I am Muhammad Wilkerson, a current defensive end for the New York Jets. In three seasons with the team, I have recorded 18 sacks, including a career high 10 in 2013. I have also recorded a total of 176 combined tackles.

Before going pro, I played football at Temple University. I was named a first-team All-MAC selection and the team defensive MVP after recording 68 tackles and 10 sacks during my junior year. I am a Linden, New Jersey native.

For business opportunities and personal experiences, you can also find me at www.thuzio.com. Ask me anything!

Proof: http://bit.ly/1hZvX6c

3:31 PM - I'd like to send my thanks to the Reddit community for all of your great questions. I've got to run, but hopefully I'll be able to do something similar in the future. Thanks again!

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ImBeingPaidRightNow58 karma


When you were walking into the locker room after the pregame vs Oakland 2 weeks ago I was yelling your name in the stands and you looked up at me. At this moment we both nodded as a sign of mutual admiration amongst two alpha males and I knew the Raider beat-down was set to commence. Do you remember me?

mowilkerson66 karma

Kind of to tell you the truth, appreciate all of the support...

nickmangoldsbeard52 karma

Hi Mo!,

Your presence has changed the face of the Jets defense and your impact in the mentality, physicality, and grit of the Jets defense can be seen all over the field.

I want to thank you for taking the time to do this AMA, and I have a couple of questions for you:

Is the feel of this year’s Jets team as different as it seems to be? The record hasn’t improved as much as we would like, but there seems to be a fire that was missing last year

When can we expect to see you locked up and wearing green for the foreseeable future? As far as I’m concerned your extension is the most important move that Idzik needs to make in the near future

Finally, what is the relationship between you, Sheldon, and Damon like off the field?

mowilkerson49 karma

We have a good time together off the field, we're laid back, enjoying life and looking out for each other on the field.
I'm letting my agent handle all contract issues with Idzik and I love being a part of Gang Green, just have to concentrate on these final two weeks playing hard and being a leader.

immorta151 karma

Which quarter back is your favorite to sack and feels the best when you are laying on top of him?

mowilkerson134 karma


LeStfu12346 karma

Still wondering why you weren’t included in the ESPN body issue.

mowilkerson70 karma

Me too!

HaruSoul42 karma

What did you do with your first NFL paycheck?

mowilkerson134 karma

put it in the bank

Seangonzo7940 karma

I got a great one out of Tannenbaum, so I'll ask if you have a great Rex Ryan story to tell us today?

Can't wait to see just how great you'll be in your career Mo, all my best!

mowilkerson74 karma

"I'll just go eat a "f****** snack"

Im_A_Chef33 karma

Who is the toughest player to take down in the NFL?

mowilkerson75 karma

Big Ben

woodchips2432 karma

I read somewhere that Sheldon thinks he'll be better than you one day. How do you feel about that?

mowilkerson77 karma

Sheldon tells me all the time, I just laugh at him and use it as motivation. He's had a great year and I look forward to playing with him for years to come.

bigmike3330 karma

Hey Mo! Who is the best offensive tackle you've played against?

mowilkerson64 karma

Whitworth from Cinci, didn't have a productive day, slowed me down.

floodskaroony30 karma

Hi Mr. Wilkerson, I am in high school and play defensive end and I was wondering if you could give me some good workouts for the offseason? Thanks for doing the AMA!

mowilkerson41 karma

As a defensive lineman, you've got to make sure you have strong hands. Work on the get-off. Also, study, study, study! Get in the video room and study all the tape you can.

AlbirdEinstein27 karma

Who, in your opinion, are the top 5 defensive ends in the league?

mowilkerson51 karma

I can give you my all-time Defensive Ends, hows that Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Michael Strahan, Deacon Jones and Jevon Kearse, the Freak!

Travelberry24 karma

Hey Mr. Wilkerson thanks for doing this, it's always nice to have NFL players on here. What's it like having a veteran presence like Ed Reed come in midseason? How does it effect the locker room?

mowilkerson35 karma

it makes the locker room a lot better, to get that Super Bowl perspective/experience, can learn how to be a leader.

themoplainslife24 karma

Hey thanks for doing this Mo!

