universe...McKay, of course! ;-)



IamLola19 karma

When will we get to see a trailer for Debug?

dgeek30 karma

There's one out for buyers right now, but it's still rough...so many visual effects still to come! I promise to bore you all sick with it once we've got one!

Thanks for bringing it up though!



Stellefeder19 karma

Hi David!

I have 3 questions!

First: What was the most awkward scene to film during Stargate?

Second: How did Mars' toothbrush taste in A Dog's Breakfast?

Last: Any chance that you'll come guest star at the Vancouver Fan Expo? I'm sure you'd have lots of fans down here who'd love to see you! (I know I'm one!)

Thanks for your time today!

dgeek30 karma

First: Hanging upside down in the rain in a hazmat suit comes to mind...and anything involving me acting opposite myself!

Second: My son is still traumatized by that scene...but my wife was horrified! We'd planned this clever way of switching out the toothbrush but it was funnier just to brush both or our teeth...it tasted, like victory! ;-)

Last: I love me some Vancouver...happy to try and make it happen!



SocialOutsider15 karma

David, what's your favorite role in TV series and movies- playing the shy, innocent good guy or the psychopathic evil/mad scientist villain? Leah from Ireland.

dgeek23 karma

Ireland!? I really must to go to Ireland...

I like playing shy, innocent good guys that are actually psychopathic evil mad scientist villans...FYI: actors suck at making decisions!

Go to bed!


suekay8714 karma

Hi David, thank you for doing this AMA!

If you hadn't decided to become an actor, or to get involved in the entertainment industry in any way, what do you think you would have picked as a career?

Also, if you could work with any actor, writer or director, who would it be?

dgeek31 karma

Definitely Computer related...maybe a programmer or maybe the network security side of things...I still love futzing about with the coding side of things!

Director: I'm absolutely in awe of Steve Soderbergh and the wide variety of the films he makes. Writer: John Logan, big fan of him as a person and a writer...I read for a pilot of his a while back that was this wonderfully twisted McKay-like broadway composer...brilliant stuff...plus he writes Bond movies now! Actor-wise I'd say Tom Hanks...he was so incredible in Captain Phillips and I can't believe he didn't get a nomination for that...but I digress!



linamishima11 karma

Currently mid-season 5 of Atlantis on my first of many re-watches, and I've been continually and increasingly impressed with your acting. You were already on my favourite actors list, but then preparing for this AMA (I'm that sad :P), I bumped into the whole dGeek thing and your sheer geek passion, and asdfghhjjkh;l;;;;; I DON'T EVEN <3

As a lifelong geek girl working in IT security, it means a lot to me to see science and technology done right in my science fiction, and to do so whilst showing how absolutely EPIC it feels to be solving problems through knowledge and experimentation! I grew up watching Trek, B5, Red Dwarf and Blake's 7, so the stargate SG1 and Atlantis settings mean a lot to me - how even despite differences, the characters looked out for each other, worked as a team, and somehow managed to get along and make friendships.

  1. I vaguely recall that you and David Nykl ended up with scripts akin to "McKay and Zelenka figure out a solution" due to your improv skills - is this true? What did you get up to with this? How much of the science geeking on the show was influenced by you and the rest of the actors? I've counted very few instances of technobable, if any! :D

  2. What do you think is missing from current science fiction television and films? (State of Syn doesn't have to be fix this, either ;) )

  3. I'm guessing that acting for you is best when it's hardcore LARPing, yes? ;) Amusingly enough, I'm involved with a cyberpunk LARP in the UK called Singergy - held in a nightclub with a bar, no less! ;) Outside of acting, ever roleplayed? Tell us your best adventure stories! ;)

  4. McKay and Mrs. Miller must have been interesting to film on so many levels, what was it like playing Rod?

  5. It's fascinating to compare and contrast McKay to Daniel Jackson, especially with respect to character development arcs. I feel you pulled off turning a little more macho slightly better than Michael Shanks, though ;) What was it like working with him?

...and I've just facepalmed and realised that A Dog's Breakfast is available on iTunes in the UK, so I don't need to wait for it to come to Netflix. Regioning is an utter pain ¬.¬ I'm going to pick it up and watch it tomorrow after work (gone 1am here now!)

Very much looking forward to State of Syn, being pretty much literally a career cybergoth ;) Keep up the good work, and thanks for your time here :)

dgeek19 karma

Thanks so much...glad you found our little dGeek community! It's http://www.dgeek.com for those who'd like to join us...though I wonder if I shouldn't see about moving it all over to Reddit!

