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Logan4229 karma

I am going to be taking my first class next semester, Intro to Philosophy, and will be fully enrolled at a college next school year. I am 14 years old right now.

ignisira26 karma

That's awesome! Good luck, man.

VirtualVillager9 karma

How? did your parents train you to work hard? or are you just smart and you used that to get ahead?

ignisira20 karma

My parents taught me to approach education and my professors with respect.

Like I said, I'm not the smartest person in the bunch - there are hard science majors that would knock me in the mud and laugh at my Arts degree. But it was what worked for me.

Keithicus4203 karma

If you had children, would you raise them in a similar fashion to how your parents raised you?

Or, to say it differently, do you feel like the happiness you have in your life is worth the extra work to excel in school the way you did?

ignisira5 karma

Since I'm just getting out of college, I'm not sure I can answer that accurately.

I will say that it is variable by the individual. Some people will like it, some people won't.

Pukesafari3 karma

Have you ever had your IQ tested? What was the result?

ignisira12 karma

Not really.

I took an IQ test online once, and it was average.