I have a question about being on the Jets. Who is the goofiest or funniest player on the team?

mowilkerson49 karma

Quinton "Caesar" Coples

cooze0823 karma

What's the funniest piece of trash talk you've heard someone say to you on the field? At any level of play

mowilkerson64 karma

Good question...Brian Thomas was arguing with Richie Incognito and told him he was outta shape and had a bad body.

FaptasticFingers22 karma

Xbox One or PS4?

mowilkerson53 karma

I just bought a XBox One!

caed22 karma

Hey Mo!

Got my brother your jersey for his birthday, he wears it for every game. He's been a Jets fan his how life and was so happy when you got drafted. (I'm a Panthers fan, it was scary watching you dominate our line this weekend!)

Now, admit it! - did seeing Richardson's td on Sunday make you jealous?

mowilkerson64 karma

Great gift for your brother, next time check me out on Thuzio.com, wasnt jealous on Richardson's TD because I'm getting the carry this week

phills_life21 karma

whattup Mo!!

Who's a better dunker - you, Sheldon or Snacks?

mowilkerson51 karma

By far Me, you have to check out the old high school footage. Back-To-Back NJ State Titles

hugemadeafan21 karma

Hey Mo,

Huge Jets fan.

What do you eat before a game and whats your favorite food?

mowilkerson41 karma

Peanut butter jelly sandwich, favorite food overall: crab legs

StylesAreIncomplete20 karma

Hey Mo, have you ever met all-time great Jets D-lineman and fellow Temple Owl Joe Klecko?

mowilkerson27 karma

Yes. Great guy. Glad that I got to go to Temple where he played at and playing here with the Jets where he had a great career.

Im_A_Chef20 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

mowilkerson54 karma

My mom, strong woman, made me the man I am today. She's a breast cancer for 10 plus years now. I have a tattoo with the breast cancer ribbon with her name in it.

DerKomissar9919 karma

Hey Mo,

I remember your meteoric rise prior to the '11 Draft. Going in, did you have any premonitions about where you might be going and what were your thoughts upon being drafted by New York?

mowilkerson26 karma

Baltimore and Cleveland both said they were going to pick me

LeStfu12318 karma

Hey Mo, huge Jet fan of yours Favorite player in Madden?

mowilkerson35 karma

I'm a pretty big gamer, I'd have to say myself but my favorite Madden player of all-time I used to play with was Tiki Barber, multi-dimensional.

JimJefferies17 karma

Hey Mo, thanks for doing this ask me anything. My mom is a HUGE Jets fan, and couldn't think of anything to ask you. She just wants to thank you for your emmense effort for the Jets. You are so fun to watch, and my mom will be cheering you on this weekend against the Browns. Once again, thank you for doing this.

mowilkerson25 karma

Tell your mom that I appreciate it

ashishj16 karma


My girlfriend recently drove up to see you at a signing you did at a mall in New Jersey. She hand wrote you a letter! Do you remember her or the letter? You are a huge inspiration to her for giving back locally and not forgetting where you came from. Just wanted to say shes turned me into a fan also. Would love to let her know I got an response from her favorite player! ( this would also get me mad brownie points ) To bring this back to why we love you, are there any charities you want to point us non-New Jersey residents to donate to? If we can't help locally there, we can here.

mowilkerson21 karma

Whats up, I did get the letter last week.
My web site http://mwteam96.com/ has some information on my charity, appreciate any and all supportin helping me give back to those less fortunate.

HowYaGuysDoin14 karma

Jersey represent! Being a NJ local I get to see you do your thing every Sunday. It's great to watch even though I'm a Giants fan. Two quick questions:

What was your favorite sack of your NFL career thus far?

How do you like playing in the 3-4 versus the 4-3 Temple played? After your contract is up, there's a 4-3 team on the other side of the stadium that could use you.

mowilkerson29 karma

Good question, favorite sack is definitely Eli Manning.
3-4 I'm 2-gapping and I prefer 3-4 because I'm controlling 2 gaps and can make more plays

Habeas14 karma

Hey Mo,

Just want to thank you for busting your ass out there on the line week after week. Please stay a Jet for a long, long time.