  1. I wish that were true and that we were that smart and quick...we may have thrown in some personal "flair" but the scripts and their writers handled all of the heavy lifting ... there was no improving that kind of genius!

  2. Me.

3.When I was younger I tended to walk around in long jackets and scarves...clutching a teddy bear (named Sebastian I might add) and offering people jelly babies...does that count?

  1. Rod is the kind of role I always wished I could play...the cool, calm heroic type...only Stargate would let a nerd like me get away with that! So much fun...but seriously hard work technically!

  2. Much as I love you for thinking that...Michael Shanks is more of a man that I'll ever be...I'm a huge fan of Shanks.. he's wickedly funny, sauve and yet entirely approachable and he talks as fast as I do so scenes don't take long to shoot! ;-)

I'm with you on Regioning...such an antiquated and ridiculously out-dated approach to distribution!

Thanks much,


renata_mudris11 karma

Did you or the other members of the cast have nicknames during the shooting of SGA?

dgeek17 karma

Joe and Jason were Momo and JoeJoe to each other... Momoa just called me fatman or fatty...while I called him a "hippy" and begged him to wear more clothes around the studio.



Brachial11 karma

What's something you wish you could've done in Stargate regarding the story or your character?

Just watched State of Syn, the line, 'fucking defense contractor has as much compassion as a tactical nuke' is the best line I've ever heard. It's something I can relate to in my own work situation.

dgeek16 karma

I would have loved to see what things were like in Rod's dimension...pretty sure that could have been some kind of fun!

Wish I'd come up with that line but since it's not mine...feel free to steal it for work...and whatever you've got going on over there! ;-)



MrThingyman11 karma

Hey David :D

  1. What's your favorite (or a particularly memorable) Atlantis episode?
  2. If you can't say the Stargate, what is one piece of technology from the Stargate universe that you wish actually existed?
  3. Are there any current TV shows that you watch religiously?
  4. What is a random thing that we definitely don't know about you?

dgeek9 karma

Think I've touch on most of these, but...

  1. Impossible to say...loved working on so many of them for many different reasons...hated a few (unfortunately one of those was our last episode!)...usually comes down to the script...sometime the guest star..sometimes just me and my mood (like 3 hours of aging makeup and pages of exposition on the episode we shot while my wife was due to give birth to our son Sebastian...and that after begging to have a "light" episode!)

2.Personally I'd like to be a replicator...I'd get a lot more done!

  1. Almost Human, British show called Misfits, and just watched the first episode of that episode True Detective last night after this AMA and was blown away...Woody Harrelson (may have had a hard time over here on Reddit, but him and Matthew McConaughey are incredible in that show!

  2. I am wildly in love with the Internet...how cool is this thing! ;-)



blazingdarkness10 karma

Hey David, love your work, big fan of SGA and A Dog's Breakfast.

My questions are:

  1. How did you get into acting?

  2. If you could have any invention from Stargate in real life what would it be?

  3. Are you working on any projects now ?

dgeek27 karma

Thanks much...we have so much in common...I love my work too! ;-)

  1. I was at an all boys school and I was lead to believe it was the only after school activity that involved girls...unfortunately I was wrong about that and ended up playing a long run of women roles instead...and before you ask, I am surprisingly (at least to me) unattractive in drag!

  2. I was a big fan of that personal shield and I did have quite a soft-spot for love those zat guns...and then there's the gates themselves...what was the question again ;-)

3.Yes...post production on my film Debug and a TV pilot called Starshippers...that I might even act in that one too!

Thanks much,


bcshutterbug9 karma

Since my other question about working with your sister has already been answered I'm going to go with my question of pure curiosity... What is your favourite novel? And what is your favourite graphic novel/comic?

dgeek9 karma

Wow, that's a tough one to narrow down... there were a hell of a lot of comics over the years (they're something I mean to get back into, but I just get overwhelmed in the stores and end up settling on a handful of Magic the Gathering booster packs instead! ;-)

I guess the stand-out Graphic novel for me was Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth...just beautifully written and illustrated by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean.

I adored Hell Blazer too...which I got into because of my obsession with the incredible Swamp Thing comic book series (love that fabulous series all the way back to the beginning!) I actually own two copies of each of the whole first series of Hell Blazer...so I could read one and preserve the other. (nerd!)

Growing up I was all about Doctor Strange, Spiderman and ROM space knight, Swamp Thing and of course Doctor Who!



