Hi reddit. Zachary Quinto from STAR TREK, HEROES, and AMERICAN HORROR STORY here. Right now, I’m acting on Broadway in The Glass Menagerie. I also just Executive Produced the film BANSHEE CHAPTER (I'd encourage you to learn more about it here):


Photo proof: http://imgur.com/naWJupx

UPDATE: thanks for your time everyone. have to run to broadway cares. but glad we got to chat. thanks for your questions. we'll do it again sometime. go check out BANSHEE CHAPTER on VOD THIS THURSDAY 12/12.


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hazcheezburgr2938 karma

You still scare me ever since you played Sylar on Heroes.

ZachQuinto2953 karma

don't be afraid.

Virata2307 karma

I'd like to thank you for officially 'coming out' when you did, I won upwards of $3,000 in my department's annual contest because of it. It's pretty much the only time I give two shits if somebody is gay or not, because it can earn me a lot of money. Next time you're in Seattle, drinks on me

ZachQuinto3440 karma

your department has an annual contest about gay celebrities?! do you work at sephora?

gullfancy2264 karma

What is your go-to comfort movie?

ZachQuinto4230 karma


DVM4221965 karma

How itchy are the spock ears?

ZachQuinto3666 karma

not as itchy as the balls.

Shockbox11892 karma

Zachary, you are so gorgeous. Will you go out with me?

ZachQuinto3401 karma

send photo.

chickenmelon1680 karma

Will you come to my birthday party?

Edit: my top rated comment got a response from Spock. Badass.

ZachQuinto3040 karma

send photo.

Nopsy1563 karma

How hot is Hayden Panettiere in real life?

ZachQuinto2482 karma

as blazes.

anordinarywonderland1550 karma

What question would you like to be asked?

ZachQuinto2784 karma

this one.

Wsalome1504 karma

Will you get married soon?

ZachQuinto3119 karma

send photo.

DmcDT1439 karma

Are you afraid of capital letters?

ZachQuinto2459 karma


callddit1176 karma

Thanks for the AMA Mr. Quinto!

Two questions:

•How did/do you channel your inner Spock for the role?

• I swear to God I've seen you in my Grade 9 Health textbook in Georgia. Did you do any kind of child modelling for textbooks?

Edit: also, how is working with JJ Abrams?

Edit 2: Found the name of the book! It was called Glencoe Health: A Guide to Wellness

A picture of the cover:

Now I'll try to find the picture. That'll take some time...

ZachQuinto2417 karma

i had an extensive health book modeling career as a child. thank you for recognizing my early work.

kjbig1099 karma

When did realize that you were gay?

ZachQuinto2059 karma

i was 9.

MissSpicyMcHaggis1045 karma

How much is neutron cream?

ZachQuinto1521 karma

$7.49 at wallgreens.

oilveu6991 karma

Hello Zachary :) What do you do for getting out of feeling gloom??

ZachQuinto1732 karma

i take a walk in the city. listen to music. hang with my dogs. see friends.

xindih957 karma

Can you send your love to fans in Asia who stay up till 3am (or worse) to join this chat?

ZachQuinto1816 karma


semperama825 karma

I’m a huge fan and so excited about this AMA. Thank you so much for doing this!

As a word nerd, your vocab competition with Chris Pine during the Trek press tour was so entertaining. Do you have a favorite word?

If not, can you share a different favorite with us (favorite movie, favorite ice cream flavor, favorite song...)?

ZachQuinto1944 karma

my favorite word is brouhaha.

natonio95792 karma

Can you send me an Xbox One?

ZachQuinto1647 karma

send photo.

leonardhmccoy626 karma

Hello! Have loved your work since Heroes. What's your favorite book?

ZachQuinto890 karma

i still think about FREEDOM all the time.

obiwanmanobe580 karma

If you had to live in a country in Europe, which one would you choose?

ZachQuinto1261 karma

i'd live in berlin.

lilyrose_21567 karma

Hmm President Obama or vice President Biden. Who do you think gives the best hugs?

ZachQuinto1343 karma

biden for sure.

cocteau17566 karma

You seem to really enjoy working in the theater. Do you find that difficult to balance with other acting and producing obligations?

ZachQuinto969 karma

i really respond to the consistency of a theatre schedule. there's much more structure in that scenario so it is easier to also channel energy elsewhere when i have to.

dajwa529 karma

Hello Zach!!:)

First of all, let me say this: You have the most aesthetically pleasing eyebrows in the world!

