Thank you all so much for coming by to ask us questions. We sincerely appreciate it and hope to do this again soon. Come visit us on Facebook too:

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Shitty_Watercolour1500 karma

welcome to reddit!

BombayBicycle_Club568 karma

well thanks for having us mr watercolour. and nice work

manbeargirraff894 karma

Ever thought of doing a "Club Tour" with Two Door Cinema Club and Tokyo Police Club?

BombayBicycle_Club608 karma

We actually already did a tour with Two Door... It was great fun


marathonlimit268 karma

Have any of you guys ever ridden a bicycle in Bombay?

BombayBicycle_Club378 karma

No. I have been on a train in Bombay. I was too scared to ride a bike EN

PezPayaso226 karma

Hello Bombay, huge fan here. I don't really know what else to ask than this:

Would you drink a beer with me and my mates if we came to your show at Lille Vega, Copenhagen, on February 11th?

BombayBicycle_Club285 karma

For sure. Come say hi EN

FourFlux203 karma

Hi !! My question revolves around one of your songs, "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep"

It is my favourite song from you guys so far, and was the song that introduced me to the band. I even remember frantically trying to Soundhound this song when I heard it for the first time at the local McDonalds!!

Anyway, Is there any story/explanation behind the lyrics of this song? It would be really cool to know some background info about this song!

BombayBicycle_Club407 karma

I am a very light sleeper and always wake up before my girlfriend. I wrote this song just lying in bed pretty bored, waiting for her to wake up. JS

saosebastiao170 karma

My wife gave birth to our son while listening to a different kind of fix on repeat. Didn't want to ask anything, just let you know.

BombayBicycle_Club284 karma

She must find it very relaxing. Are you able to enjoy the album now or can you only think about childbirth?


Buckojeff134 karma

Your cover artwork is awesome! Who does it or is it a different artist each time?

BombayBicycle_Club122 karma

Its a different artist each time. The new cover is done by a company called La Boca. They did a really good job EN

FirstmateJibbs113 karma

Lights Out, World Gone is probably my favorite song of all time. I love you guys. Anyway, what has been your most memorable experience/interaction with a fan or crowd while you were on tour?

BombayBicycle_Club204 karma

Someone proposed to their girlfriend on stage at our gig in Melbourne. They then started making out behind me on stage. It was very awkward.


Jamie2483110 karma

Hey guys, long time fan. Seen you twice at reading and you killed it both times. What i really want to know is how Jack is just so blooming happy all the time? Theres literally not a second when he's singing that he doesn't look like he's just won the lottery

BombayBicycle_Club141 karma

By all the time you mean on stage? You should try it! It's a lot of fun. It makes me happy... JS

Juiceisgreat81 karma

What inspired you to write Cancel On Me? Who kept cancelling on you?

BombayBicycle_Club189 karma

A girl of course...

AaronWit71 karma

Your album: "I had the blues, but I shook them loose" is one of my favorite albums ever. I always wondered where you guys got that awesome album picture?

BombayBicycle_Club60 karma

it is a photo taken by a man named Joseph Sterling. I believe he died within the last couple of years sadly.


ladbanter47 karma

Hi BBC, Your fans have followed you closely from a rock album, to an acoustic album, to something quite different. How would you describe people’s dedication to your music?

Jack, would you produce the next album given your experience with this one? If so, would you change anything about the process?

How do your real personalities compare with the way you portray yourselves in interviews? Would you be interested in giving fans more insight into your lives in the future?

What is your inspiration for writing lyrics? How do they compare with your early EPs where the lyrics seem more straight-forward in interpretation?

How did you meet Lucy Rose and will she be appearing on the latest album?

Having accomplished so much already, where do you see the band going in the coming years?

Your work ethic, personas, dedication to your music and striving for innovation make you the most inspirational band I have ever heard. I thank you for your music and I hope to see you guys in Minneapolis in the next year, best of luck with the new album.

BombayBicycle_Club69 karma

Hopefully throughout the ever changing sound there's something constant that defines us as BBC, something probably very subtle. Hopefully our fans enjoy that we don't rehash the same ideas. We would get bored very easily and our fans would do too probably.

I would certainly produce the next album. (if the guys agree...!)

I think we're the kind of people that you get to know very slowly, so interviews aren't the best mechanism. We don't shout loudly "this is me" but we're happy to sit down for an extended time and tell you in a soft voice.


TheAngrySheep46 karma

Hi guys, big fan! Saw you several times in Ireland.

I've always thought the intro to Shuffle was one of the most fascinating sounds I've ever heard! What is it exactly?