What is your favorite type of music? Any standout artists?

mowilkerson20 karma

Gotta check out my web site for that answer but I'll give you a few... http://mwteam96.com/ Favorite type: Rap, Hip-Hop and R&B Artist: Meek Mill

theKman2412 karma

what types of things do opposing players yell at each other? I feel like it would be much more entertaining to hear that instead of the commentators. I imagine its some swear laced variant of "I'm gonna kick your ass"

mowilkerson14 karma

We certainly do talk to each other, you have to check out NFL Networks, Sound FX

aabbccatx10 karma

What kind of workout schedule does the average player keep during the offseason?

mowilkerson13 karma

I'm usually doing track and field work, sprints, and drills on the field...I workout Monday - Friday, 3-4 horus a day

TheReasonableCamel10 karma

Hi Mo, my question is who is the hardest quarterback to take down. Thanks for doing this ama!

mowilkerson16 karma

big ben

macc_aviv9 karma

Have you felt the need to adjust how you play on the field with all the rules protecting quarterbacks these days?

mowilkerson12 karma

I try to be a bully out there and play the game as hard as I can. The rules do make it a bit more difficult for the D-Line but I just have to play as tough as I can.

ImAjustin9 karma

Yo Mo

What kind of razor do you shave with?

mowilkerson37 karma

Have you seen me lately? I'm growing out the beard!

TsimfuckisTroll9 karma

How do you feel about the Sons of Anarchy nickname? And have you seen this shirt?


mowilkerson14 karma

It's cool...we have a lot more to do to live up to it

Careocyn9 karma

What do you miss the most about playing college ball?

mowilkerson54 karma

Staying at the doubletree hotel eating cookies

KaySmoove9 karma

Big Mo! Just wanted to ask what other sports you played during your life that helped with football. Thanks and go Jets!

mowilkerson14 karma

Basketball, it really helped me out

LeStfu1238 karma

Hey Mo! Huge fan, thanks for doing this today! Would you say you and Sheldon Richardson are best buds? Like Rob and Big best buds? Would you call that show Big and Big?

mowilkerson13 karma

we're good buds, Quinton and I are best buds...played with me at Hargrave, so we have that history/chemistry

rpratt347 karma

What was your favorite experience as a Temple Owl?

mowilkerson15 karma

I really enjoyed my time at Temple. I met Vince Papale from the movie Invincible. He was a great guy to meet and inspirational.

Foolrussian7 karma

Who are some of your Football idols? Both in and out of your position.

mowilkerson12 karma

Good question...I definitely have a few. Michael Strahan and Reggie White.
Fan of Tiki Barber, Jason Sehorn... Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp

Neckwrecker7 karma

Hey Mo, thanks for doing this.

If you played on the offensive side of the ball, what position would you want to play?

mowilkerson14 karma

Probably FB/TE

MasterSplinter216 karma

Who's your favorite coach/coordinator you've ever played for?

mowilkerson8 karma

Coach Mark D'Onfrio

Bslo186 karma

Hey Big Mo! As a season ticket holder I am stoked to have you on here. I met you at the draft in the offseason and you guys were awesome to myself and my Dad. First, as a philly native, I have to ask what's your favorite place for a cheesesteak? Second, who is your least favorite offense line to go up against? Thanks again !

mowilkerson18 karma

Whats going on? Cheese Steak I have to say Pats ("American With") but I have to admit I havent been to Geno's.
And toughest O-Line to go up against is New England.

rv49er6 karma

One thinig I can't stand is all the commercials. Touchdown, commercial, kickoff, commercial. At least 24 commercial breaks a game. Do all the TV timeouts slow the pace of the game?

mowilkerson13 karma

Theres nothing wrong with TV timeouts, it does give us a little break on the field.

Michael_LaPorte3 karma

Hey Mo! I bought your jersey last year and have worn it to every game since! I currently go to Drexel University in Philly, so my question is, when you went to Temple did you ever go to Drexel or U Penn to hang out? And where were your favorite places to go while you where at college in Philly?

mowilkerson5 karma

Hate to say it, but I couldn't hang out, I wasn't old enough. That and football took up a lot of my free time.

Hyperdrunk2 karma

Hello Mr. Wilkerson, I have a very important question to ask you.

In a battle to the death, would you rather face 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

mowilkerson40 karma

1 horse sized duck...the bigger you are the harder you fall

mattkoral2 karma

Mo! Big fan here. I play defensive end in college and had a few questions.

What's your favorite pass rush move?

Any drills or tips to perfect my game?

Who's the toughest offensive lineman you've ever faced?

mowilkerson9 karma

the swim move!