Herro, my name is Catie Wayne, and some of you might know me as Boxxy from YouTube. Recently, I made the front page of Reddit because someone noticed my new job over at Animalist News! I've also got a personal channel: (ANewHopeee) that I've been active on for quite some time! I've never done an AMA before, so I thought I'd give it a try. Ask me anything! <3 (: I'll be back to answer at 4:30pm PST. <3

edit: I feel like I should mention that I basically do AMA's every week at my website. every week after I post a video I go and talk to everyone on either my chan or my forum. just saying. If some of you kids wanna come hang out sometime.

Proof: https://twitter.com/catiewayne/status/419611592137777153 https://twitter.com/catiewayne/status/419614796896428032

update: alright you guys! I gotta get going! Thank you for all of the wonderful questions! Despite that minor hiccup in the beginning this was really fun! Hope to see you around! <3 Catie

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IcanhotwireAuteris1629 karma

What was it like being the fixation of /b/ for so long?

Also, how did you react when they tried to come to your house?

catherinewayne2552 karma

It was an experience. Sometimes negative, sometimes positive. But that's to be expected of a large group of people with differing opinions.

When they came to my house, my jimmies were ruffled.

Purify81375 karma

On a scale of 1 to UFOOKENWOTM8? how mad are you about reddit going down right at the start of your AMA?

catherinewayne2188 karma


Ancanus997 karma

...when is the next Boxxy video coming out?

catherinewayne1672 karma

this year.

godsmith2887 karma

Two questions, if you don't mind.

1. What's your middle name?

2. How was high school, post-Boxxy? Was everyone aware of it, or did you manage to keep the popularity a secret? How did your friends react?

catherinewayne1477 karma

  1. Awesome. My middle name is Awesome. :3
  2. High school was pretty rough. Everyone was aware, and everyone made damn sure I knew they were aware. :p I learned who my real friends were very quickly, as they continued to call me by my real name. Others insisted upon calling me Boxxy.

unwashed_anus850 karma

If you knew what the consequences would be for making the Boxxy videos, would you still have made them?

catherinewayne1281 karma

While the immediate consequences were pretty jarring, the long term consequences have been pretty amazing. So yes, I would still have made them. (:

stellar7825 karma

How frequently do you go to 4chan these days?

catherinewayne1456 karma

Not too often. I lurk /mlp/ from time to time, but that's about it. I occasionally check on /b/.

chvz801 karma

How has your family reacted to, or thinks about, your internet popularity and now having a job through a YouTube channel?

FYI, you're a pretty rad gal.

catherinewayne1157 karma

My immediate family thinks it's pretty cool and interesting. My extended family (or anyone over 35 for that matter) is baffled and confused. They just can't wrap their brain around it! :p

grogrye765 karma

How much eyeliner do you go through in a year

catherinewayne1212 karma

When I did the Boxxy eyeliner, I'd go through one stick a month. Now, maybe two bottles a year. :p

Boogada42619 karma

Do you still talk to you old Gaia buddies?

catherinewayne851 karma

Some of them, yes. 4DD1 and I still talk occasionally. :p

esteban2510612 karma

Was it hard being away from the internet for so long?

catherinewayne964 karma

yes. o___o

20142014600 karma

What's the weirdest place someone recognized you?

catherinewayne965 karma

At my old job as a lifeguard. I think... yeah. I mean, idk. What constitutes a "weird place?"

scttydsntknw85528 karma

You seem to like Star Wars, so my questions are...

1.) Your favorite movie?

2.)Light Side or Dark Side?

3.)If you had a lightsaber what color would it be?

catherinewayne741 karma

  1. Empire. (duh)
  2. Dark
  3. Blue

Here_For_Da_Beer921 karma

You can't be on the dark side and have a blue lightsaber. (duh)

Edit: thank you to the more than ten now people who have pointed out that this is not the case.

catherinewayne1209 karma

those weren't the queshtuns. it didn't ask what side i would be on, it asked what side i liked better. the dark side has better actors. if star wars was REAL, i would be a jedi, and have a blue lightsaber. (duh)


joecam2507 karma

Did you enjoy playing the character of boxxy? or did you do it for your fans?

catherinewayne1015 karma

I do enjoy playing her. The reason why I don't portray her more often is because I don't want to force her. Boxxy videos come out when she feels like coming out. (:

Cookiedough_447 karma

Hey catie. I met you at vidcon and you were so sweet. How did it feel when you realized that boxxy had spread accross the internet as a meme?

catherinewayne515 karma

Hi! I hope to see you again this year! I felt shocked. It took me a while to really comprehend it all.

thejuiceweasel427 karma

Are you in any way, shape or form related to Bruce Wayne?

catherinewayne787 karma

I mean...