ZeddPM19 karma

David - As a huge Atlantis fan, I of course found Mckay my favorite. The banter between you and Sheppard was what drove so many episodes. McKay isn't your typical "Hero" type character, which is what I loved about him. Of all the parts you have played, what do you think would be your greatest "hero" moment? In Atlantis or any other project. Do you consider McKay a Hero? I know I do.

dgeek12 karma

Of course Mckay...I like your approach to Stargate Atlantis!

I really like characters that have to struggle with doing the right thing...Mckay is a great example of that, he likes the idea of being a cool action hero, but he never wants to be heroic, it's just what he ends up having to do...and he hates doing it! Worth, the character I played in Cube was a bit like that and Murray in Treed Murray for that matter...all basically jaded, opinionated guys trying to keep their heads down and then having to step up when everything goes wrong!

Honestly, I don't consider McKay a hero, but maybe that's because I know what's going on in his head! ;-)



logwan7 karma

Hi David, I know you're a food geek, so what's your favourite restaurant in Toronto and why ? Also, which movie was the most unpleasant to shoot, Cube trapped in a box wearing only under wears or Treed Murray (in which you are truly brilliant BTW) stuck up a tree ?

dgeek7 karma

I do rather love to eat!

I love Greek food...especially spanakopita and those ridiculously evil loukoumades at Athen's bakery on Danforth:http://www.yelp.ca/biz/athens-pastries-toronto-2

or the gyro pitas at Messini's: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/messini-authentic-gyros-toronto

Ravi Soups: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/ravi-soups-toronto Khao San Road: http://www.yelp.ca/biz/khao-san-road-toronto

...to name but a tasty few!

Cube...without a doubt...because hell is other people and Treed Murray it was basically me up a tree in the wide shots...fending off wasps that were attracted to the fake blood...or in the studio talking to pieces of tape for my close ups because we couldn't afford to bring all the actors in for off-camera...great little film though, so proud of my friend writer/director William Phillips on that...his first film!



MrThingyman7 karma

Truly awesome to see you on reddit, thanks for taking the time! Dr. McKay is my favorite scientist character ever, you really did a great job of making him lovable and unique.

So I have a bunch of questions, but I'll try to limit myself somewhat. Getting an answer to even just one of my questions though would make me very happy :D

  1. Do you still keep in contact with the other Atlantis guys? I can see that you've been working on stuff with Jewel, Jason and Rainbow. When's the last time several of you hung out as a group and what did you do?
  2. So Jason Momoa (aka Ronon Dex) is huge now. In more ways than one. How awesome is that? And is his ego huge as well now? :D
  3. Do you have a fond memory from behind the scenes on Atlantis that we maybe haven't heard about before? Any pranks or rituals perhaps? :D

dgeek6 karma

My pleasure...and thanks...though I think the writing handled much of the lovable and unique for me! 1. Not in contact with the Atlantis crew enough! I touch base with Rachel and Joe every once in a while (reminds me I should give them a call!)...of course I did get some time with Jason with him being in Debug, but it was too crazy with the shooting to really hang out...I think there was one night with David Hayter and the Wolves bunch where I got to sit around and chat for a bit!

2.Jason has matured so much, both as an actor and a filmmaker. I am so proud of that guy. He's such a moviestar and an incredibly talented director, but he's still the Jason we know and love!

  1. You're asking me about my 2 breakfast burritos a day habit, right? ;-)

All the best,


Bleyddyn7 karma

Have you told your son that you call him "Bratlet" on twitter? When is a good age to break that kind of news to a child? Or are you hoping the internet just goes away before he's old enough to find out on his own? (tongue firmly in cheek)

dgeek5 karma

"Bratlett" is "Bratlett" off and on twitter...he's such a great kid and he's got such a lovely sense of fun and humor...and he puts up with my schtick so well.

I'm always tempted to share photos and the like, but I really feel that decision should be his, once he's older...don't want to force any attention on him that might be unwanted...so in the meantime I just quote him as Bratlett on twitter?...not sure of the logic there!? ;-)



specieshumanoid6 karma

Did you ever have a crush on Amanda Tapping? Like how your character did with Carter?

dgeek3 karma

How could you not! I mean, I defy anyone, man or woman, not to fall for Amanda. She's the most lovely, giving, dedicated, talented, intelligent and charming (and even that doesn't begin to cover it!) woman you're ever going to meet.

Hope you all get to meet her some day!



stay_frosty636 karma

Hey David, thanks for doing thing AMA, I've been waiting for this for a while now!

  • Care to share if there's any new (or old) Stargate in the pipline?

