STARTS at 11am ET!

We’re the staff of the new new Newsweek, which relaunched its website last week. We’re all new to the publication — and we’re planning to come back to print in March!

Answering your questions will be:

Jim Impoco, editor in chief of Newsweek, formerly of, Kira Bindrim, managing editor of Newsweek, Alex Leo, head of product for IBT Media, and Grant Burningham, homepage editor. Moderating here at our headquarters is Kate Gardiner, director of audience engagement.

We've invited some of our reporters to pop in as they can over the course of the day- this week's issue hits the presses, so to speak, tonight and they're hard at work.

Proof. So much. Proof.

If you'd like to chat with us later, or have a question we couldn't answer, we're live on Reddit, Facebook and of course, Tumblr in addition to our on-site commenting.

NOTE: you're stuck with just lil' ol' me for now - everyone has to go back to editing the issue. If there's a pressing question you need answered, please message /u/kategardiner and I'll do my best to find the appropriate response.

We'd also love for you to join the conversation in our subreddit!!

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