FFarmerr398 karma

What is your favorite thing to do outside of youtube or school?

You are a sweet heart! Keep up the good work!

catherinewayne559 karma

Theatre. :3

RoxasXIIIxD357 karma

What was your inspiration behind the boxxy character? I know you made it for someone, but what inspired the name, the look, and all that stuff :o by the way I love you catie :3

catherinewayne802 karma

She's a parody of my younger self. Aesthetically emo, internally happy. The name came from my gaia username M o l d yLunchboxx. Boxxy for short. :3

OhShitItsSeth322 karma

What's your favorite breakfast?

catherinewayne780 karma

Peanut butter banana waffle sammich.

Redditor12332123259 karma

How do you feel seeing pictures of Boxxy being tampered?

What do you think your "normal" life be like if your Boxxy videos never became famous?

Did you ever get any random gifts/mails in your house from lurkers of the Internet? If so, what were they?

catherinewayne427 karma

I don't feel anything about the tampered photos, because they have nothing to do with me or who I am. :3

If boxxy never happened... I don't really know. I feel like I probably wouldn't make youtube videos as often as I do now. Probably wouldn't be so wary of internet strangers. :p

I do accept gifts on christmas and my birthday. They are usually very nice thoughtful gifts. :3

TheNorwegianEnt217 karma

What do you do for a living now? Also, do you get sopped on the street as people recognize you?

catherinewayne387 karma

I work as a host on Animalist News. (: When I leave the cave that is my house, I typically get recognized.

gurlokovizhk213 karma

For how much time do you plan to do videos on youtube?

catherinewayne389 karma

It depends on the video. Sometimes it takes months to plan, other times I just sort of pull it out of mah butt. Weekly schedules are difficult. xD

stellar7200 karma

In a video you mentioned you have an older sister. Any chance she'll make a special appearance in one of your videos?

catherinewayne389 karma

No. Probably not.

ESierra185 karma

Did you browse 4chan at all during the Boxxy war?

catherinewayne444 karma

uhm, i'm gonna go with yes.

Zakhaev68162 karma

Are you pleased with yourself for breaking Reddit?

SgtJoo499 karma

That would be the /r/nfl playoff thread with over 18k comments.

catherinewayne293 karma

yes. it is likely this.

catherinewayne257 karma

no. i sware. it wasn't me.

relient23144 karma

  1. Do you enjoy the video "Love and Trolls" because it's one of my favorite music videos ever.

  2. How likely are you to pursue theater as a career down the line?

  3. What question Should I ask you, and what is the answer?

  4. I love you in the most platonic way.

catherinewayne184 karma

  1. Yes. Twas a good remix.
  2. It's not likely, it's a certainty.
  3. i just...
  4. I love you too! :D

ReNoiZe128 karma

Been enjoying your new YouTube channel...any hope for maybe some short films or something greater than a personal blog? Your personalities are great, and given the popularity you could totally write something hilarious.

catherinewayne199 karma

I would love to branch out into skits and monologues and stuff like that. (:

RoxasXIIIxD127 karma

In the description of "Foar Everywun" it says "but it's really for you, you know who you are" I'm not asking for names but were you mad at someone or did you mean it for a certain group or what did you mean by the doobly doo :p

catherinewayne456 karma

well if you don't know who it was for, then i suppose it wasn't you. ;D

dotpeenge124 karma

What's the one thing you wish never happened when you became popular on the interwebz?

catherinewayne377 karma

I wish it didn't affect my friends and family.

Skyrimmaster100117 karma

Who's your favorite Star Wars character ever?

catherinewayne305 karma


inhalent109 karma

Are you going to BABScon?

catherinewayne159 karma


youseeamousetrap100 karma

Who was Ant?

catherinewayne210 karma

My friend. o___o

holdingmyheart98 karma

I'm so happy you did an AMA!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

catherinewayne220 karma

I've wanted to be an actor for a very long time (since I was six i believe.) But before that I wanted to be a veterinarian. But then I learned that you had to sometimes put the animals down, and while I understood that it was for the animal's own good, the idea of doing it myself broke my heart. So I didn't want to be a veterinarian anymore. :p

MrMorlonelycat97 karma

If you were forced to end Boxxy (whether it's a made up story about her leaving, you bluntly coming out as Catie during a Boxxy video and saying it, or something along those lines), how would you do it?

edit: I remember you saying that you wouldn't be able to do it on one of your Q&A's, and I thought it would be interesting to see if you would be able to do it. Or at least think of a situation to do it, whether you or someone does it for/with you.

catherinewayne198 karma

I think if I were to end Boxxy, it'd be her making a final video.

