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ta9g10 karma

Simpsons or Family Guy?

DoobieRoller18 karma

Both. I've been watching the Simpsons since they were on the Tracy Ullman show, and I enjoy the ridiculousness of Family Guy.

ta9g13 karma

You're locked in a room with the CEO of ikeas teenage son and you have to choose what to watch between the two for the whole next eight days...

DoobieRoller39 karma

If that's the scenario, then I choose Simpsons because I could easily watch the Softball episode over and over again for 8 days.

Damn it, Mattingly! I thought I told you to trim those sideburns!

ta9g72 karma

Alright I'll buy your candles

DoobieRoller68 karma

Pleasure doing business with you.

HappyHebrew9 karma

Hey you might not know, but are they GMO soybeans? Just curious

DoobieRoller14 karma

This is from my supplier in regards to the soybeans being organic:

"The short answer is no. Only a very small percentage of the total US production of soy wax is organic. About 98% of the soybean harvest has been either genetically modified (GMO) or non-GMO mixed in with GMO soybeans. All of the soy wax in the US is made by just four companies, and none of them currently process organic soy oil into candle wax at this time."

Sophie_Boogalo7 karma

How do you get stores to sell your candles? Have you ever thought of outsourcing production to China?

DoobieRoller48 karma

Some stores contacted me about selling my stuff. With others, I would just walk into a store with a couple candles and sell them on why they should carry my candles. I would never move production to China. I would like to become the largest candle company in the US, with everything made right here.

MyBoobsAreGold6 karma

Does the bacon scented candle really smell like bacon? And if so, would you ship to the UK?

DoobieRoller7 karma

It has a Bacos smell to it, but it's not that bad.

MyBoobsAreGold8 karma

So would you ship to the UK?

DoobieRoller13 karma

Shipping costs to the UK start at $35. That's why I don't offer international shipping. It's up to you, though. If you want to pay it, I'll ship them.

AnaT_T4 karma

Whats cent would be the best to have sex to?

DoobieRoller7 karma

Long story short, I had a 14 hour sex marathon with this woman I worked with that started as a joke, but ended up happening. I had strawberry candles burning the whole time. To me, that is the best scent to have sex to.

AusGap2 karma

How can I be more like you?

DoobieRoller5 karma

I really don't know.

Anticlogcap2 karma

I'm actually making soy candles tomorrow for Christmas presents- any tips?

Also, I was thinking about adding candy canes because they're gonna be peppermint scented. Would that be okay??

DoobieRoller5 karma

Be gentle when stirring in the scent, and pay attention to temperature details. I wouldn't add candy canes to a candle...unless you love mayhem.

57413541100596874232 karma

How profitable is this business? Better than minimum wage? Also have you tried making any candy scents? Specifically chocolate.

DoobieRoller4 karma

It's profitable. I'd have to sell a lot to live off the income, which will become easy to do once I start selling a lot because buying a ton of wax and jars all at once will save me tens of thousands of dollars compared to what I'm paying now in smaller quantities.

I'll look for a chocolate scent for you.

pc141 karma

May I have a candle?

DoobieRoller6 karma

May I have some money?

lunaprey-47 karma

So you think you are special becsaue you decided to start a company while you were stoned?

DoobieRoller21 karma

No. I didn't decide to start a company while stoned. It ended up happening as a result of my actions while stoned.