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ravenlily309 karma

I was in your same spot last holidays. Homeless. 3 kids. Just keep persevering and it will get better. I have my dream home now. (Purchased thru hud) Still not where I want to be but every day is better than before.

denver_mom198 karma

Thanks for the note! I'm hoping and hoping to turn the corner, every day. Congrats on your home!!

dandiroar202 karma

I just wanted to say, keep your chin up. Someone who works as hard as it seems you do will catch a break at some point. Don't be afraid to ask for help, because people will be more than willing to help if they know what they can do.

My question for you though, if you don't mind me asking, what is making it so hard to make ends meet? Are your jobs minimum wage or did you get into debt that you couldn't keep up with?

denver_mom219 karma

Hi, My jobs are both just above minimum wage. Me not having a vehicle cuts down on expenses, for sure..but my bus pass is 140 a month for myself, 40 for my son, and 80 for my daughter. I save where I can...but being without a job for almost two years left a mountain of debt. I've been a paramedic/firefighter for going on 16 years...so being someone in need is not something I'm comfortable with.