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Okay, we've all had a laugh, but just to be serious. I can't give you medical advice, if you have a problem you should see your doctor regarding it, I am neither qualified nor legally allowed to give you medical advice and I will therefor not be replying to your posts.

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Jaksuhn1616 karma

I can't even be mad at this. Well played. Though I will actually ask something since this is AMA after all.

What is it you do in the Clinical Teaching Unit ?

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Happy to have my first question! I don't quite understand the current response I've gotten, maybe there has been some confusion in which Matt Smith they wanted.

In the CTU we go through the wards (most often geriatrics, post-op, cardiac, and orthopedic) and find patients who are willing to be interviewed and have clinical examinations. Some interesting cases recently was a woman who had a large tumor on her liver, that made it easily palpable on abdo examination, and a man who had a knee replacement, and severe OA in his other leg, so you could feel the difference between the two joints.

IAm_The_Doctor886 karma

Ahh! I was so excited I was still up at midnight for this. >:(

Question: what's your favorite episode of Doctor Who?

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Jeffreymark654 karma

Are you single, gay, and living in New York City?

This is me asking you out.

Condiment822 karma

I'm very flattered, but sadly only one of those is true it's the depressing one

crescentwolf558 karma

The first time I see an AMA within an hour of its existence and not 15 hours after it ended and its a troll AMA. My sides, please prescribe me something for the pain.

Condiment1174 karma

Seeing as this is reddit and I thrive on upboats, I'm prescribing 200cc's of Cannabinoids (for maximum euphoria, tips fedora).

ho-tdog500 karma

Did you decide to study medicine, simply to be able to make that joke? If yes, I admire your dedication.

Condiment998 karma

It was a long con

palmtops494 karma

Fuck it, i am willing to pretend.

So, how hard as it been. You know, living without Karen Gillan in your life?

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If Code Orange is evacuation, what's Code Brown?

Condiment940 karma

When the laxatives for the Gastroenterology ward get mixed up with the regular chocolate for Pediatrics.

lechatcestmoi494 karma

So mass evacuation?

Condiment1122 karma

In two ways.

Almost_Ascended402 karma

You're a phony! You're only a student

Condiment973 karma

In the end, aren't we all just constant students of life?

I'm sorry I couldn't wait till I finished med school

Reed_Solomon367 karma

As a medical doctor, do you think that more than 12 regenerations is stressful to Galifreyan biology? Do you foresee any mental breakdowns? Or is it unexplored territory.

Death-By_Snu-Snu357 karma

Sorry I'm not Matt Smith, but what the hell, I'll answer anyway.

It is not unexplored territory, but it's not really something that has been gone into a whole lot. The Time Lords have been known to take away or give regenerations to especially awesome Time Lords, with no repercussions that I know of. However, it's when a time lord is running out of regenerations that there can be problems (see The Valeyard and The Master since 1996)

Source: I know way too much about Doctor Who for my own good.

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What he said

nicklauschalk312 karma

Do your patients ever recognize that you have the same name?

Condiment594 karma

Most of our patients are over 50, so it's pretty rare. All my colleagues on the other hand.

FailcopterWes286 karma

How many times a day do you torture people on the internet? Or is this your first time?

Condiment518 karma

I've dabbled

GuyTheTerrible282 karma

Please attack me with your best medicine related insult

Condiment698 karma

I tried to make one up rather than just google a good one. Apologies if you actually have a micropenis

Your penis is so small that even with severe phemosis you could fully retract the foreskin.

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Well played sir. Ok, what's the hardest thing about being a medical student?

Condiment511 karma

Knowing that a significant % of the stuff you learn will be insignificant, heavily revised, or proved incorrect within the decade.

WeWillSing185 karma

If you could have any medical advancement from any movie or TV show you have seen what would it be?

Condiment280 karma

This is like the best question in the entire thread, but I couldn't think of a very good answer. Probably what ever lets people survive as heads in jars in Futurama, man would I love to be a free floating head in the year 3000.

WarOfArt172 karma

Here's my question: Have you no heart? From the time I read the post to the time I saw the photo, I had nearly figured out how I was going to ask Matt a question in such a way that he'd have no choice but to drop everything he was doing, fly to the US and sweep me off my feet. You have foiled my plans, sir. Absolutely unforgivable.

Condiment299 karma

I do have a heart, but is is a combination of coal and ice, sitting in my chest at a chilly -10.

Also you can still ask me this awesome question if you're into role playing.

edwinthedutchman162 karma

Haha, you got me :-)

My question: how does it feel to get the hopes up of countless whovians, only to crush their dreams under the irresistable force of disappointment?

Also, what is your medical opinion on bowties?

Condiment341 karma

1st answer: ‘In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony Whovian's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my fedora.’

2nd answer: Bowties are great!, wearing a neck tie without a tie clip is just being a selfish, the amount of germs free hanging ties and lanyards spread is terrible.

ParadoxBorne123 karma

Is there a show that more accurately represents medical career progression better than Scrubs?

Condiment418 karma

The Dr. Oz Show.

Just kidding that guys a twat.

AndyOniyate83 karma

How often do you wear a bowtie to work?

Condiment139 karma

On 'Tie Tuesdays'

jz88k72 karma

I hope this doesn't sound like a super ignorant question, but just wondering, how accurate a portrayal of medical practice are shows like House? I'm certain House isn't 100% accurate, but I'm wondering how close it gets.

Condiment187 karma

I love house, but here are two notes I want to make regarding accuracy.

  1. House always asks his team to go off and do tests, but this isn't how a hospital works, the diagnostic doctors don't do the tests, they ask a specialist to run the test for them, generally someone in pathology, radiology, etc. But it would be boring if the whole time the team was looking at sheets of paper with the findings, rather than doing them themselves.

  2. One episode of House I actually got the answer before they did, the reason was because the answer was obvious, and also would of shown up on a regular blood test (Haemochromatosis). The fact that it took them till the end of the episode, going through countless tests for much rarer diseases, almost killing the kid, is very unrealistic.

tripLowBai56 karma

What's your best dish to make if you're cooking for someone special?

Condiment136 karma

Creamy carbonara, for the endless amounts of spaghetti that are sure to fall out of my pockets when I'm with someone special.

But in seriousness probably a sirloin steak with some sauerkraut and asparagus.

CallMeVexed2 karma

What's your opinion of nurses?

Condiment2 karma

The hospital wouldn't work without them, they are as crucial as doctors, physiotherapists, medical equipment technicians, EMTs.

WhatDoTheFoxSay-4 karma

Question, doc. What do the fox say? Plz respond, OP.

Condiment25 karma

I'm going to have to consult a vet on this one.