  • How long did it take you to create and shoot "A dogs breakfast"? What was that experience like for you?

Anyways, props for inventing McKay for what he is today, and for being an all around awesome dude!

dgeek3 karma

Then I better answer you...even if it's months later!

No word on Stargate...but us actors are generally the first to talk about it...and the last to hear anything of any substance! ;-)

A Dog's Breakfast was like running a marathon, but with all the other runners in the race helping you along! It's incredibly stressful and hard work, but that' what makes it so rewarding. I had my incredible wife Jane producing, my little sister Kate starring and so many of the wonderful cast (McGillion and Chris Judge) and crew of Stargate there for the ride...and the fans were just incredible with their enthusiasm and ingenuity in getting the film noticed.

It was my first go at directing, so there were plenty of bumps along the way...working on my latest film and there's even more of them...directing films is a grueling process. It's not like television where they can be on air in a matter of months...or weeks. Debug, my latest writing/directing project, has been keeping my busy for almost 3 years now...and it's still only now moving into the final stages.

A Dog's Breakfast was such a labour of love, everyone was basically working for nothing. Selling it to MGM was a huge bonus as it's meant that the film has been seen by people and actually paid our tireless cast and crew a good chunk of their deferrals...no small feat for a micro budget film like this.

We'd love to make another film of this type...it's one of those things that I've considered crowdfunding...but first I'd better get you all some more Jason Momoa in the form of this Debug film! ;-)

Thanks much,


MajorGeek696 karma

Hi ya David! Waves Just wondering if you can tell me what was your best fan experience? And can't wait to see Debug! :)

dgeek5 karma

Hello and much frantic waving right back at you!

I am constantly blown away by my fan experiences...I never cease to be amazed at how kind and talented the fans are. I wish I had time to do more conventions as I always come away with many great experiences...(and a number of wonderfully weird ones too!)

I think the best experience I have had was how everyone rallied around A Dog's Breakfast and helped spread the word...I mean, people were writing marketing plans and designing and printing their own posters and plastering them around their local neighborhoods and pet food shops etc! And the number of people who made long treks to the screenings. The thousands of online comments and postings that are critical to getting the word out about films...the fans are why we got picked up by MGM and get such a great release for such a tiny movie. We were able to demonstrate that there were people out there that actually wanted to see what we were doing... because of them.

I'm so grateful to see it starting again with Debug and I really can't stress enough how much I appreciate it and how important it is to bring these crazy projects to life. It's so hard to get these things made and without your support they just wouldn't be...to me that is the best of my fan experiences.

Rambling gushing thanks complete...though I'll happily continue go on about it! ;-)



soccerdude701055 karma

Hey David, what should I have for dinner tonight?

dgeek7 karma

Pizza...you can never go wrong with pizza...but as this question is 4 months old I imagine you've probably already starved to death.



MrThingyman4 karma

I see a lot of myself in you. From a young age you seemed to be a sci fi and a computer geek with a wide range of interests in tv and film: Both writing, directing and acting. Plus I can see that you early on tried to start up your own web site design firm and founded an internet community for filmmakers. All this is very ambitious and also very reminiscent of my own interests and the things that I'm trying to achieve. So I guess what I wanna ask is... What advice or words of inspiration do you have for people trying to juggle all these different interests and trying to break into the industry? How did it all come together for you, what was your mental approach?

dgeek5 karma

Like Me?! Sorry about that! ;-)

I think nowadays you NEED to do everything...which I love. I have the domain name filmtvinternet.com because I just don't know where things are going to land. You have to be willing do it all...write, direct, edit, post, promote etc. etc. The difference between TV and web shows is blurring and combining, and films get seen more on VOD and the like than they do in theatres.

I was very lucky in that I got started in acting by helping out friends making films...acting was only a part of that whole process and my obsession with the industry...we all did everything on those projects!

Back in the days before video that was rare...film was expensive and post production complex and difficult...now it's can all be done with a laptop.

I think the key is finding your niche...or the community (it's not just an audience, these are relationships!) that you want to be a part of...or create one if you have to. I don't mean, "where's the money, or fame etc" but where do your interests lie, what excites you and what's going to keep you interested. That becomes your "brand" for want of a better word.

There's really no excuse for anyone wanting to get into this industry not to have something to show people, I'd suggest a short film for directors and a good demo reel for actors with scenes that they've put together and filmed themselves...I'm actually toying with the idea of a workshop for aspiring actors that can give them some of the basics...you know, with all that extra time I have!

Let us know when you've got something to look at!

All the best,