MisterM240294 karma

How do you feel seeing yourself "songified" a la the excellent danielson742? I love those videos :D

catherinewayne124 karma

He is so great and wonderful! It's always a fun experience. (:

Chruxl77 karma

Hi Catie! Big fan of CETwC (and everything you do). Anyways, it seems to me that the characters you portray, (Boxxy, Eve, Svetlana, etc) are extensions of your personality. Is this true? And are there other characters that didn't make it to YouTube?

catherinewayne169 karma

I'd say the only one who is an extension of myself is Boxxy. She's like a parody of myself at a younger age. :3

lizardking197261 karma

What is the one desert you consider your guilty pleasure?

catherinewayne135 karma

dessert? hmmmm. cake. i always feel guilty after cake. good thing i don't really like cake.

jeremy11156 karma

Do you think your fame on the internet hampered any dreams you had growing up?

catherinewayne108 karma

No. I've wanted to be on Broadway since I was a very young girl. I've never changed my mind for a second. (:

hypchronic39 karma

Do you have any regrets about birthing Boxxy?

Do people recognize/notice you on the street as Boxxy?

Will you please name a pet or offspring of yours Boxxy?

How long did it take to get off the make-up?

How did you come up with that name, Boxxy?

Have you met this woman?

I love you Boxxy. I really like, rawrawrawr status, like seriously like rawr love you. <3 <3 <3 u catie

catherinewayne69 karma

I have no regrets. People recognize me quite often. I will maybe name a pet Boxxy one day. It takes a couple minutes. M o l d yLunchboxx was my gaia username. I have not met that woman, but holy butt I would love to.

holdingmyheart33 karma

Hi Catie! Do you have a favourite band or musician?

catherinewayne104 karma


soupaz23 karma

Hey Catie, been a fan since Jan 2010. I was wondering if you'll sell/make more t-shirts more about the content of Anewhopeee?

catherinewayne37 karma

I would love to make more t-shirts and stuff for ANewHopeee. (: I'm sure one day I will.

fvyydtr22 karma

Twilight Sparkle is best pony.

catherinewayne73 karma

you are incorrect.

Speedingscript18 karma

Hey Catie!

  • Would you consider professional acting besides the internet?
  • What's your favorite sport?
  • Would you do a "The Silly Sounds Challenge" video? :3
  • Can you do a handstand? If so, PROVE IT NAO!

Never stop doing your thing! You're awesome!

catherinewayne29 karma

  • Of course. It's my ambition to be on broadway someday.
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Maaayybe. Will consider. :3
  • I think? I haven't tried for a while, but I used to be able to.

mannytabloid17 karma

Who do you think has it harder; you (internet famous people) or hollywood-level celebrities?

catherinewayne48 karma

Oh goodness, I don't know. I'm not a hollywood level celebrity, so I have no idea what that's like. But I suppose it's nice to be able to afford security when you need it. xD But then, their every living moment is trying to be invaded by paparazzi. That must be awful.

WhiteEuropa5 karma

Have you ever been to England?

catherinewayne13 karma

No, but I'd LOVE to go one day!

camcole994 karma

Who are you excited to meet at Vidcon this year?

catherinewayne9 karma

Mostly my fans. That was what made VidCon 2013 so special. (:

oakles3 karma

Did you actually sell your bag on ebay for like $20k? Love your YT channel by the way!

catherinewayne6 karma

Lol no. :p <3

Cake4ju3 karma

Two questions: 1. If you could fit it into your schedule would you upload YouTube videos on more days than just Fridays?

  1. If your life was made into a movie who do you think would play as you, and do you think they'd do boxxy just as good?

catherinewayne10 karma

  1. With my new job, it's going to be hard enough to keep my weekly schedule up. :p
  2. I've been asked this many times, but being an actor, I don't think I'd want anyone to play myself, but me. :p At least for now!

ownage5163 karma

Do you regret anything you did? Did your rise to fame had some negative effects on your life?

catherinewayne5 karma

Of course it did, but I don't regret what I did. (:

ThatMassKid3 karma

If you and Boxxy could hang out together what do you think you two would do?

catherinewayne4 karma

Watch youtube videos and anime.

tbrays2424242 karma

How much are you enjoying Animalist?

catherinewayne4 karma

SOOOOOO MUCH. It's such an amazing job! I get to learn and teach about animals every day! :D

Apostle_Peter2 karma

hey! glad you're doing this! Did you see today's MLP? What did you think? I think it might just be the best episode I've seen...

catherinewayne4 karma


stellar71 karma

I love your boxxy character and your current youtube videos. I recently introduced a co-worker to boxxy. Can I have a hug?

catherinewayne2 karma

you can have all the hugs. /hug

slush9870 karma

Hiiii Catie.

I watch your Friday videos so all of my questions are answered for the most part. I just want to tell you you're awesome <3.

catherinewayne4 karma

thanks kiddo. <3 ;D