Also, Shuffle is one of my all time favorite songs! Best of luck with album 4.

BombayBicycle_Club49 karma

It's a sample from an old jazz record chopped up. Can't tell you which though!


se7en_samuwai44 karma

Please can you guys play 'Evening/Morning' when you come to Leeds in March 2014? 'Carry Me' is sublime.

BombayBicycle_Club32 karma

I'm sure we will yes

bigclams41 karma

Favorite IPA?

BombayBicycle_Club63 karma

I like the Pete Versus The World by the Camden Town Brewery EN

itwasntme335 karma

Where was the video for "Lights Out, Words Gone" filmed, and how did you get so many soulful older people to dance for it?

Great video by the way!

BombayBicycle_Club46 karma

It was filmed in Mexico City. We were sent the video as part of a competition we were running at the time! EN

TheGallagher35 karma

I missed your show in Belfast last week because I fell off my bike :(

EDIT: Fell of my bike. I don't feel bikes.

BombayBicycle_Club77 karma

now that's irony

StickyPurple42033 karma

hey guys, massive, massive fan, love everything you've ever done, seen you live only once though at leeds festival 2012! i have a couple of questions so here it goes:

  1. whens the next single out?

  2. is the new album going to be dancey like carry me (if so im even more excited than i already am)

  3. are you going to be playing any festivals in 2014?

  4. do you guys ever browse /r/trees ?

thanks for doing this AMA!

BombayBicycle_Club77 karma

  1. we're releasing another song in a couple of weeks

  2. carry me is probably as extreme as the album gets dance-wise. but yes this is definitely our most dance and electronic influenced album to date

  3. yes. hopefully a lot but we can't really give anything away right now...sorry

  4. never seen this before but it looks very interesting. will be spending a lot of time on this


bamalamp27 karma


BombayBicycle_Club27 karma

we laid intolerance low

gabriellepolski26 karma

Will you ever come to Albuquerque, New Mexico?

BombayBicycle_Club100 karma

one day hopefully. we are putting together a US tour right now


Mugsy_P26 karma

Hi guys, huge fan!

Where did the idea to sample heavily on Bollywood themes for the new album come from? Any adventurous stories influence it?

Secondly, what was the reason behind your working with Farida Guitars earlier this year? How did you find the experience?

Thanks you! Keep making beautiful music!

BombayBicycle_Club34 karma

Ed and I went to play a festival in Pune in India. I stayed on for a few weeks and rented a studio in Mumbai. I found my samples there!

Farida approached us about designing some guitars, it was a real privilege to work with them


Pumpkin198225 karma

Did you know there is a bar in San Antonio that goes by the same name? It was often frequented when I was in college...

BombayBicycle_Club22 karma

What do you prefer, the bar or the band?

drnmd21 karma

YO GUYS, On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how much do you guys want kaya toast right now?

BombayBicycle_Club32 karma

10 we had some at toast box last time we were in singapore. EN

crablin20 karma



BombayBicycle_Club28 karma


imogenstark19 karma

eyyy yooo ed how long is your hair now? it's badass. also are you guys bringing out new merch with the new album/tour?

BombayBicycle_Club52 karma

Its down to my nipples now... Looking pretty metal. There will be new merch this tour. EN

jonnysilcock19 karma

Favourite curry? I'm a jalfrezi with peshwari naan kinda guy.

BombayBicycle_Club21 karma

Jack - Haleem Suren - Chicken madrass Jamie - Lamb biryani Ed - Chicken vindaloo

outlaws9118 karma

I met Suren at a party in Manchester a couple of years ago, at a student house in Fallowfield. You were really nice to me and my friend, especially when you caught him after he fell over due to being a bit silly with the drugs. Thanks for that, he's quite heavy and I wouldn't have been able to hold him myself.

BombayBicycle_Club22 karma

Suren is a legend.


wolfponcho16 karma

Hi Guys! Huge fan! Just wanted you to explain the game "scrote or chode" that you play on the tour bus. Heard you mention it in an interview and want to learn the rules to play with my friends at school.

BombayBicycle_Club46 karma

Hi sam. As you know Louis Bhose is one of the finest exhibitionists the world has ever seen. It's actually 'scrot or not' and the purpose of the game is to determine whether the tiny flaccid piece of hairy skin is testicle or normal skin.

Up_from_below16 karma

Hi guys, I met Jack on UCD campus last Monday and went to see you in the academy that night! You guys are all very down to earth and put on one hell of a show!

My question is, are you aware that there's a drinking game which involves your song Always like this?

