Hi guys, we are Thirty Seconds to Mars. We just launched our documentary of Artifact ( trailer ) you can download it here and our newest album is available now too.

Ask us anything.


First off, thank you to everyone around the world for the love and the support. Thank you for the passion, for the inspiration, for the loyalty. And we look forward to seeing you all out on the road, very very soon. In the meantime, please support us, please support independent film and take a peek at Artifact. And take a look into our lives and this story that helped to shape it.

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odsdaniel61 karma

Hi Jared! What do you want for Christmas this year?

_JaredLeto256 karma

I actually have an answer for this. I would like to receive, if you are so compelled to send me a gift, a manhole cover from the area in which you live. Hopefully it would be clean of sewage but not too clean that it does not looked lived in. I would not encourage you to steal them, but if you acquire it in a legal way to send it to our PO box.

If you have one, you can feel free to send it to:

PO Box 1760, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1760

We only accept manhole covers. No other items.

daisysus34 karma

Hey guys! I saw Artifact at the premiere screening at TIFF (and sat just a few seats away from you!), and I loved the movie. It was eye-opening to see just how little an artist makes and how hard they struggle. I just wanted to ask two questions:

  1. Does the final movie differ from what was show at the festival?

  2. Did you encounter crazy roadblocks with trying to get the movie released, and if so, how did you get past that?

Also, I wanted to say that your live shows are incredible! It was by far the best show I've been to! Hopefully you'll be back in Toronto again soon!

_JaredLeto38 karma

Well the movie is virtually the same as it was at the Toronto Film festival, where it won the people's choice award. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

The roadblocks that we encountered were more about distribution. After we premiered the film, we had several offers from people who wanted to buy the film and distribute it but it started sounding or feeling like record deals and we started to look at the situation and feel like the film was about pushing forward, about the future. It was about breaking new ground. Which is why we decided to release the film ourselves through Vyrt and we've had theatrical release through Adventures in Wonderland, so we are using new systems and new platforms to share the film as well, and that left us with complete ownership of the film and much more in control of how the film is being released.

sisss_33 karma

Jared why is your hair so perfect what shampoo do you use


_JaredLeto81 karma

Whatever is available in the hotel!

RainHudson27 karma

Hi Jared.First I want to say that I love you so much.Thank you for being a part of my life.anyway.my question is what is a song you never get tired of?

_JaredLeto125 karma

Closer by Nine Inch Nails

ame_kay25 karma

Are you going to be dressing in costume for your upcoming show in Indy? See you then!

_JaredLeto22 karma

No plans to but it sounds fun! You never know.

AubreyPlazasButtHair24 karma

Jared, you're a multi-talented man, but what are you best at?

Also, what is your favorite Christmas song?

_JaredLeto44 karma

I think I'm best at wrestling my dreams into reality. That seems to be the constant. Whether it's a song, or a short film, or a documentary, or an album, that seems to be what's at the core of it, is taking an idea and bringing it to life.

Mine is Silent Night.

ImagineEchelon21 karma

Did you find the whole situation of being sued brought you closer together or created tension between you as a group?

_JaredLeto36 karma

It was a tense time in general. Probably the most challenging period of our lives as far as what we've had to deal with in terms of the record business. And certainly that affected all areas of our lives. We woke up every day and had a $30 million lawsuits hanging over our heads, and before we went to bed at night with that over our heads. And we had the possibility of our entire creative lives being taken away from us. That everything that we'd worked for, that all our dreams, could be shattered.

That's why we told this story. That's why we made the film. And that's why we are celebrating that it is out and we are able to share it with the world.

leo457320 karma

If you could choose any band to jam with which would you choose?

_JaredLeto47 karma

It would be fun to jam with Zeppelin. It could be interesting to jam with Eminem. That would be fun actually. We have jammed with Kanye. Playing music without rehearsal is certainly jamming and we did that in Madrid with Kanye. It would be good to improvise with Jay-Z.

I think if you got Eminem, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Zeppelin and Robert Smith (and throw Bjork in there too) that would be interesting.

cmarshallharris19 karma

Hey guys, where is your favourite place to play in England?

_JaredLeto17 karma

I can't really say a city, but we do like to play nontraditional venues. We did the Grand Palais in Paris, and we were the first rock band to play there. It would be fun to find someplace to play in London that was really unique.

AnnaEchelonMars18 karma

Hi guys! Jared, are you going to shoot one more full-length film in future? If so, whom would u prefer for starring in it? Btw can't wait to see you in Kiev!

_JaredLeto16 karma

I mean it really depends on the script and the character but it would be great to work with people of the caliber of Daniel Day-Lewis.

someewhatdamaged15 karma

I really like love lust faith + dreams especially synthesizer on it. What synthesizers did you use on the recording?

_JaredLeto13 karma

We used lots of old Roland keyboards, a JX8 and Juno 106. And then sometimes we used a Yamaha DX7.

Alex1234567891012 karma

Hello 30 Seconds to Mars you guys are awesome, and krispy kray. I have this very cool friend named Jessica and I want to get her something awesome for Christmas since she refers to you guys as her role models especially Jared Leto so may you guys give her a shout out it’ll mean the world to her.

_JaredLeto12 karma

hello and happy holidays!

leo45737 karma

If you lived outside the US where would you live?

_JaredLeto8 karma

The great thing is we don't have to choose, we get to live everywhere. That's what's nice about touring. Right now we're in Nashville, but in the past month we've been in at least a dozen countries and twenty or thirty cities.

UnnaturalSelection135 karma

Hey guys, big 30stm mars fan here, saw ye live for the first time last month and it was the best night of my life, so just want to thank you sincerely for that!

Loved Artifact as well, fantastic documentary, but since it was an indie production it left me wondering how the band made time for it all, with making the new album, touring, Jared’s acting etc?

Also, I was wondering what influenced your choice to release the film on iTunes? I know that lots of indie film makers harbour a growing frustration that distributors, traditional and new, are obscuring video-on-demand numbers and other numbers that would be helpful to develop good deals for producers, but you guys seem to have a good relationship with iTunes?

Thanks for reading.

_JaredLeto6 karma

Itunes is the biggest digital distributor in the world. It's a great chance to get your work in front of a lot of people. And we self-released Artifact and premiered it on a new platform called Vyrt.com and that was a great success but in order to reach new people and the rest of the world we decided to share it through iTunes as well.

Sazzbomb2 karma

Hey guys! Firstly thank you for an amazing show in Nottingham, England!

Do you hope that Artifact will get through to the music labels and start to treat artists fairly?

_JaredLeto3 karma

I hope so. I'm excited for artists. Young creative people. People that are interested should see the film so they can learn a little bit more so they can learn about how the uneasy relationship between art and commerce can work.