Hi reddit. Josh Levy from Free Press here. I am joined by /u/Tim_Wu, /u/amarv1n an /u/SusanCrawford to discuss today's ruling about Net Neutrality. As you may or may not know, 3 judges in DC today have killed Net Neutrality. We're here to talk about today's ruling, answer your questions, and discuss ways we can save the Internet for good. Ask us anything.

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Mscimitar142 karma

How can we make a difference?

levjoy229 karma

The FCC needs to assert its authority to pass real rules (that won't get overturned in court) protecting Internet users. We need to pressure new FCC Chair Tom Wheeler to be bold and to assert that authority: http://act.freepress.net/sign/internet_FCC_court_decision2/

levjoy172 karma

Technically speaking, this means that the FCC needs to reclassify broadband as a "telecommunications service" under Title II of the Communications Act.

NMR1359 karma

Can you give us a brief summary of today's decision?

levjoy104 karma

The court struck down the no-blocking and nondiscrimination provisions of the FCC's Open Internet Order (but upheld the transparency provision). In doing so, the court relied on the FCC's previous decisions to not classify broadband as a telecommunications service — the FCC's failure to treat broadband as a communication service meant that it could not impose common carrier obligations (I.e., nondiscrimination and no blocking) on broadband providers.

professorgrandpa38 karma

Is there any good news for Net Neutrality in today's decision?

SusanCrawford66 karma

Yes, actually. The house of cards has fallen. Pretending to deregulate with one hand while regulating (Open Internet Rules) with the other is not going to work. FCC will need to reclassify.

BubbaDude66119 karma

Doesn't reclassifying the Internet as a telephone service kill everything about it that we like?

levjoy39 karma

This is not about reclassifying the Internet. It's about properly classifying the physical networks that enable users to access the Internet. The websites, apps, services that use the Internet to reach customers will not be treated as common carriers, nor should they be.