BombayBicycle_Club14 karma

glad you enjoyed it! we had a good time. and no i wasn't aware. how does it work?


cr4bmast3r14 karma

Hey you guys! I would be interested in your drinking behaviour. I asked me that question when I read that you are sober right now. Do you drink before your concerts, while and after? And how much and what do you drink? I know it's more a cliché question but since I saw you live and would like to repeat that in february it would be nice to know how much of a party the show is for you.

BombayBicycle_Club29 karma

we're not sober any more! it was only for October. most of us have a drink or two before stage but no more. maybe a drink during the show and then looooooads afterwards. only joking. we party responsibly


parav0x12 karma

Hey guys,

It's great to see great artists like you and Lucy Rose working together, how exactly did it all come about? Is there anyone else that you'd love to collaborate with?

BombayBicycle_Club65 karma

I would love to collaborate with Bon Iver but only Kanye seems to have his number unfortunately.


grinny58812 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA! I'm a huge fan.

Lights out, words gone is one of my favorite songs ever, always puts me in a good mood. Where did the idea for the music video come about? Also were the people in the video dancing to your song or was it just footage of people dancing?

BombayBicycle_Club11 karma

someone in mexico shot that footage and put it to our music. we loved it! it's very pure happiness in that video. when we visited mexico city we found a similar scene! lucy rose had a dance with very dashing old mexican


Danferret12 karma

How much does Lucy Rose feature on the new album? Will she be on the tour?

BombayBicycle_Club33 karma

she features quite heavily. sings in 6 or 7 songs. unfortunately i doubt she'll be touring with us...her solo work has taken off and i think she's started recording her new album now.


wolfponcho10 karma

What's the best poo you've ever done on tour?

BombayBicycle_Club15 karma

Every morning when we got off the tourbus there's a rush to get to the ladies toilets in the venue

OliviaStevens8 karma

Do you have plans to do any Canadian tours, mainly Atlantic Canada is what I'm curious about. Also, my boyfriend and I are big fans, hi!

BombayBicycle_Club13 karma

We'll be back in April/May

glass_kites8 karma

Hey guys, I'm a massive fan of yours from Singapore and I saw you guys live not too long ago. With every album, you've cemented your position in my mind as one of my favourite bands, ever.

1) I just want to satisfy a long-burning curiosity about your song titles, which I find lyrical yet mystifying (The Giantess, Beggars, The Hill). Any stories behind any unusual titles?

2) My favourite song of yours is Leaving Blues. Which songs are your favourites, especially to play live?

BombayBicycle_Club15 karma

  1. The Giantess is the name of a poem by Baudelaire. The Hill was a particular hill at the school where we attended.

  2. We like whichever song was written most recently. That reflects our current tastes... JS

eiger897 karma

(1) You guys have been travelling all over. Which places have been your favourites and where would like to go in the future? x

(2) Does the album have a name already?

(3) Which song is your favourite from the record? Or which one do you feel will be the hit single, e.g., Shuffle?

BombayBicycle_Club18 karma

  1. My favourite place to tour is Asia. Tokyo being my favourite city in the world (after London!). I'd to play in South America more, we've only done Rio and Sao Paulo

  2. So Long, See You Tomorrow

  3. Feel

positivita7 karma

From your own work, what is the song, video, and live performance you are most proud of?

BombayBicycle_Club6 karma


song -- there's actually a new song on the new album called So Long, See you tomorrow that we're all very proud of I think. video -- the interactive video for Carry Me is great, perhaps the first time people have talked about one of our videos as a piece of art away from the music itself. live performance -- still probably Alexandra Palace because it was largest headline show and felt like a really special moment, plus I grew up 5 minutes down the road.


flannery_oconnor7 karma

What's your opinion of an establishment called Roxy in London?

BombayBicycle_Club10 karma

I want to have my wedding there.


Paterack6 karma

For all of you: favorite sport to play, favorite sport to watch?

BombayBicycle_Club19 karma

Rugby and rugby. RUGBY WHEY LADS


BombayBicycle_Club12 karma

me and suren play squash together. after a year of playing i have never beaten him EN

mudkipzs6 karma

Going to be doing Glastonbury next year guys? ;)

BombayBicycle_Club6 karma

we actually don't know yet...


Eselhest4 karma

Fender or Gibson?

BombayBicycle_Club9 karma

fender all the way. EN

joey9876543214 karma

Hey guys, anywhere I can find a tab of Dorcas? Or a video of it being being played live even? Thanks!

(For anyone not familiar, prepare to fall in love - )

BombayBicycle_Club4 karma

i can't even remember how to play it!! i tried the other day and failed. sorry...


sircularmotion4 karma

Hello guys. I was fortunate enough to see you in Waterford a couple of weeks ago. You were great and I have a couple of questions:

  • There is great distinction between your albums in terms of sound, more so with the first and the other two I think. Will your new album be a progression from the last or something new entirely?