Here is my question: If you hadn’t gone into the entertainment business, do you feel there would be any other profession you could be just as passionate about?

ZachQuinto879 karma

i would probably be a shrink. i love psychology and feel like i would likely find some expression or another of it in my vocation if not acting.

sherlost331 karma

Thanks for doing this. What is one thing that will always brighten your day?

ZachQuinto710 karma

my dogs.

elizabeth498301 karma

Good afternoon, Zach! I'm a fellow ZQCer who saw you during the Winter Storm Nemo/Glass Menagerie Spectacular. ;-)

If you could rate the scare factor for The Banshee Chapter from 1 to 10 (or momentary heebie-jeebies to sleeping with the light on for the next month), what would it be?

ZachQuinto483 karma

banshee chapter works so well because it has scares on all levels. the jumps that take you by complete surprise - and the slow build anxiety of suspense. plus the element of historical truth and it plays on a lot of different aspects of the genre. you may be able to sleep in the dark - but i'd keep a flashlight under your pillow.

Sunfell284 karma

Will Banshee Chapter be released on DVD?

ZachQuinto761 karma



Film_ANTHology282 karma

Hey Zachary! Thanks for the AMA. I'm a huge fan of your work on Asylum and So NoTORIous! I was wondering if you could give any advice to a young and struggling actor. Thanks!

ZachQuinto527 karma

shout out to SoNo... nice. perseverance and specificity. know who you are and if you don't - then figure it out. know what you're capable of. then know what you want.

Nicolep22267 karma

Are you planning on doing any more broadway shows after The glass Menagerie??

ZachQuinto456 karma


goldshirt253 karma

have you stolen anything else from chris pine besides his shoes omg

ZachQuinto461 karma

they weren't his.

cocteau17192 karma

Hi Zachary! So far, Before the Door projects are quite varied in genre. How do you and your partners decide which projects to tackle?

ZachQuinto292 karma

some combination of social relevance and/or innovative storytelling along with supporting emerging voices and engaging an audience rather than taking them for granted.

colleenclarkart182 karma

What is the best trick that Noah knows?

ZachQuinto371 karma


wingsAbove175 karma

wings or fins?

ZachQuinto342 karma


courtz321157 karma

Who has been the nicest person to work with. P.s You are an incredible actor, im 18 soon it would make my year if you replyed.

ZachQuinto348 karma

i am lucky to have worked with almost exclusively nice people... crazy i know. but true. thank you. happy almost 18th birthday.

Dissiath143 karma

Can you tell us something about this new movie, Banshee Chapter, what is it about? Are you just producing it or are you also in it?

ZachQuinto220 karma

i'm not in this one. it stars the phenomenal katia winter and the fearless ted levine. also true blood alum - and my friend from carnegie mellon michael mcmillian - is fantastic in the film as well. blair erickson uses innovative 3d technology to great effect and the result is both startling haunting and eerie throughout.

xwjchoco108 karma

what will you do after this faqs

ZachQuinto291 karma

i'm going to present at gypsy of the year for this year's broadway cares/equity fights aids fall collection drive. so actually i have to run to catch the train. have a good day!

eserei27103 karma

Style Blog? Are you done with that?

ZachQuinto190 karma

that one never really got off the ground for me sadly. apparently i'm no good with a deadline.

OtiliaCosma75 karma

Hi Zach! Can you tell us more about the upcoming movie "We'll Never Have Paris"?

ZachQuinto143 karma

had such a great time working on it. written and directed by simon helberg and his wife jocelyn towne - it's a really lovely and funny story that relates to their lives together and i am so excited to see it come together.

astraltravelgirl43 karma

Very excited for Banshee Chapter. What made you take interest in this film?

ZachQuinto55 karma

we really responded to blair's script and his ideas for bringing the film to life. the 3d element interested us because it was an innovative kind of technology. and it fell in line with my genre fan base in a way that made sense for before the door.

Advocate77733 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Give a short description on the outcome of the fight.

ZachQuinto218 karma

i think i have to go one horse sized duck. a hundred duck-sized horses would shit everywhere and then take you out at the shins so you slip on it and fall and then they can trample you to smithereens.

fishking221 karma

Do you even English?

ZachQuinto92 karma

yes i do english. do you?