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RossCFC882 karma

I really don't know how any straight man could do this let alone for a measly sum of 2,000 dollars.

I will say, however that I respect your honesty and have one question to ask:

You say you won't tell your future wife etc.

Do you not think that she would deserve to know as HPV-2 is incurable and once you have it you've got it for life. It remains dormant in your ganglia and is often re-activated in times of stress. To me it would seem like the right thing to do, but would like your take on it.

Cheers for the AMA too.

backspintron2 karma

I got HPV from anal, and you cannot pass it on while its dormant anyway (which it has been for a long time).

There is no realistic way I could pass it along to a female because of the location on my body. This is confirmed by my doctor. Thus, there is really no "reason" for any future wife to know about it.

You can get into the moral aspects about "don't you think she would want to know" - but what people want to know is an entirely subjective thing. That is why "should you discuss your sexual past with partners" is highly debated. The only reason to know, if health reasons are irrelevant, is simple curiosity.