  • What was it like touring with SOAK? I've seen her a couple of times and she always carries herself with great maturity on stage to the point it becomes hard to believe she's so young.

BombayBicycle_Club7 karma

it's a progression from the last in that we started exploring electronics and sampling on the last album and i guess this one takes those elements to the next level.

SOAK was great. you're right, i gotta say when we first met her i was taken aback by how young she looked but as you say she is incredibly mature and plays great music


xeglar4 karma

Where has been the most memorable place you've performed? Saw you guys at Bestival this year, it was amazing, thank you!

BombayBicycle_Club24 karma

Thank you. I had a great time too. One of the most memorable places we have played was in india last year. I think a lot of people turned up expecting an actual bicycle club. EN

Theodench3 karma

Love your music, it all gets played daily on my spotify, particularly Lights out words gone and shuffle!

My question is, any advice on getting yourself out there, band wise? Also, at what age and through what medium did you start recording? Like, did you pay the £400 a day fee to get songs recorded professionally or did you record and produce yourselves? Any advice for a student band would be appreciated :) Thanks!

BombayBicycle_Club4 karma

i started recording my songs when i was fourteen. my dad bought me a tascam interface and i used a program called magix music maker. funny thing is i still use that program today! i produced our new album on it. but nowadays it's called "samplitude" and is much more professional.. same company though.

Mr_Zanaforia3 karma

My friend said he played Mario Kart with one of you guys after a show in Boston about a year ago. So my question to you is, who is your go to Mario Kart character?

BombayBicycle_Club15 karma

Yoshi obviously! EN

eiger892 karma

Tour-related question:

Any chance of going to Coachella this year? (or if you're not allowed to get hints at least a US tour in April?) Or (Southeast) Asia later in the year please? It's been almost two years since you've been here; add the Philippines on your stops too

Hoping to see you guys at least once or twice next year. Been too long since the last Leicester gig x

BombayBicycle_Club3 karma

we'll be in the US in april/may. and almost definitely south east asia later in the year as well.


murfs2 karma

Hi, seen you guys live a few times but my favourite had to be the acoustic performance at St Georges in Bristol. Was the acoustic album a one time thing or is there a possibility of another acoustic album in the future?

BombayBicycle_Club6 karma

If you buy the box set for our new album there's a 7 inch included with two new acoustic tracks. I'm always writing acoustic/folk music on the side. JS

BombayBicycle_Club5 karma

it's definitely a possibility. who knows where our path will lead...


Conorrrrrrrrrrb2 karma

Ive seen you about 9 times over the past 4 or 5 years and you've been incredible at every show.

  1. Whats the next single called?
  2. Any festivals lined up for next year? (or headliner spots on the horizon?)
  3. Question for Jack: Any plans for more further solo releases?

(also thanks for finally sending me the prize for the Pacman competition)

BombayBicycle_Club6 karma

  1. Luna

  2. We are lining them up as we speak. I'm afraid we can't really confirm anything yet...

  3. Yes in the future

you won the pacman?? nice one


ixeen_2 karma

hey bombay! I met y'all in LA October 2012 (when jack was sick) and I absolutely love all that you guys have done. anyway, one of my favorites is "empty" but I've only heard it recorded. have you guys ever done it live?

BombayBicycle_Club13 karma

No never. I cant even remember how to play it. EN

bennyd31 karma

What are your personal favorites off of the new album?

BombayBicycle_Club3 karma

i'm loving playing the opening track 'overdone' at the moment. it has one hell of a groove. and some huge guitar riffs


BombayBicycle_Club3 karma

I really like Overdone, Come To and So Long, See you tomorrow

CapedCrusador1 karma

When are you guys touring America???

BombayBicycle_Club3 karma

april/may next year


byqui1 karma

@BombayBicycle Will you be touring south america in 2014 guys? xx

BombayBicycle_Club4 karma

we're planning to, yes. will probably be in the second half of the year


Benjajinj1 karma

How did you develop your singing style? Is that just how your voice sounds when you start to sing or do you consciously modify it in some small way at all?

My second question is what inspired you to write Ivy & Gold and what would be the best way to start learning it?


BombayBicycle_Club4 karma

My voice sounded very different when I started singing. There are some old demos floating around the internet and youtube if you want some examples. But no, I never consciously tried to change it. Over the years it has become a bit mellower I think.

Ivy and gold is played with a capo on the 5th fret. I'll start you off with..